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CBS Premiered Dec 09, 1965 Between Seasons





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  • Brings Back Great Memories!!

    Based on the comics we have a great memorable old show like Garfield and Friends I especially love Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I find this show to be as wonderful as Disney Classics it has great lessons and great characters Snoopy is cute and awesome and so is this show! there is the mean girl Lucy who's like "dog germs!" when Snoopy licks her and the other characters Lucy's little brother Linus, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown's little sister Sally and Marcie the creator is very brilliant to make this this is very memorable and great to watch I love it a lot
  • Comic into Cartoon

    Various ep and movies (09)
  • this is cool peanuts rock!

    I heard about the new episode of Charlie brown called happiness is a warm blanket charlie brown and I was surprised because I thought this show had ended, but I wasn't born when it first premiered it would of been a long time ago for me, but anyways Charlie brown and the rest of the peanuts are funny I liked how Lucy always chicks Charlie brown into kicking that football and I just realized its Lucy's fault that they lost the football game in Its your first kiss charlie brown because she took the football away when he kicked for it,and it's really funny when charlie brown says "I'm not falling for that again your just gonna take the football away and I'm gonna go flying up n the air and probably gonna kill myself" and then Lucy makes up an excuse for him to kick it nd he fails every time, i gotta say that's the funniest part about Charlie brown
  • If you don't like Peanuts, you are weird!

    Charlie is a charming character to watch. I like how he spends time by himself and with his fellow characters. The graphics are great, the tunes they sing are always catchy, and it's a real classic!
  • This show deserves A lot of respect, but I just don't know why.

    First of all, I have never, ever seen a show with worse animation in my entire life. This may be going too far, but I could draw better than that. The voice-overs are the worst of any show I have ever seen.
    When the character is angry all they do is just make their voices higher or lower, without giving any emphasis or expression. I know they were kids, but...

    This show is meant to be great, but there is obviously something that is just slipping right past me.
    I know this show is old, but I've seen a million better shows that are WAY older.

    However, I did learn a lot of things from this show.

    Many people may disagree with this and I may not be giving it respect, but I'm sorry, it's just what I think of it.
  • good...

    This show is about 13 remarkable young kids and 2 friendly creatures, Snoopy and Woodstock. Charlie Brown is an outsider and isn't what you call in the "in-crowd", but he manages to always seem optimistic and happy about the world around him. Lucy is a psychiatrist of whom never quite seems to get the job done but appears to anyway. From PigPen to Schroeder and Charlie Brown to Lucy. These memorable characters are clever and witty and cannot be copied. They are unique and have no flaws whatsoever. But having no flaws is a flaw and in a manner of speaking, the Peanuts have plenty of them for being perfect.

    This is a good show
    A 10/10...
  • Charlie Brown centers on a boy Charlie his lovable dog Snoopy. Charlie Brown also focuses on his 11 friends and his little sister Sally. This show is great for kids and adults alike.

    Charlie Brown is probably one of the greatest shows of all time. The animation is wonderful and the charaters lovible. I loved the Peanuts ever since I could walk. This was when shows had morials and lessions for children. Todays shows for children are just badly drawn and bably writen. What I like about this show is that the charaters are voiced by real kids. Of course Snoopy man's best friend makes this show complete. Snoopy is probably the most famous dog in history. Snoopy is the cutest! This show will always be the best. Anyone who dosen't like the Peanuts has no taste.
  • When Charlie Brown is depressed about Christmas, its up to the rest of the gang to try to help him out of it. But when his attempts to brighten up the Christmas play go awry, Linus has the answer and its a Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! after all.

    "Christmastime is here, full of joy and cheer........" If you hear these words, then you know its the brillant Peanuts special "A Charlie Brown Christmas". This is such a wonderfully wrought program that I have loved over the years, its hard to come up with ways to describe it that dont sound corny. As a 6, 7 year old, seeing this, I loved the silly physical comedy and what appeared to be ground breaking animation, but as Ive gotten older, Ive come to appreciate the more subtle satire, the absolutely breathtaking jazz score by Vince Guarldi and overlook what I now see(as an adult) is somewhat crude animation compared to the later specials. Not to mention the perfect rendering of the voices. Peter Robbins was for me the perfect Charlie Brown and the wonderful Chris Shea has the Linus down to a tee. I believe his brother also had their shot at playing Linus, but I still think Chris was the best. And although Sally Dryers Lucy doesnt quite have the over the top quality that Pamela Ferdin brought to the character, her rendition works very well here. All the elements came together and here is a special that I think it the greatest Xmas special ever!
  • The original comic strip that became a TV cartoon!

    Peanuts is just fabulous... It was an original comic strip that was created in the 1950's and ended in 2003. Damn it! This show should come back because I saw This Is America, Charlie Brown in school today and this is just lovable. Now it only, for like, real, it only airs on ABC during holidays. Damn. I wish it would air on Saturday mornings or weekdays. I have a comic book full of 1963-1964 Peanuts comic book strips. Charles M. Schultz died in 2000 and that's when the comic ended that year. But they still air reruns of this comic in some newspaper.

