Charlie Brown

Season 1 Episode 3

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1966 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Sally: I was robbed! I spent the whole night waiting for the Great Pumpkin when I could have been out for tricks or treats! Halloween is over, and I've missed it! YOU BLOCKHEAD! You kept me up all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin! And all that came was a beagle! I didn't even get the chance to go out for tricks or treats! And it was all your fault! I'll sue! What a fool I was! I could have had candy apples and gum! And cookies and money and all sorts of things! But NO! I had to listen to you. You blockhead. What a fool I was. Trick-or-treats come only once a year. And I miss it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead. (strangling Linus) YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!
      Linus: You've heard about fury and a woman scorned?
      Charlie Brown: Yes, I guess I have.
      Linus: Well, that's nothing compared to the fury of a woman who has been cheated out of tricks-or-treats.