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    • 7/1/11
      Charlie Rose and his guests try to go Inside Islam to broaden our understanding. The guests are Abdeslam Maghraoui, Miriam Cooke, John Esposito, Shawkat Toorawa, Kecia Ali, Rashad Hussain, Ingrid Mattson, Ebrahim Moosa, Jen'nan Read and Sherman Jackson.
    • December 23 2005
      Season 11 - Episode 256
      Guests: ROB MARSHALL Director, Memoirs of a Geisha and DIANE KEATON Actress, The Family Stone
    • A Discussion Of The Timothy Mcveigh Arrest
      A Discussion Of The Timothy Mcveigh Arrest
      Season 1995 - Episode 04.21.95
      FBI terrorism investigator James Fox, Bob McGuire, Tom Halpern, Acting Director of the Anti-Defamation League Fact Finding Department, and investigative journalist Philip Weiss discuss the Oklahoma City bombing, the likelihood of extreme right-wing involvement, and the arrests of suspects Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.
    • IPhone 5; Jeffrey Toobin; Karen Elliott House
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.20.12
      "A look at Apple\'s iPhone 5 with David Pogue of the New York Times & John Gruber of Jeffrey Toobin on his book “The Oath – The Obama White House and The Supreme Court.” Karen Elliott House discusses her book “On Saudi Arabia”
    • A discussion about the New Pope: Bergoglio of Argentina with Guest host Frank Bruni,; Jon Meacham; Father Walter Modrys; Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J.; and John DeGioia. Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo & Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick on the new Pope.
    • 12/26/08
      A conversation about the film
    • Charlie Rose (May 26, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 05.26.03
      Four Photographers From Time Magazine, Robert Nickelsberg, Kate Brooks, James Nachey, And Yuri Kozyrev, Discuss Their Work From Iraq, Published In The Book, 21 Days To Baghdad.Then, A Discussion About The Advancing Technologies Of Prenatal Care With Alexander Tsiaris, Author Of From Conception To Birth: A Life Unfolds, And Dr. Amos Drunebaum, Director Of Clinical Maternal-Fetal Medicine At The Weill Cornell Medical Center.Finally, The Author Jane Juska Shares Her New Book, A Round-Heeled Woman, A Chronicle Of Her Adventures In Sex And Romance Late In Life.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 1, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 04.01.97
      Charlie Sits Down With Financial Analyst Michael Metz To Talk About The Bull Market And Today'S Rise In The Dow. John Lipsky Of Chase Manhattan Bank Suggests That Inflation Rates Will Continue To Rise. Then, Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin'S Widow Leah Rabin Speaks About Losing Her Husband To An Assassin.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 22, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 11.22.00
      A Conversation With James Carney, Laurence Tribe, And Thomas Friedman About The Florida Ballot Controversy; A Discussion With George Mitchell, Rich Lowry, And Steve Forbes.
    • Conversation With Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, United States Trade Representative. || A Conversation With Authors Bernard-Henri Levy & Umberto Eco.
    • Charlie Rose (March 5, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 03.05.02
      Adel Al-Jubeir, Adviser To The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Explains His Government'S Peace Proposal For The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Which Will Be Presented At The Upcoming Arab Summit. Then, Bill Carter Of The New York Times Relays The Story Of David Letterman'S Possible Switch To A Different Network, Abc.
    • Charlie Rose (November 10, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 11.10.06
      First, Bill Kristol Of The "Weekly Standard" And Martha Raddatz Of Abc Discuss The Resignation Of Donald Rumsfeld And What The Changes In The Pentagon Will Mean For The Bush Administration And The War In Iraq. Then, A Conversation About The New Congress With Representative James Clyburn Of South Carolina. Finally, A Discussion With Iraq Veterans David Myers, Paul Rieckhoff, And Daniel Anfang About What It Was To Be On The Front Lines In Iraq.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 30, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 03.30.06
      Cnn'S Anderson Cooper Guest Hosts The First Installment Of A New Four-Part Series, "Road To Innovation." Cooper Talks With Actor And Filmmaker George Clooney And Former Disney Ceo Michael Eisner About The Current State And Uncertain Future Of The Entertainment Industry. Both Men Discuss Their Careers In This Context.
    • Charlie Rose (June 21, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 06.21.96
      First, Wall Street Journal columnist, author and Bob Dole's speechwriter Mark Hampering, talks about his work with the candidate, particularly the memorable speech he penned for Dole's resignation from Senate. Then, author, renowned heiress, and one-time jeans designer Gloria Vanderbilt talks about witnessing her 23-year-old son Carter's death. Finally, Buck O'Neil, a former professional baseball play for the Negro Leagues and the first African American coach in the major leagues, talks about his new book about life and baseball, I Was on Right Time.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 4, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 06.04.98
      First, Evander Holyfield, Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of The World, Discusses His Title And His Upcoming Attempt To Defend His Title Against Henry Akinwande. Then, Singer Jimmy Buffett Discusses His Long Career And His New Memoir, A Pirate Looks At Fifty. Finally, Actors Anthony Lapaglia And Allison Janey Join Director Michael Mayer In Discussing Their New Broadway Production Of Arthur Miller'S Play A View From The Bridge.moreless
    • April 6, 2002
      April 6, 2002
      Season 0 - Episode 1
    • Charlie Rose (September 12, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 09.12.03
    • Charlie Rose (August 12, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 08.12.98
      A Conversation With Actress Kathy Bates About Her 20 Year Career, Her Role In The Blockbuster Film "Titanic" And The Movie "Primary Colors." She Talks About The Movies, Their Relation To The Larger Culture, And The Role Of Women In Hollywood (From March 30, 1998).
    • Charlie Rose (November 24, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 11.24.04
      Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Talks With Charlie About His Mandate As A Head Of An Investigation Into The United Nations' Oil-For-Food Program For Iraq, As Well As The Recent Decline In The U.S. Dollar. Also, Former Us Ambassador To The Soviet Union Stephen Sestanovich Discusses The Contested Election In Ukraine. Plus, Italian Tenor Andrea Bocelli Talks About His New Albums, Andrea And Il Trovatore.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 7, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 09.07.98
      First, Barry Levinson, Veteran Film-Maker, Discusses His Latest Acclaimed Film, Wag The Dog, Which Stars Dustin Hoffman And Robert De Niro. Then, Up And Coming Film-Maker Paul Thomas Anderson Discusses His New Film Boogie Nights And His Status As An Emerging Acclaimed Director.
    • Charlie Rose (August 10, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 08.10.95
      Philip Hilts and Joseph Califano discuss the ongoing battle over cigarette smoking. Then, Urban League President Hugh Price offers his opinions on cities, race, and the socioeconomic differences that divide America. Finally, actor/filmmaker Edward Burns talks about his new movie The Brothers McMullan.
    • Charlie Rose (October 15, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 10.15.03
    • A Conversation With Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. He Discusses What The Palestinian Authority Is Doing To Improve Conditions On The Ground, And About The Challenges Of Doing This In Occupied Territory. The Most Critical Thing For Continued Progress, He Said, Is For Israeli Settlement Activity To Stop. || Winner Of 2008 Westminster Best In Show, Uno. This Was The First Time A Beagle Has Won Top Honors In The Westminster Show'S 132-Year History.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 20, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 01.20.05
      Charlie Rose Talks To Iraq'S Interim President Ghazi Al-Yawar About Sunday'S Election And The Future Of Iraq. Author Malcolm Gladwell Joins Charlie To Discuss His New Book, Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking
    • Charlie Rose (April 6, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 04.06.06
      Guest Host Brian Williams Of Nbc Nightly News Talks To Jon Meacham, Managing Editor Of Newsweek Magazine, About His New Book American Gospel: God, The Founding Fathers, And The Making Of A Nation. Then, Williams Talks To Marian Wright Edelman, Founder And President Of The Children'S Defense Fund, About The Children Displaced By Hurricane Katrina. Plus, Charlie'S Interview With Vincent Falcone, Author Of Frankly - Just Between Us: My Life Conducting Frank Sinatra'S Music.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 10, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 03.10.00
      A Conversation With Hilary Swank; A Conversation With David Crosby & David Bender; A Conversation With Doc Severinsen
    • Charlie Rose (January 20, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 01.20.98
      First, A Conversation With Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Columnist For The New York Times Tom Friedman. He Talks To Charlie About Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat'S Visit With President Clinton. The Two Statesmen Met Separately With The President And Have Had No Direct Interaction. Then, Charlie Talks With The Creative Team Behind The Musical Adaptation Of Ragtime, Writer E. L. Doctorow, Playwright Terrence Mcnally And Director Frank Galati.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 15, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 03.15.06
      Bill Sammon, White House Correspondent For The Washington Times, Discusses His New Book "Strategery." Then, Actress Natalie Portman On The Portrayal Of Terrorist Violence In The Controversial New Wachowski Brothers Film, "V For Vendetta." Finally, Tom Perkins, One Of The World'S Leading Venture Capitalists, Discusses His New Novel, "Sex And The Single Zillionaire"moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 14, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 07.14.03
      Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post On The Continuing Controversy Over C.I.A. Intelligence And The President'S Claims That Saddam Hussein Has Installed An Advanced Nuclear Weapons Development Program In Iraq. Then, Clyde Prestowitz, Founder And President Of The Economic Strategy Institute, On His New Book, Rogue Nation: American Unilateralism And The Failure Of Good Intentions.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 19, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 12.19.01
      An Interview With Ahmed Rashid; An Interview With Tony Kushner; An Interview With Jesse Norman
    • Charlie Rose (July 12, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 07.12.00
      Shortly After The Release Of The Fourth Installment In Author J.K. Rowling'S Harry Potter Series, Janet Maslin Of The New York Times, Malcolm Jones Of Newsweek And Mark Gleason Of Book Magazine, Discuss The Mania. Later, Prize-Winning Writer Garry Wills On His New Book, A Controversial Critique Of The Power Structure Of The Catholic Church Called Papal Sins: Structures Of Deceit.moreless
    • A Preview Of The Pennsylvania Primary With Howard Fineman, Newsweek'S Chief Political Correspondent, Senior Editor And Deputy Washington Bureau Chief. || A Conversation With Mickey Drexler, Ceo, J. Crew.
    • Charlie Rose (December 24, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 12.24.97
      Author Peter Stone Of Broadway Show Titanic Talks About The Tony Award Winning Show As Well As His Career On Broadway. Then, Playwright David Mamet Discusses His Current Play The Old Religion, A Story About A Jewish Man Accused Of Rape And Murder In Atlanta. Finally, Playwright Neil Simon Discusses His Current Broadway Play Entitled Proposals That Focuses On A Dysfunctional 1950S Family.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 18, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 07.18.00
      Adam Nagourney Of The New York Times And Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo Discuss The Senate Race In New York Between Rick Lazio And Hillary Clinton. Later, Hollywood Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas Talks About His New Book, American Rhapsody, About President Clinton And The Rock-And-Roll Generation In America.
    • Charlie Rose (May 1, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 05.01.98
      First, Ronald Brownstein Of U. S. News & World Report, Michael Kinsley Of Slate. Com, And Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek Discuss The Presidency Of Bill Clinton Regarding His Critics, The Scandals, Ken Starr, The Economy, Etc. Then, Les Gelb, President Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Discusses Benjamin Netanyahu And The Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process. Finally, Arthur Hertzberg, Author Of Jews: The Essence And Character Of A People, And Martin Gilbert, Author Of Israel: A History, Discuss The 50Th Anniversary Of Israel, Looking Back On Its Inception And Offering A Perspective On Israeli Opinion Of The Palestinians.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 4, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 09.04.02
      Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Of California Was Present At An Important Meeting Between The President And Leaders Of Congress Regarding The Situation In Iraq And She Shares Her Thoughts And Impressions. Then, A Look At The Us Open In Tennis With Cbs'S Dick Enberg And Espn'S Cliff Drysdale. Finally, Paul Auster Discusses His Latest Novel, The Book Of Illusions.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 2, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 10.02.03
    • Charlie Rose (September 3, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 09.03.03
    • Charlie Rose (May 9, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 05.09.07
      First, A Conversation With Harvard Professor Stanley Hoffmann About France, Iraq, And Us Forein Policy Around The World. || Next, Actor Kevin Spacey Talks About The Broadway Production Of Eugene O'Neill'S "Moon For The Misbegotten".
    • Charlie Rose (March 26, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 03.26.99
      St. John'S Coach Mike Jarvis And Cbs Analyst Billy Packer Offer Their Insights And Predictions About The Ncaa Basketball Semifinals, And Talk About Some Of The Players And Coaches. Then, David Rieff And Ivo Daalder Discuss The Developments In Yugoslavia, The Nato Plans For Kosovo, And Negotiations With Slobodan Milosevic. Finally, Vanessa And Corin Redgrave Talk About Co-Starring In A Recently Discovered Tennessee Williams Play, Not About Nightingales, And The Development Of Its Broadway Production.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 9, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 01.09.98
      First, Actor Kevin Spacey. He Is Perhaps Best Known For His Oscar-Winning Performance As Verbal Kent In The 1995 Sleeper Hit The Usual Suspects. Since Then He Has Worked On A Wide Range Of Films Including Seven, A Time To Kill, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil And La Confidential Which Is Receiving Much Critical Acclaim And Has Already Been Nominated For Four Golden Globe Awards. Then, A Conversation With Canadian Filmmaker Atom Egoyan. He Talks To Charlie About His Latest Film, The Sweet Hereafter, Which Is An Adaptation Of The Russell Banks Book About The Effect A Terrible School Bus Accident Has On A Rural Town.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 11, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 11.11.97
      Author Of The Old Religion, David Mamet Talks About His Work As A Playwright, A Novelist And An Acting Coach. Next, Actor/Director Sidney Lumet Discusses His Latest Comedic Film, Critical Care, As Well As His Upcoming Project, Gloria. Also, Ceo Of Starfish, Philippe Kahn, Reviews Some New Personal Technology. Finally, Founder Of Carolina Herrera Ltd. , Carolina Herrera, And Her Daughter Carolina Adriana Herrera Discuss Fashion And The Family Business.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 2, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 11.02.00
      A Discussion With Frank Luntz And Douglas Schoen Of The Political Polls; A Conversation With Thomas Middelhoff About Napster; A Conversation With Doonesbury Cartoon Character Duke 2000; A Remembrance Of Steve Allen
    • Charlie Rose (July 24, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 07.24.98
      First, Gloria Estefan Discusses Her Flight From Cuba, Her Time With The Miami Sound Machine, And Her Career In Latin Music. Then, Gordon Parks Discusses His Career As A Renowned Photographer, His Time At Life Magazine, His Life And Loves, And The Retrospective Of His Work At The Museum Of The City Of New York, Half Past Autumn.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 23, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 04.23.04
      The Foreign Minister Of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, Talks About His Region Of The World And The American Commitment In Iraq. Then, Charlie Talks With Director Tony Scott And Actor Denzel Washington About Their New Movie Man On Fire, About A Kidnapping In Mexico City.
    • Charlie Rose (May 4, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 05.04.98
      First, David Halberstam, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author Of The Children, Discusses The Book As Well As His Experiences During The Civil Rights Movement. Then, Daniel Petrocelli, Attorney For The Goldman Family In The O. J. Simpson Trial, Speaks About His Book The Triumph Of Justice And His Disgust Of Simpson And His Feelings During The Trial. Lastly, David Ross, Outgoing Director Of The Whitney Museum Of American Art, Discusses His Controversial Tenure And New Position As The Director Of The San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 5, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 08.05.98
      First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Discusses The Right Of President Clinton To Invoke The 5Th Amendment And Refuse To Testify Against Himself And His Current Status Of Sticking With His Original Denial Of Having Had A Relationship With Monica Lewinsky. Then, Richard Holbrooke Discusses His Role In Negotiating The Dayton Peace Accords That Ended The War In Bosnia, His Experiences In Kosovo, And His New Book To End A War. Then, Robert L. Johnson, Founder And Chairman Of Black Entertainment Television Discusses The Success And Franchising Of His Company And His Plans For Future Expansion. Finally, Shelley Winters, Known For Her Roles In A Place In The Sun And A Diary Of Anne Frank, Discusses Her Career And Her Upcoming Lifetime Achievement Award At The Hollywood Film Festival.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 11, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 06.11.97
      Charlie Broadcasts From Paris. Filmmaker Luc Besson Talks About Bringing Emotion To Film And His Latest Movie, The Fifth Element, Which Stars Mila Jovovich And Bruce Willis. Also, Charlie Sits Down With Photographer Claude Picasso, Son Of Pablo Picasso, To Talk About His Father'S Expansive Estate. Claude Also Talks About The Memories He Has Of His Father From Childhood.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 10, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 10.10.00
      For The Hour, Steve Martin Talks About His Long And Prolific Career, Which Has Led Him From Writing To Stand-Up Comedy To Acting In Films. He Turns Back To His Earliest Profession With His Latest Project, A Comic Fable In The Form Of A Novella Called Shopgirl.
    • Charlie Rose (May 25, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 05.25.05
      A Discussion About Internet Security With John Markoff Of The New York Times And Mark Rasch, Founder Of The Justice Department'S Computer Crime Unit. David Kelley Talks To Charlie Rose About His Tenure As The Us Attorney For The Southern District Of New York. Director Alex Gibney And Writers Peter Elkind And Bethany Mclean Talk About The Documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 05.17.01
      A Conversation About Alzheimer'S; An Interview With Daniel Schorr; An Interview With Ray Flynn
    • Charlie Rose (September 24, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 09.24.96
      First, an interview with economist Henry Kaufman, president of Henry Kaufman & Company, on the decision of the Federal Reserve's policy- making committee to hold interest rates steady at 5-and-a-quarter percent. Then, ten days after the first national elections in Bosnia, Milan Milutinovic, the foreign minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, speaks about the elections and the future of his country. Finally, Andrew Grove, CEO and president of Intel Corporation, the world's largest computer chip maker, and one of Time Magazine's 10 most powerful people in America, talks about the future of the Internet, and his book on business, Only the Paranoid Survive.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 10, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 03.10.97
      Charlie Spends The Week Looking At Films That Are Nominated For Academy Awards. First, A Rebroadcast Of An Earlier January 10, 1997 Interview With Nominee Kristin Scott Thomas Of The Film, The English Patient. Thomas Talks About What Initially Drew Her To The Story. Plus, Filmmakers Ethan & Joel Coen And Actress Frances Mcdormand Discuss Their Film, Fargo That Takes Place In A Small Town In Minnesota.moreless
    • A Conversation About The Film 'What Just Happened?' With Robert De Niro, Barry Levinson And Art Linson. || A Conversation About The Film Religulous With Bill Maher And Larry Charles.
