Charlie Rose - Season 1997

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Episode Guide

  • 12/31/97
    First, Author Stanley Kutler Discusses His Book "Abuse Of Power: The New Nixon Tapes."||Then, Author Michael Beschloss About His Book "Taking Charge" (From October 12, 1997)) And A Conversation With Jeff Shesol About His Book "Mutual Contempt" (From October 15, 1997).||Finally, A Conversation With Authors Ernest May And Philip Zelikow Of "The Kennedy Tapes: Inside The White House During The Cuban Misile Crisis," (From October 22, 1997).moreless
  • 12/30/97
    First, A Conversation With Author And Historian Stephen Ambrose About His New Book "Citizen Soldiers," That Looks At American Gis In World War Ii (From November 12, 1997).||Next, Author Doris Kearns Goodwin Talks About Her Latest Book "Wait Till Next Year," A Memoir Of Baseball'S Golden Age In The Late 1940S (From October 13, 1997).||Finally, A Conversation With Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Of "Angela'S Ashes" Frank Mccourt About His Memoir Regarding His Childhood In 1940S Ireland (From June 2, 1997).moreless
  • 12/29/97
    Actor Nathan Lane Talks About His Latest Family Film, Mouse Hunt. Next, Pam Grier And Quentin Tarantino Discuss Their Latest Movie Collaboration, Jackie Brown. The Film Also Stars Michael Keaton And Samuel L. Jackson. Finally, French Journalist Oliver Todd Talks About His Biography Of Existentialist Author Albert Camus Entitled, Albert Camus: A Life.moreless
  • Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.
    Episode 12.26.97
    An hour conversation with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino about the making of his blaxpoitation film
  • 12/25/97
    First, A Rebroadcast With Charles Frazier, Author Of Civil War Novel "Cold Mountain." He Talks About His Popular First Book About A Soldier Who Deserts The Army To Return To The Woman He Loves (From August 15, 1997).||Next, A Discussion With Author Of "A Perfect Storm," Sebastian Unger About His Career As A Journalist And Writer (From August, 5, 1997).||Finally, A Discussion With Novelist Jamaica Kincaid About Her Book "The Autobiography Of My Brother," A Memoir Of Her Childhood In The West Indies.moreless
  • 12/24/97
    Author Peter Stone Of Broadway Show Titanic Talks About The Tony Award Winning Show As Well As His Career On Broadway. Then, Playwright David Mamet Discusses His Current Play The Old Religion, A Story About A Jewish Man Accused Of Rape And Murder In Atlanta. Finally, Playwright Neil Simon Discusses His Current Broadway Play Entitled Proposals That Focuses On A Dysfunctional 1950S Family.moreless
  • 12/23/97
    Time Magazine Editor Walter Isaacson Talks About Intel'S Andy Grove Who Is Time'S Man Of The Year 1997. Next, Charlie Talks To Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, New York Times Reporter Janet Maslin, New York Magazine Reporter David Denby & Richard Corliss Of Time Magazine. The Group Discusses The Films Of 1997 Including Titanic, Amistad, Good Will Hunting And Jackie Brown. Finally, John Feinstein Talks About His New Book, A March To Madness: The View From The Floor In The Acc That Chronicles American College Basketball.moreless
  • Ed Bradley Of "60 Minutes"
    Episode 12.22.97
    An hour conversation with news anchor Ed Bradley about his 17 years with CBS'
  • 12/19/97
    Charlie Talks To Chief U. N. Arms Inspector In Iraq Richard Butler About His Recent Trip To Iraq And The Situation In That Country. Next, Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadhan Expresses Frustration With The State Of Relations Between Iraq And The U. S. Finally, Executive Vice President Of Microsoft Steven Balmer Talks About Microsoft'S Anti-Trust Case.moreless
  • Filmmaker James Cameron
    Episode 12.18.97
    An hour conversation with filmmaker James Cameron about his blockbuster film
  • 12/17/97
    Charlie Addresses His Annual Topic, America And The World, With New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman. Friedman, Author Of From Beirut To Jerusalem, Recounts A Recent Trip To Southeast Asia And Goes On To Discuss Pollution, Globalization And Foreign Policy.
  • 12/16/97
    Richard Berke Of The New York Times Talks About President Clinton'S Last Press Conference Of The Year. United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan Discusses The Ongoing Peace Negotiations Between Islamic Countries In The Middle East. American Designer Tommy Hilfiger Talks About His New Book, All American. William La Riche Tells Charlie About His Book Alexandria, The Sunken City, Which Deals With The History Of The Famous Egyptian City.moreless
  • 12/15/97
    Fouad Ajami Of U. S. News And World Report And Richard Murphy, Former Ambassador To Saudi Arabia, Discuss Iranian Politics. Then, Iran'S Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi & Egypt'S Foreign Minister Amre Moussa Talk To Charlie About The United States' Relationship With Iran.
  • 12/9/97
    First, A Conversation With Jessica Lange About Her Life As A Mother And Her Career As An Actress. She Discusses Her Latest Film "A Thousand Acres," And An Upcoming Project, "Hush," That Also Stars Gwyneth Paltrow. (From September 22, 1997) ||Then, Charlie Talks To Australian Director Gillian Armstrong About Her Film Career.moreless
  • 12/8/97
    An Interview With Michael Douglas. Douglas Tells Charlie About His Life Growing Up, His Career, His Relationship With His Famous Parents And His Current Film, "The Game" (From September 4, 1997).||Also, Kirk Douglas, Father Of Michael Douglas, Talks About His Latest Book, "Climbing The Mountain" (From September 17 1997).
  • 12/5/97
    Elisabeth Plater-Zybek And Andres Duany Tell Charlie About The Modern Challenges Facing Urban Planning. Next, Author John Weitz Talks About His New Book, Hitler'S Banker. Also, Australian Cabaret Singer David Campbell Tells Charlie About His Career In Cabaret And His New Cd, Taking The Wheel. Plus, Francesco Scavullo Talks About His New Book, Scavullo Photographs 50 Years. Finally, Director Of The State Hermitage Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky Describes His Vision To Revitalize The Museum And Its Home City, St. Petersburg.moreless
  • 12/4/97
    Israeli Ambassador To The United Nations Dore Gold Tells Charlie About The Current State Of The Middle East Peace Process. Julie Taymore, Director Of Broadway'S The Lion King Discusses The Production Of The Show. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis And Director Jim Sheridan Talk About Their Latest Film Collaboration, The Boxer.
  • 12/3/97
    News Anchor Bryant Gumble Talks To Charlie About His Show, Public Eye With Bryant Gumble. Chairman And Ceo Of Playboy Enterprises Christie Hefner Discusses Her Father, Hugh Hefner, Founder Of Playboy Magazine And King Of The Playboy Empire, As Well As Her Unusual Career. Louis Ruykeyser Looks Back On 25 Years Of Hosting Pbs' Program Wall Street Week.moreless
  • 12/2/97
    Charlie Talks To Both Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist And Author Seymour Hersh And Critic Arthur Schlesinger About Hersh'S New Book Entitled, The Dark Side Of Camelot.
  • 12/1/97
    Economic Analyst Jim Cramer Talks About The Rising Stock Market And The Implications. Next, Driver Jeff Gordon Tells Charlie About Life As The Star Of Nascar Racing. Finally, Sheryl Crow Discusses Her Performance In The New James Bond Movie Tomorrow Never Dies And Also Performs Her Song Home.
  • 11/28/97
    U.N. Medical Experts Announced On Tuesday There Are Now Over 30 Million People Living With Hiv. This Is Startling Increase From Last Year'S Estimated 20 Million. Here To Discuss The Current Statistics And What Is Being Done To Address This Escalting Prob
  • 11/27/97
    Architect David Chipperfield Tells Charlie About His New Project, Designing The New Museum In Berlin. Charlie Talks To British Musician Joe Jackson About His Latest Cd, Heaven And Hell. Finally, Charlie Talks To Biographer Richard Whelan And Curator Michael Hoffman About The Philadelphia Museum Of Art Exhibition Of Robert Capa'S Photography.moreless
  • 11/26/97
    Charlie Talks To Author Peter Matthiessen About His Latest Book, Lost Man'S River. Plus, Fran Drescher Of The Hit Television Show, The Nanny, Discusses Her Acting Career And Her New Book, Enter Whining.
  • Cnn's Christine Amanpour
    Episode 11.25.97
    An hour conversation with journalist Christiane Amanpour about her experiences as a war correspondent during the Gulf War, the war in Bosnia, the starvation in Somalia and the genocide in Rwanda. She also discusses her position as a reporter with CNN.
  • 11/24/97
    Charlie Kicks Off A Week-Long Trip To England By Speaking To Chairman Of The Northern Ireland Peace Talks George Mitchell. He Also Speaks With Secretary Of State Of Northern Ireland Marjorie Mowlam. They Discuss The Trajectory Of The Peace Process In Northern Ireland As Well As Britain'S Role In The Negotiations. Plus, Shakespearean Actor Stephen Dillane Talks About His New Film, Welcome To Sarajevo.moreless
  • 11/21/97
    Charlie Talks To Director Of The London School Of Economics Anthony Giddens About Current British Politics And Transatlantic Relations. Next, Philip Lader Talks About His Role As The U. S. Ambassador To The United Kingdom. Warren Hoge Talks About His Position As The London Bureau Chief For The New York Times And Weighs In On The State Of American-British Relations. Finally, Gordon Ramsey Of The Restaurant Aubergine And Nicholas Rettie Of The Metropolitan Hotel Talk About Culture And Food In London.moreless
  • An hour conversation from England with the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, John Major, about his experiences in office, his dealings with the monarchy and his views on international politics including the war in Bosnia, the Middle East process and the Northern Ireland peace process. He also discusses the British elections, Margaret Thatcher and his thoughts on the Clinton administration.moreless
  • 11/19/97
    Former Chancellor Of The Exchequer Kenneth Clarke Talks To Charlie About The Fall Of Margaret Thatcher. Then, Chairman Of The Virgin Group Richard Branson Talks About His Involvement In British Politics. Finally, Director Of Britain'S' Royal National Theater Richard Eyre Discusses His Final Directorial Effort, The Invention Of Love. The Play, Which Tells The Story Of Homosexual Poet A. E. Housman, Was Written By British Playwright Tom Stoppard.moreless
  • 11/18/97
    Charlie Talks To Columnist Hugo Young Of The Guardian About The Blair Government And The State Of British-Us Relations. Next, He Speaks With The Editor Of The Scotsman, Andrew Neil, About Tony Blair And Margaret Thatcher. Finally, Author Wendy Beckett Talks About Visual Art Through The Ages.
