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I've heard that this show is great...

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    [1]Feb 6, 2008
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    Anyone know if its coming to US?
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    [2]Feb 7, 2008
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    Oh, this is a great show, i never seen anything like it
    But Charlie Jade not come to US in close future, anyway there is a chance to release Charlie Jade on DVD in North America in the next couple of months or just buy it now in Japan or UK.
    This is your choice
    This show is worth everything !
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    [3]Jun 29, 2009
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    This show is amazing...never seen anything like it on US television.

    I really love how visual it is and the energy put into cinematography. It is like watching a high-budget movie.

    Somehow they create characters that are enjoyable to watch even though 2/3 of them are murders, LOL.

    The music selection is quite good as well.

    The plot is kind of strange, but entertaining. I do like how most episodes push the main plotline forward instead of relying too much on the "episode of the week" format that most shows wear out.

    Anyway, I watched a marathon of all episodes over the last week or so, having never seen the show before, and I felt like it was worth it. While it won't make it in my top ten overall favorite TV shows, it is my #1 for cinematography. I also like how they'll have people repeat themselves and when they repeat it's a different camera angle. And the dreamlike atmosphere especially for Jade's visions. Also 01 Boxer is a really great character. I thoroughly enjoyed his character even though he often came across as bat**** crazy.
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