    • Charlie Rose (June 19, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 06.19.97
      Charlie Speaks With Investment Banker Richard Jenrette About His Experiences On Wall Street And His New Book, The Contrarian Manager That Focuses On The Art Of Working With Other People. Next, Actor David Morse And Playwright Paula Vogel Talk About Play That Focuses On Pedophilia Called, How I Learned To Drive. Finally, Filmmaker Jan De Bont Discusses His Blockbuster Films Speed And Twister And His Latest Release, Speed Ii.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 6, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 02.06.98
      Evan Thomas Of Newsweek Magazine, Michael Kinsley Of Slate, Richard Lambert Of The Financial Times And Fran Lebowitz Of Vanity Fair, Discuss Clinton And British Prime Minister Tony Blair'S Joint News Conference, The Heightening Of Tensions In The Persian Guld, And Monica Lewinsky'S Allegations Against The President. Then, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Chief Technology Officer At Microsoft, Shares His Views On Microsoft'S Partial Agreement With The Department Of Justice In The Evolving Anti-Trust Investigation And His Predictions For The Future Of The Company.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 7, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 10.07.98
      First, David Trimble, Former Minister Of The Northern Ireland Assembly, And Seamus Mallon, Deputy First Minister Of The Northern Ireland Assembly, Discuss The Possibility Of Peace In Ireland And The Persistent Problem Of Political Violence. Then, Sparky Anderson Discusses His Career As A Major-League Baseball Manager And His New Book, They Call Me Sparky. Finally, Violinist And Conductor Pinchas Zukerman Discusses His Position As Music Director Of The National Art Center Orchestra In Canada And Involvement With The English Chamber Orchestra.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 13, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 08.13.96
      First, Jonathan Alter of Newsweek magazine, and Ronald Brownstein of The Los Angeles Times, join Charlie live from San Diego at the Republican Convention to discuss the status of the Republican Party and the upcoming elections. Next, Dan Rather continues the discussion on the Republican Convention live from the CBS News anchor booth. Next, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks at length about the Republican Party. Finally, the discussion on the Republican Convention and the Republican Party concludes with the commentary of David Frum of the Manhattan Institute and Dan Goodgame of Time Magazine.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 16, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 04.16.98
      First, Henry Kissinger, The Former Secretary Of State, Discusses The Death Of The Cambodian Tyrant Pol Pot, The Leader Of The Khmer Rouge Forces Who Was At The Brink Of Being Turned In To The Authorities When He Died. Kissinger Comments On Pol Pot'S Ideologies, His Historical Significance, And The Power And Roots Of Communism, And The Inaction Of The American Government In The Face Of The Disaster. Then, Wynton Marsalis, Renowned Jazz Trumpet Player, Discusses His Latest Cd, Midnight Blues, His Documentary Series Work For Pbs And Npr, His Work As Director Of Jazz At Lincoln Center, And His Pulitzer Prize In Music For His Libretto Blood On The Fields. Finally, Biologist E. O. Wilson Of Harvard Discusses His Work In Pioneering The Fields Of Sociobiology And Biodiversity And His Pulitzer-Prize Winning Science Books. He Argues That There Should Be Fundamental Unity Between All Fields Of Human Knowledge, And The "Scientists Need To Learn Poetry. "moreless
    • A Discussion About The Hbo Film Recount With Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Toobin, Senior Legal Analyst At Cnn And David Boies. Recount Is A Chronicle Of Five Weeks Between The Nov. 7, 2000, Presidential Election Between George W. Bush And Al Gore And The December Supreme Court Ruling That Upheld Florida'S Count And Gave Bush The White House. || A Conversation With Author Garry Wills About His Latest Book What The Gospels Mean. || An Appreciation Of Hamilton Jordan,An American Political Advisor And Strategist Best Known As Chief Of Staff To President Of The United States Jimmy Carter. Jordan Died On May 20, 2008 From Mesothelioma.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 9, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 06.09.06
      First, Guest Host Brian Lehrer Talks With Noam Chomsky, An Mit Linguist And Political Analyst. He`S Been Teaching At Mit For 50 Years Now, Questioning The Legitimacy Of American Power, As Well As Our Understanding Of Where Language And Human Behavior Come From. Dr. Chomsky Has Had A Run Of International Bestsellers Since 9/11, And He Has A New Book Called Failed States: The Abuse Of Power And The Assault On Democracy Example Number One Of The Failed State In The Book - The United States. Next, Guest Host David Ross Interviews Artist Shirin Neshat. Born In Qazvin, Iran In 1957, She Moved To The U.S. To Study Art At The Age Of 17. After 12 Years, She Returned To Iran For The First Time And Found A Country Transformed By The Islamic Revolution. Soon After, She Began To Channel Her Feelings Of Displacement And Exile Into Her Art. With Photography And Video, She Has Created A Remarkable Body Of Work That Explores Both The Role Of Women In Islamic Society And The Cultural Conflicts Of The East And West.||Finally, A Panel Discusses The Death Penalty, And Why Numbers Of Deaths Due To Capital Punishment Are Declining In Spite Of A 68% Approval Rating. Guest Host Jeffrey Toobin Is Joined By Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director Of The Equal Justice Initiative Of Alabama, Dennis Riordan, A Criminal Defense Attorney At Riordan & Horgan In San Francisco, And Beth Wilkinson, Who Was One The Prosecutors In The Timothy Mcveigh Trial And Is Now Executive Vice President Of The Fannie Mae Corporation.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 8, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 12.08.04
      Dr. Richard Axel Discusses His Scientific Work On Sensory Perception That Won Him The Nobel Prize For Medicine In 2004. Then, South African Writer Nadine Gordimer Discusses The New Collection Of Short Stories She Compiled Called Telling Tales.
    • Charlie Rose (January 13, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 01.13.00
      A Conversation About The Aids Epidemic; An Interview With Peter Piot; An Interview With Ronald Dellums, Thami Ngwevela & Eugene Rivers
    • Charlie Rose (May 29, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 05.29.03
      A Conversation About The Relationship Between Russia And The United States As President Bush Meets With President Putin In St. Petersburg With Stephen Cohen, Professor At New York University, And Anatol Lieven, Senior Associate With The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace.Then, A Conversation With Roger Angell Of The New Yorker About Major League Baseball And His New Book, Game Time: A Baseball Companion.Finally, A Roundtable Discussion About A New Study That Suggests Hormone Replacement Therapy May Increase The Risk Of Dementia With Dr. Sylvia Smoller And Dr. William Frishman, Co-Authors Of The Study, And Dr. Steven Goldstein, Professor At New York University'S School Of Medicine.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 13, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 01.13.03
      First, Steve Case On His Decision To Step Down As Chairman Of The Media Corporation Aol Time Warner. Also, Journalist Walter Isaacson Talks About Leaving His Position As Chairman Of Cnn To Become The President And Ceo Of The Aspen Insitute, A Nonprofit Organization.
    • Charlie Rose (January 22, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 01.22.03
      The Foreign Minister Of Pakistan, Khurshid Kasuri, Discusses Policy Towards Iraq, Nuclear Weapons, Osama Bin Laden, And Us-Pakistani Relations. Also, Actor Ray Liotta Talks About His Career And Performance In The Independent Film, Narc.
    • Charlie Rose (February 14, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 02.14.03
      State Department Correspondent For Cnn Andrea Koppel Explains Recent Developments At The United Nations Regarding Weapons Inspections In Iraq. Then, An Interview With Former Secretary Of State Madeline Albright On American Policy Toward Iraq. Also, Javad Zarif, Iranian Ambassador To The United Nations, Shares His Reactions To A New Report Issued By Hans Blix At The Un.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 26, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 09.26.96
      Haim Shibi of the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, talks about the battles between Israeli and Palestinian troops throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip and Palestinian riots in response to Israel's decision to open an archaeological tunnel near one of the holiest sites in Islam. Then, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, group vice president in the Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft, talks about the future of computers and the Internet. Finally, Malcolm Gladwell of The New Yorker talks about recent progress by scientists in the quest to extend the human life cycle. .moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 20, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 08.20.04
      Joe Biden Expresses His Views On John Kerry And The Situation He Will Inherit In Iraq And The Wider Region If Elected President. Next, The Filmmaker Robert Greenwald Discusses His Film, Uncovered, About The Bush Administrations Position On Iraq. Finally, James Woolsey, Former Cia Director, And Ray Mcgovern, Former Cia Analyst , Debate The Content Of Uncovered And Come To Different Conclusions As To Whether The U.S. Government Was Justified To Believe That Iraq Was Utilizing Yellow Cake Uranium To Create Weapons Of Mass Destruction.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 3, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 10.03.96
      First, Les Gelb, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, shares his views on the emergency White House meetings concerning the peace process in the Middle East. Then, Charlie speaks with Bartabas, the artistic director of the 26 member equestrian group, Zingaro, who were phenomenally successful in Paris and are now performing in a Brooklyn Academy of Music presentation. Finally, Kareem Abdul- Jabbar, who is an NBA Hall of Famer and All- Time Scoring Leader, speaks about his second book, In Black Profiles in Courage, which recounts the contributions of both famous and relatively unknown African- Americans who were obscured by revisionist history.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 23, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 05.23.96
      First, Charlie talks to Senator Sam Nunn. A question of increasing concern to those interested in America's national security is the vulnerability of the Pentagon to computer hackers. Nunn, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, has taken an interest in this problem and he discusses the importance of defending American intelligence. Then, in light of the upcoming peace negotiations on Northern Ireland, the conflict in Bosnia, and other pressing issues of foreign policy, a conversation with British Ambassador to the United States Sir John Kerr. He reflects on these topics and the state of US-British relations. Finally, Les Moonves, the head of CBS Entertainment, looks ahead to the fall season in Prime Time television which will include such staples as Seinfeld, ER and Monday Night Football along with newcomers like Ted Danson's new show, Ink.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 7, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 05.07.96
      Following President Boris Yeltsin's announcement yesterday that Russia's presidential election will be held as planned next month, Fareed Zakaria of Foreign Affairs, Stephen Cohen of Princeton University and Steven Solnick of Columbia University's Harriman Institute discuss the situation in Russia and whether the election will actually go forward. Then, Alistair Cooke celebrates his fiftieth year of commentary as an Englishman in his adopted homeland. His BBC broadcast is called Letter from America. Finally, George Jones is widely regarded as country music's greatest living singer. He talks to Charlie about his career and a new book about his life, I Lived to Tell it All.moreless
    • A Conversation With U.S. Army Col. H.R. Mcmaster About Iraq.|| A Conversation With Author Philip Bobbitt About His Book "Terror And Consent"
    • Charlie Rose (April 25, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 04.25.01
      An Interview With Andrew S. Grove; An Interview With John Hockenberry; An Interview With Charlie Leduff
    • Charlie Rose (January 29, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 01.29.99
      Bill Murray Talks About His Film Rushmore, His Strategy For Choosing Projects, His Encounters With Blockbuster Movies, And His Experiences In The Entertainment Industry From Saturday Night Live To Legal Eagles. Then, Wes Anderson Talks About Directing Rushmore And Bottle Rocket, Writing With Owen Wilson, And Directing Bill Murray And Jason Schwartzman.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 10, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 01.10.00
      A Conversation With Shimon Peres; A Panel With The New Yorker Staff
    • Charlie Rose (June 8, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 06.08.00
      A Conversation With Martin Lawrence; A Conversation With Salman Rushdie; A Conversation With Richard Butler About Saddam Hussein
    • Charlie Rose (April 3, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 04.03.97
      Charlie Talks To Drama Critic For The New York Times, Ben Brantley About The Best Broadway Performances Of The Year Including, Chicago. Next, Actor Anthony Sher From The Play, Stanley Discusses The 20Th-Century English Painter Stanley Spencer Who Inspired The Play. Actresses Deborah Findlay And Anne Chancellor Also Weigh-In. Plus, Playwright Jonathan Reynolds Talks About His Latest Work Titled, Stonewall Jackson'S House. Finally, Playwright Horton Foote Discusses His Latest Work Called, The Young Man From Atlanta.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 3, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 03.03.00
      A Conversation With Philip Short About Chairman Mao; A Conversation With Bob Edwards; A Conversation With Robert Wright About Evolution
    • Charlie Rose (January 10, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 01.10.03
      Film Director Spike Lee And Actor Edward Norton Talk About Their Work On The Film 25Th Hour, Which Chronicles A Man'S Final Day Before Beginning His Seven-Year Prison Sentence. Also, The Author John Updike Discusses His Newest Novel, Seek My Face.
    • A Discussion About The Presidential Election With Joe Klein Of Time And Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek. Today (January30, 2008) Democrat John Edwards Has Left The Race For The White House, Leaving Only Obama & Clinton As Candidates For Democratic Nomination. || A Conversation With Henry Paulson, The Secretary Of The Treasury About The Economic Stimulus Package.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 28, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 07.28.97
      Charlie Talks To African-American Mayor Willie Brown Of San Francisco About His Experiences Growing Up In A Racially Segregated Part Of Texas. Brown Also Talks About His Goals For Improving San Francisco. Next, Roy Johnson Of Fortune Magazine, Kim Green Of Aon Risk Services, And Fred Terrell Of Provender Capital Group Discuss The Notion Of Black Power In The 1990'S. Finally, Jim Sleeper Discusses His Book Liberal Racism With Charlie And Derrick Bell Of Nyu Law School. The Book Suggests That Liberals In America Have Created More Divisions In The Politics Of Race Than Their Conservative Counterparts.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 16, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 01.16.98
      Charlie Talks To Martin Scorsese For The Hour. Scorsese Began His Career At Nyu Film School, Where He Drew Notice For His Gritty Realism And Inventive Camera Work. His Filmography Features Some Of The Classics Of Contemporary Cinema, Including Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull And Goodfellas. He Has Challenged The Medium With Such Diverse Films As The Last Temptation Of Christ And The Age Of Innocence. Tonight, Scorsese Is On To Discuss His Life, A New Book, A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, And A New Film, Kundun.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 14, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 05.14.97
      Filmmaker Sidney Lumet And Actor Andy Garcia Talk To Charlie About Their New Film, Night Falls On Manhattan, That Looks At Corrupt Police Officers In New York. Plus, Global Investor Sir John Templeton Talks About His Faith In God, Spirituality And His New Book Called, Worldwide Laws Of Life.
    • Charlie Rose (March 29, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 03.29.02
      Charlie Leads An Examination Of The Recent Israeli Military Operation Meant To Isolate Palestinian Prime Minister Yasser Arafat With Henry Siegman Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Nasser Al-Kidwa, The Palestinian Ambassador To The U.N., And Fouad Ajami Of Cbs News. Then, There Is A Rebroadcasted Interview With Founder And Former Editor Of Slate.Com, Michael Kinsley.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 13, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 01.13.99
      Bob Costas Offers Some Perspectives On The Retirement Of Michael Jordan, The Long-Term Impact On Professional Basketball, And The Evolution Of The Nba From A Sport To A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. Then, Seymour Hersh Talks About Spy Jonathan Pollard, And How His Actions Have Affected The Middle East Peace Process. Finally, Star Val Kilmer, Director Irwin Winkler, And Dr. Oliver Sacks Talk About The Movie At First Sight, Which Is A Rare Story Of The Restoration Of Vision To A Blind Person.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 13, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 05.13.04
      Brad Pitt Discusses His Focus On Diverse Characters, His Tendencies To Seek Interesting Projects, His New Movie Troy And What The Future Holds For Him. Then, A Conversation About The Explosion Of Independent Film In The 90S With Author Of Down And Dirty Pictures, Peter Biskind.
    • Charlie Rose (November 1, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 11.01.95
      First, United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Bourtos-Ghali discusses the next 50 years of the United Nations. Then, photographer Richard Avedon of The New Yorker talks about his return to fashion editorial work, with a portfolio in memory of the late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort. Finally, a conversation with historian David Herbert Donald of Harvard University about Abraham Lincoln.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 4, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 11.04.04
      David Sanger Of The New York Times Talks About President Bush'S Post-Election Press Conference And Plans For A Second Term. Kenneth Pollack, Author Of The Persian Puzzle, Talks About The Relationship Between Iran And The United States And The Implications For A Post-War Iraq. Also, Edward Wong Of The New York Times Reports From Baghdad On The Possibility Of An Assault On Fallujah And The Stats Of Us Operations In Iraq And Journalist William Langewiesche Discusses His Atlantic Monthly Article About The Situation In Iraq, Welcome To The Green Zone.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 24, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 05.24.04
      Broadcasting Live, A Talk About The Major Prime-Time Address At The Us Army War College Given By President George Bush, Which Leads Up To The Transition Of Power In Iraq. Dan Senor, Cpa Spokesman, Is Joined By Ron Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times, Fareed Zakaria Of Newsweek International, Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss, Chancellor Of The Exchequer Gordon Brown, And Us Treasury Secretary John Snow.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 24, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 05.24.00
      First, A Discussion Of The Importance And Significance Of The China Trade Vote With Michael Oksenberg Of Stanford University. Then, A Conversation With Actor Gabriel Byrne, Now Starring On Broadway In Moon For The Misbegotten. Finally, Nobel Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta, East Timor'S Leading Figure In The Campaign Against Indonesia'S Occupation, On His Recent Trip To East Timor.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 8, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 04.08.97
      Charlie Discusses Hip-Hop Culture With Keith Clinkscales Of Vibe Magazine, Stanley Crouch Of New York Daily News And Author Armond White. The Group Discusses Race, Violence And Creativity In Hip-Hop. Next, A. N. Wilson Speaks With Charlie About His Very Controversial Book Called, Paul: The Mind Of The Apostle That Asserts Paul Both Founded Christianity And Transformed Jesus Into The Messiah. Finally, Lawyer Leonard Garment Talks About His Life, Career And Position With Richard Nixon'S Law Firm. Garment Records His Life In His New Book, Crazy Rhythm.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 21, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 11.21.03
    • Charlie Rose (August 30, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 08.30.06
      First, The New York City Commissioner Of The Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene, Dr. Thomas Frieden, Discusses Public Health In New York, Aids, Pandemics, And World Health Care. Then, Amy Farber, Executive Director Of The Lam Treatment Alliance, Discusses Her Battle With Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, A Rare Fatal Lung Disease That Affects Women In Their Child Bearing Years. Finally, Cesar Millan, Host Of National Geographic Channel'S "Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan," Discusses His Career As A Dog Behavioral Expert.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 7, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 04.07.03
      A Discussion Of Coalition Forces' Military Operations In Baghdad With Ambassador Richard Holbrooke In The Studio, Wolf Blitzer From Cnn In Kuwait City, And Melinda Liu From Newsweek In Baghdad. Also, Mark Bowden On An Article He Wrote About Saddam Hussein For The New York Times.
    • Charlie Rose (April 1, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 04.01.04
      Two Members Of The 9/11 Commission, John Lehman And Timothy Roemer, On The Anticipated Testimony Of The National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. Then, Charlie Discusses The Pbs Series American Family With Lead Actor Edward James Olmos And Writer/Producer Gregory Nava.
    • Charlie Rose (March 12, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 03.12.02
      The United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, Discusses Poverty Around The Globe And His Role In Mediating The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict And The Weapons Inspections In Iraq. Also, The President Of The World Bank, James Wolfensohn, Discusses His Work In International Development And Previews An Upcoming Meeting Of World Leaders Regarding Global Poverty.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 17, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 12.17.96
      A dialogue with actor/director Angelica Huston. Huston discusses her directorial debut with the film Bastard Out of Carolina. Curator Elisabeth Sussman, author and cultural critic Luc Sante and photographer Nan Goldin discuss the new exhibit of Goldin's photography at the Whitney Museum of Art entitled, Nan Goldin: I'll Be Your Mirror. Finally, three-time Grammy Award-winner folksinger Tracy Chapman discusses her rise to fame and her new album New Beginningmoreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 6, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 07.06.98
      First, Lawyer Floyd Abrams, Newsweek'S Jonathan Alter, And Producers Of The Documentary April Oliver And Jack Smith Discuss Their Controversial Cnn Documentary, Valley Of Death, Which Alleged The U.S. Used Nerve Gas In Vietnam. They Discuss Abrams' Report That Led Cnn And Time Magazine To Issue A Major Retraction. Maj. Gen. Perry Smith, Former Military Analyst For Cnn, Discusses His Decision To Resign Over The Broadcast Of Valley Of Death And Offers His Take On What Went Wrong With The Documentary.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 21, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 03.21.06
      Filmmaker Sidney Lumet Talks About His Career In Film. His Films Include 12 Angry Men, Network, And Serpico. His Latest Is Find Me Guilty. Then, A Preview Of The New Ric Burns Documentary On Playwright Eugene O'Neill, Part Of The "American Experience" Series On Pbs.