  • 11/17/97
    Former U. S. Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger Comments On The Situation In The Gulf. He Also Talks About The U. S. Relationship With Great Britain. Next, British Designer Of The Year Alexander Mcqueen Talks About His Career In Fashion And Looks Ahead To The Spring Collection. Finally, Director Ian Softley Talks About His Latest Film, Wings Of The Dove, Which Stars Helena Bonham Carter As Kate Croy.moreless
  • 11/14/97
    British Ambassador To The U. S. Christopher Meyer Talks About The British Perspective On Iraq. Next, The President Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Leslie Gelb, Discusses Diplomacy In The Gulf. Finally, Richard Gere Tells Charlie About His New Projects Including A Book Of Photography Entitled, Pilgrim And A Film Called Red Corner. Gere Also Talks About His Recent Conversion To Buddhism And His Meeting With The Dalai Lama.moreless
  • 11/13/97
    Charlie Talks To Deputy Prime Minister Of Iraq, Tariq Aziz, About The Crisis In The Gulf And U. N. Sanctions Against Iraq. Also, Vanity Fair Reporter Dominick Dunne Talks About His New Book, Another City, Not My Own, That Chronicles The O. J. Simpson Trial.
  • 11/12/97
    Author/Historian Stephen Ambrose Tells Charlie About His New Book, Citizen Soldiers, Which Is One Of Several Books He Has Written About The Second World War. Next, Dancer/Singer Tommy Tune Talks About His New Memoir, Footnotes. Finally, Village Voice Columnist Nat Hentoff Discusses His Book, Speaking Freely, Which Recounts His Career In Journalism And His Perspective On Freedom Of Speech.moreless
  • 11/11/97
    Author Of The Old Religion, David Mamet Talks About His Work As A Playwright, A Novelist And An Acting Coach. Next, Actor/Director Sidney Lumet Discusses His Latest Comedic Film, Critical Care, As Well As His Upcoming Project, Gloria. Also, Ceo Of Starfish, Philippe Kahn, Reviews Some New Personal Technology. Finally, Founder Of Carolina Herrera Ltd. , Carolina Herrera, And Her Daughter Carolina Adriana Herrera Discuss Fashion And The Family Business.moreless
  • 11/10/97
    Robert F. Kennedy And John Cronin Talk About Their Organization, Riverkeepers That Works To Protect The Flora And Fauna Of The Hudson River. Next, The Producer Of Fairy Tale: A True Story, Wendy Finerman Discusses Women In Hollywood. Finally, Melvyn Bragg, Host Of England'S Television Show The Southbank Show, Talks About His New Book, The Sword And The Miracle.moreless
  • 11/7/97
    Richard Haas Of The Brookings Institution Talks To Charlie About The Unfolding Conflict Between Iraq And The U. N. James Ledbetter Of The Village Voice, President And Ceo Of Pbs Ervin Duggan, And Filmmaker David Gruban Talk About The History And Mission Of Public Broadcasting. Finally, Art Historian John Richardson Discusses The Importance Of The Auction Of The Ganz Collection Of Art.moreless
  • 11/6/97
    Playwright Neil Simon Talks To Charlie About His Latest Broadway Play Entitled Proposals. Next, Actress Helena Bonham Carter Talks About Her Newest Film, Wings Of The Dove, Which Is An Adaptation Of The Famous Novel By Henry James. Carter Plays The Penniless, Lovesick Kate Croy. Finally, Grammy Award Winning Jazz Saxophonist Joe Henderson Discusses His Latest Recording, Porgy And Bess.moreless
  • 11/5/97
    Meet The Press Celebrates 50 Years On The Air. Its Host, Tim Russert, Talks To Charlie About The Shows' History And Reflects On Some Of The Many Amazing People He Has Interviewed. Next, Chairman Of The Adventure Holdings Company Esther Dyson Discusses Her New Book Entitled, Release 2. 0: A Design For Living In The Digital Age.moreless
  • 11/4/97
    Charlie Talks To Author And Washington Post Columnist George Will About His New Book, The Woven Figure. Next, Author Sally Quinn Describes Her Book, The Party, Which Chronicles Her Experiences With Parties And Social Events Over The Years. Finally, Charlie Talks To The Star Of The Television Show Dellaventura, Danny Aeillo.moreless
  • 10/31/97
    Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Talks To Charlie About A 19 Year Old Au Pair'S Recent Manslaughter Conviction. Next, U. S. Ambassador To China James Sasser Talks About The Time He Spent With Chinese President Jiang Zemin And Offers Some Insight Into The State Of Us-Chinese Relations. Also, The First Installment In A Conversation About Race With Historian John Hope Franklin.moreless
  • 10/30/97
    Former U. S. Ambassador To China James Lilley, Nicholas Platt Of The Asia Society And Peter Beinart Of The New Republic Discuss Chinese President Jiang Zemin'S Visit To The U. S. Also, Charlie Talks To Chinese Director Of Human Rights Xiao Qiang And Writer Liu Binyan About The Dissident View Of Jiang Zemin And The State Of Chinese Politics. Finally, Director Paul Thomas Anderson Tells Charlie About His Latest Film Entitled, Boogie Nights. The Film Was Adapted From A Short Anderson Made Years Ago And Offers A Look Into The Gritty World Of The Adult Film Industry Of The 1970'S.moreless
  • 10/29/97
    Charlie Talks To Mayor Of Indianapolis Stephen Goldsmith About Changes In Urban America And Describes How He Reduced Spending And Bureaucracy In Indianapolis. 1980S Film Princess Molly Ringwald Talks About Her Return To Theater In Her Current Off-Broadway Play, How I Learned To Drive. Finally, Remembers Symphony Conductor Sir George Solti By Speaking To His Widow, Lady Valerie Solti.moreless
  • 10/28/97
    Charlie Talks With Donald Marron Of Painewebber, Henry Kaufman Of Henry Kaufman & Co. , Peter Lynch Of Fidelity Management And Research, And Jim Cramer Of Cramer Berkowitz & Co. About The Stock Market'S Recent Rebound From A Substantial Slump. Plus, Garrison Keillor Discusses His Book Lake Woebegon Days Which Is Based On His Popular Radio Show, A Prairie Home Companion.moreless
  • 10/27/97
    Michael Metz From Oppenheimer & Co. , Michael Bloomberg From Bloomberg Ltd. And Byron Wein Of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discuss The Sharp Decline In The Stock Market. Then, Danny Glover Tells Charlie About His Film Switchback, Which Chronicles The Journey Of Two Men In The Rocky Mountains. Finally, Charlie Talks To Former Israeli Ambassador To The United Nations Abba Eban About His New Documentary, On The Brink Of Peace. The Film Focuses On The History And The Current State Of The Peace Process In The Middle East.moreless
  • 10/24/97
    Filmmaker Curtis Hanson Talks To Charlie About His Film L. A. Confidential Based On The Novel By James Ellroy. The Film, Which Is Receiving Much Critical Acclaim, Starts Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Danny Devito And Kim Basinger. Next, Author Louis Auchincloss Discusses His Book, The Atonement, That Follows A Young Man Who Committed A Financial Crime. Finally, Filmmaker Mark Jonathon Harris, Producer Richard Trank And Rabbi Marvin Hier Tell Charlie About Their Documentary Called, The Long Way Home. The Film Focuses On The Years 1945 To 1948 Of The Holocaust When Many Jews Were Ignored By Their Governments.moreless
  • 10/23/97
    Byron Wien Of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Talks To Charlie About How Asian Economies Influenced The Drop In The U. S. Stock Market Today. Then, Actress Parker Posey Talks To Charlie About Her Career In Independent Films. She Also Tells Charlie About The Film She Stars In With Tori Spelling Called, The House Of Yes. Finally, Anne Rice Discusses Her 18Th Book That Chronicles The Relationship Between A Woman, A Ghost And A Violin. The Novel Is Entitled, Violin.moreless
  • 10/22/97
    First, Charlie Talks To Ernest May & Philip Zelikow Of Harvard University About Their Book, The Kennedy Tapes: Inside The White House During The Cuban Missile Crisis. The Tapes Were Recently Released And Reveal White House Deliberations During The Crisis. Next, Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould Discusses The Upcoming Millennium And His Book, Questioning The New Millennium: A Rationalist'S Guide To A Precisely Arbitrary Countdown. Finally, Novelist Caleb Carr Talks About His Book The Angel Of Darkness That Looks At The Underworld Of 19Th Century New York.moreless
  • 10/21/97
    First, In Light Of The Recent Charges Against Software Giant Microsoft, Charlie Speaks With Attorneys Neil Herman & Steven Ballmer About The Nature Of The U. S. Justice Department'S Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against The Company. Later, Executive Vice President Of Microsoft Steven Ballmer Tells Charlie About His Company'S Reaction To The Effort To Break Up Microsoft. Finally, Retired Cia Director Stansfield Turner Talks About Strategies To Prevent Nuclear Terrorism And His New Book, Caging The Nuclear Genie.moreless
  • 10/20/97
    Economic Analyst Jim Cramer Talks About Black Monday, The Day In 1987 When The Stock Market Fell 22 Percent. Plus, Former Cia Agents Richard Helms, James Woolsey & William Webster Acknowledge The Agency'S 50Th Anniversary And Discuss Problems That Currently Face The Agency.
  • 10/17/97
    Drs. Mark Sauer, Zev Rosenwaks And Ruth Faden Discuss The Recent Birth Of Twins Using Eggs That Had Been Frozen For Two Years. They Reflect On The Effect This Technology Could Have On Artificial Insemination. Next, George Vecsey Of The New York Times, Tim Mccarver Of Fox Sports & Former Major League Baseball Player Keith Hernandez Talk About The 1997 World Series. Plus, Musician Patti Smith Talks About Her Album, Peace And Noise And The Death Of Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.moreless
  • 10/16/97
    Jim Hoge & Fareed Zakaria Of Foreign Affairs Magazine Discuss The Publication'S 25Th Anniversary. They Also Opine On America'S Relationships With Various Asian And Eastern European Countries. Plus, Filmmaker David Breashears Talks About His Imax Film, Mountain Without Mercy, Which Follows The Tragic Journey Of 33 Climbers Up Mount Everest.
