Charlie Brown

CBS Premiered Dec 09, 1965 Between Seasons





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  • this is cool peanuts rock!

    I heard about the new episode of Charlie brown called happiness is a warm blanket charlie brown and I was surprised because I thought this show had ended, but I wasn't born when it first premiered it would of been a long time ago for me, but anyways Charlie brown and the rest of the peanuts are funny I liked how Lucy always chicks Charlie brown into kicking that football and I just realized its Lucy's fault that they lost the football game in Its your first kiss charlie brown because she took the football away when he kicked for it,and it's really funny when charlie brown says "I'm not falling for that again your just gonna take the football away and I'm gonna go flying up n the air and probably gonna kill myself" and then Lucy makes up an excuse for him to kick it nd he fails every time, i gotta say that's the funniest part about Charlie brown