    • A Conversation With Lieutenant General William Caldwell. Lieutenant General Caldwell Currently Serves As The Commander Of The Combined Arms Center At Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, The Command That Oversees The Command And General Staff College And 17 Other Schools, Centers, And Training Programs Located Throughout The United States. || A Conversation With Andrea Jung, Chairman Of The Board And Chief Executive Officer Of Avon Product. || A Conversation With Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor In The Department Of Psychology At Harvard University.moreless
    • A Conversation With North Carolina Governor Mike Easley. Mike Easley Is The Two-Term Democratic Governor Of North Carolina Who Had Endorsed Former Sen. John Edwards Before He Dropped Out Of The Race At The End Of January. He Announced His Endorsement Of Senator Clinton One Week Ahead Of His State'S Primary, Citing Her Experience And Education Policies. A Conversation With Arianna Huffington Of The Huffingtonpost.Com About Her Book Right Is Wrong.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 8, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 04.08.96
      First, Defense Attorney Barry Scheck. He Is Known To The Country As The O.J. Simpson Defense Lawyer And Even Before The Case Had A Reputation As A Pioneer In The Field Of Dna Fingerprinting As A Method For Ruling Out Defendants As Suspects And Overturning Bad Convictions. He Talks To Charlie As The United States Government Prepares For Trial In The High Profile Unibomber And Oklahoma City Cases. Then, As Russians Prepare For A Presidential Election This June, Joseph Stalin'S Place In Russian History May Well Become An Issue Of The Campaign, As A Revived Communist Party Still Refuses To Denounce Stalin. Robert C. Tucker, Author Of Two Books On Stalin, Stephen Cohen, Princeton University Professor Of Russian Studies, And Edvard Radzinsky, The Author Of A Recent Biography Of Stalin, Are On To Talk About This Issue And To Try And Understand Why Stalin Is Still Such An Influential Figure In Russia.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 27, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 01.27.04
      Democratic Pollster Mark Mellman, The New York Times' David Brooks, Slate'S Michael Kinsley And Time Managing Editor James Kelly Discuss John Kerry'S Victory In The New Hampshire Primary, Howard Dean'S Highly Unexpected Position As Runner-Up, And What Can Be Inferred About The Final Outcome Of The Race. Then, A Look At The Films Nominated For The Best Picture Academy Award With Film Critics David Denby Of The New Yorker, Richard Corliss Of Time And Christy Lemire Of The Associated Press. Finally, A Continuing Conversation About The New Hampshire Primary With Cbs Evening News Anchor, Dan Rather.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 9, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 03.09.07
      First, A Panel Discussion About Vice President Dick Cheney'S Standing In The White House Following The Conviction Of His Chief Of Staff, Scooter Libby. The Panel Includes Michael Duffy, Assistant Managing Editor Of "Time" Magazine, Thomas Defrank, The Washington Bureau Chief Of "The New York Daily News" And Todd Purdum Of "Vanity Fair". They Discuss The Shifting Power Structure Within The Bush Administration, Which Has Seen The Vice President'S Influence In Favor Of Condoleeza Rice And Others. Then, Former Abc News Anchor Bob Woodruff And His Wife Lee Woodruff Discuss Their Experience Coping With Bob'S Near Fatal Injury Which He Suffered After A Convoy He Was Traveling In Was Hit With A Roadside Bomb In Iraq In Early 2006. They Recount The Painful Process Of Recovery Over The Last Year As Chronicled In Their Book "In An Instant: A Family'S Journey Of Love And Healing".moreless
    • A Discussion About The Age Of Rembrandt: Dutch Paintings In The Metropolitan Museum Of Art With Philippe De Montebello, Director Of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art & Curator Walter Liedtke.
    • A Conversation With Paul Krugman About His Book The Conscience Of A Liberal.|| A Conversation With Randall Robinson, Founder Of Transafrica. Robinson Discusses His Book An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution To The Kidnapping Of A President.
    • A Conversation With Dr. Alain F. Carpentier. In 2006, Dr. Carpentier Performed An Emergency Mitral Valve Repair Procedure On Charlie Rose, Charlie Fell Ill While En Route To Damascus To Interview Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. || A Conversation With Craig Venter, Author Of A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life.
    • Charlie Rose (November 2, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 11.02.04
      On The Night Of The Election, Charlie And His Guests Discuss The Challenges And Questions Awaiting The Next President. His Guests Are Bill Moyers, Anchor Of Now With Bill Moyers; David Halberstam, Author And Journalist; Meena Bose, Associate Professor Of Political Science At The United States Military Academy At West Point; Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger; Joe Klein Of Time Magazine; And Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn (D).moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 5, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 05.05.04
      The First Half Of The Broadcast Is Dedicated To The Controversy Over The Pictures Taken At Abu Ghraib. Charlie Talks First To Senator John Rockefeller Of West Virginia And Then Hisham Melhem, Journalist For As Safir In Lebanon, About The Arab Reaction. The Evening Closes With A Discussion About A New Film Called The Agronomist, With Its Director Jonathan Demme, And The Subject Of The Film, Haitian Journalist Jean Dominique'S Widow, Michele Montas.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 17, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 04.17.97
      Former Senator Nancy Kasserbaum Baker Tells Charlie About Why She Values The Campaign Finance Reform Bill. Then, Wendy Wasserstein Talks About Her Latest Screenplay Entitled, An American Daughter. Finally, Good Morning America Co-Host Joan Lunden Talks About Balancing Work And Motherhood.
    • Charlie Rose (October 8, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 10.08.03
    • Charlie Rose (February 20, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 02.20.98
      First, Stanley Fischer, The International Monetary Fund'S Deputy Managing Director, And One Of The World'S Foremost Economists, To Speak About Issues Involved In The Asian Economic Crisis And Where He Thinks It Might Be Going. Also, One Of Britain'S Most Distinguished Actors, John Hurt And One Of America'S Most Popular, Jason Priestley, Talk About Their Collaboration On A New Film, Love And Death On Long Island. Finally, Playwright Mark Ravenhill Talks About His New Controversial Play, Shopping And Fucking, Opening To Sold-Out Audiences At The New York Theater Workshop After A Year Of Sold-Out Shows In London And A World Tour.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 9, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 02.09.00
      A Conversation With Rick Pitino About The Nba Season; A Conversation With Maxwell Anderson About American Art; A Conversation With Benjamin Zander About Music
    • A Discussion About The Pennsylvania Primary With Senator Bob Casey Of Pennsylvania. || Continued Discussion About The Pennsylvania Primary With Joe Klein Of Time And Dick Polman Of The Philadelphia Inquirer. || A Discussion About The Frontline Documentary Sick Around The World With T.R. Reid.
    • Charlie Rose (January 15, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 01.15.04
      A Conversation With Two Critics Of The Bush Administration. First, Financier And Philanthropist George Soros On His Book, "The Bubble Of American Supremacy", And Why Americans Must Reject The Bush Agenda.||Then, An Interview That Originally Aired January 14, 2003, In Which Filmmaker Michael Moore Discusses The Immorality Of The Current Administration And His Latest Book, "Dude, Where'S My Country?"moreless
    • 11/10/09
      Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University and author of "This Time is Different -- Eight Centuries of Financial Folly" || Akiva Eldar chief political columnist and editorial writer for Israeli national daily "Ha'aretz"
    • Discussion about Swine Flu with Dr. Richard Besser, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Donald G McNeil Jr || David Kessler, former head of the FDA takes a look at obesity in this country. He is the author of "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite" || A look at the bacteria dangerous to our health found in the foods that we eat with Michael Pollan, Michael Moss and Dr. Jeffrey Bendermoreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 30, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 11.30.99
      A Conversation With National Security Council Advisor, Richard Clarke. As The Nation'S Foremost Counterterrorism Official, Clarke Outlines The Threats Of Osama Bin Laden, Biological Weapons, And Cyber Terrorism That Our Nation May Face In The Future. Later, Actor Ralph Fiennes Talks About His Performance In The Film The End Of The Affair, Which Is Based On Graham Greene'S Eponymous Novel. He Discusses Working With The Actress Julianne Moore, The Religious Undertones Of The Film, And What May Be Next For His Acting Career.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 18, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 04.18.02
      Charlie Has A Conversation With Middle East Historian Of Princeton University, Bernard Lewis. He Discusses The History Of The Region, His Book, What Went Wrong?, And Contemporary Controversies Including The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
    • Charlie Rose (February 28, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 02.28.05
      Charlie Talks To Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker About The Ouster Of Dan Rather From Cbs News And The Controversy That Continues To Surround His Reporting On The President'S National Guard Service. Then, Charlie Talks To Famed Conductor Lorin Maazel On The Occasion Of His 75Th Birthday Which Will See Him Conducting Several Of His Own Compositions With The New York Philharmonic. Then, Actor Juliette Binoche Talks About Her New Film, In My Country, Which Chronicles The Truth And Reconciliation Commission In South Africa.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 15, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 08.15.05
      A Discussion About Iraq'S Constitution With Noah Feldman Of Nyu. Israel'S Withdrawal From Gaza With Dennis Ross, Former Us Special Envoy To The Middle East. Plus, Actress Natasha Richardson On Her New Film, Asylum.
    • Charlie Rose (January 4, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 01.04.95
      Congressman David Dreier discusses the 104th Congress, Newt Gingrich, and the political and social direction of America. Then, Jim Rogers and Susan Kaufman Purcell on the floundering Mexican economy and the United States' potential courses of action. Finally, zoologist Desmond Morris on his new television series and companion book,The Human Animal: A Personal View of the Human Species.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 30, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 04.30.97
      Charlie Talks To Journalists Christopher Hitchens, Harold Evans, Joe Klein And Quentin Letts Talk About Whether Or Not Tony Blair Of The Labor Party Will Win The Election With His Theory Of The Radical Center. Plus, Janet Mcteer Talks About Starring In Ibsen'S, A Doll'S House.
    • Charlie Rose (September 6, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 09.06.01
      Charlie Rose Talks With Dick Enberg Of Cbs Sports, About The Dramatic 2001 U.S. Open Tennis Match Between Andrew Agassi And Pete Sampras, And His Career In Broadcasting. Next, A Conversation With William Ivey, The Outgoing Chairman Of The National Endowment For The Arts. Finally, Singer/Songwriter Lucinda Williams Talks About Her New Album.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 3, 1994)
      Season 1994 - Episode 11.03.94
      First, Charles Murray talks about his controversial book about race, class, and intelligence: The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. Then, author Liz Drew talks about her book, On the Edge, which details the first 18 months of the Clinton presidency and what it might mean for the next two years.moreless
    • A Conversation With Author Peter Matthiessen About His Book Shadow Country. || A Conversation With Edward Albee, Playwright And Tony Award Winner. || A Conversation With Author Jhumpa Lahiri About Her Book Unaccustomed Earth.
    • Charlie Rose (November 3, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 11.03.04
      Post-Election Analysis With Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News, Jon Meacham, Managing Editor Of Newsweek, And Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor Of Newsweek. Also, A Foreign Policy Discussion With Thomas Pickering, Former Us Ambassador To The United Nations And Former Secretary Of State For Political Affairs.
    • Charlie Rose (January 21, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 01.21.00
      First, The French Ambassador To The United States, Francois Bujon De L'Estang, On Franco-American Relations In The New Century. Later, Dmitri Yaskushkin, Former Kremlin Spokesman And Now An Aide To Acting President Vladimir Putin, On What The U.S. Can Expect As Russia Heads For New Elections
    • Charlie Rose (September 30, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 09.30.03
    • Charlie Rose (February 20, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 02.20.03
      The British Ambassador To The United Nations, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, On His Role In The Dialogue Between The United States And Great Britain About Drafting A New Un Resolution Directed At Saddam Hussein. Also, A Look At The Hbo Series Six Feet Under, With Writer/Creator Alan Ball And Actors Frances Conroy, Peter Krause, And Michael Hall.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 29, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 11.29.06
      First, Morgan Freeman Discusses The Changing Shape Of Movies In The Digital Revolution, His Recent Trip To Grenada, And His Latest Film, "Ten Items Or Less." Then, Gary Wills, Professor Of History Emeritus At Northwestern University, Discusses His New Book, "What Paul Meant," About Christianity And The Significance Of Paul'S Observations.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 10, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 06.10.97
      Charlie Broadcasts From Paris. Paris-Based Correspondent For The New Yorker Magazine, Adam Gopnik, Tells Charlie About His Experiences Leaving New York For Paris. Plus, Writer And Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy Talks To Charlie About The Recent French Elections From Which Jacques Chirac Emerged Victorious.
    • Charlie Rose (May 2, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 05.02.07
      First, A Conversation With Senator Charles Schumer (D-Ny) About President Bush'S Veto Of The Emergency War Funding Bill. Schumer Discusses Resolutions For The War In Iraq And The Difficulties Ahead For Changing The Direction Of The War In Iraq. || Next, A Conversation With Jann Wenner Of Rolling Stone Magazine About The Magazine'S 40Th Anniversary. Wenner Discusses The Magazine'S Beginnings, His Relationship With Contributors: Annie Leibovitz & Hunter S. Thompson And The Magazine'S Evolution Over The Past 40 Years.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 24, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 03.24.03
      First, Updates Of The Military Conflict In Iraq From Jon Lee Anderson Of The New Yorker And David Martin Of The New York Times. Then, An Interview With Senator Richard Lugar Of Indiana About His Perceptions Of The War In Iraq. Last, Evan Thomas Of Newsweek Discusses The Psychological War Being Waged Against Saddam Hussein.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 11, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 06.11.02
      Analysts Michael Tarazi, Adviser To The Palestinian Liberation Organization, And Henry Siegman, Senior Fellow At The Council On Foreign Relations, Discuss President Bush'S Policy Regarding The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Also, An Interview With Former Tennis Star John Mcenroe, On His New Book You Cannot Be Serious.
    • Charlie Rose (June 3, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 06.03.96
      Ralph Reed, the executive director of the Christian Coalition, discusses his new book, Active Faith, which talks about how the Christian right intends to use its political clout and defines an agenda for the election year and beyond. Then, director Michael Greif, producer Kevin McCollum, and actors Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega and Adam Pascal talk about their hit Broadway show Rent, which recently won four Tony awards including Best Musical.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 2, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 08.02.96
      First, sports journalist Frank Deform joins Charlie from Atlanta, with his perspective on these Olympic games can be expected for the final two days of the games. After, high jumper Charles Austin speaks about rising from relative anonymity to win the Olympic Gold and set an new Olympic record in high jumping. Then, Israel's ambassador to the United States, Itamar Rabinovich, talks about announcing his retirement and how he sees Israeli-American relations and the opportunities for the peace process. Finally, film critics, Janet Maslin of The New York Times, Stephen Schiff of The New Yorker, and Jack Matthews of New York Newsday discuss a season of summer movie flops including Multiplicity and The Frighteners.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 14, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 04.14.03
      White House Correspondent For The New York Times David Sanger Analyzes The News That The Iraqi City Considered To Be Saddam Hussein'S Last Stronghold Has Fallen To Coalition Forces. Next, A Conversation With Edward Djerjian, A Former Ambassador To Syria And Israel, And Robin Wright Of The Los Angles Times, About America'S Relationship With Syria. Finally, Actors Kirk, Michael, And Cameron Douglas Talk About Their Performances Together In It Runs In The Family.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 22, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 07.22.04
      A Discussion Of The Findings Of The 9/11 Commission With Dan Bartlett, White House Communications Director, And David Sanger, Writer For The New York Times. The Discussion Of The 9/11 Commission Continues With Commission Co-Chairmen, Thomas Kean And Lee Hamilton. Then A Conversation With Jeffrey Gettleman Of The New York Times.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 31, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 03.31.98
      First, An Interview With Recording Artist David Bowie Who Discusses The Evolution Of Himself And Popular Culture. Then, A Discussion With David Bowie, Author Matthew Collings, The Editor Of Modern Painters, Karen Wright, And Gallery Owner Bernard Jacobson About Their Joint Independent Art Publishing House, 21.
    • Charlie Rose (June 5, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 06.05.95
      First, Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses the downward mobility problem that many Americans in the job market are experiencing. Then, director Joel Schumacher drops by to discuss his new film, "Batman Returns." Finally, Lawrence Minard, managing editor of "Forbes Magazine," analyzes the magazine's newest list of the world's ten richest people.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 9, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 05.09.00
      A Conversation With Richard Berke About John Mccain'S Endorsement Of George W. Bush; A Conversation With Evan Thomas About The Nato Air War Over Kosovo; A Conversation With Jeff Rosenheim About Walker Evans; A Conversation With David Talbo
    • Charlie Rose (November 30, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 11.30.00
      A Conversation With Stephen Cohen About U.S.-Russian Relations; A Conversation With Barbara Haskell About Edward Steichen; A Conversation With David Gray
    • Charlie Rose (April 3, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 04.03.01
      A Discussion About Sino-American Relations; A Conversation With Adam Moss
    • A Discussion About Yahoo And Microsoft With Andrew Ross Sorkin. Yahoo'S Shares Plunged 20% In Early Trade In New York After Software Giant Microsoft Scrapped Its Three-Month-Old Bid To Buy The Internet Firm.|| A Preview Of The North Carolina And Indiana Primaries With Chuck Todd, Political Analyst And Author, And Political Director And On-Air Analyst For Nbc News. || A Conversation With Actor Patrick Stewart About His Role In Macbeth.moreless
    • A Conversation With Republican Senator Richard Lugar Of Indiana About His Recent Speech On Iraq. || A Conversation With Vitaly Churkin, Russia'S Ambassador To The U.N..
    • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 05.17.07
      First, A Conversation With Azim Premji, The Chairman Of Wipro, One Of India'S Larest Technology Companies.|| Next, A Conversation With Stephen Krasner, Former Director Of Policy Planning At The Us State Department. He Held The Position From 2005 Until Last Month. He'S Currently A Professor Of International Relations At Stanford University.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 25, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 03.25.97
      Senators John Mccain And Russell Feingold Discuss The Obstacles To Campaign Finance Reform. Next, Charlie Talks To Actor Harrison Ford About The Re-Release Of The Star Wars Trilogy And His Current Film That Co-Stars Brad Pitt Called, A Devil'S Own. Ford Plays A New York City Police Officer. Finally, Basketball Analyst Chuck Daly Talks To Charlie About Coaching The Dream Team At The 1992 Olympics And His Current Job With Turner Sports.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 22, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 01.22.01
      A Conversation About Escapees From A Texas Prison; A Discussion About President Bush'S First Week In Office; A Conversation About The Defense Department
    • Charlie Rose (April 23, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 04.23.99
      Ivo Daalder And Laura Silber Discuss The Nato Summit And Their Possible Impact On The War In Serbia And Kosovo, As Well As The Nuances Of The Crisis With Respect To Individual Nato Member Countries. Then, Joseph Gagliano Talks About The Changing Demands On American High School Principals, Including Educational Policy And Brand-New Challenges In School Safety And Security. Next, National Endowment For The Arts Chairman Bill Ivey Offers His Opinions On His New Job And The State Of Arts Funding In America. Finally, Biologist David Baltimore Talks About The Importance Of An Aids Vaccine, Budget Difficulties, And The Legal Vindication Of His Nobel Prize-Winning Work.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 15, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 08.15.06
      The Co-Chairmen Of The 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean, The Former Governor Of New Jersey, And Lee Hamilton, A Former Congressman From Indiana, Join Charlie To Discuss The Work Of The Panel And Their New Book, "Without Precedent: The Inside Story Of The 9/11 Commission". The Pair Discuss Their Experience Leading The Panel, The Difficulties In Soliciting Information From The Government And Their Assessment Of U.S. Security And What Must Be Done To Make Nation Safe. Then, A Conversation With Charles Gibson Of Abc News, Who Recently Took Over The Anchor Duties For The Network'S Evening News Broadcast, "World News". Gibson Discusses His Life And Career As Well As The Changing Landscape Of Network News And Broadcast Television.moreless
    • A Conversation With Elizabeth Warren, Chair Of The Congressional Oversight Panel Created To Oversee The U.S. Banking Bailout || A Conversation With Naomi Klein, Author Of "The Shock Doctrine" And William Greider, Author Of "Come Home, America"
    • Charlie Rose (July 28, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 07.28.06
      First, Charlie Talks To A Panel About New Developments In Neuroscience And A Recent Study Of Motor Skills. Panelists Include Nicholas Schiff, Associate Professor Of Neurology At The Weill Cornell Medical Center, Henning Voss, Assistant Professor Of Physics And Radiology, Also At Weill Cornell Medical College And Joseph Giacino, Associate Director Of Neuropsychology At The Jfk Medical Center In New Jersey. Then, A Conversation With Producer And Director Lee Daniels. Daniels Produced The Controversial Film Monster'S Ball. Now He Makes His Directorial Debut With Shadowboxer, Which Stars Cuba Gooding Jr. And Helen Mirren.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 22, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 02.22.00
      A Discussion About Iran'S Parliamentary Elections; A Conversation With Ronald Steel About Robert F. Kennedy; A Conversation With Dr. Sherwin Nuland About Five Organs
    • Charlie Rose (April 21, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 04.21.00
      A Conversation With Tom Stoppard; A Discussion About Robert Bingham
    • Charlie Rose (August 19, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 08.19.04
      A Discussion With James Lipton, Which Originally Aired March 19, 2004, About His Tenure As Executive Producer And Host Of "Inside The Actors Studio".||Next, A Discussion With Jonathan Schwartz, Which Originally Aired June 8, 2004, About His Memoir, All In Good Time.
