Charlie Jade

Syfy (ended 2008)


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  • Another great show has bitten the dust, heaven forbid we have something on TV that makes us think or that we could really actually enjoy watching for more then 5 minutes.

    I love this show!! I've recorded every episode that I have been able to get, I didn't get to see the first few of them but I'm hoping I will get to some time because I will keep all of them. I watch it over and over. I really hope it gets picked up by someone because I'm so sick of the some of the junk that is on. This show makes you use your brain and we could all use that:)
    The networks seem to always take off the great shows and put on junk in their place, it's really sad. I'm a 64 yr. old Great G'ma and I like to watch shows with substance!!
    "Somebody out there in the Universe Bring it back please"