    FINAL SCORE: 10.0. (Perfect)
  • Classic that everyone loves!

    Charlie Brown is the best classic show ever! I love to watch it! Every Halloween I watch the Halloween Charlie Brown special and every Christmas I watch "Its Christmas Time Charlie Brown" and "Its Christmas Time Again Charlie Brown". Everyone loves Snoopy! People who dont know/like the show still love Snoopy! He is the classic favorite pet! He is so funny and one of my favorite characters! Even the theme song is famous! I was at this one Trans Siberian Orchestra concert where they had a piano show down. One of the people played the Charlie Brown theme song and everyone started cheering! Charlie Brown.... the favorite classic!!
  • Best children's animation ever produced!

    Chales M. Schultz was a genius, a pure and simple genius. The characters of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Woodstock have brought happiness to generations of television viewers! The holiday specials are tried and true American classics that never have lost their charm. If only there could be more of these delightful specials to come, but that isn't going to happen as no new materials can be presented as the comic strip ended new works with Mr.Schultz's death. Peoplelauded Mr.Schultz's death with a cover saying: You Were A Good Man Charles Schultz. Who could ever disagree, since he gave us all the joys of Peanuts!!!
  • Charles Shultz is dead but it gives them no right to cancel it.

    This show was great.I miss it!It was like the comic strip.I loved Snoopy because he was cute and the best character and probably the most popular character.I like his little friend Woodstock as well.And I like Marcie because she is sorta like me when I was her age.And I liked Charlie Brown because he was alright even if people picked on him.I could not stand Lucy.She was mean and was always picking on poor Charlie Brown.But she got nicer after the birth of Rerun.So I love this show even if it is from 1960 and Nicktoons should bring it back.
  • I might not have been born in the 1950's or 60's but Charlie brown was my all time favorite show.

    i'm 15 but i've watched all the episode of charlie brown and i must say...snoopy and woodstock is one of my favorite characters. i was sad when show had it's final episode maybe the person who made created this whole thing died...things started to go down the drain..i'm not saying that it got bad or anything i'm just least they put specials of charlie brown but they should bring back the show even if it is reruns.
  • Based on the comic,Charlie brown is often the target of pranks.He has a cute little dog named Snoopy and is best friends with Linus.There is his little sister,Sally Brown and Linus's older sister,Lucy.She is the meanest and loves to toture Charlie Brown.

    This was a great show that should return.This show won an award for ''A Charlie Brown Christmas'' in 1965.My favorite chracter is Snoopy.He is cute and most cartoon dogs are stupid.Snoopy was smart.He did evrything acted like a human[except talking].I also liked Marcie because she is a younger version of me.The only chracter I hate is Lucy.She is mean to everyone.Except her 'boyfriend'Shroder.It's sad that the creator,Charles Shultz,died in 2000.Now his daugter creates some shows and makes comic collections from 1950 to 2000.I think they should keep making shows.As the shows went on,the chracters devolped.Even Lucy got nicer.[she called charlie brown her friend once]One of the most memorable moments is the religous part on the Christmas episode.This show was great for a show from the 1960's and should come back.
  • Nicktoons shall pay

    Nicktoons should realize that there classics are better than the 4 crap they currently aired right now, for reasons 1.Peppermint Patty
    2.Childhood favorts
    3.Animated Mr. Bean should in the US
    4.The Show on Nicktoons/Nogging/Nick/Nick & Nicktoons UK that are Pez Dispensers(Charlie Brown, Tweenies, Mr. bean: The Animated Series, & even Spongebob Sqaurepants)are always the best round the Nicktoons Universe

    Rememer it & Beileve it Nicktoons
  • No matter how long u havent seen this show, u can never forget the character...

    This is one of the best shows... Its like a Christmas and a Halloween routine to watch the Charlie Brown Specials... No matter how long its been since u have last seen the show, you can never forget Linus, whose trademark is his blacket. Charlie Brown, who can never kick a football and his famous quote "Good Grief". Snoopy, that kool dog that everyone loves. Sally, Charlie Brown's little sister. Lucy, Linus's older sister that always makesfun of Charlie Brown. Peppermint Patti, that girl who thinks she is the boss even though she isnt. And there are more characters... We will never forget... This is the show that no one will forget for a logn time.......
  • One of the best.

    This show is one of my all time classic cartoons, it right beside Looney Tunes in my opinion. I use to watch it all the time when i was young, which is most likey why i love it so much. I like all the characters (my favorite is Snoopy). Oh and i hear the same thing for my teachers when they talk as well.(Waa waaaaa wa wa)hahaha. Anyways, there really isn't all that much to say about this show, other then i like it and its one of the best cartoons ever made. Whats all for me later . .
  • I just loved the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show and i liked these specials too!