    • Charlie Rose (November 20, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 11.20.02
      Former Deputy Secretary Of State Strobe Talbott, Now President Of The Brookings Institute, Discusses The Nato Summit In Prague. Then, An Interview With Author And Political Satirist Christopher Buckley About His Latest Novel, No Way To Treat A First Lady. Finally, Comedian Bill Maher, Former Host Of The Abc Television Show, Politically Incorrect, Talks About His New Book, When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden: What The Government Should Be Telling Us To Help Fight The War On Terrorism.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 5, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 05.05.99
      Alfred Hitchcock'S Daughter Pat Hitchcock O'Connell, Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich And Moma Film And Video Curator Laurence Kardish Discuss The Life, Technique And Work Of Alfred Hitchcock In Conjunction With A Moma Retrospective Of His Films. Then, Pulitzer Prize Winner Natalie Angier Talks About Her New Book, Woman: An Intimate Geography, And Addresses Issues Of Female Sexuality, Fertility, Beauty, And The Evolution Of Feminism.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 10, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 12.10.03
    • Charlie Rose (February 16, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 02.16.00
      A Discussion Of George W. Bush; A Discussion Of Lou Gehrig'S Disease
    • Charlie Rose (August 8, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 08.08.01
      A Panel Discusses The Supreme Court'S Effort To Ban Therapeutic Cloning; A Synopsis Of The Supreme Court'S Decision In Florida
    • Charlie Rose (September 4, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 09.04.96
      Chester Finn, former assistant secretary of education for President Reagan, Jeanne Allen, president of the National Center for Education Reform, Sara Mosle, of The New York Times Magazine and Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond of the Columbia Teacher's College, talk about whether or not America's deteriorating public schools can be saved. After, best-selling crime-fiction authors Elmore Leonard, talks about his newest novel, Out of Sight, which had its film rights sold before the book was even published. Finally, famous sportscaster Marv Albert talks about his incredible career announcing sports. Albert's career will be celebrated next month on the MSG Network's inaugural roast.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 2, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 08.02.95
      Congressmen Bill McCollum and Charles Schumer look back on the Waco hearings, partisanship in Congress, and the long-term effects of the Branch Davidian incident. Then, Susan Sontag discusses the war in Bosnia, the diplomatic failures of the United Nations and NATO, and her predictions for the future. Finally, Hank Jones and Charles Haden talk about their latest album, Steal Away: Spirituals, Hymns, and Folk Songs, their musical influences, and their collaboration.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 9, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 05.09.03
      One Month After U.S. Forces Seized Baghdad, Jane Arraf Of Cnn Talks About Reconstruction Efforts There.Then, A Conversation With Matt Dillon, Director And Actor In The Film City Of Ghosts.Also, Spanish Actor Javier Bardem Talks About His Performance In The New Film, The Dancer Upstairs, Directed By John Malkovich.
    • Charlie Rose (December 9, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 12.09.03
    • Charlie Rose (March 11, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 03.11.05
      A Conversation With The Outgoing Chairman Of The Fcc, Michael Powell. Also, Patrick Byrne, Chairman Of The Board Of Overstock.Com.
    • Charlie Rose (May 23, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 05.23.03
      The Author And Senior Fellow At The U.S. Council On Foreign Relations Walter Russell Mead On How American Foreign Policy Has Changed The World.Also, A Discussion Of Golf With Author John Feinstein, Specifically On Annika Sorenstam, The U.S. Open, And The Masters Tournament.Last, Michael Lewis, Author Of Money Ball, On Strategies For Improving Major League Baseball Teams.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 20, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 12.20.00
      In Separate Interviews, Director Steven Soderbergh And Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Discuss Their Much-Talked About Movie Traffic And The Drug War In America And Their Respective Lives And Careers.
    • Charlie Rose (January 22, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 01.22.07
      First, Charlie Speaks With Former Secretary Of The Treasury Robert Rubin About The New Democratic Congress And The Issues It Will Face Over The Next Two Years, In Light Of The President'S Upcoming State Of The Union Address. Rubin Also Sounds A Warning About America'S Deteriorating Healthcare And Entitlement Systems And Asserts The Need For Bi-Partisan Solutions. Then, Charlie Is Joined By Henry Louis Gates Jr., The Alphonse Fletcher University Professor At Harvard. They Discuss Gates' New Book "Finding Oprah'S Roots, Finding Your Own", Which Examines Her Personal History And Roots Through Genealogical Research And Dna Testing.moreless
    • James Cameron discusses his highly anticipated film "Avatar" || Film critics David Denby of "The New Yorker" & A.O. Scott of "The New York Times"
    • Charlie Rose - Lee Kuan Yew (October 22, 2009)
      Season 2009 - Episode 10.22.09
      Lee Kuan Yew, Former Prime Minister of Singapore
    • Charlie Rose (October 12, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 10.12.01
      A Conversation With Matthew Maselson & Nicholas Wade; An Interview With Barry R. Mccaffrey; An Interview With Joseph Nye; An Interview With Lally Weymouth
    • Charlie Rose (September 28, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 09.28.06
      First, Chris Wallace Discusses His Confrontational Interview With Bill Clinton In Which The Former President Forcefully Defended His Administration'S Record Of Counter-Terrorism.Iithen, Richard Clarke Discusses His Position As The Clinton Administration'S Key Counterterrorism Official, As Well As His Book "Against All Enemies", Which Was Repeatedly Referenced During The Clinton-Wallace Interview.Iinext, Republican Congessman Peter King Discusses His Personal Relationship With Bill Clinton, And Reflects On The Clinton-Wallace Interview And The Clinton Counter-Terrorism Record.Iithen, Lawrence Wright Discusses How A Reference To His Book "The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda And The Road To 9/11" Sparked An Angry Response From President Clinton And.Iithen, David Remnick Discusses The Political Implications Of The Clinton-Wallace Interview In Light Of His Recent Profile Of The Former President.Iiand Finally, John Harris And Al Hunt Discuss The Political Opportunism Of The Interview.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 17, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 11.17.06
      First, Charlie Speaks With Former Secretary Of State And Treasury, George Shultz, About The Legacy Of The Late Milton Friedman, Who Passed Away At Age 94. They Discuss His Impact Both On Economic Theory And On Political Policy.||Then, An Excerpt From Charlie'S Last Conversation With Milton Friedman, Which Took Place In December 2005. They Discuss Friedman'S Legacy, His Take On The State Of American Society And His Outlook For The World And Its Economy.||Finally, The Director And Cast Of The New Film "History Boys", Which Was Adapted From The Hit Broadway Musical, Join Charlie To Discuss The Movie. The Film, Which Stars Richard Griffiths, Frances De La Tour, Samuel Barnett & Dominic Cooper And Was Directed By Nicholas Hytner, Follows The Story Of Three English Boys Trying To Qualify For Oxford And Cambridge.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 24, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 07.24.96
      Senior Senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jacob Weisberg of New York magazine, and David Frum, a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute, discuss the public's increasing frustration with the government, and what they feel is the proper role of the American government. After, Charlie speaks with Valery Gergiev, the artistic director and principal conductor of the Kirov Opera, about topics including his career as a conductor and his thoughts on his home country, Russia.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 9, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 11.09.06
      First, An Appreciation Of The Late 60 Minutes Anchor Ed Bradley, With A Reairing Of Charlie'S Interviews With His Old Friend. Then, A Discussion With Will Ferrell About His Years On "Saturday Night Live" And His Chart-Topping Career, Including His New Film, "Stranger Than Fiction."
    • Charlie Rose (September 20,2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 09.20.05
      A Conversation With Time Warner Chairman And Ceo, Richard Parsons, About The State Of Media, Entertainment, And The Future Of The Company. Also, Muhammad Yunus, Founder Of The Grameen Bank Which Utilizes Micro-Lending In The Struggle To End Poverty.
    • Charlie Rose (June 14, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 06.14.01
      A Discussion Of President Bush'S Forthcoming Trip To Russia; A Conversation With Lorin Maazel
    • Charlie Rose (February 5, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 02.05.04
      A Discussion On The Quality Of American Intelligence With Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former Security Adviser To President Carter, And Reuel Marc Gerecht, Former Cia Middle East Specialist. Then, Elizabeth Edwards, Wife Of Senator John Edwards, Speaks About Her Husband And His Bid For The Democratic Nomination.
    • Charlie Rose (December 7, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 12.07.00
      A Conversation With Ed Rolling About The Presidential Election Controversy; A Discussion With Mark Ruffalo, Laura Linney And Kenneth Lonergan About You Can Count On Me; A Discussion With Matt Blank, Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman And Hal Sparks A
    • Charlie Rose (February 2, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 02.02.04
      An Interview With Dana Milbank Of The Washington Post And David Sanger Of The New York Times Regarding Bush'S Decision To Appoint A Commission To Look Into American Intelligence. Then, Mircea Geoana, Foreign Minister Of Romania, Discusses The State Of The Country After The Cold War And Romania'S Relationship With The European Union. Finally, Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava On His Work At The World Trade Center.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 18, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 01.18.96
      First, Salman Rushdie Is On To Talk About His Latest Book. It Is Called The Moor'S Last Sigh And Is The Third Installment In A Cycle That Began With Midnight Children And The Satanic Verses. He Talks To Charlie About Having A New Book Out, Which Has Allowed Him, And Others, To Put The Controversy That Surrounded The Satanic Verses Behind Him. Then, Geologist, Zoologist, Paleontologist, Scientist And Essayist Stephen Jay Gould Of Harvard University Is On The Show. He Talks About His Latest Essay, Dinosaur In A Haystack, Which Is The Seventh In A Collection. It Deals With Topics As Diverse As Experiencing An Eclipse To Celebrating The Glory Of Museums.moreless
    • 1/25/08
      A Conversation With Comedian Jerry Seinfeld .|| The Conversation With Actor And Comedian Steve Martin About His Career, His Life And His Memoir; Born Standing Up: A Comic'S Life.
    • Charlie Rose (September 30, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 09.30.97
      Charlie Talks To Economic Analysts Byron Wien & Jim Cramer About The Federal Reserve'S Announcement That They Would Not Be Raising Interest Rates. Next, Philanthropist And Collector Agnes Gund And Curator Kurt Varnedoe From The Museum Of Modern Art Reflect On The Life And Career Of Pop Art Master Roy Lichtenstein. Finally, Jazz Pianist Marcus Roberts Speaks With Charlie About His Latest Album, Blues For The New Millennium.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 2, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 05.02.05
      Charlie Rose Talks To David Sanger, White House Correspondent For The New York Times About Nuclear Proliferation. Sanger Discusses The Nuclear Standoff With Iran And The Country'S Strategies For Pursuing A Nuclear Program. Also, A Discussion With Actor Don Cheadle About His New Film, Crash, Which Documents Racial Hostilities In Present Day L.A.moreless
    • A Discussion About The Middle East With Rashid Khalidi & Martin Indyk. || An Update On Republican Politics After Michigan With Ken Mehlman,Chairman Of The Republican National Committee.
    • Charlie Rose (September 25, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 09.25.97
      Filmmaker Oliver Stone Talks About His Time As A Marine In Vietnam And His New Book, A Child'S Night Dream. Plus, Author Spalding Gray Shares His Most Recent Monologue, It'S A Slippery Slope That He Has Published As A Book.
    • Charlie Rose (September 9, 1994)
      Season 1994 - Episode 09.09.94
      First, a panel discusses the American Grand Slam tennis tournament. Panel members are: Tony Trabert, tennis commentator for CBS Sports and winner of ten Grand Slam titles; tennis player-turned-commentator Tracy Austin; tennis player Cliff Drysdale; and Bud Collins, tennis czar for the Boston Globe and NBC Sports. Then, Time magazine science writer Michael Lemonick talks about his alarming cover story about new viruses and drug-resistant bacteria. Finally, Evening Shade star Marilu Henner discusses her new syndicated talk show and career, as detailed in her autobiography, By All Means Keep On Moving.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 6, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 11.06.96
      First, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan speaks about the elections and the future of the US in the next four years. Then, Michael Kinsley, the editor of Slate Magazine, continues the conversation about the elections and the future of American politics. Finally Actor/ Screenwriter Jon Favreau talks about his new film, Swingers, which stars Vince Vaughn.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 22, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 03.22.96
      First, Journalist James Stewart Has Investigated The Investment And The Events That Are Now Known Collectively As Whitewater, And His Book, Blood Sport, Brings New Details And Insights To The Scandal. He Talks To Charlie About The Most Popular Topic In Washington And Reflects On What Impact This Will Have On Clinton'S Re-Election. Then, Rebecca Miller, Daughter Of Playwright Arthur Miller, Is On To Talk About Her First Film. Angela, Which Tells The Story Of An Imaginative 10-Year-Old Child, Premiered At The 1995 Sundance Film Festival But Will Only Now Be Distributed. Finally, Ruth Brown, Who Got Her Start When She Won An Amateur Night Competition At Harlem'S Legendary Apollo Theater, Talks To Charlie About Her New Biography, Miss Rhythm.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 20, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 07.20.04
      A Man Known Only As Anonymous, Who Is Said To Be A Senior Official In The National Security Apparatus, Talks With Charlie About His Book Imperial Hubris. The Book And The Conversation Chronicle What Anonymous Describes As The Failings And Shortcomings Of The American Government In The Middle East. And Then, Bob Nardelli, The Ceo Of Home Depot, Gives Insight On What It'S Like To Be The Head Of The World'S Largest Home Improvement Retailer.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 4, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 03.04.96
      First, Mark Zuckerman, Editor-In-Chief Of U.S. News & World Report, Journalist Steve Emerson, Les Gelb, President Of The Council On Foreign Relations, And Gad Yaacobi, Israeli Ambassador To The United States Discuss The March 4, 1996 Terrorist Attack In Tel Aviv. Then, Mark Mobius Discusses The Investor/Templeton Emerging Markets Fund. Finally, Marvin Hamlisch Discusses His Career As A Composer And Conductor.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 22, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 05.22.98
      First, Paul Wolfowitz, Former U. S. Ambassador To Indonesia And David Malpass, Chief International Economist At Bear Stearns & Co. , Discuss Economics And Politics In Indonesia. Then, Karyn Rachtman, Executive Producer At Interscope Records, Pras, Recording Artist, And Canibus, Recording Artist, Discuss Hip-Hop And Its Ability To Convey Important Messages To The Masses. Finally, Alan Pakula, Director, William Styron, Author, And Robert Boorstin, Senior Advisor To The Secretary Of Treasury, Discuss Living With Mental Illness, Depression And Its Implications If It Is Unacknowledged.moreless
    • 11/13/09
      An hour with Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
    • Charlie Rose (March 18, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 03.18.99
      Leah Rabin, Dalia Rabin-Pelossi Noa Ben Artzi-Pelossi Discuss The Late Yitzhak Rabin, His Significance As Israeli Prime Minister, And His Lasting Impact On The Peace Process In The Middle East Following His 1995 Assassination. Then, Norman Podhoretz On His Latest Book, Ex-Friends, 20Th Century Politics And Conservatism, And His Fallings-Out With Some Well-Known Public Figures. Finally, Professor Charles Ogletree, Jr. Talks About The Fred Friendly Seminar On Race Relations, And Touches On Topics Including Interracial Violence, Hate Crimes, Affirmative Action, And First Amendment Rights.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 23, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 07.23.02
      Guest Host Andrea Koppel Leads A Three Part Discussion. First, Koppel Talks With Shibley Telhami Of The University Of Maryland And David Makovsky Of The Washington Institute For Near East Policy, About The Hamas Leader Who Was Killed Yesterday In Gaza City By An Israeli Missile And How This Event May Affect The Us-Israeli Relationship. Then, A Conversation About Afghanistan And The Need For New Infrastructure With Barnett Rubin Of The Center For International Cooperation. Finally, The Topic Of Discussion Turns To Iran. Shaul Bakhash Of George Mason University Comments On The Administrations Lack Of Clarity And Consensus In Regard To Its Policy Towards Iran.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 17, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 05.17.99
      Michael Korda Discusses His Position As Editor-In-Chief Of Simon & Schuster And His New Book, Another Life, Including His Background In Publishing And Anecdotes From His Career. Then, Hugo Young Talks About His New Book, The Blessed Plot, Which Deals With Britain'S Relationship With Europe Since The End Of World War Two, And The Effectiveness And Strategies Of Several Different British Prime Ministers. Finally, A Remembrance Of Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Editor Meg Greenfield, Using Excerpts From Past Interviews On Topics Ranging From The State Of Editorial Journalism To National And International Politics.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 14, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 10.14.02
      Former Fbi Profiler Clinton R. Van Zandt Is On To Talk About The Sniper Shootings Currently Taking Place In Washington D.C. And Shares His Prediction Of A Speedy Arrest. Then, Governor James Mcgreevey Of New Jersey Discusses Education, Literacy And Other Pressing Issues Facing His State. Finally, Singer And Songwriter James Taylor On His New Album, October Road.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 1, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 10.01.01
      An Interview With John Edwards; An Interview With Sandy Berger; An Interview With James Wolfensohn; An Interview With Meg Whitman
    • Charlie Rose (September 26, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 09.26.97
      Howell Raines Of The New York Times Talks About His Position As Editorial Page Editor. Creator And Producer Lorne Michaels Talks About Launching The New Season Of His Hit Improv Show, Saturday Night Live.
    • Charlie Rose (December 5, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 12.05.95
      First, a conversation with Russian journalist Yevgeni Kiselyov. He is the co-founder of NTV, Russia's first independent television network, and he talks to Charlie about coverage of the Chechen war, Boris Yeltsen, and receiving an award from the Committee to Protect Journalists. Then, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Oscar Hijuelos talks about his new book, Mr. Ives' Christmas. Finally, author and journalist Shana Alexander discusses her memoir, Happy Days.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 10, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 08.10.06
      Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Joins Charlie To Discuss The Uncovering Of A Major Terrorist Plot In Britain Targeting Commercial Airliners. Gonzales Talks About The Plot And The Efforts Of Scotland Yard To Disrupt It. Then, Mark Urban, The Diplomatic Correspondent For The Bbc, Joins Charlie From London To Discuss How News Of The Alleged Terror Plot Is Being Received In Britain. He Also Talks About The Implications For Tony Blair'S Public Standing And What Impact The Revelation Might Have On Britain'S Muslim Community. Finally, Steven Simon Of The Council On Foreign Relations And R.P. Eddy, A Senior Fellow For Counterterrorism At The Manhattan Institute, Offer Further Analysis Of The Terror Plot, Inlcuding Possible Links To Terrorism As Well As New Intelligence Initiatives By The Cia To Prevent These Sorts Of Attacks.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 12, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 05.12.06
      First, Guest Host And Author Salmon Rushdie Talks To Indian Filmmaker Deepa Mehta About Her Movie "Water", The Story Of The Ostracization Of Young Widows In India. Then, Guest Host And Producer Brian Grazer Talks To Author Malcolm Gladwell About Gladwell'S Book "Blink".
