Charlie Jade

Syfy (ended 2008)


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  • Great new concept if you pay attention from the beginning!

    All in all I liked the pilot episode of Charlie Jade. It is not the type of show you can just watch from the middle of the episode. One has to watch it from the beginning and PAY attention!! There is ALOT of plot laying and concept description from the very first episode. I loved the whole idea of an alternate universe where our world seriously screws up other reality's, including our own because of evil corporate people. Let's hope the network does not cancell it before it can build up a head of steam. TOO many networks dont give enough new shows enough time to get a following going. Also airing it on a Friday night in the summertime is also not the best way to get a show to keep going. But here's hoping they will keep it going! I really liked it. It was worth my time! Great show! Worth watching!