  • 10/15/97
    Author Jeff Shesol Talks To Charlie About His New Book, Mutual Contempt, That Chronicles The Fiery Relationship Between Lyndon Johnson And Robert F. Kennedy. Next, Winemaker Robert Mondavi Tells Charlie About His Family'S History In The Wine Business And The Attributes Of The Northern California Wine Growing Region. Finally, Filmmaker Jean Jacques Annaud Discusses His Film Seven Years In Tibet That Traces The Journey Of A German Man In Tibet.moreless
  • 10/14/97
    Charlie Speaks With Author And Star Of The Film Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg About His Transition From The Rapper To Actor. Next, Filmmaker Ang Lee, Novelist Rick Moody, And Screenwriter James Schamus Discuss Their Successful New Film, The Ice Storm, Which Was Adapted From The Book By Rick Moody And Stars Sigourney Weaver, Jessica Lange And Kevin Kline. Finally, Writer Paul Aster Talks About His New Book Hand To Mouth That Chronicles The Difficulties Of Surviving As A Writer.moreless
  • 10/13/97
    Charlie Talks To Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin About How She Fell In Love With Baseball During The Sport'S Golden Age In 1940S New York. Her New Book Is Called Wait Till Next Year. Next, Charlie Speaks With Editor Michael Beschloss About The Task Of Sifting Through Hundreds Of Hours Of Secretly Recorded Tapes From The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency. Beschloss Published The Transcripts From These Tapes In His Book, Taking Charge: The Johnson White House Tapes 1963-1964. Plus, Ted Forstmann Discusses His Decision To Donate $3 Million To The Washington Scholarship Fund To Help Families Send Children To Schools Of Their Choosing. Finally, Record Producer Milton Okun Remembers Musician John Denver Who Died In A Plane Crash Last Night.moreless
  • 10/10/97
    Former Governor Mario Cuomo And Writer Gay Talese Talk About The Cultural Significance Of Baseball Legend Joe Dimaggio And The New Hbo Documentary Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?Finally, Charlie Speaks With Comedian Janeane Garofalo About Her Love For Comedy And Her Entry Into Standup 13 Years Ago.
  • 10/9/97
    Coach Rick Pitino, Journalist Mike Lupica And Coach Dean Smith Talk About Smith'S Announcement That He Will Retire From Coaching The University Of North Carolina Basketball Team. Next, Performers Carl Reiner And Mel Brooks Talk About Their Comedic Act, 2000-Year-Old Man In The Year 2000, That The Duo Began Crafting 47 Years Ago. Finally, Vera Wang Talks About Her Fashion Career Which Began When She Was An Editor At Vogue Magazine And Ultimately Led Her To Start Her Own Bridal Line In 1990.moreless
  • 10/8/97
    Defense Attorney Charles Gittins Discusses The Announcement Today That His Client Sergeant Major Gene Mckinney Will Face A Court-Martial Based On Sexual Harassment Charges Brought Forth By Six Military Women. Next, Duke University Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski Talks About Leading His Team To Prominence. Finally, Paula Cole Tells Charlie About Her Experiences On The All-Female Musical Tour Called Lilith Fair. She Also Performs A Song From Her Cd This Fire.moreless
  • 10/6/97
    Charlie Talks To Journalist Nina Totenberg About Some Of The Cases The Supreme Court Will Be Hearing In Their Upcoming Term. Next, Author John Updike Speaks With Charlie About His Novel Toward The End Of Time Which Looks At Aging. Plus, Choreographer Twyla Tharp Tells Charlie About Her Dance Roy'S Joys Based On The Jazz Music Of Roy Eldridge. Finally, Photographer William Wegman Explains How He Got Hooked On Shooting Weimaraner Dogs.moreless
  • 10/3/97
    Steve Chavis Of The Christian Men'S Movement, The Promise Keepers Talks About The Group'S Mission To Encourage Men To Take Responsibility In Their Relationship With God. Patricia Ireland Of The National Organization For Women And Journalists E. J. Dionne & Ellis Cose Analyze The Political Motives Of The Organization. Next, Art Critic Sister Wendy Beckett Discusses Her Decades In A Monastery As Well As Her Extensive Knowledge Of Art History. Finally, Deborah Voigt, One Of The World'S Most Respected Sopranos, Tells Charlie About Her Current Role With The Metropolitan Opera.moreless
  • 10/2/97
    Charlie Asks Egyptian Foreign Minister Amre Moussa About Egypt'S Role In The Mideast Peace Process. Plus, Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh Talks About Playing Unlikely Heroines In Her Film Career.
  • 10/1/97
    Former Secretary of Education William Bennett talks about his book, Our Sacred Honor that offers pieces of moral wisdom from the country's founding fathers. Also, author and founder of The National Review William F. Buckley discusses his Catholic faith and his book, Nearer My God.
  • 9/30/97
    Charlie Talks To Economic Analysts Byron Wien & Jim Cramer About The Federal Reserve'S Announcement That They Would Not Be Raising Interest Rates. Next, Philanthropist And Collector Agnes Gund And Curator Kurt Varnedoe From The Museum Of Modern Art Reflect On The Life And Career Of Pop Art Master Roy Lichtenstein. Finally, Jazz Pianist Marcus Roberts Speaks With Charlie About His Latest Album, Blues For The New Millennium.moreless
  • 9/29/97
    Charlie Talks To Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Khazzari About The New Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami. Plus, Composer Bill Whelan And Dancers Colin Dunne & Eileen Martin Talk About Their Show, Riverdance. Riverdance Is An Epic Spectacle Of World Dance, Particularly Irish Step Dancing.
  • 9/26/97
    Howell Raines Of The New York Times Talks About His Position As Editorial Page Editor. Creator And Producer Lorne Michaels Talks About Launching The New Season Of His Hit Improv Show, Saturday Night Live.
  • 9/25/97
    Filmmaker Oliver Stone Talks About His Time As A Marine In Vietnam And His New Book, A Child'S Night Dream. Plus, Author Spalding Gray Shares His Most Recent Monologue, It'S A Slippery Slope That He Has Published As A Book.
  • 9/24/97
    An hour conversation with the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner. Eisner talks about his role as the most powerful man in Hollywood, his early career in children's television programming, his revitalization of the company over the past 13 years and his business and creative sense.
  • Actor Sean Penn.
    Episode 09.23.97
    An hour conversation with actor Sean Penn about the craft of acting versus directing, his roles in
  • 9/22/97
    An hour conversation with Academy Award-winning actress Jessica Lange about her work in the theater and her film,
  • 9/19/97
    James Salter Discuses His Book, Burning The Days Based On His 14 Years As An Air Force Fighter Pilot. Then, Ll Cool J Talks To Charlie About Rap Music'S Reputation In The Media And His Book, I Make My Own Rules. Finally, Violence Management Expert Gavin De Becker Discusses His Book, The Gift Of Fear.moreless
  • 9/18/97
    Chinese Dissident Tong Yee Speaks With Charlie About Human Rights Abuses In China. Next, Golf Expert Jim Flick Discusses His Book, Lessons From America'S Master Teacher. He Weighs In On This Seasons Top Players And The Upcoming Master'S Cup. Finally, The Creator Of Court Tv. Steven Brill Talks About American Journalism And His Magazine, Content.moreless
  • 9/17/97
    William Esrey Of The Sprint Corporation Discusses The Future Of Wireless Technology. Then, Kirk Douglas Talks About His Book, Climbing The Mountain, Which Reflects On The Tragedies And Triumphs Of His Life. He Also Talks About His Son, Michael Douglas, And Michael'S Blossoming Career. Finally, Editor In Chief Of Gentleman'S Quarterly Art Cooper Discusses The Magazine'S Focus On Strong Writing And Style.moreless
  • 9/16/97
    Former Al Gore Chief Of Staff Roy Neel, Political Strategist Ed Rollins & The New Yorker Washington Correspondent Joe Klein Talk To Charlie About Al Gore'S Campaign Finance Controversy. Next, Journalists Rick Martin, Steven Reddicliffe & Ken Tucker Tell Charlie About New Fall Tv Shows. The Line-Up Includes, Veronica'S Closet, Nothing Sacred, The Gregory Hines Show And Dellaventura. Finally, Flutist And Cbs Sunday Morning Arts Correspondent Eugenia Zukerman Shares Her Story Of Lung Illness In Her Book, Coping With Prednisone.moreless
  • 9/15/97
    Senator Arlen Specter And Journalists Howard Fineman & William Kristol Talk To Charlie About The Political Fallout Of William Weld'S Withdrawal Of His Nomination To Be Ambassador To Mexico. Also, Journalists Lucy Danziger And Sally Jenkins As Well As Athletes Julie Foudy & Nadia Comaneci Discuss Women In Sports.
  • 9/12/97
    Former Chief Of The Cia'S Berlin Base David Murphy & Former Chief Of The Kgb'S German Department Sergei Kondrashev Talk About Serving As Enemies In The U. S. -Soviet Intelligence War Between 1945 And 1961. The Two Men Also Discuss Their Collaboration On A Book Entitled, Battleground Berlin. Also, Band Mates Steven Tyler And Joe Perry From The Rock Group Aerosmith Tell Charlie About Their Struggles In The Music Business And Their New Album, Nine Lives. Finally, Charlie Talks To Editor-In-Chief Of The Advocate Judy Wieder About Gays And Lesbians Under 30, Otherwise Known As Generation Q.moreless
  • 9/11/97
    Ann Louise Bardach Of Vanity Fair Magazine And Gregg Mccrary Formerly Of The Fbi Talk To Charlie About The Ongoing Investigation Into The Jon-Benet Ramsey Murder. Next, Filmmaker Nick Cassavetes Talks About Making Movies In The Shadow Of His Filmmaker Father, John Cassavetes. He Also Talks About His Second Film, She'S So Lovely, Which Stars Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn And John Travolta. Finally, Comedian Michael Palin Discusses His Travel Series Premiering On Pbs Called Full Circle.moreless
  • 9/10/97
    Charlie Speaks With Israeli Ambassador To The United Nations Dore Gold About Madeleine Albright'S Meeting With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Regarding Terrorism In Gaza. Next, Friends And Musicians Willie Nelson & Kinky Friedman Talk About Their Literary Collaboration Entitled, Road Kill. Finally, David Byrne Talks About His Public Versus His Private Persona And His Latest Album, Feelings.moreless
  • 9/9/97
    An hour with businessman and philanthropist Michael Milken, Founder and Chairman of CAP Cure, a foundation dedicated to supporting prostate cancer research. Milken speaks about his battle with prostate cancer, how it has inspired his activism in the world of cancer research and his business's role in funding health care.