    • Charlie Rose (September 8, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 09.08.98
      First, Jack Matlock Of Princeton University, Former Ambassador To The Soviet Union, Stephen Cohen Of Nyu, And Steven Solnick Of Columbia University, Discuss The Political And Economic Crises At Work In Modern Russia, The Legacy Of Boris Yeltsin, And The Implications For America And The Rest Of The World. Finally, Writer Joyce Maynard Discusses Her Memoir, At Home In The World, Which Includes An Account Of Her Peculiar Romantic Relationship With Recluse J.D. Salinger.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 3, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 07.03.02
      Charles Mcgrath, Editor Of The New York Times Book Review, Sits In For Charlie And Offers A Round-Up Of Summer Books, Aided By Malcolm Jones Of Newsweek, Jerome Kramer, Editor-In-Chief Of Book Magazine, And Robert Hughes Of The Wall Street Journal.||Then, Rebroadcasts Of Charlie'S Interviews With Writers: Reynolds Price, On His Book, Noble Norfleet From June 3, 2002, And Thomas Mcguane On The Cadence Of Grass From May 23, 2002.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 7, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 05.07.07
      First, A Conversation With Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice. Secretary Rice Met With Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki At The Egyptian Resort Of Sharm El-Sheikh, For A Two-Day Conference On Iraq. Both Syria And Iran Will Be Represented At The Conference. Secretary Rice Discusses Meeting With Syria'S Walid Moallem At The Iraq Conference, Syria'S Role In Iraq And Potentially Openning Up Contact With Iran. || A Conversation About Nicolas Sarkozy'S Victory In The French Presidential Election With Jane Kramer Of The New Yorker Magazine & Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post.moreless
    • First, A Discussion About The Attempted Car Bombings In London & Glasgow With Christiane Amanpour Of Cnn.|| Next, A Discussion With Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post And Beth Jones, Former Us Assistant Secretary Of State For European & Eurasian Affairs, About The Meeting Between Vladimir Putin And George Bush At The Bush Family Compound In Kennebunkport, Maine. || Finally, A Conversation With German Author Guenter Grass. Grass Is The 1999 Nobel Laureate For Literature.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 10, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 10.10.03
    • Charlie Rose (March 30, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 03.30.99
      General Motors Coo Richard Wagoner Talks About The Changing Demands Of The Auto Industry, And How Its Evolution Is Affected By Management, Technology, And Globalization. Then, Writer John Updike Discusses His New Book, The Greatest American Short Stories Of This Century, His Background In Writing, And The Process Of Weeding Through The Great American Writers Of The Past Hundred Years To Put Together This Compilation. Finally, Abc News' Peter Jennings Talks About The Century, A Book Which He Co-Authored And Developed Into A Twelve-Part Miniseries. He Covers Topics Ranging From World War I To Literature And Music.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 20, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 10.20.98
      First, David Maraniss Discusses His Biography Of Bill Clinton, First In His Class, And His New Book, The Clinton Enigma, Which Dissects Clinton'S Speech In Which He Admitted To An Affair With Monica Lewinsky. Then, Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (D-Ny) Discusses His New Book, Values Of The Game, In Which He Relates The Lessons He Learned While He Was In The Nba In His Post-College Years. He Says He Is Reluctant To Run For President. Finally, Italian Actor Roberto Benigni Discusses His New Film, Life Is Beautiful, Which Won The Grand Jury Prize At Cannes And Involves A Comedic Tale Set During The Holocaust.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 11, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 03.11.97
      Charlie Speaks With Author Michael Ondaatje And Director Anthony Minghella Of The Film, The English Patient. They Talk About The Inspiration For The Novel And The Painful Love Affair That Drives The Story. Then, Milos Forman Talks About His Film, The People Vs. Larry Flynt. The Film Looks At The Life Of Pornographer Larry Flynt And Forman Addresses The Controversy Surrounding His Subject Matter.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 2, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 10.02.96
      Scientist/Historian Frank Sulloway of MIT, discusses his argument, as detailed in his new book Born to Rebel, that the foremost engine of historical change is birth order, with first borns defending the status quo and siblings later challenging it. Then, actor Steve Buscemi, made famous by his roles in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, and the Coen brothers' Fargo, speaks about trying his hand at screenwriting and directing, with his new film, Tree's Lounge. After, Michael Novacek of the American Museum of Natural History discusses his book, Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs, in which he recounts his 1993 expedition to search for fossils in the Gobi Desert.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 29, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 07.29.98
      First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On The Impending Testimony Of President Clinton, His Legal Strategy, And The Investigation Into The Lewinsky Scandal. Then, Kofi Annan, The Secretary General Of The United Nations, Discusses The Priorities Of The United Nations, The Issue Of Iraqi Weapons Inspections, And Other Issues Like The Bosnian War. Finally, Peter Peterson, Chairman Of The Blackstone Group And Former Commerce Secretary Under The Nixon Administration, And Fareed Zakaria, Editor Of Newsweek And Foreign Affairs, Discuss The Recession Of Japan, The Asian Economy, And Japan-U.S. Relations.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 21, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 10.21.96
      Kathleen Hall Jamieson, dean of the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, Deborah Tannen, author and professor at Georgetown University, President of Lake Research, Celinda Lake and CNN political analyst Kellyanne Fitzpatrick discuss the impact and importance of the vote of suburban mothers with school-age children in this year's election. Next, novelist Scott Turow discusses working as a lawyer at the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago and then privately and the breakout success of his first novel and latest book, The Laws of Our Fathers. Then, Pamela Fiori, Editor-in-chief of Town & Country magazine speaks about taking over, and successfully turning the publication around by gearing the magazine towards women of substance.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 23, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 08.23.00
      A Conversation With Actor And Comedian Robin Williams Talking About His Life, Career, Politics And Other Miscellany In A Lively Conversation Cum Stand Up Comedy Routine. This Segment Originally Aired On April 20, 2000.
    • A Conversation About Middle Eastern Education With Leon Botstein, President Of Bard College And Sari Nusseibeh, President Of Al Quds University In Jerusalem || A Conversation With Wadah Khanfar, Director General Of The Al Jazeera Network || A Conversation With Author And Poet Peter Balakian
    • Charlie Rose (August 12, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 08.12.03
      Following Former Liberian Leader Charles Taylor'S Exile To Nigeria, Princeton Lyman Of The Council Of Foreign Relations And Former Us Ambassador To South Africa And Nigeria, Looks To The Country'S Future In This Rebroadcast Of An Interview That Originally Aired On August 12, 2003.||Then, In This Rebroadcast From August 12, 2003, Conan O'Brien, Host Of Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Reflects On His Ascension To The Top Ranks Of Late-Night Television.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 2, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 10.02.97
      Charlie Asks Egyptian Foreign Minister Amre Moussa About Egypt'S Role In The Mideast Peace Process. Plus, Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh Talks About Playing Unlikely Heroines In Her Film Career.
    • Charlie Rose (December 11, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 12.11.02
      David Sanger, White House Correspondent For The New York Times, And Max Boot, The Olin Senior Fellow At The Council On Foreign Relations, Discuss The Bush Administration'S National Security Policy And The Doctrine Of Pre-Emptive Military Action. Then, An Interview With Cyclist And Sports Illustrated'S Sportsman Of The Year Lance Armstrong, On Winning The 2002 Tour De France And Battling Cancer.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 26, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 07.26.96
      First, Henry Cisneros, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, speaks about advising President Clinton about campaign strategy. Then, author Mario Puzo talks about capturing the public imagination with the publication of his book, The Godfather, which remains one of the top-selling novels in publishing history, and his return to the genre he knows so well with his new book, The Last Don. Finally, Drew Nieporent, one of America's most respected and celebrated restaurateurs, talks about coming from a middle class background to build a restaurant empire.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 8, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 01.08.04
      Former Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright Discusses The Clinton Administration, Foreign Policy With Respect To The Candidates For The Democratic Nomination, The State Of The Democratic Party And The Current Administration. Also, Filmmaker Patty Jenkins And Actress Charlize Theron Talk About Their New Film, Monster.
    • Charlie Rose (February 9, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 02.09.04
      White House Correspondent Dana Milbank Of The Washington Post, White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett, Mark Halperin Of Abc News And Nacy Gibbs Of Time Reflect On President Bush'S Interview With Tim Russert On Meet The Press And The President'S Recent Time Cover Story. Then Timothy Burger Of Time Magazine Speaks About The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden. Finally, An Interview With Mike And Bob Bryan - Identical Twins And America'S No. 1 Tennis Doubles Team.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 5, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 12.05.97
      Elisabeth Plater-Zybek And Andres Duany Tell Charlie About The Modern Challenges Facing Urban Planning. Next, Author John Weitz Talks About His New Book, Hitler'S Banker. Also, Australian Cabaret Singer David Campbell Tells Charlie About His Career In Cabaret And His New Cd, Taking The Wheel. Plus, Francesco Scavullo Talks About His New Book, Scavullo Photographs 50 Years. Finally, Director Of The State Hermitage Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky Describes His Vision To Revitalize The Museum And Its Home City, St. Petersburg.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 29, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 04.29.04
      The Hour Is Dedicated To An Investigation Of Cancer And Obesity In America. The Broadcast Opens With A Talk About The War On Cancer With Clinton Leaf, Executive Editor Of Fortune, Andrew Grove, Chairman Of Intel, Harold Varmus, President And Ceo Of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, And Andrew Von Eschenbach, Director Of The National Cancer Center. Then, Charlie Turns To Louis Aronne Of Cornell University And Rudolph Leibel Of Columbia University And Talks About The Myths And Realities Of Obesity.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 8, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 09.08.05
      Charlie Rose Talks About The Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina With Cokie Roberts Of Abc News And Npr And Novelist Richard Ford. Both Have Personal Ties To Affected Communities. Also, Morgan Freeman Talks About His New Film, An Unfinished Life And Is Joined By Michelle Hudgins From The American Red Cross To Talk About His Efforts To Help Those Affected By The Hurricane.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 5, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 01.05.95
      Retired Congressman and Newt Gingrich consultant Vin Weber talks about the 104th Congress, the shift in American political power, and why conservatism is having a resurgence in Washington. Then, Bill Moyers on his new PBS show What Can We Do About Violence?, the culture of violence among youth, and the political landscape in America. Finally, astronomer Carl Sagan discusses his work in space and his new book A Pale Blue Dot.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 29, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 05.29.00
      First, A Conversation With Intellectual, Historian And Thinker Jacques Barzan On His New Book, From Dawn To Decadence. Then, Dancer Deborah Yates On Her Craft And Her Role As The Girl In The Yellow Dress In Lincoln Center'S Production Of Contact. Later, From The World Of Art, Mikhail Piotrovsky, The Director Of One Of The World'S Great Museums, The Hermitage In St. Petersburg, Russia.moreless
    • 7/26/07
      A Conversation With Wesley Clark About His Book A Time To Lead: For Duty, Honor And Country. || A Conversation With Political Consultant Bob Shrum About His Book, No Excuses.
    • Charlie Rose (April 27, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 04.27.95
      John Holum and Richard Perle discuss the spread of nuclear weapons, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and diplomatic efforts to disarm rogue states. Then, Dr. Ronald Crystal, Dr. Nelson Wivel, Jeff Lyon & Peter Gorner talk about fighting hereditary illnesses, gene therapy, the evolution of lifesaving medical technology, and the new book Altered Fates. Finally, Part Two of an interview with Lord Geroge Weidenfeld, who talks about his career as a publisher, his life as a social being, and his new book Remembering My Good Friends: An Autobiography.moreless
    • A Live Discussion About The President'S Address With Fouad Ajami, George Packer, Robert Menendez, Al Hunt, Sheryl Gay Stolberg And Jeff Sessions. || A Conversation With Actor Ben Foster About His Film 3:10 To Yuma.
    • Charlie Rose (October 21, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 10.21.97
      First, In Light Of The Recent Charges Against Software Giant Microsoft, Charlie Speaks With Attorneys Neil Herman & Steven Ballmer About The Nature Of The U. S. Justice Department'S Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against The Company. Later, Executive Vice President Of Microsoft Steven Ballmer Tells Charlie About His Company'S Reaction To The Effort To Break Up Microsoft. Finally, Retired Cia Director Stansfield Turner Talks About Strategies To Prevent Nuclear Terrorism And His New Book, Caging The Nuclear Genie.moreless
    • A Conversation With Sir Ian Mckellen About His Role As King Lear; A Conversation With David Manning, Outgoing U.K. Ambassador To The United States.
    • Charlie Rose (November 3, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 11.03.06
      First, Charlie Hosts A Panel Discussion On The State Of Iraq. Topics Include What Is Happening On The Ground, What The Political Implications For The 2006 Elections Are, And What May Be The Consequences Of A Change. Joining Charlie Is Anthony Shadid Of "The Washington Post," General Jack Keane, "Newsweek International" Editor Fareed Zakaria, And Adam Nagourney Of "The New York Times."Then, An Appreciation Of The Great American Writer William Styron, Who Died On Wednesday, November 1, At Age 81.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 6, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 07.06.06
      Following The Victory Of The Conservative Candidate, Felipe Calderon, Charlie Hosts A Panel Discussion On Mexico`S Closest Election Ever. Guests Include Pamela Starr, An Analyst With The Eurasia Group And A Professor At Georgetown University, Chappell Lawson, A Professor At Mit And The Author Of Mexico`S Pivotal Democratic Election, And Jorge Castaneda, A Former Foreign Minister Of Mexico And A Professor At Nyu. Then, In Light Of The Recent Controversy Over An Article About The Treasury Department`S Secret Program To Track Banking Records Of Suspected Terrorists Which Was Published In The Times Against The Bush Administration'S Wishes, Bill Keller Talks To Charlie About The Relationship Between Government And The Media. Finally, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is On To Talk About A Rolling Stone Article He Published In June Regarding The 2004 Presidential Election. He Talks With Charlie About His Thoughts On The Election In 2008.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 3, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 08.03.98
      First, C. Boyden Gray, Former Legal Counsel To President George H.W. Bush, Discusses The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair, The Kenneth Starr Report, And The Testimony And Prosecution Of President Clinton. Then, Billy Corgan, Lead Singer Of The Smashing Pumpkins, Discusses The State Of Rock Music, His Grunge-Era Peers, And His Band'S Latest Album, Adore. Finally, Lou Holtz, Longtime Coach Of Notre Dame'S Fighting Irish, Discusses His Long Successful Career, His Sports Philosophy, And His New Book, Winning Every Day.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 12, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 06.12.98
      First, William Haseltine, The Ceo Of Human Genome Resources And Nicholas Wade Of The New York Times Discuss Recent Developments In The Study Of Dna And Scientists' Understanding Of Diseases Like Tuberculosis In Light Of This Information. Then, Warren Hoge, London Bureau Chief Of The New York Times, Discusses Tony Blair, Northern Ireland, And Current Affairs In English Life And Politics. Also, Charles Lane, Editor Of The New Republic, Discusses The Accounts Of Fabricated Stories At His Magazine, Especially By Stephen Glass, And The Measures They Plan To Take Against Such Action. Then, The Duke And Duchess Of Norfolk Discuss Their Status As The Only Catholic Dukedom, What It Means To Be A Nobility, And Their Various Philanthropic Endeavors. Finally, Author Bob Adelman And Richard Merkin Of New York Magazine Discuss Their New Collection Of "Outlaw" Comics From The 1930'S And 1950'S, The So-Called Tijuana Bibles Which Pioneered Comic-Style Drawing And Narrative.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 31, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 10.31.02
      A Conversation With Hans Blix, Chief Un Weapons Inspector And Executive Chairman Of Unmovic, About The Final Security Council Resolution On Iraq. Then, Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi Talks About Her Documentary, Journeys With George, Which Follows George Bush On The Campaign Trail In 2000.
    • Charlie Rose (September 6, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 09.06.05
      Today On Charlie Rose, Linda Greenhouse Of The New York Times Talks About The Legacy Of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Then, Charlie Talks About The Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina With Composer/Musician Wynton Marsalis, Us District Court Judge Martin L.C. Feldman, Author Walter Issacson, Nicholas Lemann Of The New Yorker, And Julia Reed Of Vogue.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 10, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 11.10.99
      The Director And Screenwriter Barry Levinson Talks About His Film Liberty Heights, The Fourth Of His Baltimore Series. Levinson Talks About The Movie'S Autobiographical Nature And Looks Back At His 1998 Film Rain Man. Then, An Interview With The Ncaa Men'S Basketball Coach Dean Smith, Who For 36-Years Guided University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Team. He Shares His New Book, A Coach'S Life.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 10, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 09.10.98
      First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On The Clinton Confession And Apology And The Direction He Sees The Affair Taking. Then, Robert Torricelli, Democratic Senator From New Jersey, Discusses Clinton'S Confession Speech, Which He Attended, The Starr Report, And More. Finally, Actor Donald Sutherland Discusses His Career And His New Movie, Without Limits, In Which He Plays The Coach Of The Legendary Olympic Runner Steve Prefontaine.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 22, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 01.22.98
      First, A Panel Including Susan Estrich, Friend Of The President And Former Harvard Law Professor, Evan Thomas Of Newsweek And James Fallows Of U. S. News & World Report. They Share Their Thoughts On The Allegations Against The President And His Adviser, Vernon Jordan, That Accuse Them Of Asking Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky To Lie About Her Relationship With President Clinton. Then, Israeli Ambassador To The U. N. Dore Gold And Yossi Beilin, A Member Of The Knesset And A Leader Of The Labor Opposition Are On To Discuss President Clinton'S Ongoing Effort To Facilitate Peace Negotiations Between The Palestinians And The Israelis. President Clinton Me Today With Palestinian Leader Yasir Arafat And Last Tuesday Received Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Finally, Actor Samuel L. Jackson Talks With Charlie About His Busy Career. Jackson Recently Won A Golden Globe Award For His Work As Ordell Robbie In Quentin Tarantino'S Jackie Brown And He Is Now In The Midst Of Filming Barry Levinson'S Sphere And The Star Wars Prequel.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 18, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 06.18.99
      First, A Conversation About A New Three-Act Play, Bash. Charlie Speaks With Playwright Neil Labute And Actors Calista Flockhart, Ron Eldard, And Paul Rudd. Then, An Interview With World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov On The Conflict In Kosovo, Russian Politics, And Chess. Finally, The Former Secretary-General Of The United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Speaks Of The Importance Of Maintaining Good Relations Between Eastern And Western Nations In The Post-Cold War World.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 10, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 05.10.01
      An Interview With Steve Ballmer; An Interview With David Li
    • Charlie Rose (July 14, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 07.14.99
      A Conversation About The Ongoing Student Protests In Iran And President Mohammad Khatami'S Leadership With Robin Wright Of The Los Angeles Times, Shaul Bakhash Of George Mason University, And Fouad Ajami Of U.S. News & World Report. The, An Interview With The Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, Andrew Cuomo, On The Clinton Administration'S Efforts To Reduce Poverty. Last, Film Producer Lord David Puttnam Speaks About His New Movie, My Life So Far. Puttnam Also Discusses The Importance Of Education And Why This Film Is To Be His Last.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 17, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 12.17.01
      Charlie Rose Talks To Former Secretary Of State And U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations Madeleine Albright About The Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat, And The Middle East. Next, There Is A Discussion With Architectural Partners Robert Venturi And Denise Scott Brown, About The Reappearance Of Modernism In Architecture.
    • A Conversation With Democratic Senator Jack Reed About Iraq. || A Discussion About The Mummy Of Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut With Zahi Hawass, Secretary-General, Supreme Council Of Antiquities And Catherine Roehrig, Curator, Department Of Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum Of Art.
