Charlie Lawrence - Season 1

CBS (ended 2003)


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  • What's Wrong with This Picture?
    In this unaired episode of Charlie Lawrence, Charlie tried to cover up his TV past from an extremely handsome and sophisticated interior decorator that he has a thing for. But somebody keeps bringing it up.
  • I'll Take the Low Road
    When fellow congressman Graydon Cord embarrasses Charlie on a talk show, Charlie is tempted to do the same thing.
  • If It's Not One Thing It's Your Mother
    Charlie invites his mother to go along with him to a reception for the queen of England.
  • Dinner and a Breakdown
    When Charlie has a dinner party at his house in order to bond with his staff, it goes horribly wrong as Sarah announces that she is considering an ofer from a rival congressman who wants to hire her away from Charlie.
  • Charlie Got Game
    Charlie Got Game
    Episode 3
    After Sarah tells him that he'll never be taken seriously by his fellow Congressmen because his pursuits are too "gay", Charlie decides to try to learn how to play basketball.
  • New Kid in School
    New Kid in School
    Episode 2
    Charlie learns that Congress is much like high school when he attempts to get on the Ways and Means Committee only to discover he's not "cool" enough to be considered. However, when the committee chairman reconsiders and hints at selecting Charlie in exchange for his support on a congressional pay raise, he must decide whether voting against his conscience is worth a spot on the committee.moreless
  • A Vote of No Confidence
    Coming Soon