  • 9/8/97
    Father Michael Mannion Of Catholic University Of America Talks To Charlie About The Death Of His Friend Mother Theresa. Also, Humanitarians Eileen Egan And Dr. George Lombardi Remember Mother Theresa'S Grace In Caring For The Sick In India. Next, Novelists Bruce Jay Friedman, Kurt Vonnegut And Dan Wakefield Discuss The Difficulty In Adapting Novels Into Screenplays. Finally, Chairman Of Starbucks Coffee Howard Schultz Talks To Charlie About His Vision For The Company And His New Book, Pour Your Heart Into It.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion from the summit at the Disney Institute about the effects of cholesterol, the dangers of coronary disease and the newest medical technology for the heart. Panelists include: Michael Eisner, the President & CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Dr. Fredric Pashkow of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Dr. William Castelli of the Framingham Cardiovascular Institute, Dr. Dean Ornish of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and Dr. Antonia Demas of Tufts University.moreless
  • Actor Michael Douglas
    Episode 09.04.97
    An hour conversation with actor Michael Douglas about his life growing up with famous parents, his career as a producer which included an Academy Award for
  • 9/3/97
    London Bureau Chief For The New York Times, Warren Hoge, Talks About The Investigation Into Princess Diana'S Death And The Implications For The British Monarchy. Next, Actor Charles S. Dutton Tells Charlie About His Directorial Debut With His Hbo Film First-Time Felon. Finally, Founder Of The Skeptics Society And Skeptic Magazine Michael Shermer Speaks About His Book, Why People Believe Weird Things. The Book Looks Into The Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories And Urban Legends.moreless
  • 9/2/97
    David Halberstam Of Vanity Fair Magazine, Neal Travis Of The New York Post, Ann Moore Of People Magazine And Michael Elliot Of Newsweek Magazine Remember Princess Diana. Also, Journalists Bud Collins & Eugene Scott As Well As Coach Pancho Segura Weigh In On This Year'S Competitors In The U. S. Open. There Is Currently A Lot Of Buzz Surrounding Pete Sampras And Venus Williams.moreless
  • An hour conversation with the former Democratic governor of North Carolina, Terry Sanford, about the influence of racial tensions on his 1960 election campaign, his work for education, his acquaintance with J.F.K. and the novel he is at work on.
  • 8/15/97
    Charles Frazier, Author Of Civil War Novel Cold Mountain, Talks About His Popular First Book About A Soldier Who Deserts The Army To Return To The Woman He Loves. Also, Actresses Cicely Tyson And Ruby Dee And Biographer Donald Bogle Discuss The First Black Actress To Be Nominated For An Academy Award, Dorothy Dandridge.moreless
  • 8/14/97
    Indian Authors Salman Rushdie And Arundhati Roy As Well As American Journalist Barbara Crossette Talk To Charlie About India'S 50Th Year Of Independence. They Share Their Thoughts On The Future Of The World'S Largest Democracy. Next, The United States Tennis Association Is Naming Its New Tennis Stadium After The Late Tennis Star Arthur Ashe. His Widow, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, And Usta President Harry Marmion Talk About The New Stadium And The Legacy Of Its Namesake. Finally, Filmmaker Neil Labute Discusses His Controversial New Film, In The Company Of Men, Which Explores Gender Relations.moreless
  • 8/13/97
    Country Singer Loretta Lynn Talks To Charlie About Recording Sixty Albums And Her New Album All-Time Gospel Favorites. Next, President Of Bmg Entertainment Strauss Zelnick Talks About His Transition To Music After A Career In Television And Film. Finally, Author Peter Mayle Discusses His Novel Chasing Cezanne That Takes A Critical Look At The Art World.moreless
  • 8/12/97
    Charlie Speaks With Al Michaels Of Abc Sports About The Tyson-Holyfield Boxing Rematch. Then, Filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter, Screenwriter James Lasdun And Actress Lisa Harrow Talk About Their Film Sunday That Traces A Chance Encounter Between A Homeless Man And An Actress. Finally, Filmmakers Lesli Klainberg And Monte Bramer Talk To Charlie About Their Documentary About The Gay Writer Paul Monette Entitled, Becoming A Man: Half A Life Story.moreless
  • 8/11/97
    Charlie Speaks With American Ambassador To Bosnia Richard Holbrooke About The War In Bosnia. Next, Actress Mira Sorvino And Director Guillermo Del Toro Discuss Their New Horror Film Called Mimic. Finally, David Redden Of Sotheby'S And Calvin Tomkins Of The New Yorker Magazine Talk About The Upcoming Windsor Auction. The Auction Includes 40,000 Pieces From The Duke And Duchess Of Windsor, King Edward The Viii And Wallis Simpson.moreless
  • 8/8/97
    Charlie Talks To Journalists Bill Kristol And Robert Kagan About Their Morals-Based Concept Of Foreign Policy. Also, Richard Haass Of The Brookings Institution And Fareed Zakaria Of Foreign Affairs Magazine Discuss The Republican Party'S Splits On The Issue Of Foreign Policy. Next, Actor John Leguizamo Tells Charlie About His Experiences As A Latin Man And His New Film, Spawn. Finally, Violinist Itzhak Perlman And Conductor John Williams, Who Has Written Scores For Such Memorable Films As Star Wars, Indiana Jones And E. T. , Discuss Film Music And Hollywood Sound.moreless
  • 8/7/97
    An hour conversation with director James Mangold and actors Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta about their film
  • 8/6/97
    Charlie Speaks With Journalists Richard Cohen, Nancy Gibbs And Jonathan Alter About The Fall Objectives President Clinton Outlined In Today'S News Conference. Next, Fred Barnes Of The Weekly Standard, Richard Berke Of The New York Times, And Political Strategist Dick Morris Talk About Two Politicians Vying For The Nomination To Be Ambassador To Mexico, Jesse Helms And William Weld. Finally, Author Erica Jong Discusses Her Book, Inventing Memory, Which Looks At The Relationships Between Mothers And Daughters.moreless
  • 8/5/97
    Terrorism Expert Brian Jenkins Talks To Charlie About The Recent String Of Terrorist Attacks On U. S. Soil. Next, Author Of A Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger Talks About His Career As A Journalist And The Terrible Storm That Inspired His Latest Novel. Finally, Vint Serf Of Mci Communications Talks About The New Ability For The Internet To Support Real-Time Audio And Video.moreless
  • 8/4/97
    Charlie Speaks With Bennett Lebow, The Head Of The Liggett Group. The Group Is The First Tobacco Company To Publicly Admit That Smoking Causes Cancer And Other Diseases. Next, Director Mike Leigh Tells Charlie About Some Of His Favorite Films As Well As His Own Movie, Career Girls. Finally, Publisher Morgan Entrekin And Artist Robert Wilson Remember Beat Author William Burroughs Who First Won Renown For His Book, Naked Lunch.moreless
  • 8/1/97
    Charlie Talks To Senator Joseph Lieberman From The Governmental Affairs Committee Regarding The Recent Campaign Finance Hearings. Next, Former White House Fellows Tom Johnson & Michael Armacost, As Well As Current Fellows Brenda Berkman & Stephanie Ferguson Discuss The Merits Of The Program. Johnson Is Currently President Of Cnn And Armacost Is President Of The Brookings Institution. Finally, Katherine Whalen, Ken Mosher, Chris Ferguson And Tom Maxwell Of The Band, The Squirrel Nut Zippers Talk About Their Where They Got Their Name.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 31, 1997)
    Episode 07.31.97
    Charlie Speaks With Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker About The Burgeoning U. S. Economy As Well As Assets Of Holocaust Victims Still Being Held In Switzerland. Next, Robert Ballard Of The Institute For Exploration Discusses The Discovery Of Eight Ancient Shipwrecks Found In The Mediterranean Sea. Finally, The First Female President Of Hearst'S Magazine Division, Cathleen Black, Talks About Several Of Hearst'S Popular Magazines, Including Good Housekeeping, Esquire And Cosmopolitan.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 30, 1997)
    Episode 07.30.97
    Charlie Speaks With Ambassador Of Israel To The U. N. Dore Gold, Palestinian Observer To The U. N. Nasser Al-Kidwa And New York Times Reporter Judith Miller About The Latest Suicide Bombing In Jerusalem. The Group Debates Whether Or Not The Netanyahu Government Has Taken Sufficient Action To Quell The Violence. Plus, Sydney Schanberg Of Vanity Fair, Dith Pran Of The New York Times And Former Bush Administration Adviser Richard Solomon Talk About The Trial Of Pol Pot. The Group Discusses Why The Cambodian Rebel Leader Is Finally Facing Charges For His 1970'S Reign Of Terror.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 29, 1997)
    Episode 07.29.97
    Mayor-Elect Of Mexico City Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Talks To Charlie About His Vision To Improve The Quality Of Life For All Mexicans. Next, John Heidenry, Author Of What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise And Fall Of The Sexual Revolution, Daphne Merkin Of The New Yorker, Rufus Griscom Of Nerve Magazine; And Lewis Lapham Of Harper'S Magazine Talk About Sexual Politics In The U. S. Finally, Photographer Larry Fink Talks About Using Boxers As His Subject Matter.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 28, 1997)
    Episode 07.28.97
    Charlie Talks To African-American Mayor Willie Brown Of San Francisco About His Experiences Growing Up In A Racially Segregated Part Of Texas. Brown Also Talks About His Goals For Improving San Francisco. Next, Roy Johnson Of Fortune Magazine, Kim Green Of Aon Risk Services, And Fred Terrell Of Provender Capital Group Discuss The Notion Of Black Power In The 1990'S. Finally, Jim Sleeper Discusses His Book Liberal Racism With Charlie And Derrick Bell Of Nyu Law School. The Book Suggests That Liberals In America Have Created More Divisions In The Politics Of Race Than Their Conservative Counterparts.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 24, 1997)
    Episode 07.24.97
    Charlie Speaks With Journalists Jeffrey Toobin And Evan Thomas About The Suicide Of Gianni Versace'S Killer, Andrew Cunanan. Next, Samuel L. Jackson Tells Charlie About Overcoming Addiction And His New Film Called 187. Plus, Nina Totenberg Of Npr, E. Joshua Rosenkranz Of Nyu And Richard Cotton Of Nbc, Remember Their Friend Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 23, 1997)
    Episode 07.23.97
    Charlie Speaks With Acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger About His Experiences Defending The United States In Court. Also, Historian Enrique Krauze Discusses Important Leaders In Mexico'S History. He Also Talks About His Book Called, Mexico: Biography Of Power.