    • Charlie Rose (April 12, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 04.12.06
      A Discussion About Iran'S Nuclear Ambitions With Guest Host Daljit Dhaliwal, Gary Sick Of Columbia University, And Joseph Cirincione Of The Carnegie Endowment Of International Peace. Then, William Safire Of The New York Times Discusses The English Language With Jesse Sheidlower, Editor At Large Of The Oxford English Dictionary. Finally, A Conversation With Yue-Sai Kan, Host Of Yue-Sai'S World.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 5, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 01.05.99
      John Travolta, Screenwriter/Director Steven Zaillian And Novelist Jonathan Harr Discuss The New Movie A Civil Action, Which Is About A Lawyer Who Pursues Justice On Behalf Of A Group Of Families Whose Children Suddenly Start Dying Of Leukemia. Then, Nick Nolte, Willem Dafoe, James Coburn And Paul Schrader Talk About Their Film Affliction, Adapted From Russell Banks' Novel About A Dysfunctional Family And The Downward Spiral Of A Small-Town Cop.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 18, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 05.18.07
      A Discussion With Director And Screenwriter Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck About His First Feature Length Film, "The Lives Of Others" Which Is Won The Oscar For Best Foreign Film At The 2007 Academy Awards. The Film Explores Conditions In East Germany Before The Berlin Wall Came Down In 1989 Through The Eyes Of A Member Of The Stasi, East Germany'S Powerful Secret Police Service.|| A Conversation With Sherwin Nuland, Clinical Professor Of Surgery At Yale. He Discusses Longevity, Health And Death And His Latest Book, "The Art Of Aging".moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 11, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 01.11.99
      An Interview With Reporter Nina Totenberg Who Talks About Chief Justice William Rehnquist, His Unique Sensibility, And His Influence As Overseer Of The Supreme Court (From .||Then, A Conversation With Chief Justice William Rehnquist. He Discusses His Book "All The Laws But One",His Development As An Attorney And Justice, Abraham Lincoln, And The History Of United States Judicial System (From November 26, 1998).||Finally, Japanese Trade Minister Kaoru Yosano Talks About Global Trade And U.S.-Japanese Trade Relations And Competition.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 19, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 01.19.07
      First, Charlie Talks About Iraq With Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger, Historian Alistair Horne Author Of "A Savage War Of Peace", Tom Ricks Of The "Washington Post" And Retired Colonel And Author Andrew Bacevich. They Examine The Course Of The War And The Campaign Against The Insurgency. They Draw Parallels Between The Situation In Iraq And France'S Losing Struggle Against Insurgents In Algeria In The Late 1950S And The Early 1960S. Finally, A Conversation With Donny George, Former Director Of The Iraqi National Museum In Baghdad, Who Discusses His Experiences Overseeing Iraq'S National Museum Under Saddam Hussein And The Tragic Looting Of The Institution Following The U.S. Invasion In 2003.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 10, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 02.10.98
      First, Morgan Stanley'S Chief Investment Strategist, Byron Wien, Talks About The Recent Upturn In The Stock Market And His Predictions For The Dow Jones' Future In The Upcoming Year. Then, Janet Maslin Of The New York Times, David Denby Of New York Magazine, Time Magazine'S Richard Corliss, And Graham Fuller Of Interview Magazine Talk About The Recent Announcement Of The Oscar Nominations Of Films Including, Good Will Hunting And The Full Monty. Finally, Anthony Giddens, Director Of The London School Of Economics, Speaks About British Prime Minister Tony Blair'S Alliance With President Clinton And The Us.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 5, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 11.05.99
      The Actress Meryl Streep Discusses Her Performance In Wes Craven'S Music Of The Heart, About A Music Teacher And Single Parent Who Talks Her Way Into A Job Teaching Violin To Children At A Public School In Harlem. Then, An Interview With Joschka Fischer, The Foreign Minister Of Germany, About Nato'S War Against Serbia And His Nation'S Relationship With The United States. Last, The Director Kimberly Peirce Discusses Her Film Boys Don'T Cry, Which Stars Hilary Swank As A Young Girl Who Lives As A Boy.moreless
    • 8/11/09
      A Conversation With Alexander Karp, Ceo Of Palantir Technologies || A Look At The Film "Cold Souls" With Paul Giamatti And Sophie Barthes || A Conversation With Elon Musk, Ceo Of Tesla Motors
    • Charlie Rose (August 9, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 08.09.02
      Representative Jim Greenwood Of Pennsylvania, Constance Hays Of The New York Times, Charles Gasparino Of The Wall Street Journal And John Coffee, Jr. Of Columbia University Law School Discuss The Congressional Probe Of Martha Stewart After She Sold Almost 4,000 Shares Of Imclone Company'S Stock Before Its Value Plummeted Following News That The Fda Would Not Review Its New Cancer Drug. Then, Jon Stewart, Host Of Comedy Central'S The Daily Show, Talks About Current Events And Inspiration For The Show.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 6, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 11.06.02
      First, Charlie Shares His Thoughts On The Controversy Over The Presidential Election. Then, An Interview With Chris Hedges Of The New York Times About The Life Of A War Correspondent, Detailed In His New Book, War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning. Finally, Director Tim Blake Nelson And Actors Harvey Keitel, David Arquette And Mira Sorvino Discuss Their New Movie About The Holocaust, The Grey Zone.moreless
    • A Conversation With Reverend Peter Gomes Author Of The Scandalous Gospel Of Jesus-What'S So Good About The Good News? || A Discussion About Counterinsurgency With Sarah Sewall, Harvard University & Montgomery Mcfate, Institute For Defense Analysis.
    • Charlie Rose (August 2, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 08.02.00
      An Interview That Originally Aired February 15, 2000, In Which New Yorker Magazine Staffers Nancy Franklin, David Remnick, Adam Gopnik And Roger Angell Discuss The Magazine'S Past And The Intrigue That Lies Within The Institution In Honor Of It'S 75Th Year.||Later, New Yorker Editor William Maxwell'S March 1, 1995 Interview, In Honor Of His Recent Death.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 11, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 05.11.04
      The First Half Of The Broadcast Deals With The Prison Abuse Hearings At The Senate Armed Services Committee With Senator Evan Bayh Of Indiana, Journalists Michael Duffy And Johanna Mcgeary Of Time Magazine, And William Kristol Of The Weekly Standard. The Second Half Of The Show, Features Caetano Veloso, One Of Brazil'S Most Admired And Accomplished Singer/Songwriters. His Rise To Fame Was Closely Tied To His Country'S Political And Social Evolution. Conversation Will Focus On This And His Professional Accomplishments.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 13, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 04.13.98
      First, Former U. S. Senator George Mitchell Discusses The Breakthrough In The Northern Ireland Peace Process, Which Had Been Developing For 22 Months. He Speaks Of His Personal Experience Working With Negotiators In Ireland. Then, Pat Buchanan Discusses The Current State Of Conservative Thought In America And The Direction Of Conservative Politics. He Also Speaks Of The Dangers Of Globalization And Free Trade, Which His New Book, The Great Betrayal, Is About. Finally, Ann-Sophie Mutter, Who Was Singled Out As A Violin Prodigy At The Age Of 13, Discusses Her Youthful Career And Her New Endeavor, A Worldwide Beethoven Recital Tour.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 2, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 12.02.99
      Political Correspondent For The New York Times, Richard Berke, Weighs In On The Race For The Presidential Nomination Of The Democratic Party. Then, An Interview With Filmmaker Rory Kennedy On His Work On American Hollow, About The Struggles Of A Family In West Virginia. Also, Sports Photographers Neil Leifer And Walter Iooss Discuss Their Work As Sports Illustrated'S 20Th Century Sports Awards Approach.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 7, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 07.07.03
      First, An Interview With Liev Schreiber, Who Is The Leading Actor In Shakespeare'S Henry V In Central Park. Then, Jerry Bruckheimer, Movie And Television Producer, Talks About His Upcoming Films Bad Boys Ii And Pirates Of The Caribbean, Which Stars Johnny Depp And Orlando Bloom.
    • Charlie Rose (August 11, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 08.11.06
      First, Charlie Speaks With Abc Investigative Reporter About New Information In The Terror Plot Uncovered In Britain. Ross Discusses Evidence Of Links To Al-Qaeda Central And Information Suggesting That The Alleged Plotters Had Created Martyrdom Tapes. Then, Charlie Talks To Imad Moustapha, Syria'S Ambassador To The United States, And Joshua Landis, Assistant Professor Of Middle Eastern Studies At The University Of Oklahoma And Editor Of The "Syriacomment" Weblog, About Syria'S Role In The Conflict Between Israel And Lebanon And The State Of Us-Syria Relations, The Us Refusal To Engage With Syria, Syria'S Influence On Hezbollah, Syria'S Relations With Israel, And Its Role In A Broader Middle East Peace. The Discussion Also Focused On Syria'S Relationship With Iran And Bush'S Use Of The Term "Islamo-Fascism." Finally, The Founders Of The Blockbuster Video Sharing Site, Youtube, Chad Hurley And Steven Chen Discuss The Meteoric Rise Of The Site And Their Plans For The Future. Topics Include The Story Behind The Company'S Founding, Concerns About Copyright Infringement And Plans For Expansion.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 14, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 06.14.04
      Music Producer Phil Ramone, Musician Marcus Roberts, Time Editor Christopher John Farley And Rolling Stone Editor Anthony Decurtis Open The Show For A Discussion In Appreciation Of Ray Charles. Then, Charlie Talks With Alfonso Cuaron About The Process Of Film Making And His Direction Of Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 24, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 10.24.01
      A Conversation With Shibley Telhami & Akiva Eldar; An Interview With Jack Welch; A Conversation With Fred Kaufman & Xoliswa Vanda
    • Charlie Rose (September 5, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 09.05.02
      In Light Of America'S Potentially Imminent Conflict In Iraq, A Look At Another Nation That Has Recently Been At War With That Country, Iran. Javad Zarif, Iran'S Permanent Representative To The Un, Talks About His Country'S Wariness Of The Hussein Regime And Iran'S Commitment To Flush Out Terrorists. Then, Four Editors Share Their Thoughts On 9/11 Leading Up To The One Year Anniversary Of The Attacks. Time'S Jim Kelly, The New Yorker'S David Remnick, Newsweek'S Mark Whitaker & New York'S Caroline Miller On 9/11, Iraq And The Near Future In America.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 31, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 01.31.97
      Charlie Talks To Former Lapd Detectives Philip Vannatter And Tom Lange About The Investigation In The O. J. Simpson Case. Also, Jim Lehrer Talks About His Television Show, The News Hour With Jim Lehrer As Well As His New Book, White Widow.
    • Charlie Rose (December 2, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 12.02.97
      Charlie Talks To Both Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist And Author Seymour Hersh And Critic Arthur Schlesinger About Hersh'S New Book Entitled, The Dark Side Of Camelot.
    • Charlie Rose (December 31, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 12.31.04
      First, A Conversation With Former Boston Celtics Coach Red Auerbach And Reporter John Feinstein About The Book They Have Co-Written "Let Me Tell You A Story About Basketball, Friendship And Life.".Iithen, A Conversation With William Sahlman Of Harvard Business School About His Experiences Teaching At Harvard.Iithen, A Conversation With Chairman And Owner Of The Boston Red Sox John Henry About Their World Series Victory.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 7, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 11.07.96
      First, Time Magazine's Eric Pooley, and Washington consultants Mark Penn and Dough Schoen reflect on the '96 election. Evan Thomas of Newsweek joins for more discussion of the campaign. Next, news anchor and legend David Brinkley speaks about stepping down as the Host of This Week with David Brinkley. Finally, a panel of some of the entertainment industry's most powerful publicists discuss celebrity journalism.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 23, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 11.23.98
      First, Peter Jennings And Todd Brewster Discuss Their Co-Written New Book, The Century, Which Developed Out Of A History Channel Special On American History In The 20Th Century And Describes Various Important Events Of The Past 100 Years. Then, Harold Evans, The Editorial Director Of The New York Daily News, Who Canvassed 40 States Upon Moving To America From England In 1956, Discusses His New Book, The America Century, Which Chronicles American History Between 1889 And 1989. Finally, Judith Crichton Discusses Her Book, America 1900, The Turning Point, And Her Former Role As Executive Producer Of The Pbs Series American Experience.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 14, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 07.14.06
      A Conversation With Fouad Ajami, Professor At The School Of Advanced International Studies At Johns Hopkins University. Ajami Has Traveled A Great Deal In Iraq And The Surrounding Region In Recent Years And He Shares His Findings In His New Book, The Foreigner`S Gift: The Americans, The Arabs And The Iraqis In Iraq. Then, Charlie Talks With American Apparel Ceo Dov Charney. American Apparel Was Founded In 1997 And Has Grown To Become The Single Largest Clothing Manufacturer Based In The United States, With Workers On Average Being Paid Twice Minimum Wage.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 24, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 03.24.99
      The Members Of The Band Garbage Talk About Their Music, Their Sound, Their Evolution As A Group, And Their New Album, Version 2.0. Then, Actress Claire Danes Discusses Her New Film The Mod Squad, Her Time Studying At Yale University, Her Movie Career, And Her Future Plans. Finally, Artists Loeb, Cecily Brown And Shahzia Sikander Talk About The New Renaissance Of Painting, Their Individual Works, And The Current Art Market.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 7, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 04.07.05
      Charlie Rose Talks To Jane Fonda About Her Life And Career. Also, Former New York Times Executive Editor Joseph Lelyveld On His New Memoir, Omaha Blues: A Memory Loop.
    • Charlie Rose (February 3, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 02.03.00
      A Conversation With Paul Rudnick & Nathan Lane; A Conversation With Brad Grey; A Conversation With James Conlon
    • Charlie Rose (December 15, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 12.15.06
      First, A Conversation With Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski About The Iraqi Government, American Foreign Policy, And Middle Eastern Politics. Then, An Appreciation Of Ahmet Ertegun, Founder Of Atlantic Records, With His Last Conversation With Charlie (From 2/21/05). Ertegun Discusses His Life, Career And The Popularization Of Jazz And Later R&B Music.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 24, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 02.24.05
      Charlie Rose Talks To Three Men Who Have Risen To The Top Of Their Respective Fields: Conductor Kurt Masur On Beethoven, John Sloss On Independent Film, And Jonathan Tisch On The Tourism Industry And New York City.
    • Charlie Rose (January 15, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 01.15.03
      Adrien Brody Discusses His Role In The Film The Pianist, In Which He Plays A Polish Jew During The Holocaust. Then, Actress Diane Lane Reflects On Previous Roles And Talks About Her New Film, Unfaithful, And Its Bold Portrayal Of Infidelity.
    • Charlie Rose (February 22, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 02.22.05
      A Discussion About The Controversy Surrounding Harvard President Lawrence Summers With David Gergen, Director Of The Center For Public Leadership At The Jfk School Of Government, Harvard University, And Lauren A.E. Schuker, President Of The Harvard Crimson. Also, A Discussion About The Cia Leak Probe With Judith Miller Of The New York Times And Matthew Cooper Of Time. Plus, Charlie Talks To Actor Bruno Ganz And Director Oliver Hirschbiegel From The Oscar-Nominated Film, Downfall.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 11, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 06.11.96
      First, Bob Dole's former colleagues, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York and Senator William Cohen of Maine, discuss Bob Dole's emotional resignation from the Senate. The discussion on Dole's resignation from Senate continues with journalists Al Hunt of The Wall Street Journal and Gloria Borger of U. S. News & World Report. Then, U. S. secretary of commerce and former trade negotiator, Mickey Kantor gives and update on U. S. trade relationships. Finally, an appreciation of Frank Israel. The brilliant architect, who taught architecture at UCLA and worked as a set designer, passed away at age 50 in Los Angeles.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 12, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 10.12.98
      First, Peter Mandelson, The British Secretary Of State For Trade And Industry, Discusses His Influential Role In Tony Blair'S New Labor Party And The Current Economic And Political State Of The World. Finally, Oliver Platt Discusses His Latest Role In The Movie The Impostors With Stanley Tucci In Addition To His Work In Films From The Same Year Including Bulworth And Simon Birch.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 7, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 05.07.03
      Former Mayor Of Jerusalem And Vice Prime Minister Of Israel Ehud Olmert Sheds Light On Developments In The Middle East Peace Process.Also, An Interview With Architect Rem Koolhaas On His Designs And Guest-Editing Of Wired Magazine For A Special Issue.
    • Charlie Rose (March 17, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 03.17.06
      Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wi) Discusses The 2008 Presidential Race And His Motion To Censure President Bush. Then, A Conversation About The New Film Thank You For Smoking With The Author Of The Novel On Which It'S Based, Christopher Buckley, As Well As The Director Jason Reitman, Actor Aaron Eckhart, And Producer David Sacks.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 1, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 12.01.00
      In Respective Segments, Npr Legal Correspondent Nina Totenberg, Attorney For The Gore Campaign Laurence Tribe And Chris Matthews, Host Of Msnbc'S Hardball And Columnist For The San Francisco Chronicle, Discuss The Question Of Whether The U.S. Supreme Court Should Overrule The Florida Supreme Court'S Decision About Counting Ballots For The Presidency.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 16, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 09.16.96
      Paul Hendrickson of The Washington Post speaks about his controversial 1984 profiles on secretary of defense Robert McNamara, and his new book, The Living and the Dead, which sheds greater light on the secretary and the truth of the Vietnam War. Then, Edward Burns, whose film, The Brothers McMullen, won the Sundance Film Festival, talks about his second film effort, She's the One. Finally, one of America's foremost novelists, Joyce Carol Oates, discusses her two new books, a novel called We Were the Mulvaneys, about the fall from grace of a prosperous American family, and a novella entitled First Love, a darker story of adolescent infatuation.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 18, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 03.18.96
      First, Dick Armey, The Majority Leader In The House Of Representatives, Talks To Charlie All About Republican Politics. Topics Include His Book, Contract With America, And The Flat Tax. Then, Clarence Page, Journalist And Author Of The Book, Showing My Color, Talks Frankly With Charlie About Issues Of Race And Identity In America. Finally, In Her Book, The Trials Of Maria Barbella, Author Idanna Pucci Tells The Story Of The First Woman Sentenced To Die In The Electric Chair In This Country And Of The Wealthy Countess Who Came To Her Aid.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 13, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 05.13.05
      Les Gelb, President Emeritus Of The Council On Foreign Relations Talks About His Recent Trip To Iraq. Poker Champion Chris Ferguson Talks About The Recent Fascination With The Game. Finally, An Appreciation Of Former White House Counsel For Presidents Carter And Clinton, Lloyd Cutler, Who Died Sunday.
    • Charlie Rose (February 7, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 02.07.97
      Former Senator Sam Nunn Talks To Charlie About The Possibility Of Atomic Weapons In Russia. Then, Director Milos Formann Talks About His Controversial Film, The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Which Is About Porn Mogul Larry Flynt. Finally, Verdi Soprano Aprille Millo Speaks About Her Opera Family And Her Current Role As Amelia In Un Ballo In Maschera At The Met.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 4, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 09.04.98
      First, Frank Deford Of Hbo Sports And Sports Illustrated, Roger Angell Of The New Yorker, And George Will, Writer And Author Of Bunts, Discuss The Renaissance Of American Baseball And The Excitement Of The Home-Run Record Race. The, Famed Catcher Yogi Berra Discusses Modern Baseball, His Legacy, And His New Book, I Really Didn'T Say Everything I Said. Finally, Tim Mccarver, Former Famed Baseball Player And Commentator For Fox, Discusses His New Book, Baseball For Brain Surgeons, About The Intricacies Of His Game.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 20, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 05.20.98
      First, Dr. Dennis Slamon, Director Of The Revlon/Ucla Cancer Center, Dr. Larry Norton, Of New York'S Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, Dr. Lynn Schuchter, Oncologist At The University Of Pennsylvania, Carol Hochberg, Of The Ethics Committee At S. H. A. R. E. Discuss Recent Breakthroughs In Cancer Treatment As Well As New Drugs Which Have Yet To Be Approved. Then, Peter Chernin, President And Coo Of News Corp. Discusses The Movie Titanic As Well As News Corps. Influence And Recent Business Deals Throughout The World.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 5, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 11.05.04
      A Discussion About Yasser Arafat'S Health And The Implications For The Future Of The Middle East. Guests Are Martin Indyk, Former U.S. Ambassador To Israel, Rashid Khalidi Of Columbia University, And Robert Malley Of International Crisis Group, Who Also Served As Special Assistant To President Clinton For Arab-Israeli Affairs. Also, Playwright Michael Frayn Talks About His Play, Democracy, Which Opens November 18 On Broadway.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 5, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 04.05.04
      The Hour Is Dedicated To A Look At Iraq In Crisis. Charlie First Talks To Senator Joe Biden, The Democrat From Delaware. Then, He Turns To John Burns, The Chief Correspondent For The New York Times, For A Satellite Interview From Baghdad. Last, A Conversation With Leading Military And Security Strategist, Anthony Cordesman.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 25, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 05.25.01
      An Conversation About The New Documentary, Startup.Com; A Conservation About The New Museum Of Modern Art
    • Charlie Rose (October 5, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 10.05.06
      First, A Conversation With Mark Halperin Political Director Of Abc News, And John Harris National Political Editor Of "The Washington Post" About The Release Of Their New Book "The Way To Win: Taking The White House In 2008".Iithen, A Conversation With Former Senator From Missouri, And Ordained Episcopal Priest, John Danforth About His New Book "Faith And Politics".moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 6, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 04.06.95
      Tom Edsall and Michael Kramer discuss Colin Powell's popularity, his political positions, and whether he'll run for president in 1996. Next, political strategist Ed Rollins talks about Colin Powell as an independent or Republican candidate. Then, Robert Fulghum on his new book Beginning to End: The Rituals of Our Lives, which illustrates and explains the habits of ordinary people. Finally, choreographer Merce Cunningham discusses his unique approach to dance and movement.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 14, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 08.14.02
      First, An Interview With Alanna Heiss, Executive Director Of P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center On Her Career, P.S. 1'S Affiliation With Moma And The Center'S Impact On The World Of Contemporary Art. Then, New York Photographer Patrick Mcmullan Talks About Why He Got Involved In The World Of Celebrity Photography.
    • 12/8/09
      An hour with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey
    • Charlie Rose (March 30, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 03.30.00
      A Discussion About The Vietnam War; A Conversation With The Editor Of Fortune Magazine
    • Charlie Rose (September 22, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 09.22.05
      Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Amre Moussa Is Now Secretary General Of The League Of Arab Nations. He Discusses The Latest Developments In The Middle East And In Iraq. Also, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General Of The Islamic Conference Talks About The Perceptions Of Islam In The West And The Current State Of Islam.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 4, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 06.04.01
      A Conversation About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; An Interview With Joseph Ellis
    • Charlie Rose (November 14, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 11.14.96
      First, actor Nick Nolte discusses his current role in the film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's 1961 classic book, Mother Night. Then, Jerry West, General Manager of the L. A. Lakers discusses signing basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal to the team with a seven-year $120 million contract.
