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  • Another great show has bitten the dust, heaven forbid we have something on TV that makes us think or that we could really actually enjoy watching for more then 5 minutes.

    I love this show!! I've recorded every episode that I have been able to get, I didn't get to see the first few of them but I'm hoping I will get to some time because I will keep all of them. I watch it over and over. I really hope it gets picked up by someone because I'm so sick of the some of the junk that is on. This show makes you use your brain and we could all use that:)
    The networks seem to always take off the great shows and put on junk in their place, it's really sad. I'm a 64 yr. old Great G'ma and I like to watch shows with substance!!
    "Somebody out there in the Universe Bring it back please"
  • Great show giving us a new spin on the sci-fi genera. The story of multiple dimensions I have never seen told in tv format. Charlie Jade did an excellent job in dealing with the concept.

    Great show giving us a new spin on the sci-fi genera. The story of multiple dimensions I have never seen told in tv format. Charlie Jade did an excellent job in dealing with the concept. Some say the show was confusing but I believe if you paid attention close enough all was clear. The characters were very interesting and compelling. In some cases the show even made the most retched of them good in one universe and depraved in another and this was an excellent way to drive home the multiple dimension plot. Good show that should've been treated better by the Sci-Fi channel and reserved for those who don't mind a little thought in their tv programming.
  • We really need a season 2. Charlie Jade shouldn't be over yet.

    I was watching Scifi in the beginning of June and I was watching Charlie Jade for the first time. I really did love the special effects and the suspence. I did some research at google and I read that this show was made in UK, England back in 2005. They announced that due to the low ratings of the show the series went discontinued. Then I found out at the forums section at that one of the fans spoke to the creator of the show Chris Roland. Chris said that he is trying to run the series in America and if it becomes a success, then there's a chance for a second season. I just hope this show will last at least 5 years or more and may become a success just like other new Scifi shows. If it happens it seems like Charlie Jade may rise up again!
  • PI Charlie Jade seems to be seeing things. A young girl comes to him asking for help getting home he doesn't believe her story, she ends up dead. Charlie looks for her killer and ends up in another universe.

    I did not really follow this show very well. It was over half way thru before I understood what the meaning of the alphaverse, betaverse and gammaverse on the screen was meant to convey. I still have no idea what was going on at the big corporation, but I will definetly continue watching this show but must pay closer attention. I enjoyed the spart with the special doctor that Charlie went to see and I also enjoyed the girlfriend, hope we see more of both of them. I advise recording the show so you can rewatch it and catch all the stuff you miss.
  • Great new concept if you pay attention from the beginning!

    All in all I liked the pilot episode of Charlie Jade. It is not the type of show you can just watch from the middle of the episode. One has to watch it from the beginning and PAY attention!! There is ALOT of plot laying and concept description from the very first episode. I loved the whole idea of an alternate universe where our world seriously screws up other reality's, including our own because of evil corporate people. Let's hope the network does not cancell it before it can build up a head of steam. TOO many networks dont give enough new shows enough time to get a following going. Also airing it on a Friday night in the summertime is also not the best way to get a show to keep going. But here's hoping they will keep it going! I really liked it. It was worth my time! Great show! Worth watching!
  • Intelligent, extraordinary and truly intriguing: I've never seen a science-fiction TV show like it before... This is the best TV show i've ever seen. This is something new, unique and cutting-edge, milestone of the new millenium.
    I saw many good scifi tv shows and Charlie Jade beat them all in almost every detail, this music, mystery, idea about three worlds (Alpha - what will be, Beta - what's now and Gamma - what could be.), amazing characters, unique and intelligent story, beautiful Cape Town and great actors like Jeffrey Pierce, Michael Filipowich or Tyrone Benskin. It's something that every scifi fan must see.
    Really you won't regret that, i guarantee that you never seen anything like it, anything so hip, intelligent, engrossing and beautifully executed.
    Forget about Prison Break, Lost or Dexter.
    This is the show of the new millenium.
    Forever !

  • This is a fascinating show with good performances and an intricate plot.

    I moved back to Canada this summer and started watching Charlie Jade and was blown away. I was disappointed that Battlestar Galactica and Deadwood are running behind here so this was a pleasant surprise. There are many layers to the story and I am eager to learn more about these worlds. The environmental message is not subtle but it works as the driving force for the plot. I am surprised the SCIFI channel has not picked it up for the U.S. market.
  • Ever wonder just how far greedy corporate culture will push the envelope? Charlie Jade is one speculation about our possible near future... spread over three parallel universes, that is.