  • Charlie Rose (July 22, 1997)
    Episode 07.22.97
    Charlie Speaks With Former Secretaries Of State Henry Kissinger And Lawrence Eagleburger About Upcoming Foreign Policy Challenges. Some Of The Roadblocks Kissinger And Eagleburger Discuss Are Strengthening The U. S. Relationship With Asia And Facilitating Peace In The Middle East. Plus, Harrison Ford Tells Charlie About His New Film, Air Force One That Imagines A Hostage Situation On The President'S Airplane.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 21, 1997)
    Episode 07.21.97
    Money Manager Jim Cramer Talks About The Implications Of Today'S Dip In The Major Stock Indices. Next, Chairperson Of Lincoln Center Beverly Sills And Singer Ying Huang Talks About The Differences Between Beijing And American Opera. Also, They Discuss The Mostly Mozart Festival That Happens At The Center Every Year. Finally, Author Richard Ford Discusses His Novel, Women With Men That Is Comprised Of Three Novellas.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 18, 1997)
    Episode 07.18.97
    Charlie Speaks To Author Jules Witcover About His Book, The Year The Dream Died About The 1960'S. Also, Journalists David Halberstam & David Broder Weigh-In On The Era. Next, Producer Ann Druyan Tells Charlie About Her Film, Contact That Stars Jodie Foster As A Scientist Who Communicates With Extra-Terrestrial Life. Druyan Also Remembers Her Husband, Astronomer Carl Sagan, Who Wrote The Book On Which The Movie Is Based. Finally, Author Peter Balakian Talks About His Book, Black Dog Of Fate That Traces His Armenian Family'S Victimization By Ottoman Turks 100 Years Ago.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 17, 1997)
    Episode 07.17.97
    Don Phillips Of The Washington Post And Arthur Liman Of Aviation Daily Talk To Charlie About The Investigation Into The Twa Flight 800 Crash That Occurred One Year Ago. Next, Kofi Annan Discusses The Extensive U. N. Reforms He Proposed Yesterday. Plus, Jay Carney Of Time Magazine Tells Charlie About A Failed Republican Plot To Throw Three Congressional Representatives From Office Including House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Finally, In Remembrance Of Trial Lawyer Arthur Liman Who Died Today, We Re-Broadcast An Interview With Him That Aired In 1995.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 16, 1997)
    Episode 07.16.97
    Charlie Speaks With Elaine Shannon Of Time Magazine And Chief Richard Barreto Of The Miami Beach Police Department About The Investigation Into The Murder Of Gianni Versace And The Temperament Of Serial Killers. Next, Dean Of Yale University School Of Medicine David Kessler, Attorney Richard Scruggs And Minnesota Attorney General Hubert Humphrey Iii, Talk About The Recent Settlement Of Almost 40 State Lawsuits And Against The Tobacco Industry. Kessler And Scruggs Tell Charlie About The Process Of Turning This Settlement Into A Law. Finally, Author And Forensic Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Talks About His First Work Of Fiction Entitled, Denial.moreless
  • First, A Remembrance Of Slain Fashion Designer Gianni Versace (1946-1997) With A Panel Including Liz Tilberis, Editor-In-Chief Of "Harper'S Bazaar", William Norwich Of "The New York Observer", Artist Julian Schnabel And Cathy Horyn Of "Vanity Fair". Then, A Discussion With Hollywood Producer Joel Silver About His Film "Conspiracy Theory", Co-Starring Mel Gibson And Julia Roberts.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 14, 1997)
    Episode 07.14.97
    Charlie Speaks With Filmmaker Spike Lee And Reporter Howell Raines About The Bombing Of A Birmingham Church In 1963 That Inspired The Film, 4 Little Girls. Plus, Performers Ann Miller, Skitch Henderson, Cyd Charisse And Van Johnson Talk About The Heyday Of Hollywood Movie Musicals.
  • Charlie Rose (July 11, 1997)
    Episode 07.11.97
    Charlie Talks About The Cold War And The Nato Alliance With Richard Haass Of The Brookings Institute. Next, Conductor Of The New York Philharmonic, Kurt Masur, Gets Ready To Lead The Orchestra In A Series Of Concerts For The Lincoln Center Festival. Finally, Tom Fontana, The Producer Of The Television Show Oz Talks About The Groundbreaking Series That Is Set Inside An Urban Prison.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 10, 1997)
    Episode 07.10.97
    Former Senator Bill Bradley Tells Charlie About His New Job With Cbs News. Then, French Scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier Talks About His Groundbreaking Aids Research. He Also Talks To Charlie About His New Post At Queens College In New York. Finally, Author Annette Gordon-Reed Speaks To Charlie About The Alleged Romantic Relationship Thomas Jefferson Had With His Slave, Sally Hemmings, And The Children They May Have Had Together. She Writes About This Topic In Her New Book Entitled, Thomas Jefferson And Sally Hemmings: An American Controversy.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 9, 1997)
    Episode 07.09.97
    Dr. Richard Berendzen From American University And Astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson Speak To Charlie About The Nasa Trip To Mars. The Scientists Tell Charlie About The Importance Of Analyzing The Rock Samples Found On Mars. Plus, Boxer Jose Torres, Journalist David Remnick And Boxing Trainer Bob Jackson Discuss The Future Of Mike Tyson'S Career After Biting Evander Holyfield During A Fight.moreless
  • A Panel Discussion About The Art Of Writing
    A panel discussion about the art of writing and reading. Panelists include: Brian Lamb, CEO of C-SPAN, host of Booknotes and author of Booknotes: America s Finest Authors on Reading, Writing and the Power of Ideas , Stanley Crouch and Pete Hamill of
  • A conversation with Democrat Richard Gephardt of Missouri, the House minority leader, about breaking ranks with his own party on several key domestic issues including the budget.
  • A Rebroadcast Of Conversations With Cbs Reporter Charles Kuralt
    A remembrance of CBS reporter Charles Kuralt of
  • In honor of the late broadcaster Charles Kuralt, Charlie discusses his life and legacy as a journalist with his friends and colleagues Morley Safer, Wallace Kuralt and William Friday.
  • Charlie Rose (July 4, 1997)
    Episode 07.04.97
    Author Pauline Maier Talks To Charlie About Why Americans Celebrate The Declaration Of Independence And Her New Book, American Scripture. Plus, Craig Horowitz Of New York Magazine, Elliott Abrams Of The Ethics And Public Policy Center, Alan Dershowitz Of Harvard Law School And Rabbi Ismar Schorsch Of The Jewish Theological Seminary Discuss The Assimilation Of American Jews.moreless
  • Michael Lewis.
    Episode 07.02.97
    Michael Lewis.
  • Charlie Rose (July 1, 1997)
    Episode 07.01.97
    Deputy Secretary Of State Strobe Talbott Discusses The Transfer Of Power In Hong Kong And How It Affects The United States. Plus, Musician Jon Bon Jovi Talks To Charlie About His Recent Forays Into Acting. Bon Jovi Also Tells Charlie About His New Album Called, Destination Anywhere. Senator John Kerry Discusses His New Book, The New War.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 30, 1997)
    Episode 06.30.97
    Charlie Speaks With Dan Rather Of Cbs News About Hong Kong'S Return To China After 156 Years Of British Rule. Next, Showtime Boxing Reporter Jim Gray Tells Charlie About What It Was Like To Witness Mike Tyson Bite Evander Holyfield In The Ring. Finally, Charlie Speaks With Staff Members From Time Magazine Who Just Returned From A Trip Across America. Washington Bureau Chief Michael Duffy, White House Photographer Diana Walker And Editors Walter Isaacson And Nancy Gibbs Discuss Their Journey Which Culminated In A Time Article Called, Backbone Of America.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 27, 1997)
    Episode 06.27.97
    Israeli-Born Architect Moshe Safdie Talks To Charlie About Building The Yitzhak Rabin Memorial As Well As His New Book, The City After The Automobile: An Architect'S Vision. Next, Author Stuart Stevens Tells Charlie About The Restaurants He Reviewed During A Month-Long Trip To Europe. He Chronicles The Experience In A New Book Entitled, Feeding Frenzy. Finally, Author Alice Walker Tells Charlie About Her New Book, Anything We Love Can Be Saved That Includes Essays And Letters From Her Life.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 26, 1997)
    Episode 06.26.97
    Charlie Speaks With Nina Totenberg Of Npr About Recent Supreme Court Decisions Including Physician-Assisted Suicide And The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Next, Conservative Reporter David Brock Talks About His Criticisms Of The Clinton Administration And Independent Council Ken Starr. Finally, Authors Lealan Jones And Lloyd Newman Talk About Their Start In Journalism As The Subjects Of David Isay'S Radio Documentary Called, Ghetto Life 101. Now, 4 Years Later, Jones & Newman Discuss Their New Book, Our America.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 25, 1997)
    Episode 06.25.97
    Fran Lebowitz, Author And Contributing Editor To "Vanity Fair" Magazine, Sybil Steinberg, Senior Editor For "Publisher'S Weekly," And Calvin Trillin, Author And Columnist For "Time" Magazine, Discuss The Summer'S Best Books. Some Of The Most Talked About
  • General Colin Powell
    General Colin Powell
    Episode 06.23.97
    A conversation with General Colin Powell about his experiences in the army and as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also talks about his book
  • Ted Forstmann
    Episode 06.20.97
    A discussion with investor Ted Forstmann about his business, philanthropy, and politics. Forstmann also talks about under-funded inner-city schools, the concept of statism, and tax reform.