    • Charlie Rose (February 16, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 02.16.99
      Attorney James Tierney Discusses The Tobacco Settlement, U.S. Policy Toward Big Tobacco, The Danger Of Letting Lawsuits Set Precedents Instead Of Elected Officials, And The Future Of The Cigarette Business. Then, Physicist Brian Green Discusses His Book, The Elegant Universe: Super Strings, Hidden Dimensions, And The Quest For The Ultimate Theory, Physics, Theoretical Physics, String Theory, And Stephen Hawking. Finally, Guy Ritchie Talks About His New Film Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, The Challenges Of Getting A Movie Produced, And His Process As A Filmmaker.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 20, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 09.20.99
      A Panel Of Experts Weighs In On The Debate Over The Significance Of Brain Development Within The First Three Years Of Life. President Of The James S. Mcdonnell Foundation John Bruer, Professor Of Psychology At The University Of California At Berkeley Alison Gopnik, And Professor Of Child Psychiatry At Yale University Kyle Pruett All Share Their Opinions And Respective Books On The Subject. Later, Director Lawrence Kasdan Speaks About His New Film, Mumford.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 12, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 11.12.01
      An Interview With Frank Wisner; An Interview With Alejandro Toledo; An Interview With Reeve Lindbergh
    • Charlie Rose (September 12, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 09.12.96
      CBS New's national security correspondent, David Martin discusses the sending of stealth bombers to Kuwait, and other happenings in the war with Saddam Hussein. Then, former editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine and friend of the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Edward Klein, speaks about his new book, All Too Human: The Love Story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy. Finally, Andrew Sullivan, senior editor at The New Republic and gay marriage activist, gives his perspective on the recent Senate vote to deny federal benefits to married people of the same sex.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 2, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 07.02.99
      Director Spike Lee Discusses His New Movie, Summer Of Sam. The Film Depicts A Community Of New Yorkers Terrorized By Serial Killer David Berkowitz'S 1977 Crime Spree. Also, Actors John Leguizamo And Mira Sorvino Talk About Their Performances In The Film And Collaboration With Lee. Then, A Columnist For The New York Post, Steve Dunleavy, Shares His Criticism Of Summer Of Sam Regarding Its Portrayal Of The Italian-American Community.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 2, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 05.02.00
      A Conversation With Samuel Berger About China And The Wto; A Conversation With Natalie Portman
    • Charlie Rose (December 23, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 12.23.97
      Time Magazine Editor Walter Isaacson Talks About Intel'S Andy Grove Who Is Time'S Man Of The Year 1997. Next, Charlie Talks To Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, New York Times Reporter Janet Maslin, New York Magazine Reporter David Denby & Richard Corliss Of Time Magazine. The Group Discusses The Films Of 1997 Including Titanic, Amistad, Good Will Hunting And Jackie Brown. Finally, John Feinstein Talks About His New Book, A March To Madness: The View From The Floor In The Acc That Chronicles American College Basketball.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 2, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 10.02.98
      First, Shelby Steele Discusses His New Book, A Dream Deferred, Which Addresses Issues Of Race In America, And Reopen His Controversial Discussion Of Affirmative Action. Then, Billy Crudup Discusses His Status As A "Promising Young Actor" And His New Role On Broadway In A New Reworking Of Oedipus. Finally, Frances Mcdormand And Billy Crudup Discuss Their New Play, Oedipus, And Its Reworking Of Previous Versions Of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex In Addition To Their Approach To Acting On Stage And In Films.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 3, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 12.03.99
      A Rebroadcasted Interview With Mike Myers, Star Of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, In Which He Plays Multiple Characters. Myers Discusses The Origins Of The Character Austin Powers And His Childhood In Canada.This Segment Originally Aired June 8, 1999.||Then, An Interview With Frank Mccourt, The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Irish Author Of Angela'S Ashes, About The Second Part Of His Memoirs, 'Tis. This Segment Originally Appeared September 21, 1999.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 16, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 07.16.99
      A Look At Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick'S Final Movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Film Critics Janet Maslin Of The New York Times, David Denby Of The New Yorker, And Richard Corliss Of Time Examine The Performances Of Actors Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman And Relate This Film To Kubrick'S Previous Works. Then, Author And Professor At Rutgers University, Dr. Lionel Tiger, Speaks About The Changing Roles Of Men And Women As Discussed In His Book, The Decline Of Males.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 25, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 04.25.03
      David Sanger, White House Correspondent For The New York Times, Provides Updates On Relations Between The United States And North Korea. Also, A Celebration Of The 50Th Anniversary Of The First Successful Climb Of Mount Everest With The Sons Of The Record-Setters, Peter Hillary And Jamling Tenzing Norgay. Last, A Conversation With Alan Brinkley, A Historian, On His Appointment As Provost Of Columbia University.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 11, 1994)
      Season 1994 - Episode 11.11.94
      First, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and director David Mamet discusses his influences, his writing, and his latest film, Oleanna, an adaptation of his stage play. Then, jazz great Dave Brubeck and composer Ezra Laderman discuss music and their project, The Composer's Composer.
    • Charlie Rose (May 1, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 05.01.01
      An Interview With Ehud Olmert; An Interview With Aaron Latham
    • Charlie Rose (August 13, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 08.13.98
      First, Robin Williams And Matt Damon Discuss The New Film Good Will Hunting, Which Damon Co-Wrote With Friend Ben Affleck. Finally, Warren Beatty Discusses His New Film Bulworth And His Political Involvement And Ideology And Celebrity Activism.
    • Charlie Rose (December 12, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 12.12.02
      David Brooks Of The Weekly Standard And Clarence Page Of The Chicago Tribune Discuss The Controversy Surrounding Senator Trent Lott'S Statements Supporting Senator Strom Thurmond, Focusing On President George W. Bush'S Reaction To The Incident. Then, An Interview With Director Baz Luhrmann About Directing La Boheme On Broadway.
    • Charlie Rose (June 16, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 06.16.04
      Charlie Opens This Hour Talking With Richard Ben-Veniste, A Member Of The 9/11 Commission About The Work Of The Commission. Then, Charlie Closes The Hour With Tom Stewart, Editor Of The Harvard Business Review About Revolutionary Ideas For Business.
    • Charlie Rose (September 24, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 09.24.01
      A Conversation On Military Objectives; A Conversation On Mayor Giuliani; A Conversation On Leadership.
    • Charlie Rose (April 4, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 04.04.01
      A Conversation With John Mccain; A Conversation With Benedikt Taschen
    • Discussion About Obama'S Speech To Students With Jake Tapper Of Abc News || Preview Of Obama'S Health Care Speech With John Podesta
    • Charlie Rose (February 8, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 02.08.00
      A Conversation With John Feinstein About Tiger Woods; A Conversation With Bernard Tschumi About Architecture; A Conversation With Serena Altschul About Crystal Meth
    • Charlie Rose (April 14, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 04.14.05
      Former Us Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger Talks About Current Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice And Our Standing In The World. Also, A Conversation About Hurlyburly With The Playwright David Rabe And Actor Ethan Hawke.
    • 6/30/08
      A Discussion About Pakistan With Aitzaz Ahsan, Mark Mazzetti And David Rohde.|| A Conversation With Author Salman Rushdie About His Book The Enchantress Of Florence.
    • Charlie Rose (March 16, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 03.16.07
      First, A Conversation With Richard Stengel, Managing Editor Of "Time", About Changes In The Magazine. He Discusses The Stylistic Makeover, Alterations In Content, And His Efforts To Make The Magazine More Navigable. Then, A Discussion With Photographer Taryn Simon About Her Life And Work, Her Current Exhibition At The Whitney Museum, And Her Book "An American Index Of The Hidden And Unfamiliar". Finally, An Interview With Actor And Director Chris Rock About His Comedic Influences, His Directorial Process, And His Film "I Think I Love My Wife", Which Provides A Humorous Take On The State Of Modern Marriage.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 29, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 11.29.01
      A Discussion On The Latest War Developments With Author Of Taliban And Correspondent For The Far Eastern Economic Review Ahmed Rashid And Pentagon Correspondent For Cbs News David Martin. Next, Kenneth Dam, The Deputy Secretary Of Treasury, Talks About The Effort To Stop The Flow Of Money To Terrorist Organizations. Finally, Lynne Sherr Of Abc News, Talks About Her Book, America The Beautiful.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 20, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 05.20.99
      Excite Ceo George Bell Discusses New Media, Pcs And The Possibilities Of Internet Technology. Then, Playwright Martin Mcdonagh Talks About His New Broadway Play, Lonesome West, His Inspirations As An Artist, And How His Irish Background Figures Into His Writing. Finally, The Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Discusses His Efforts To Use The Late-Night Television Format To Highlight Political Issues And Influence Cultural Dialogue.moreless
    • 10/6/08
      A Conversation With Manouchehr Mottaki, Foreign Minister Of Iran. || A Conversation With Syrian Poet And Essayist Adonis.
    • Charlie Rose (April 2, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 04.02.96
      Blood Sport, The President And His Adversaries, Is A Book Written By James Stewart. It Is About The Whitewater Scandals And Is Currently Number One On The New York Times Bestseller List. The Success Of Stewart And His Book Is Not Without Controversy As Many Journalists Have Denounced Whitewater And Raised Questions About The Clinton'S Involvement. Here To Discuss The Book And Its Subject Are Anthony Lewis Of The New York Times, Joe Conason, Editor Of The New York Observer, John Fund Of The Wall Street Journal And The Author, James Stewart. Then, Artist Jim Dine And His Wife, Filmmaker Nancy Dine, Are On To Talk About Their Latest Collaborative Effort, Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait On The Walls. It Is About Jim'S Exhibition Of Wall Drawings In A German Museum.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 28, 1995)
      Season 1995 - Episode 07.28.95
      Clinton aide Alice Rivlin talks about the President's disgreements with Congress about this year's budget, and the possiblity of a shutdown of the federal government if certain issues are not resolved. Then, Ruth Simmons, Judith Shapiro and Claire Gaudiani discuss the new demands associated with being a college president and the ever-shifting world of higher education.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 16, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 02.16.98
      First Charlie Speaks With Randall Robinson, The Founder And President Of Transafrica, The Organization That Has Been Involved In Talking About And Shaping American Foreign Policy In Africa And The Caribbean. Robinson, Who Was Born And Raised In The Segregated South, Talks About His New Memoir, Defending The Spirit, And Race In America Then, Author Willie Morris, Whose Coverage Of The Third And Last Trial Of Byron De La Beckwith, Led To The 1997 Film Version, Ghosts Of Mississippi, Talks About His New Book, The Ghosts Of Medgar Evers, About His Experiences As A Consultant And The Film, The Ghosts Of Mississippi.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 2, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 05.02.01
      A Conversation About The President'S Missile-Defense Proposals With Richard Perle And Leon Fuerth; An Interview With Faisal Husseini
    • Charlie Rose (August 31, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 08.31.99
      Rebroadcasted Conversations With Two Of The Foremost Classical Music Conductors In The World, Seiji Ozawa And Riccardo Muti. Ozawa, The First Japanese Conductor To Achieve Prominence In The Western World, Speaks About Working With Leonard Bernstein And His Role As Music Director Of The Boston Symphony Orchestra.This Segment Originally Appeared April 9, 1999.||Then, Muti Talks About His Plans To Lead The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra In A Series Of Performances At Carnegie Hall And The Evolution Of His Career. This Segment Originally Appeared March 9, 1999.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 13, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 12.13.96
      Musician/actor Chris Isaak talks about his new album, The Baja Sessions Next, a dialogue with lead singer Darius Rucker, bass player, Dean Felber; guitarist Mark Bryan and drummer Jim Sonefeld, members of the band Hootie and the Blowfish about the success of their debut album Cracked Rear View and their tour in support of their new album Fair Weather Johnson; Finally, musician John Mellencamp speaks about his music career and his 14th album Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky slated for release on August 10, 1997.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 13, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 02.13.03
      Two Conversations Concerning Iraqi Disarmament. First, Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger Discusses The Options For The United States In Light Of The Strong Opposition From Many Other Nations. Then, Thomas Friedman, Columnist For The New York Times, Explains Why He Believes That The Weapons Inspections In Iraq Should Be Prolonged.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 29, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 10.29.96
      CEO of Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy talks about the network computer and his predictions on its effect on the future of the computer world. Then, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and reporter David Remnick speaks about his new book, The Devil Problem, and some of the people profiled in it, including Mario Cuomo and Michael Jordan.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 12, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 10.12.04
      A Panel On The Film Stage Beauty With The Stars Of The Film, Billy Crudup And Claire Danes, And The Director, Sir Richard Eyre. Then, A Look Back At The Career Of Filmmaker John Cassevetes With His Wife Gena Rowlands, Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich And Actor Ben Gazzara.
    • Charlie Rose (April 16, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 04.16.04
      First, A Review Of The 9/11 Commission With One Of Its Members, Richard Ben-Veniste. He Discusses The Commission'S Efforts To Provide The Country With An Open Exhibition Of Facts. Then, Charlie Sits Down With Tilda Swinton To Talk About Her New Film Young, Adam, Which Also Stars Ewan Mcgregor.
    • Charlie Rose (February 3, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 02.03.05
      Welcome To The Broadcast. Tonight, David Remnick Of The New Yorker Magazine On The Possibilities For Peace In The Middle East. Then, Thierry Breton, The Ceo Of France Telecom, On The Revolution Sweeping Through The Telephone Business.
    • Charlie Rose (October 10, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 10.10.06
      First, A Conversation About Business And The Computer Industry With Carly Fiorina, Former Ceo Of Hewlett-Packard, About Her New Memoir, "Tough Choices." Then, A Discussion With Author Niall Ferguson About Empires And His New Book, "The War Of The World: 20Th Century Conflict And The Descent Of The West."
    • Charlie Rose (February 27, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 02.27.04
      Mikhail Saakashvili, President Of The Republic Of Georgia, Talks About His Education In The United States And The Return To His Homeland As President. He Reflects On His Time In America, His Decision To Return To Georgia And The Challenges That Currently Face His Country. Also, Rolling Stones' Guitarist Ron Wood Talks About His Career In Rock And His Recent Foray Into Painting.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 29, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 06.29.04
      Charlie Begins The Evening With A Discussion By Phone With John Burns From Baghdad About Iraq And The New Interim Government. Then, Charlie Holds A Conversation With Dexter Filkins Via Satellite On The Same Topic. Finally, Charlie Finishes The Discussion About The Interim Government With Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 7, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 10.07.99
      First, Dominick Dunne Of Vanity Fair Looks Back On His Life As A Hollywood Insider. He Discusses Writing About The 1982 Trial Of His Daughter'S Murderer And His Memoirs, The Way We Lived Then: Recollections Of A Well-Known Namedropper. Then, An Interview With Professor At Columbia University Edward Said. He Talks About His Book, Out Of Place, Which Chronicles His Early Years In The Middle East.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 19, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 05.19.98
      First, Iris Chang, Author Of The Rape Of Nanking, Discusses Her Experience Of Researching The Work, From Hearing About It In Her Childhood To Discovering It For Herself As An Adult. Then, Ben Gazarra, Actor, Discusses His Life And Career As Well As His New Film, Spanish Prisoner. Finally, Robert Pinsky, Poet Laureate, Discusses The Nature And State Of Poetry In Modern Times As Well As Its Future.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 29, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 01.29.98
      An Hour With Actor Robert Duvall. Over The Years, Duvall Has Created Some Of The Most Memorable Film Characters, From Major Frank Burns In M*A*S*H And Tom Hagen In The Godfather To Lt. Col. Kilgore In Apocalypse Now And Max Sledge In Tender Mercies. Tonight, He Talks To Charlie About Telling The Story Of A Character He Created In A Film He Produced. In The New Film, The Apostle, Duvall Plays A Pentecostal Preacher From The South Who Puts His Wife'S Lover Into A Coma, Then Flees, In An Effort To Rediscover Himself.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 6, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 10.06.00
      A Conversation About The Yugoslavian Revolution; A Conversation About The Presidential Race; A Conversation With Ralph Nader; A Preview Of Drug Wars
    • Charlie Rose (June 21, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 06.21.04
      Charlie Begins The Broadcast With Mike Duffy And A Discussion About President Clinton'S Book My Life. Then, Charlie Talks With The Finance Minister Of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu About Security And The Ongoing Violence In The Region. Charlie Concludes The Broadcast With Kevin Kline, Irwin Winkler And Ashley Judd An Their New Movie About Cole Porter, De-Lovely.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 15, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 07.15.98
      First, Norman Ornstein Of The American Enterprise Institute Discusses The Current State Of American Politics, The Issue Of Healthcare, And Partisan Conflicts And Issues In General. Then, Harold Evans Of The New York Daily News, David Rosenthal, Publisher For Simon & Schuster, Morgan Entrekin, Publisher Of Grove Press, And Nora Rawlinson, Editor-In-Chief Of Publishers Weekly, Discuss The Current State Of The Publishing Industry, The Media, The Public Decline In Interest For Books, And More. Finally, John Sykes, The President Of Vh-1, Discusses The Channel'S New Programs, Their Relationship With Mtv, Community Outreach, And Other Business-Related Topics.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 22, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 09.22.00
      A Conversation With Samuel Berger About America'S Foreign Policy; A Conversation With Charlene Barshefsky About America'S Trade Policy
    • Charlie Rose (October 5, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 10.05.00
      A Discussion With Steve Erlanger, Laura Silber, Stojan Cerovic And Ivo Daalder About The Yugoslavian Revolution; A Conversation With Ephraim Sneh About The Violence In The Middle East; A Conversation With Harry Belafonte And Tony Bennett
    • Charlie Rose (July 7, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 07.07.06
      Charlie Talks To Dr. Allan Rosenfield, The Dean Of The Mailman School Of Public Health At Columbia University. Rosenfield Is Responsible For The Growth Of Themailman School From A Small Institution To The Second Largest School At Columbia, And The Third Largest School Of Public Health In The Nation. Then, An Update On The Latest In The World Cup With Tommy Smyth Of Espn. This Sunday, Italy And France Will Meet In Berlin To Compete For The World Cup Title. Also In The World Of Sports, The Wimbledon Tennis Finals Are Taking Place This Weekend. In The Men'S Finals, Roger Federer Will Play Rafael Nadal And In The Women`S Finals On Saturday, French Player Amelie Mauresmo Will Face The Belgian Justine Henin-Hardenne. Fortmer Tennis Star Jim Courier Weighs In On The Competitors.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 10, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 05.10.06
      First, Guest Host William Kristol Of "The Weekly Standard" Talks To Republican Peter Hoekstra And Reuel Marc Gerecht, Resident Fellow At The American Enterprise Institute About The Nomination Of Michael Hayden. Then, A Conversation With Author Andrew Kohut About His Book "America Against The World". Finally, A Conversation With Author Matthew Continetti About His Book "The K Street Gang: The Rise And Fall Of The Republican Machine".moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 17, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 02.17.04
      Warren Hoge, Un Correspondent For The New York Times, Talks About The Un'S Role In Iraq. Then, Dr. Valentin Fuster Of Mount Sinai, Christine Gorman Of Time Magazine And Dr. Peter Libby Of Brigham & Women'S Hospital Discuss Chronic Inflammation And Its Link To A Number Of Diseases. Finally, Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen On His Book, The Innovator'S Solution.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 29, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 11.29.96
      First, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon discusses his turn at prose in his new memoirs, entitled, Rewrites. Then, biographer Edward Jay Epstein speaks about the extensive research process and the contents of his new biography of businessman Armand Hammer, Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer // Finally, journalist Andrew Neil talks about his 11-year tenure at The Sunday Times and his relationship with media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, also the topics of his new memoir, Full Disclosure.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 12, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 03.12.03
      Patrick Tyler, Chief Of The London Bureau Of The New York Times, Talks About The United States' Campaign To Garner Support For The Un Security Council Resolution On Invasion Of Iraq. Then, Amy Goodman Of Pacifia Radio Explores The Opposition Movement To The Possibility Of War.
    • Charlie Rose (June 20, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 06.20.02
      The Bourne Identity Star Matt Damon Discusses His Work On The Film And Suggests That It May Be Part Of A Trilogy. Also, A Look Ahead To The Conclusion Of The World Cup With Author David Hirshey, Bill Buford Of The New Yorker, And Professional Soccer Player Tiffeny Milbrett.
