Charlie Brown

Season 1 Episode 1

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1965 on CBS

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  • Charlie Brown makes it from the comics to TV, and it works!

    This special is absolutely great, Charlie brown is of cause depressed cause it is christmas, but his friends decide to show what the true meaning of christmas is to our blockhead.

    The animation is amazing, and still lives up to this day.

    The voice acting is the same. Overall. This is ONE christmas special which is worth watching again and again. It gets my very first 10/10 rating!
  • As Charlie Brown and Linus are heading to the lake to ice skate with their friends, Charlie Brown tells Linus that he is not at all happy about the approaching holiday because he always feels very depressed at Christmas. What can be done to change that?


    A Charlie Brown Christmas has definitely stood the test of time since it first premiered on television more than four decades ago. It almost seemed to be ahead of it's time with by saying how commercial Christmas has become because that is even more true today. What is also a huge contributor to the show's excellence is its well written dialogue and abundant amount of laughs that never stop being funny even after repeated viewings. If it isn't already, definitely make A Charlie Brown Christmas a part of your Christmas DVD collection. It wouldn't be complete without it. Good Grief!

  • Timeless.

    I first saw "A Charlie Brown Christmas" when I was five. It was a big surprise to learn that it was made before my parents were born. This simple story never seems to lose its relevance. A Christmas special that openly embraces the religion behind the holiday. Imagine that. The jazzy music on its soundtrack is as much a Christmas carol to me as "Silent Night." And of all the Peanuts specials, cartoons and movies, this is the showing that best captures the spirit of the comic strip. I've always loved the Peanuts characters. They are funny and sad and strong and vulnerable. And sometimes they are downright wise.
  • Another classic from childhood.

    There have been probably thousands of Christmas movies, specials and TV programs, many of them for children, but relatively few have an overt religious theme. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is a notable exception.

    Charlie Brown is frustrated at the crass commercialism of Christmas. Lucy recommends he direct their Christmas play to get over his doldrums, but he finds the play has become equally commercial. When he goes out to get a Christmas tree, he ignores Lucy's advice and gets a small, dull tree, and is laughed at and berated by the gang when he returns, by all except Linus. Charlie Brown's desperate plee to find the true meaning of Christmas ("Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?") is answered by Linus, who takes the stage and quotes Luke 2:8-14. The gang no longer thinks the tree is worthy of ridicule. In despair because he thinks he ruined the tree, he finds the gang has fixed it and decorated it. As he is wondering what happened, they pause for a moment and yell "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" and serenade him with "Hark The Herald Angels Sing". A beatiful ending, compimented by the snow and letter design in the closing credits. There have been other Christmas cartoons with religious themes, but not enough.

    This was the first full Peanuts cartoon, but they were featured a few years earlier in a series of Ford commercials.
  • This is the first episode of Charlie Brown and very special indeed.

    I love this episode.The first time I ever watched it was when I was 8 years old and it really touched me.Especially the end when they talk about the true meaning of Christmas.Then they sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".Shultz really did good with this episode.It's sad that he died,but when I watch this episode,I remember that this part of him will always be there.This is one of the best episodes yet.I still watch it every Christmas.With Christmas coming around,I'm going to watch it again.This was a really good way to start a new show,even if it's from the 1960's.This episode definently deserves a 10/10.
  • Mwama mamwa mamwa wama Wa wa wa? Wa ma ma ma ma!!!

    This cartoon features a bald kid named Charlie Brown - why he is bald is never explained... Is he follicly challeged like Gerald in PERFECT HAIR FOREVER? Does he just need to join the Hair Club for Men? Did he grow up near a nuclear testing site in Nevada? I dunno.

    Its Christmas and a collection of weird kids try and celebrate Christmas (Im surprised they havent removed this show from the air since Christmas is no longer politically correct - they could change the name to Charlie Browns Winter Show? LOL!)

    A disturbing question arises however: Where are these kids parents? Is this like Children of the Corn? Hmmm. Is there a dark side to this story? I wonder. Maybe they could explain all this in a sequel Charlie Brown: The Untold Story. Why hasnt Children and Youth Services intervened and sent these kids off to foster homes? And what about the teachers at the school - they dont even speak English - they speak some kind of robotic machine language. Are they really ROBOTS? Could they actually be SKYNET Terminator prototypes? T-600 or T-700 series units undergoing field tests? Hard to tell since we cant actually see them. In the end the kids and some strange dog who is also some kind of WW I fighter pilot sing around a scrawny tree. The End.
  • Astoundingly hilarious.