  • Charlie Rose (June 19, 1997)
    Episode 06.19.97
    Charlie Speaks With Investment Banker Richard Jenrette About His Experiences On Wall Street And His New Book, The Contrarian Manager That Focuses On The Art Of Working With Other People. Next, Actor David Morse And Playwright Paula Vogel Talk About Play That Focuses On Pedophilia Called, How I Learned To Drive. Finally, Filmmaker Jan De Bont Discusses His Blockbuster Films Speed And Twister And His Latest Release, Speed Ii.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 18, 1997)
    Episode 06.18.97
    Charlie Speaks With Author Kathleen Hall Jamieson About Her Book, Spiral Of Cynicism: The Press And The Public Good. E. J. Dionne Of The Brookings Institution, And Andrew Lack Of Nbc News Also Weigh-In On This Discussion About Public Confidence In The American Media. Plus, Liberal Author Arthur Schlesinger Talks About His Career As A Historian And As A Special Assistant To President Kennedy.moreless
  • Filmmaker Rob Reiner discusses his foundation
  • Charlie Rose (June 16, 1997)
    Episode 06.16.97
    Charlie Discusses President Clinton'S Race Initiative With Chris Edley Of The Race Initiative Advisory Board, Hugh Price Of The National Urban League, Roger Wilkins Of George Mason University And Laura Ingraham Of Msnbc. The Group Talks About Who Benefits From The Race Initiative That Is Designed To Spark National Discourse About Race. Plus, Charlie Talks To Charles Grodin About His Transition From Comedic Actor To Cnbc Talk Show Host.moreless
  • Hunter S. Thompson
    Episode 06.13.97
    A conversation with writer Hunter S. Thompson about the thousands of letters he has written in his lifetime and his book that chronicles them,
  • Charlie Rose (June 12, 1997)
    Episode 06.12.97
    Charlie Speaks With Outgoing Fcc Chairman Reed Hundt About The Internet, The Future Of Telecommunications And Al Gore. Next, Actor Jason Patric Discusses His Love Of Action-Adventure And His Latest Film, Speed 2, Which Stars Sandra Bullock. Finally, Filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer Talks About The Cast Of His New Film Conair That Includes Nicolas Cage And Bruce Willis.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 11, 1997)
    Episode 06.11.97
    Charlie Broadcasts From Paris. Filmmaker Luc Besson Talks About Bringing Emotion To Film And His Latest Movie, The Fifth Element, Which Stars Mila Jovovich And Bruce Willis. Also, Charlie Sits Down With Photographer Claude Picasso, Son Of Pablo Picasso, To Talk About His Father'S Expansive Estate. Claude Also Talks About The Memories He Has Of His Father From Childhood.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 10, 1997)
    Episode 06.10.97
    Charlie Broadcasts From Paris. Paris-Based Correspondent For The New Yorker Magazine, Adam Gopnik, Tells Charlie About His Experiences Leaving New York For Paris. Plus, Writer And Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy Talks To Charlie About The Recent French Elections From Which Jacques Chirac Emerged Victorious.
  • Charlie Rose (June 9, 1997)
    Episode 06.09.97
    Charlie Broadcasts From Paris. Paris-Based Correspondent For The New York Times Roger Cohen Discusses The Implications Of Jacques Chirac'S Win In The French Elections. Plus, Journalist Philippe Labro Talks About The Franco-American Relationship.
  • Charlie Rose (June 6, 1997)
    Episode 06.06.97
    A Discussion About "Chicago," The Broadway Musical. Charlie Speaks With Director Walter Bobbie And Actors Ann Reinking, Joel Grey And James Naughton About The Play That Tells The Story Of A Wife Accused Of Murdering Her Husband. The Group Discusses How This Production Differs From Bob Fosse'S Version Of Chicago In 1975 (From January 9, 1997).||Plus, A Conversation With Actress Janet Mcteer Talks About Her Role As Nora In Ibsen'S A Doll'S House (From April,. 30, 1997).moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 4, 1997)
    Episode 06.04.97
    Charlie Speaks With Journalist R. W. Apple Of The New York Times About His Distinguished Career. Apple Also Talks About Clinton'S Achievements With The Expansion Of Nato, And The Paula Jones Case. Plus, Novelist David Ignatius Talks About His Work Of Fiction Called, A Firing Offense That Focuses On A Cia Officer.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 3, 1997)
    Episode 06.03.97
    President Clinton'S Lawyer, Robert Bennett, Talks About The Sexual Harassment Case Being Brought Against His Client By Paula Jones. Senator John Mccain Speaks To Charlie About His Experiences As A Soldier In Vietnam. He Also Expresses Support For The Head Start Program And American Education.
  • Charlie Rose (June 2, 1997)
    Episode 06.02.97
    Charlie Talks To Dan Rather Of Cbs News And Patrick Cole Of Time Magazine About Timothy Mcveigh'S Guilty Verdict. Next, Author Frank Mccourt Talks About His Childhood In Ireland And His Book, Angela'S Ashes That Was Inspired By His Experience. Finally, Singer Shawn Colvin Discusses The Challenge Of Marketing Her New Album, A Few Small Repairs, And Her Hit Single, Sunny Came Home.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 30, 1997)
    Episode 05.30.97
    Charlie Speaks To Actor Michael Richards, Who Plays Cosmo Kramer On Seinfeld, About The Pressures Of Belonging To A Successful Television Ensemble. Next, Charlie Speaks With Former Secretary General Of The United Nations Boutros Boutros-Ghali About His Account Of The Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty Of 1979. The Book He Has Written About The Treaty Is Entitled, Egypt'S Road To Jerusalem. Finally, Charlie Speaks To Journalist Hector Feliciano About His New Book, The Lost Museum That Looks At Looting Of Art From Galleries By The Nazis.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 29, 1997)
    Episode 05.29.97
    Charlie Speaks To Novelist Ward Just About His New Book Called, The Echo House That Takes Place In Washington D. C. Also, Charlie Speaks With Art Collector Ray Nasher From Dallas. Nasher Talks About His Incredible Sculpture Collection That Is Currently At The Guggenheim.
  • Charlie Rose (May 28, 1997)
    Episode 05.28.97
    Journalists Rick Serrano And Patrick Cole Talk About The Upcoming Closing Arguments In The Timothy Mcveigh Trial. Plus, Ken Auletta, Author Of The Column, Annals Of Communication In The New Yorker Magazine Talks About His Latest Book Called, Highwaymen: Warriors Of The Information Superhighway. The Book Is A Compilation Of Sixteen Of Auletta'S Articles From The New Yorker.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 27, 1997)
    Episode 05.27.97
    Charlie Speaks With Investigative Reporter Michael Isikoff, Lawyer Akhil Amar And Reporter Jonathan Alter About The Supreme Court'S Ruling In Favor Of Paula Jones And What This Means For President Clinton. Plus, Charlie Speaks With Tom Clancy And General Fred Franks Jr. About Their Book That Looks At American Armed Services From The End Of World War Ii To Vietnam To Desert Storm. The Book Is Called, Into The Storm.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 23, 1997)
    Episode 05.23.97
    Congressional Representative Carolyn Maloney, Journalist Gregory Vistica And Pentagon Correspondent For Cbs News David Martin Talk About Kelly Flinn'S General Discharge From The Military. Next, President Of America Online Robert Pittman Tells Charlie About The Future Of His Company And How The Internet Is Changing The Face Of Communication And The World At Large. Finally, Magician David Blaine Talks About His Million-Dollar Primetime Special That Aired Earlier This Week.moreless
  • Robert Hughes
    Episode 05.22.97
    A conversation with art critic Robert Hughes about his eight-part PBS series and accompanying 600-page book,
  • Charlie Rose (May 21, 1997)
    Episode 05.21.97
    Charlie Talks To Author Sherwin B. Nuland About His Book, The Wisdom Of The Body That Looks At The Stabilizing Influence Of The Body'S Internal Mechanisms. Next, Filmmaker Griffin Dunne Talks About His New Romantic Comedy Starring Meg Ryan Called, Addicted To Love. Finally, Author Reynolds Price Speaks With Charlie About His Latest Work, The Collected Poems.moreless
  • Steve Wynn
    Episode 05.20.97
    A discussion with Steve Wynn, the president of Mirage Resorts, about his unusual entrance into Las Vegas commerce and culture. Wynn talks about his position on the board of the National Association for Pathological and Compulsive Gambling in Washington.
  • Charlie Rose (May 16, 1997)
    Episode 05.16.97
    Charlie Speaks With Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori About The Peruvian Hostage Crisis. Plus, Charlie Talks To Filmmaker Spike Lee About Basketball. Lee Is Well Known For Being A Passionate Fan Of The New York Knicks.
  • Charlie Rose (May 15, 1997)
    Episode 05.15.97
    Charlie Talks To With Dr. Bob Arnot Of The U. S. Committee For Refugees, Marcus Mabry Of Newsweek In Johannesburg And Salih Booker Of The Council On Foreign Relations About The Crisis In Zaire. The Group Discusses The Peace Negotiations Between Rebel Leader Laurent Kabila And President Mobutu. Next, Sports Writer Ira Berkow Talks About The Nba Playoffs And The Suspension Of Several Knicks Players. Finally, Record Executive With Mercury Records Danny Goldberg Talks About The Music Business.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 14, 1997)
    Episode 05.14.97
    Filmmaker Sidney Lumet And Actor Andy Garcia Talk To Charlie About Their New Film, Night Falls On Manhattan, That Looks At Corrupt Police Officers In New York. Plus, Global Investor Sir John Templeton Talks About His Faith In God, Spirituality And His New Book Called, Worldwide Laws Of Life.