    • Charlie Rose (March 28, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 03.28.00
      As Peace Talks Between Israel And Syria Come To A Dead Halt, Ephraim Sneh, Israel'S Deputy Defense Minister, Discusses The Issues Standing In The Way Of A Breakthrough. Later, Actor Billy Crudup On His Craft And His New Movie, Waking The Dead, Which Tells The Story Of A Man Who Runs For Congress At A Very Early Age.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (May 6, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 05.06.99
      Physicist Freeman J. Dyson, Author Of The New Book The Sun, The Genome, And The Internet, Discusses His Work As A Scientist And Researcher, And Touches On His Perspectives On United States Foreign Policy, The Science Of Fertility, Nuclear Technology, And The Internet. Then, Renowned High-Wire Artist Philippe Petit Talks About His Training, Professional History, And Some Of His High-Profile Stunts.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 18, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 09.18.01
      Charlie Rose Talks With The Producer Of 60 Minutes, George Crile, About The Middle East And Osama Bin Laden'S Goals And Colleagues. Next, Milt Bearden, The Former Cia Station Chief In Pakistan, Talks About Pakistan And Afghanistan. Barnett Rubin, From The Center On International Cooperation At Nyu, And Shamshad Ahmad, The U.N. Ambassador To Pakistan, Continue The Conversationmoreless
    • A Conversation With Actor Peter O'Toole About His Life, Career And His Role As Pope Paul Iii On The Tudors. || A Conversation With Actor Ian Mcshane About His Role In The 40Th Anniversary Broadway Revival Of Harold Pinter'S The Homecoming. || An Appreciation Of Anthony Minghella, Academy Award-Winning English Film Director, Playwright And Screenwriter. Minghella Died On 18 March 2008 Of A Hemorrhage In Charing Cross Hospital, London.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 15, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 11.15.01
      An Interview With Andrew S. Grove; An Interview With Peter L. Bergen; An Interview In Appreciation Of Ernst Gombrich
    • Charlie Rose (September 13, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 09.13.02
      In Commemoration Of The September 11Th Attacks One Year Later, A Focus On Rebuilding. Charlie Talks To A Panel Of Architects, Including Peter Eisenman, Charles Gwathmey, Frederic Schwartz, Steven Holl And Rafael Vinloy, And Architecture Critic For The New York Times, Herbert Muschamp, About The Reconstruction Of Lower Manhattan. They Share Their Thoughts On This Daunting Project And What They Hope To See Constructed At Ground Zero.moreless
    • A Discussion About The Petraeus/Crocker Testimony With Retired General Gary Anderson, Joe Klein Of Newsweek, David Sanger White House Correspondent For The New York Times & Tom Ricks Senior Pentagon Correspondent To The Washington Post. || A Conversation With Senator Christopher Dodd About His Presidential Campaign.
    • Charlie Rose (March 23, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 03.23.00
      A Discussion About The Pope'S Visit To Israel; A Conversation With Lally Weymouth About Clinton'S Trip To India; A Conversation With Patti Smith
    • Charlie Rose (December 22, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 12.22.98
      First, Dr. Edward Said Of Columbia University Talks About What He Sees As The Imperialist Policies Of The United States In The Middle East, Especially With Regards To The 1998 Iraq War, And Vocalizes His Stance Against Israel. Then, Hisham Melhem And Raghida Dergham Talk About Covering The Iraq War From The Perspective Of Middle Eastern Journalists At Their Respective Publications El-Safir And Al-Hayat, U.S. Policies And Sanctions Towards Iraq, And The Future Of U.S.-Arab Relations. Finally, Wealthy Entrepreneur And Philanthropist George Soros Talks About His Company Soros Fund Management, His Charities, His New Book The Crisis Of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 3, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 09.03.97
      London Bureau Chief For The New York Times, Warren Hoge, Talks About The Investigation Into Princess Diana'S Death And The Implications For The British Monarchy. Next, Actor Charles S. Dutton Tells Charlie About His Directorial Debut With His Hbo Film First-Time Felon. Finally, Founder Of The Skeptics Society And Skeptic Magazine Michael Shermer Speaks About His Book, Why People Believe Weird Things. The Book Looks Into The Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories And Urban Legends.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 25, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 02.25.97
      Dr. Glenn Mcgee Talks To Charlie About The Ethics Of Cloning. Next, Christopher John Farley Of Time Magazine & Karen Schoemer Of Newsweek Talk To Charlie About The Hot Acts In The Running For Grammys. Finally, John Newcomb Of Simon & Schuster Talks About Technology'S Impact On The Publishing World.
    • Charlie Rose (October 25, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 10.25.99
      Author Scott Turow Reflects On His Life As A Lawyer And Talks About His New Book, Personal Injuries. Next, Composer Elmer Bernstein And Architect Craig Hodgetts Examine The New Exhibit Of The Works Of Designers Charles And Ray Eames. Finally, A Look At The Family That Has Run The New York Times, The Sulzbergers With The Authors Of The Book The Trust: The Private And Powerful Family Behind The New York Times, Former Associate Editor Of Time Susan Tift And Former Press Reporter For The New York Times Alex Jones.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (August 3, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 08.03.99
      Former Chairman Of The U.N. Special Commission On Iraq And Member Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Richard Butler, Discusses His Resignation Earlier In The Summer And The Ongoing Conflict Over The Ending Of Weapons Inspections In Iraq. Later, An Interview With Singer/Songwriter Natalie Cole On Her New Album, Snowfall On The Sahara, And Her Father, Nat King Cole.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 2, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 04.02.97
      Charlie Speaks To First-Time Novelist Thomas Kelly About His Book, Payback That Explores The Underside Of New York'S Building Boom In The 1980S. Next, Actor Anthony Lapaglia Of Abc Drama, Murder One Talks About His Childhood In Australia And His Upcoming Projects. Plus, John Seabrook Of The New Yorker Talks About His First Forays Into The World Of The Internet And His New Book That Traces His Experiences Called, Deeper. Finally, Flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal Discusses His Latest Cd, Romantic Music For Two Flutes And Piano.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 20, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 03.20.03
      Ken Pollack, Cnn Analyst And Director Of Research At The Saban Center For Middle East Policy At The Brookings Institution, Talks About The Progress Of The War Against Iraq And His Book, The Threatening Storm: The Case For Invading Iraq. Then, A Conversation With Senator Joseph Biden Of Delaware On What May Happen In Iraq After The War Is Over. Also, Former Senator Gary Hart On The Ongoing Threat Of Terrorism Against The United States.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (June 8, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 06.08.98
      First, Peter Gomes, The Eighth Official Preacher Of Harvard University, Discusses His New Book Sermons, In Which He Compiles His Favorite Sermons And Discusses The Art Of Creating A Perfect Sermon. Then, Whit Stillman Discusses His New Acclaimed Movie The Last Days Of Disco And The Pros And Cons Of Independent Film-Making. Then, Cornel West Of Harvard And Author Of The War Against Parents And Economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett, President Of The National Parenting Association, Discuss The Plight Of Parents In Modern Society. Finally, Burl Cain, The Warden Of The Louisiana State Penitentiary, The Largest Prison In The United States And The Subject Of The Documentary, The Farm, Discusses The Sorrows He Has Witnessed Over The Years And His Ideal Of Prison Reform.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (July 5, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 07.05.01
      Author Dominick Dunne Speaks About His New Book Justice: Crime, Trials And Punishments, A Compilation Of His Work In The Courtroom, And His Career Chronicling Several High-Profile Celebrity Trials. Then, Author, Andrew Solomon Speaks Candidly About His Struggle With Depression And His Latest Work, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas Of Depression.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 26, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 10.26.04
      Ken Mehlman, Campaign Manager For President Bush, Discusses The State Of The Race With Just One Week To Go Until The Election. Then, Tad Devine, A Senior Adviser To The Kerry Campaign, Discusses The Democratic Perspective On The Race In Its Closing Days. Then, James Naughtie, Lead Anchor Of Bbc Radio'S Today Show And One Of The Leading Commentators On British Politics Discusses His New Book Entitled The Accidental American: Tony Blair And The Presidency. He Discusses Prime Minister'S Tony Blair'S Strong Support Of The Bush Administration Through The Iraq War.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 5, 2005)
      Season 2005 - Episode 01.05.05
      Joining Charlie For Discussions About Escalating Violence In The Middle East And The Upcoming Palestinian Presidential Elections On January 9Th Are Senator Joseph Biden (D-De); Ziad Asali, President Of The American Task Force On Palestine; And Dennis Ross, Former Us Special Envoy To The Middle East. Also, Singer/Songwriter Alicia Keys Talks About Her Life, Her Music, And Her Eight Grammy Nominations.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 24, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 12.24.96
      First, an interview with director Rob Reiner, about his new film Ghosts of Mississippi. The director also speaks about the responsibility of a director to historical reality in film. Then, a dialogue with Myrlie Evers-Williams NAACP Chairman, and widow of Medgar Evans, and ADA of Jackson Mississippi Bobby DeLaughter, the prosecutor who convicted the killer, both of whom are portrayed in the movie. Finally, an interview with James Woods on his role in the film as the killer of Medgar Evers, Byron de la Beckwith.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (January 14, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 01.14.97
      Charlie Speaks With Former Assistant Secretary Of State Richard Holbrooke About Foreign Policy As Bill Clinton Prepares For His Second Term. Plus, Kevin Spacey Talks To Charlie About The Academy Award He Recently Won For His Film The Usual Suspects. Also, Spacey Discusses His First Experience Directing On The Film, Albino Alligator.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 6, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 11.06.97
      Playwright Neil Simon Talks To Charlie About His Latest Broadway Play Entitled Proposals. Next, Actress Helena Bonham Carter Talks About Her Newest Film, Wings Of The Dove, Which Is An Adaptation Of The Famous Novel By Henry James. Carter Plays The Penniless, Lovesick Kate Croy. Finally, Grammy Award Winning Jazz Saxophonist Joe Henderson Discusses His Latest Recording, Porgy And Bess.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 2, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 12.02.96
      Charlie speaks with activist Harry Wu, president of the Council on Foreign Relations Les Gelb and Washington Ambassador James Lilly about the tense relationship of Bill Clinton's administration with China. They discuss various issues including the confusion over the concept of a free lunch policy and the rearrest of Wang Dan. After, actress Stockard Channing talks about her return to television in the USA Network film An Unexpected Family. Finally, playwright David Henry Hwang discusses his experiences with cultural assimilation, a topic that is focused on in his newest work, Golden Childmoreless
    • Charlie Rose (December 13, 2002)
      Season 2002 - Episode 12.13.02
      Christopher Hitchens Of Vanity Fair, David Rieff Of The New Republic, Harold Hongju Koh Of Yale Law School And Michael Walzer, Editor Of Dissent, Debate The Issue Of Overthrowing Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein. Then, Author Yann Martel Discusses His Booker Prize-Winning Novel, Life Of Pi.
    • Charlie Rose (August 8, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 08.08.00
      A Conversation With Lorin Maazel And Clemens Hellsberg; A Conversation With Seiji Ozawa; A Conversation With Riccardo Muti
    • Charlie Rose (April 23, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 04.23.98
      First, Gerald Posner, Author Of Killing The Dream, James Earl Ray And The Assassination Of Martin Luther King, Jr. , And Clayborne Carson Of Stanford And Director Of The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project, Discuss The Legacy Of Mlk In The Light Of The Death Of James Earl Ray, The Convict Who Confessed To The Murder And Then Recanted His Confession. Then, Jason Alexander, One Of The Key Cast Members Of The Sitcom Seinfeld, Discusses His Role Of George Costanza, His Early Broadway Career, The Business Behind Seinfeld, And The Appeal Of The Show.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 28, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 02.28.97
      Charlie Talks To Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick About Working In The Clinton Administration And Her Decision To Step-Down From Her Post. Next, Wynton Marsalis And Jazz Vocalist Cassandra Wilson Talk About The Jazz Performance They Created Called, Blood On The Fields That Addresses Slavery. Finally, Walter Anderson Of Parade Magazine Discusses Self-Confidence. He Also Discusses His Latest Book Titled, The Confidence Course That Is Based On A Program He Teaches For Overcoming Self-Doubt.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (November 30, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 11.30.04
      Judith Miller Of The New York Times Talks To Charlie About Journalism And The Confidentiality Of Sources. A Federal Judge Held Her In Contempt Recently For Refusing To Disclose The Identity Of People She Interviewed. She Could Face Up To 18 Months In Jail. Her Attorney Floyd Abrams Joins Her With Attorney Zachary W. Carter And Richard Cohen Of The Washington Post. Al From Is The Founder Of The Democratic Leadership Council. He Talks To Charlie About The State Of The Democratic Party And The Recent Presidential Election.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 22, 2003)
      Season 2003 - Episode 10.22.03
    • Charlie Rose (October 28, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 10.28.97
      Charlie Talks With Donald Marron Of Painewebber, Henry Kaufman Of Henry Kaufman & Co. , Peter Lynch Of Fidelity Management And Research, And Jim Cramer Of Cramer Berkowitz & Co. About The Stock Market'S Recent Rebound From A Substantial Slump. Plus, Garrison Keillor Discusses His Book Lake Woebegon Days Which Is Based On His Popular Radio Show, A Prairie Home Companion.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (March 24, 2000)
      Season 2000 - Episode 03.24.00
      A Conversation With William Goldman (Part One); A Montage Of Clips From Interviews With Oscar-Nominees
    • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2006)
      Season 2006 - Episode 05.17.06
      First, Guest Host Walter Isaacson Gives An Update On The Rebuilding Effort After Hurricane Katrina With Alphonso Jackson, The Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, And Don Powell, The Federal Coordinator For Gulf Coast Rebuilding. The Conversation About Katrina Continues With Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu Of Louisiana. They Discuss The Failure Of Fema And The Red Cross And What Needs To Be Done To Improve The System Of National Response. Also, Reverend Peter Gomes Talks To Religious Scholar And Author Of A History Of God Karen Armstrong About Her New Book, The Great Transformation: The Beginning Of Our Religious Traditions. Finally, George Crile, Of 60 Minutes And A Distinguished Journalist At Cbs News, Died On Monday Of Pancreatic Cancer. In His Honor, A Special Broadcast Of Crile'S Appearances On The Show.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 20, 1999)
      Season 1999 - Episode 04.20.99
      Actor Laurence Fishburne Discusses His Latest Movie, The Matrix, And His Starring Role In The Broadway Revival Of The Lion In Winter. Fishburne Talks About His Craft And Influences As An Actor, And The Complex Sci-Fi World Of The Matrix. Then, Boston Symphony Conductor Seiji Ozawa Offers His Perspectives On Orchestral Music, His Career, And His Life As An Asian Musical Director In A Multiethnic Symphony Culture.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 9, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 02.09.01
      Primatologist Jane Goodall Talks About Her Legendary Work Studying Chimpanzees And Protecting Animal Welfare. Then, An Interview With Comedian Sid Caesar Who Commemorates The 50Th Anniversary Of His Television Series, Your Show Of Shows With The Release Of The Sid Caesar Collection, A Compilation Of The Show'S Funniest Moments.
    • Charlie Rose (November 30, 1994)
      Season 1994 - Episode 11.30.94
      First, a discussion about Newt Gingrich and his political future with New York Times columnist Frank Rich, Richard Brookiser of The National Review, Jacob Weisburg from New York Magazine, and author David Frum. Then, mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade talks about her career and her role in the new opera, The Dangerous Liaisons. Finally, 20/20 host Hugh Downs discusses on his career in broadcasting, his interest in science, and his new book, Fifty to Forever.moreless
    • 6/19/08
      A Conversation With Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund || A Conversation With Actor Connie Britton
    • Charlie Rose (September 18, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 09.18.96
      First, James Barksdale, President and CEO of Netscape and Esther Dyson, president of Adventure Holds discuss the battle between Microsoft and Netscape for control over the Internet at present and into the next century. Next, Editor and chief of TV Guide, Steven Reddicliffe, Time Magazine's Ginia Belafonte, and Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly discuss the upcoming fall 1996 television season, which includes Spin City, Cosby and the Brooke Shields show, Suddenly Susan. Finally, famous fashion designer Valentino discusses coming back to New York for his first fashion show in over a decade and the opening of his new boutique on Madison Avenue.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 17, 2007)
      Season 2007 - Episode 04.17.07
      First An Update About The Shootings That Took Place On April 16, 2007 At Virginia Tech In Blacksburg, Virginia With Brian Williams (Anchor & Managing Editor, Nbc Nightly News) Next A Continuation On The Discussion About The Virginia Shootings With Brian Ross (Chief Investigative Correspondent, Abc News) And Michael Shear (National Political Reporter, The Washington Post) Finally, Richard Perle (Former Assistant Secretary Of Defense / American Enterprise Institute) Discusses His Film That Airs As Part Of Pbs'S "America At A Crossroads" Series.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 7, 2004)
      Season 2004 - Episode 10.07.04
      A Discussion Of The State Of Foreign Policy With Former Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright. Topics Include The Recently Released Duelfer Report, The Political Situation In Iraq And The Strategic Position Of The U.S., Which She Says Is Worse Than In Vietnam. Then, The President Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Also Discusses The Situation In Iraq Which She Says Is Exacerbated By Iraqi Mistrust Of U.S. Intentions.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (February 2, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 02.02.98
      First, Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Columnist Anna Quindlen Talks About Leaving The New York Times To Write Fiction Full-Time. She Has Written Two Successful Novels, Object Lessons, And The Second, One True Thing, About Legacy And Loss, Crisis And The Human Condition And Is On To Support Her Newest Effort, Black And Blue. Then, Actor Gary Oldman, Best Known For Roles In Such Films As Sid And Nancy, Bram Stoker'S Dracula, And Jfk Talks About His Latest Effort Behind The Camera As The Writer, Director And Producer Of Nil By Mouth, The Personal Story About A Working-Class Family In South London. Finally, Scott Elliott, Founder Of The Experimental Theater Company, The New Group, And One Of The Hottest Theater Directors Around, Talks About His Ascent To Fame And His Latest Production Goose-Pimples.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (September 22, 1998)
      Season 1998 - Episode 09.22.98
      First, Laurence Tribe Of Harvard Law School Explains The Procedures Of The Impeachment Process And Relates This Information To The Impeachment Proceedings Against President Clinton. Finally, Robert Towne, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter, Discusses A New Film He Has Directed, Without Limits, Which Tells The Story Of The Track Star Steve Prefontaine. He Discusses The Star Of The Film, Billy Crudup, And The Making Of The Movie.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (October 31, 2001)
      Season 2001 - Episode 10.31.01
      An Interview With Haynes Johnson; A Conversation With Jay Maisel, Richard Drew, Thomas Hoepker & David Handschuh
    • Charlie Rose (June 12, 1997)
      Season 1997 - Episode 06.12.97
      Charlie Speaks With Outgoing Fcc Chairman Reed Hundt About The Internet, The Future Of Telecommunications And Al Gore. Next, Actor Jason Patric Discusses His Love Of Action-Adventure And His Latest Film, Speed 2, Which Stars Sandra Bullock. Finally, Filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer Talks About The Cast Of His New Film Conair That Includes Nicolas Cage And Bruce Willis.moreless
    • Charlie Rose (April 11, 1996)
      Season 1996 - Episode 04.11.96
      First, George C. Wolfe, Producer Of The Joseph Papp Public Theatre New York Shakespeare Festival, And Choreographer And Dancer Savion Glover Have Combined Hip Hop With Tap. The Result Is Bring In The Noise, Bring In The Funk, Is A Hybrid Of Documentary, Linear Narrative, And Song And Dance. Then, Tony Schwartz Of New York Magazine Went On A Quest To Search Out Wisdom In America. Ther Result Is The Book, What Really Matters. Schwartz Also Talks About The Book That He Is Currently Working On With Disney Ceo Michael Eisner. Also, Widow Of Reginald Lewis, Loida Lewis Stepped In To Head Tlc Beatrice International Holdings When Her Husband Passed Away. Defying Skeptics Who Questioned Her Lack Of Experience, She Has Succeeded In Increasing Profits And Sales. She Talks To Charlie About Keeping The Lewis Legacy Alive. Finally, Playwright Wendy Wasserstein Brings Her Gift For Humor And Storytelling To The World Of Children'S Books With Pamela'S First Musical, The Story Of A Nine-Year-Old'S First Trip To Broadway. She Discusses Her New Book And The Process Of Changing Genres.moreless