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    I recently had a chance to ask Robert Wertheimer about some of the unrevealed mysteries, season 2 plot details and few other things, so I thought I'd share it with you.

    1. Season 2 scripts:

    "There are two very dense scripts for season 2 I did with Sean Carley - but I am not too interested in releasing them into the world."

    2. The future of "Charlie Jade":

    "I believe CJ is gone forever. SCI FI was never a fan. The options on the cast has long run out and the South African co-production evaporated and didn't seem to exist for a second season."

    3. Season 2 plot details:

    "Needless to say CJ had to deal with his new reality - trapped back in AV - while Blues pinned for him - trapped in BV.

    Lubinsky and Reena would have fought a futile war to keep GV protected from the evil forces of Vexcor - now being run by 01."

    4. "This, we did not expect":

    "The Men in the Grey Suits didn't expect to see 01 and CJ together - with blood flowing - intermingled - and related the way 01 was with his dad."

    5. The significance of the final scene:

    "The final scene took place in Link Space. The dark matter between matter. There had to be a place where linear time - a place between the universes existed to allow Charlie to realize his full potential - his sacrifice.

    He sacrificed himself to save universes filled with trillions of beings that meant nothing to him but that they were life.

    I wanted something that gave the impression of being infinite - while linking 01 & CJ - blood to blood - that suggests they are and were "blood" brothers - (see a theme emerging here?). With the resources we had - this is what we came up with - and also gave the fans the feeling - that maybe they were in a "man with grey suits" factory. All very spooky."

    6. The Men in the Grey Suits:

    "They were from yet another parallel universe. They were going to take over the whole shooting match. They had a different relationship with the dimensions and had a better concept of - the future - which they thought they could control - but, of course - couldn't."

    7. 01 Boxer: "My father had a file on you from way back."

    "Vexcor had a file on everyone. In the second season we were going to explore Charlie's hidden secret life as a member of the Vexcor family - in the past - kind of a Caine & Able sort of thing."

    8. 01 Boxer: "You're the only one who could shift. Never did figure that out did'ya?"

    "Really should have been only one - outside - the Boxer immediate family. 01's dad discovered the technology that allowed shifting from one universe to another. He used it to build Vexcor - cause one of the other four (then) core companies that controlled Earth in AV had the technology. They worked together in sectors like five families controlling a city or country.

    You saw in previous episodes that the physical cost of shifting was becoming worse and worse - first for Dad, then 01 - and then CJ."

    9. Region 1 DVD release:

    "Not via US - ratings weren't strong enough. There will probably be a small release of one - just for the province of Quebec - but I fear that will be in French."

    10. Soundtrack:

    "There was a conversation about doing a soundtrack - but with the shoddy way it was trashed by SCI FI - most of that discussion ended.

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