  • Charlie Rose (May 13, 1997)
    Episode 05.13.97
    Charlie Broadcasts From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Charlie Talks To William Futrell And Peter Johnson About Tissue Engineering And Other Reconstructive Technology. Next, Fred Rogers Talks About Producing His Children'S Television Show, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, For The Last 30 Years. Plus, Tom Sokolowski Discusses His Work As Director Of The Andy Warhol Museum And Reflects On The Legacy Of Warhol'S Life And Art. Finally, Author Albert French Discusses His Book, Patches Of Fire That Chronicles His Experiences As A Black Soldier In Vietnam.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 12, 1997)
    Episode 05.12.97
    First, A Discussion With Ralph Reed, Executive Director Of The Christian Coalition. Then, Actor Danny Aiello Discusses His Role In "Mario Puzo'S The Last Don." Finally, Author Gita Mehta Discusses Her Book, "Snakes And Ladders."
  • Charlie Rose (May 9, 1997)
    Episode 05.09.97
    Charlie Speaks To U. S. Ambassador To The United Nations Bill Richardson About The Peace Negotiations Between The Rebels And The Government In Zaire. Richardson Expresses His Interest To See A Peaceful Transition Of Power From President Mobutu To Rebel Leader Kabila. Plus, Cartoonist Charles M. Schultz Talks About The Upcoming 50Th Anniversary Of His Comic Strip, Peanuts. Schultz Says He Is The Inspiration For The Main Character, Charlie Brown.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 8, 1997)
    Episode 05.08.97
    Journalists Jimmy Breslin, Jeff Greenfield And David Remnick Remember Their Friend Journalist Murray Kempton. Next, Andrew Weil Talks To Charlie About His Career In Alternative Medicine And His Popular Book, 8 Weeks To Optimum Health. Finally, Venture Capitalist Bill Gross Discusses His Company, Idealab! That Supports Internet Businesses.
  • Charlie Rose (May 7, 1997)
    Episode 05.07.97
    Charlie Talks To Veteran Tabloid Editor Pete Hamill About His New Book Called, Snow In August That Tells The Story Of 11-Year Old Michael Devlin. Next, Charlie Interviews The Father Of Tiger Woods, Earl Woods, Who Served As Tiger'S Childhood Coach. Finally, Michael Pollan Of Harper'S Magazine Talks About His Experience Building A Cabin. Pollan Documents The Process In A New Book Titled, A Place Of My Own.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 5, 1997)
    Episode 05.05.97
    Charlie Talks To White House Staffers Rahm Emanuel And Gene Sperling As Well As Senator Pete Domenici About The White House Budget Agreement. Plus, Actor Michael J. Fox Talks About Hi New Sitcom, Spin City. Fox Also Talks To Charlie About His Battle With Parkinson'S Disease.
  • Charlie Rose (May 2, 1997)
    Episode 05.02.97
    Charlie Spends The Hour With Kofi Annan, Secretary General Of The United Nations. Annan Discusses Globalization, The Crisis In Zaire And Infectious Diseases Like Smallpox & Polio.
  • Charlie Rose (May 1, 1997)
    Episode 05.01.97
    A Panel Conversation About The 1960'S. Political Commentator P. J. O'Rourke Talks About Being A Young Person In The 1960'S. Rick Hertzenberg Of The New Yorker Talks About The Democratic Convention And His Experiences In The Navy. Barbara Ehrenreich Talks About Being A Sober Student In The 60'S. David Horowitz, President Of The Center For The Study Of Popular Culture Talks About Growing Up With Marxist Communists As Parents.moreless
  • 4/30/97
    Charlie Talks To Journalists Christopher Hitchens, Harold Evans, Joe Klein And Quentin Letts Talk About Whether Or Not Tony Blair Of The Labor Party Will Win The Election With His Theory Of The Radical Center. Plus, Janet Mcteer Talks About Starring In Ibsen'S, A Doll'S House.
  • 4/29/97
    Charlie Talks To Journalists Sam Fulwood And Ellis Cose About The Legacy Of The L. A. Race Riots That Occurred Five Years Ago In South Central Los Angeles. Next, Author Elizabeth Drew Discusses Her Latest Book Called, Whatever It Takes That Looks At The 1996 Presidential Elections As Well As Political Power In The U. S. Finally, Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich Tells Charlie About His New Book, Who The Devil Made It That Contains Interviews With History'S Greatest Film Directors.moreless
  • 4/28/97
    Charlie Talks To Author Kathryn Harrison About The Book She Wrote That Chronicles An Affair With Her Father Entitled, The Kiss. Next, Biographers R. F. Foster, Sam Tanenhaus And James I. Robertson Talk About Their Respective Subjects W. B. Yeats, Whittaker Chambers & Stonewall Jackson. Finally, Friends Star Lisa Kudrow Tells Charlie About Transitioning From Sitcom Actress To Movie Actress In Romy And Michelle'S High School Reunion.moreless
  • Michael Bloomberg
    Episode 04.25.97
    A discussion with Michael Bloomberg about his financial data company, Bloomberg L.P., his parents, and his autobiography
  • 4/24/97
    Charlie Speaks To Attorney General Of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal About The His Role In State Negotiations With The Big Tobacco Companies. Next, Architect Critic For The Wall Street Journal, Ada Louise Huxtable, Tells Charlie How She Has Influenced Architectural Criticism Over The Years And Also Talks About Her New Book Entitled, The Unreal America: Architecture And Illusion. Finally, Filmmaker Ivan Reitman Talks About His Blockbuster Hits This Year Including Space Jam With Michael Jordan And Private Parts With Radio Personality Howard Stern.moreless
  • 4/23/97
    Charlie Speaks With Ambassador Of Peru To The United States Ricardo Luna About President Fujimori'S Raid On The Japanese Embassy In Lima That Was Designed To Rescue 71 Hostages. Next, Donald Marron Of Painewebber Group Discusses The Trend On Wall Street Towards Mega-Mergers. Finally, Talk Show Host Joan Rivers Tells Charlie About Her Book, Bouncing Back, Which Offers Wisdom On Overcoming Adversity.moreless
  • 4/22/97
    Rick Pitino, Coach Of The University Of Kentucky Basketball Team, Talks About His Future Career Plans And The Attributes Of His Team. Also, Novelist Norman Mailer Talks About His New Book The Gospel According To The Son And The Parallels The Book Has With His Own Life.
  • 4/21/97
    Charlie Talks To National Security Officer To The President Samuel Berger About The Ratification Process For The Chemical Weapons Treaty That Would Outlaw The Manufacture, Storage Or Use Of Chemical Weapons. Next, Former Secretary Of Labor Robert Reich Talks About His Memoir Called, Locked In The Cabinet. Finally, Host Of Npr'S Fresh Air Terry Gross Talks About The Notable Guests She Has Interviewed Over The Years.moreless
  • 4/18/97
    Charlie Talks To Yaron Ezrahi Of The Israel Democracy Institute About Israeli Politics And His New Book Called, Rubber Bullets: Power And Conscience In Modern Israel. Plus, Peter Maas Talks About His Book Underboss That Follows The Trial Of Mafioso Sammy ``The Bull'' Gravano.
  • 4/17/97
    Former Senator Nancy Kasserbaum Baker Tells Charlie About Why She Values The Campaign Finance Reform Bill. Then, Wendy Wasserstein Talks About Her Latest Screenplay Entitled, An American Daughter. Finally, Good Morning America Co-Host Joan Lunden Talks About Balancing Work And Motherhood.
  • 4/16/97
    Charlie Speaks With Dr. Stanley Greenspan And Psychotherapist Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok About Brain Development In Children. Next, Time Magazine Editor Walter Isaacson Talks About Choosing The 25 Most Influential People In America For This Week'S Issue. Finally, Charlie Speaks With Director Joanne Woodward And Actors Greg Naughton And Marisa Tomei About Their New Play Called Waiting For Lefty By Clifford Odets.moreless
  • 4/15/97
    Charlie Spends The Hour With Jackie Robinson'S Widow, Rachel Robinson. Robinson Talks About Her Late Husband'S Ground-Breaking Entry Into Baseball As The First African-American Player. She Also Talks About The Beginning Of Their Relationship As Students At Ucla In 1941 As Well As Her New Book Called, Jackie Robinson: An Intimate Portrait. Friends Spike Lee And Mike Lupica Also Weigh-In On Robinson'S Success As A Black Ball Player.moreless
  • 4/14/97
    Charlie Discusses Tiger Woods' Achievements With Journalist Bryant Gumbel And Author John Feinstein. Feinstein Discusses His Book, A Good Walk Spoiled: Days And Nights On The Pga Tour.