    I loved this thing as a kid because it's a cartoon and I liked cartoons. Now I'm an adult and I love this even more than when I was a kid. The kids say their lines in a really weird way, which is the type of thing that makes this funnier every time I watch.

    Also, the other kids are really really mean to Charlie Brown. After Charlie Brown comes back with the tree, the kids are meaner than those on South Park. And near the end, Charlie Brown says "Everything I touch gets ruined." Does it get any darker than that?
  • A classic!

    A Charlie Brown Christmas from 1965 is got to be one of the best Christmas special ever made. I love the amination, better yet, I love the jazz soundtrack. the music that went along with the story. In one scene where they catch snowflakes with their togue, the background music is great. Charlie brown tries to see the meaning of christmas though a christmas pagrent. It was that terible tree that they see christmans though. Every year, I sat down in front of my television set and watch "A charlie Brown Christmas." To me, it's an annual event. A tradition!
  • You can't get more classic than this.

    This is a great episode of the Charlie Brown show. Many people of all ages love this episode, and to most people it wouldn't be Christmas without it. I enjoyed this episode very much and it was very well done. If you never saw this fantastic show before, you have to start right here. Everybody loves the Charlie Brown Christmas episode and nobody dislikes it. This episode defined classic television shows. Charlie Brown is a very well known character and many people like him and his friends. I need this show to celebrate a great Christmas, and I don't know what I would ever do without something so great as this. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!
  • Great special

    This is one of my favorite shows from Christmas.
    I have watched this show since I was a kid.
    And it never seems to get old at all.
    It gets only better with age. And now I have nephews and nieces that love Charlie Brown.
    Favorite part is when Linus explains the true and real meaning of Christmas. That is is about the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
  • One great Christmas classic.

    Wow, it's hard to believe that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, but it being shown every year since it first aired surely shows that Charlie Brown, his beloved beagle Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang made this Christmas special a classic cartoon loved by the comic strip's numerous fans.

    In "A Charlie Brown Christmas", Charlie Brown is trying to find the true meaning of Christmas, because of how he feels the holiday has gotten too commercial. All around him he doesn't see anything that makes him feel otherwise, espcially with Snoopy in the backyard decorating his house to win a big contest with cool prizes. Even the Christmas trees aren't real or that they aren't what he thinks are traditional enough. And after getting so frustrated with the way that his Christmas play was heading, he yells out in desperation, "Isn't there anyone out there who can tell me what Christmas is all about?", makes you feel happy because of how Linus gives Charlie Brown what he wants: the true meaning of Christmas, and that makes me for one, really happy, because Charlie Brown finally got something that he really wanted and really didn't get hurt in the process.

    In all, this special is such a classic and I love how it is able to stay so popular after all of these years. Also, Snoopy's performance in it is also humorous as well, because of how he hasn't changed and most likely never will.
  • It's Christmas, Charlie Brown!

    Perhaps the most endearing of all the Charlie Brown specials is "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the first in a long series of made for television half hour films portraying the famous Peanuts Gang.

    For almost fifteen years, watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" has been an eagerly anticipated event for millions of households. I recall watching it as far back as ten years ago, and have watched it every Christmas since.

    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was made in a time when commercialism was running rampant all over the country. Stores advertising to shoppers what they ought to buy, long before Thanksgiving had come and gone. Unfortunately, we still see this blatant commercialism today, which makes this short film so very poignant and all the more special.

    Charlie Brown is assigned to direct the school Christmas pageant, much to his glee; for he feels accepted and worthy. When Lucy tells him to go out and get an alumminum tree, he takes Linus along with him. What Charlie Brown ultimately gets is a small, sickly looking tree, which is rapidly loosing its needles. But, Charlie can see how much the tree "needs him", somebody; something which he can identity with.

    When he returns, he finds the gang dancing to un-Christmas like music, instead of rehearsing their lines. They stop to take a look at the tree he brought, immediately burtsing out in mocking laughter. Apparently Charlie Brown has failed again. In disgust and humiliation he flees, taking the tree with him. And when he comes upon Snoopy's dog house, all decked out in Christmas lights, not to celebrate the joyous holiday, but to win money in a contest, Charlie Brown has had enough, and almost loses all faith in Christmas.

    Linus saves the day, somehow able to bring the tree back to life, and make it look much healthier and stronger. But it is when he explains the meaning of Christmas that the "gang" gets the point of Christmas, and what Charlie Brown was trying to do.

    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" ends with newfound meaning for Christmas, hopefully not soon forgotten by either the Peanuts Gang, or, more importantly ... us.
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