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Wednesday 10:30 PM on BBC Four Premiered Mar 02, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 6
    • Newswipe Six
      Newswipe Six
      Episode 6
      Charlie Brooker looks at how graphics have changed over the years from modest explaining devices to shouty, scary, video game-style extravaganzas, including more from Nick Davies and Peter Oborne. He also looks at how print newspapers are changing and the underhand tactics they use to get some of their stories. He also finds just time to rant about Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent.moreless
    • Newswipe Five
      Newswipe Five
      Episode 5
      Due to over-stretched production resources and the fact that Charlie was suffering from a herniated disc, this episode was a compilation of highlights from the previous four episodes.
    • Newswipe Four
      Newswipe Four
      Episode 4
      Charlie looks at how graphics have changed in style over the years, from modest explaining devices to video game-style extravaganzas. There is also a review of the recent G20 summit. Ben Goldacre vents his spleen over the media's coverage of science stories.
    • Newswipe Three
      Newswipe Three
      Episode 3
      Charlie reviews news anchors and looks at how their styles have changed over the years in Britain and America. He also includes, a short film by Power of Nightmares creator Adam Curtis and takes a look at what is happening regarding the war against terror.
    • Newswipe Two
      Newswipe Two
      Episode 2
      Charlie looks at the good, the bad and the mad in citizen journalism. He also reviews two of the biggest stories making the news.
    • Newswipe One
      Newswipe One
      Episode 1
      Charlie examines the mad levels reached by news programmes' obsession with the Credit Crunch. Nick Davis talks about the influence the PR Industry has over the news and Tim Key gives us a verse.
    • Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe
      Charlie Brooker looks at the mainstream media's representation of video games. With contributions from Dara O'Briain and Graham Linehan.
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