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Charles Schulz's classic comic strip Peanuts started in 1950. Fifteen years later, A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted. When The Little Christmas Special that Could proved to be an unexpected success, the stage was set for successive television specials. To date, over forty have been made. The Charlie Brown specials focus on one round-headed kid, his goofy but intelligent beagle, and their vast array of friends. Each has distinctive qualities: Lucy, the crabby, self-proclaimed psychiatrist; Linus, the blanket-toting theologian; Schroeder, the Beethoven worshiper whose black piano keys are only painted on; Peppermint Patty, the tomboy whose affections toward "Chuck" are only outweighed by her sports abilities; and so on. The wit, the charm, the pleasantness of these specials make them appropriate not just for children, but for the whole family.

Bill Melendez

Bill Melendez

Snoopy (specials 1- ); Woodstock (specials 8- ) (1965- )

Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins

Charlie Brown (specials 1-6) (1965-1969)

Chris Shea

Chris Shea

Linus Van Pelt (specials 1-5) (1965-1968)

Sally Dryer

Sally Dryer

Lucy Van Pelt (specials 2-5); Violet (special 1) (1965-1969)

Stephen Shea

Stephen Shea

Linus Van Pelt (specials 7-13) (1971-1975)

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  • A Wonderful Classic!

    I just love both the Peanuts comics and this show! it's a very wonderful cartoon show for both children and adults alike complete with unforgettable classic specials as well as very great characters who doesn't love that awesome Joe Cool beagle known as Snoopy the main protagonist Charlie Brown seems to be a miserable and pitiful kid who we can't help but feel sorry for and Lucy Van Pelt the crabby girl who has the running gag of pulling away the football before Charlie Brown kicks it and her younger brother Linus who holds a blanket and sucks his thumb then there's Schroeder one of my favorite characters who plays the piano who Lucy loves let's not forget Peppermint Patty the tomboy and dimwitted girl and let's not forget Roy and Marcie as well as Charlie Brown's sister Sally the stories are very well written and the show has good morals I highly recommend it~RachelRo45

    One of my favorites! 10/10moreless
  • Comic into Cartoon

    Various ep and movies (09)
  • this is cool peanuts rock!

    I heard about the new episode of Charlie brown called happiness is a warm blanket charlie brown and I was surprised because I thought this show had ended, but I wasn't born when it first premiered it would of been a long time ago for me, but anyways Charlie brown and the rest of the peanuts are funny I liked how Lucy always chicks Charlie brown into kicking that football and I just realized its Lucy's fault that they lost the football game in Its your first kiss charlie brown because she took the football away when he kicked for it,and it's really funny when charlie brown says "I'm not falling for that again your just gonna take the football away and I'm gonna go flying up n the air and probably gonna kill myself" and then Lucy makes up an excuse for him to kick it nd he fails every time, i gotta say that's the funniest part about Charlie brownmoreless
  • If you don't like Peanuts, you are weird!

    Charlie is a charming character to watch. I like how he spends time by himself and with his fellow characters. The graphics are great, the tunes they sing are always catchy, and it's a real classic!
  • This show deserves A lot of respect, but I just don't know why.

    First of all, I have never, ever seen a show with worse animation in my entire life. This may be going too far, but I could draw better than that. The voice-overs are the worst of any show I have ever seen.

    When the character is angry all they do is just make their voices higher or lower, without giving any emphasis or expression. I know they were kids, but...

    This show is meant to be great, but there is obviously something that is just slipping right past me.

    I know this show is old, but I've seen a million better shows that are WAY older.

    However, I did learn a lot of things from this show.

    Many people may disagree with this and I may not be giving it respect, but I'm sorry, it's just what I think of it.moreless

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