    At the time i liked Charlie Brown Snoopy and all them i watched these specials though i don't consider this a television show because there were specials these specials were awesome how could you not like these specials? they were true classics unlike today's things like Robotboy and Mr. Meaty i mean many people grew up with this show and i watched these specials when they were on Boomerang these specials were good i liked the Christmas special and all the other specials like the racing one these are true classics and don't you forget? and don't you dare flame this if you are a retard and hate this show and love Robotboy then you are totally retarded and have no sense of humour these classics will totally crack you up.
  • One of my favourite cartoons

    Charlie Brown has always been one of my favourite cartoons: no elaborated animations and scenes but soooo hilarious, and I don't forget that watching moving characters is much better than reading strips on a newspaper...
    I spent afternoons laughing with Linus, Snoopy and co., thanks to an old style humorism that I don't find in other cartoons: The Simpsons, Family Guy and such are funny too, but those are different laughs, coming from situations that are hardly possible in real life. Here there are no references to sex, politics, war, Charlie Brown is a person like us, dealing with love, defeat, tons and tons of hope...seeing his reactions after losing a baseball match, dancing for the first time with the Red hair girl, having fun with Snoopy makes me think about I would do if I was in his shoes.
    And the musics and themes, so nice to listen's funny to see bands like Metallica playing a rock version of Charlie Brown theme :D
    I hope they'll reair soon this show, I will never get bored.
  • The story of a boy, his dog, a bird that hangs around with the dog, and their offbeat array of friends.

    Charlie Brown is the son of a barber. Unfortunately, he will rarely have occasion to sample the man's skills, as Charlie has but the one curl of hair atop his head. Such is life.

    Charlie is a very ordinary boy who deals with the foibles of life thanks to humor and the loyalty of his friends. He has a beagle, Snoopy, who imagines himself a root beer-quaffing ace pilot. Snoopy's own buddy Woodstock, a bird, stops by to perch on the doghouse roof and go swimming in the water dish. Lucy plays keep-away with the football and chases after piano player Schroeder. Linus is always up for one of those buddy-to-buddy talks at the brick wall. Charlie will need a sympathetic ear after one more of his endless series of defeats in baseball.

    This show captured the sweetness of being a kid. The holiday specials remain national treasures.

    Worth catching any time you can.

  • The first original blockhead, Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown has always been my favorite cartoon since I was little. This series is based on the comic strips in newspapers. I don't know how many cartoons that's been converted out of the comic books into television. I enjoy seeing the blockhead mess up, which is why it's funny. Snoopy is one of my favorite characters in the series. The show is almost famous for their running gags. Charlie Brown tries to kick the football, but then Lucy pulls it away. Snoopy grabs Linus' security blanket and swings him around. Snoopy sleeps on top of his doghouse. They're too many of these recurring jokes. I've always enjoy Charlie Brown.
  • Why did they cancel this?

    Charlie Brown was one the best shows on television period. End of discussion. No if, ands, or buts about it. Snoopy was my favorite because of how he talked and the crazy things he would do with his doghouse. Like the time he made it fly. Ahh. Those were the days. But the future is here and it was cancelled. Shame.
  • how much do i love this show it a classic and i love it chralie brown is always a person in mind to deal with the people around him and his talented dog snoppy i love snoppy he alway was silly and seel is which is good i love it.

    charlie brown is awonderful classic story of a whole lot of kids who all have talent and love to have fun one who talks,smart,bossy, into the paino, and so much more but theres also a kid and his taleted dog chralie brown and snoppy who i've think bought alot totheshow.
  • Sweet!

    It's funny without the background laughter, sad without the background "Awwwww", and just plain SWEET without the background clapping! It reminds adults of what it was like to be a kid. And gives kids an inspiration on life. I think we can all agree that one thing on this show we've done or at least something like it before. But my point is, this show is a classic and that will never change.
  • One of those great classics you have to love!

    Charlie Brown is truly one of the better classics ever! I wish it didn
    't end cause people would of loved this show to go on for a long time! Charlie Brown was just hilarious man. I could like watch it all day long. (sigh) to bad it's gone. Great Show!
  • Super classic.

    This is what I want to see on television. This is an excellent show and the fact that the same characters appear throughout the episodes really give this shows a good feel. Charlie Brown has gone through so many downfalls in his show and after a while you really start to feel bad for him. Linus, which is Charlie Brown's best friend is very funny with his blanket and is very outspoken on this show. The whole Charlie Brown gang has a very close relationship with one another and I don't know one person that can say they don't like this show. Most certainly this is the most classic cartoon of all time.
  • You can't help to not like this cartoon.

    This show was dramatic, funny, and very interesting. I love it. I wish it still aired, or was making new episodes. I have seen every movie based off of this series, like Charlie Brown, Happy Halloween, CB, Merry Christmas, CB, etc.. This was a great series and I recomend it to all!
  • Good stuff!

    It's a great show but the voices are getting too weird and the ideas stink. They should quit with the new musical tapes. They have to face the facts. YOU CAN'T COPY THE PEANUTS! I LOVE the Peanuts! And I still do! I love the comics, the old specials and episodes. It was great it just seems like after 50 years they should stop.
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