    Finally, SF that doesn't just feature big bad space ships and pretty lady aliens! This show is speculative, relevant, insightful. Ever wonder just how far greedy corporate culture will push the envelope? Charlie Jade is one possiblility: maybe things will get so out of hand that the corporations will explicitly enslave the world, exhaust all natural resources, poison the planet, and then look for parallel resources to devour next.

    That's right, what we think is the universe is actually the "multiverse" - composed of three parallel places, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. And in Alpha, Vexcor, the most powerful corporation in the world, is poised to exploit Beta and Gamma's natural resources. But Charlie Jade, a private eye from Alpha who gets lost in Beta, is onto Vexcor.

    Charlie Jade is good science fiction with solid writing and storylines. That being said, it can be a little hard to follow. But there are reasons for watching this show. Interesting characters, complicated plots, Charlie's beautiful girlfriend, Jasmine, really great special effects, and beautiful scenery (the show is set and shot in Cape Town... or Cape City when it's set in the Alphaverse).

    Check it out. It's very different from the typical, predictable sci fi fare.
  • Mix a little sci-fi, throw in a vindictive lone detective with a greedy multi-dimensional corporation that may be the death of them all, add just a dash of jilted lovers and you've got Charlie Jade.

    I personally like this show. Its an underdog of a sci-fi show but I think if more people knew about it they would become interested in it. It seems the show is getting better with each episode. The potential with the story line is quite good at this point, and that is part of what keeps me coming back for more.

  • Charlie Jade as a series starts off a little slow but it has a lot to introduce and even when it's slow it's good. Then, when it starts to pick up, it does so in a big way. Around that 8th-or-9th episode, there's no other word but - wow.

    So there you are, just trying to make your way in the world. It's a harsh world but it's your world and you have your place in it. Then you don't. That's Charlie Jade's lot in this Grade-A science fiction offering.

    Charlie Jade is a private investigator in the universe dubbed 'Alpha' who falls through the rabbit hole so to speak. During an investigation (in the pilot), an explosion sends Charlie to the universe dubbed 'Beta' (the equivalent to our own world). When he's finally able to accept what has happened to him, all Charlie wants is to get home. His is a harsh world, but it's what he knows.

    At the core of everything is Vexcor - the one corporation to rule them all (if you'll pardon the Lord of the Rings reference). In Alpha, Vexcor is top dog in the pen and they've found a way to bridge the gap between worlds. Three worlds; Alpha (theirs), Beta (ours), and Gamma (an idyllic utopian universe at first glance). What Vexcor's end game is, you have to watch to learn but it's no secret that water is a key component).

    With the future of all three worlds on the line, how far will Charlie go to get home?
    And where does the apparently villainous 01 Boxer fit in? The man who can travel between universes almost at will.

    Charlie Jade as a series starts off a little slow but it has a lot to introduce and even when it's slow it's good. Then, when it starts to pick up, it really starts to pick up. Around that 8th or 9th episode, there's no other word but - wow.

    Filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa (where the series is set), the direction and cinematography are stunning. (Watch for the different tints for different verses.) The writing is pretty first-rate (especially when hitting that ninth episode) and the acting is equally so.

    If you're a fan of sci-fi, you owe it to yourself to check this show out.

    If you're not in Canada, that may be a chore. Organize your friends, send some postcards, get Charlie Jade on the air.

    Your universe might depend on it.
  • Vexcor, the most powerful company in the world, has developed a way to travel between universes. In this show there exists 3: Alphaverse, Betaverse and Gammaverse. Charlie Jade is a former Vexcor security agent turned private investigator who is transpo

    This is a brilliant show. While it may seem confusing at first, viewers will quickly clue in as to what is going on. The three universes represented in Charlie Jade represent the past, present and potential future of our current world. The Gammaverse is a pristine world full of lush green wilderness, vast oceans and minimal industrialization. The Betaverse much resembles our world today. And the Alphaverse is highly industrialized, the sky being blocked out by smog. This series is shot and presented in a very unique and interesting way. The plot is original and the characters are intriguing. While I found that the series started a little slow I quickly got hooked and now eagerly look forward to seeing new episode each week. I highly recommend this show to those who like sci-fi shows and dramas. Refreshing!
  • Charlie Jade is a private detective in Cape City, he eventually is confronted with a case of someone who just simply doesn't exist. Through a series of events he finds himself in a different universe, and begins to unravel a plot that threatens the fabric

    This show is absolutely amazing! The script writting is great and the story compelling. The characters have depth and you actually start to get attached to them.

    All that said, this is a show in which if you miss even a minute of it you have the chance of being extremely confused, so it's for the dedicated viewers. However, if you have never seen it and want to see what it's like do not start with any episode other than the premier, it will not make sense! Then continue in order.