Charlie Brown

Season 1 Episode 1

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1965 on CBS

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  • Mwama mamwa mamwa wama Wa wa wa? Wa ma ma ma ma!!!

    This cartoon features a bald kid named Charlie Brown - why he is bald is never explained... Is he follicly challeged like Gerald in PERFECT HAIR FOREVER? Does he just need to join the Hair Club for Men? Did he grow up near a nuclear testing site in Nevada? I dunno.

    Its Christmas and a collection of weird kids try and celebrate Christmas (Im surprised they havent removed this show from the air since Christmas is no longer politically correct - they could change the name to Charlie Browns Winter Show? LOL!)

    A disturbing question arises however: Where are these kids parents? Is this like Children of the Corn? Hmmm. Is there a dark side to this story? I wonder. Maybe they could explain all this in a sequel Charlie Brown: The Untold Story. Why hasnt Children and Youth Services intervened and sent these kids off to foster homes? And what about the teachers at the school - they dont even speak English - they speak some kind of robotic machine language. Are they really ROBOTS? Could they actually be SKYNET Terminator prototypes? T-600 or T-700 series units undergoing field tests? Hard to tell since we cant actually see them. In the end the kids and some strange dog who is also some kind of WW I fighter pilot sing around a scrawny tree. The End.