  • 4/11/97
    Michael Sandel Of Harvard University Discusses The Challenge Society Faces Of Engaging In Moral Or Religious Disagreements And Maintaining Democracy. Then, Musician Tanya Tucker Talks To Charlie About Entering The Limelight At Age 13 As Well As Her New Album, Nickel Dreams. Plus, Actor John Cusack Sits Down With Charlie To Discuss His New Movie Called, Grosse Pointe Blank, Which Also Stars Minnie Driver. Finally, Filmmaker Alfred Uhry Discusses His Transition From Musical Lyricist To Director. He Also Talks To Charlie About His New Film Called, The Last Night Of Ballyhoo.moreless
  • 4/10/97
    New York Knicks basketball coach Phil Jackson talks about his book
  • A Conversation About The "principal For A Day" Program
    Designer Kenneth Cole, Nynex executive Ivan Seidenberg, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation executive Deborah Wright, and author Meredith Brokaw talk about their participation in New York's
  • Don Imus
    Episode 04.09.97
    A conversation with radio journalist Don Imus about his morning radio show
  • Charlie Rose (April 8, 1997)
    Episode 04.08.97
    Charlie Discusses Hip-Hop Culture With Keith Clinkscales Of Vibe Magazine, Stanley Crouch Of New York Daily News And Author Armond White. The Group Discusses Race, Violence And Creativity In Hip-Hop. Next, A. N. Wilson Speaks With Charlie About His Very Controversial Book Called, Paul: The Mind Of The Apostle That Asserts Paul Both Founded Christianity And Transformed Jesus Into The Messiah. Finally, Lawyer Leonard Garment Talks About His Life, Career And Position With Richard Nixon'S Law Firm. Garment Records His Life In His New Book, Crazy Rhythm.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 7, 1997)
    Episode 04.07.97
    Charlie Speaks With Israeli Finance Minister Dan Meridor About Benjamin Netanyahu'S Progress With The Peace Negotiations. Next, President Of The Civic Alliance Of Serbia, Vesna Pesic And President Of The Serbian Renewal Movement, Vuk Draskovic Discuss The War In Bosnia And Their Opposition To Slobodan Milosevic. Plus, President Of Madison Square Garden Dave Checketts Talks About The Nba. Finally, A Remembrance Of Author And Founder Of The Beat Movement, Allen Ginsberg.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 3, 1997)
    Episode 04.03.97
    Charlie Talks To Drama Critic For The New York Times, Ben Brantley About The Best Broadway Performances Of The Year Including, Chicago. Next, Actor Anthony Sher From The Play, Stanley Discusses The 20Th-Century English Painter Stanley Spencer Who Inspired The Play. Actresses Deborah Findlay And Anne Chancellor Also Weigh-In. Plus, Playwright Jonathan Reynolds Talks About His Latest Work Titled, Stonewall Jackson'S House. Finally, Playwright Horton Foote Discusses His Latest Work Called, The Young Man From Atlanta.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 2, 1997)
    Episode 04.02.97
    Charlie Speaks To First-Time Novelist Thomas Kelly About His Book, Payback That Explores The Underside Of New York'S Building Boom In The 1980S. Next, Actor Anthony Lapaglia Of Abc Drama, Murder One Talks About His Childhood In Australia And His Upcoming Projects. Plus, John Seabrook Of The New Yorker Talks About His First Forays Into The World Of The Internet And His New Book That Traces His Experiences Called, Deeper. Finally, Flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal Discusses His Latest Cd, Romantic Music For Two Flutes And Piano.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 1, 1997)
    Episode 04.01.97
    Charlie Sits Down With Financial Analyst Michael Metz To Talk About The Bull Market And Today'S Rise In The Dow. John Lipsky Of Chase Manhattan Bank Suggests That Inflation Rates Will Continue To Rise. Then, Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin'S Widow Leah Rabin Speaks About Losing Her Husband To An Assassin.moreless
  • 3/31/97
    Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Stewart And Journalist Patrick Cole Discuss The Trial Of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy Mcveigh. The Trial Began Today. Plus, Author David Remnick Talks About Russian Politics And The Current Standing Of Boris Yeltsin.
  • Howard Stern
    Episode 03.28.97
    Howard Stern
  • 3/27/97
    Jennifer Harbury Talks About The Mysterious Death Of Her Mayan Rebel Leader Husband In A Guatemalan Prison. Senator Robert Torricelli, Who Has Been Championing Harbury'S Cause In Congress, Also Weighs-In On The Death. They Also Discuss Harbury'S New Book Called, Searching For Everado: A Story Of Love, War And The Cia In Guatemala. Also, Author David Foster Wallace Talks About His Collection Of Essays That He Has Written Entitled, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'Ll Never Do Again.moreless
  • 3/26/97
    Charlie Talks To Financial Analysts John Lipsky, Henry Kaufman And Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers About The Rise In Interest Rates. Next, Charlie Talks To The "King Of Commercials" Joe Pytka About Directing Ads For Nike, Mcdonald'S And Pepsi. Pytka Also Won A Grammy Last Night For Best Music Video Short Form For The Beatles Free As A Bird. Finally, Dancer Allegra Kent Discusses Her Career With The New York City Ballet And Her Work With George Balanchine.moreless
  • 3/25/97
    Senators John Mccain And Russell Feingold Discuss The Obstacles To Campaign Finance Reform. Next, Charlie Talks To Actor Harrison Ford About The Re-Release Of The Star Wars Trilogy And His Current Film That Co-Stars Brad Pitt Called, A Devil'S Own. Ford Plays A New York City Police Officer. Finally, Basketball Analyst Chuck Daly Talks To Charlie About Coaching The Dream Team At The 1992 Olympics And His Current Job With Turner Sports.moreless
  • 3/24/97
    Charlie Speaks With Judith Miller Of The New York Times And Fouad Ajami Of U. S. News And World Report About The Peace Process In Gaza, Bethlehem & Hebron. The Discuss Newly-Elected President Benjamin Netanyahu'S Willingness To Pull Out Of Hebron. Also, A Conversation With Member Of The Knesset Minister Of Industry And Trade In Israel, Natan Sharansky. He Talks About The Difficulties Of Pursuing Science During His Youth In A Soviet Ruled Country.moreless
  • 3/14/97
    First, Billy Bob Thornton Talks About His Directorial Debut Called, Sling Blade, A Film Which Is Receiving Much Critical Acclaim. Then, A Conversation With Actor Geoffrey Rush About His Performance In "Shine."
  • A rebroadcast of a conversation with French actress Juliette Binoche about her role as a nurse in the Oscar-winning film
  • 3/11/97
    Charlie Speaks With Author Michael Ondaatje And Director Anthony Minghella Of The Film, The English Patient. They Talk About The Inspiration For The Novel And The Painful Love Affair That Drives The Story. Then, Milos Forman Talks About His Film, The People Vs. Larry Flynt. The Film Looks At The Life Of Pornographer Larry Flynt And Forman Addresses The Controversy Surrounding His Subject Matter.moreless
  • 3/10/97
    Charlie Spends The Week Looking At Films That Are Nominated For Academy Awards. First, A Rebroadcast Of An Earlier January 10, 1997 Interview With Nominee Kristin Scott Thomas Of The Film, The English Patient. Thomas Talks About What Initially Drew Her To The Story. Plus, Filmmakers Ethan & Joel Coen And Actress Frances Mcdormand Discuss Their Film, Fargo That Takes Place In A Small Town In Minnesota.moreless
  • Garry Wills
    Episode 03.07.97
    Charlie spends the hour with author Garry Wills to discuss his book
  • Charlie Rose (March 6, 1997)
    Episode 03.06.97
    Charlie Speaks To Ceo Of Cisco Systems, John Chambers. Chambers Discusses The Start Of The Internet And The Future Of Computer Networking. He Suggests The Internet Will Grow To Be The Largest Productivity Tool In History. Plus, Actress Lauren Bacall Talks About Winning A Golden Globe Awards For Her Film, The Mirror Has Two Faces. She Also Talks About Her Marriage To Humphrey Bogart.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 5, 1997)
    Episode 03.05.97
    Charlie Speaks With Egypt'S Foreign Minister Amre Moussa About Egypt'S Role In The Middle East Peace Process. Moussa Underscores The Need For Negotiations Between Israel & Lebanon As Well As Israel & Syria. Plus, Actor Bill Pullman Talks About Giving Up His Job As An Acting Teacher In Montana To Pursue His Own Career. He Also Talks About His Latest Film Role In David Lynch'S Lost Highway.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 4, 1997)
    Episode 03.04.97
    Charlie Talks To Biographer Roy Jenkins About His Subject, British Prime Minister William Gladstone. Next, Screenwriter John Gregory Dunne Talks About His Latest Work, Up Close And Personal. The Film Follows The Life Of Jessica Savitch. Dunne Documents The Process Of Co-Writing The Script With His Wife Joan Didion In His Book, Monster: Living Off The Big Screen. Finally, Pianist Clive Lythgoe Discusses The Public'S Waning Interest In Classical Music.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 3, 1997)
    Episode 03.03.97
    Journalist Floyd Abrams And Attorney Arthur Lewis Discuss The Timothy Mcveigh Defense In The Oklahoma City Bombing Case. Then, Charlie Interviews Singer/Songwriter Jewel About Performing As A Yodeler At The Age Of Six And Her Current Album Entitled, Pieces Of You. Finally, Actress Amy Irving Talks About Performing In The Anton Chekhov Play From 1900, Three Sisters. Co-Actresses Jeanne Tripplehorn And Lili Taylor Also Weigh-In On The Experience.moreless
  • 2/28/97
    Charlie Talks To Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick About Working In The Clinton Administration And Her Decision To Step-Down From Her Post. Next, Wynton Marsalis And Jazz Vocalist Cassandra Wilson Talk About The Jazz Performance They Created Called, Blood On The Fields That Addresses Slavery. Finally, Walter Anderson Of Parade Magazine Discusses Self-Confidence. He Also Discusses His Latest Book Titled, The Confidence Course That Is Based On A Program He Teaches For Overcoming Self-Doubt.moreless
  • 2/27/97
    Editors Of The Norton Anthology Of African-American Literature Henry Louis Gates Jr. & Nellie Mckay Discuss The Compilation. Also, Jamaica Kincaid Whose Work Appears In The Book Joins The Conversation. The Group Looks At Some Of The Issues Represented In The Anthology That Contains The Work Of 120 Authors.
  • 2/26/97
    Charlie Sits Down With Director Scott Hicks Of The Film, Shine That Focuses On The Troubled Life Of Concert Pianist David Helfgott. Next, Charlie Talks To Filmmaker John Singleton About His Film, Rosewood That Is Set In A Small Black Florida Town In 1923. Finally, Michael Blake Discusses His New Novel That Looks At Civil War General Custer.moreless
  • 2/25/97
    Dr. Glenn Mcgee Talks To Charlie About The Ethics Of Cloning. Next, Christopher John Farley Of Time Magazine & Karen Schoemer Of Newsweek Talk To Charlie About The Hot Acts In The Running For Grammys. Finally, John Newcomb Of Simon & Schuster Talks About Technology'S Impact On The Publishing World.
  • 2/24/97
    Toni Morrison Talks About The Book She Edited Called, Birth Of A Nation 'Hood That Compiles Essays And Contemporary Theory About The O. J. Simpson Case. Armond White Of The City Sun And Claudia Brodsky Lacour Of Princeton University Also Weigh-In On The Case. Plus, Contributing Authors Ellis Cose, Stanley Crouch And Clarence Page Discuss The Compilation They Worked On Called, The Darden Dilemma. The Authors Explain That The Title Of Their Book Is Inspired By Black O. J. Simpson Prosecutor Christopher Darden Who Has Been Accused Of Using The White Establishment To Incriminate A Fellow Black Man.moreless
  • 2/21/97
    Charlie Talks To Martha Stewart About Her Decision To Buy Her Magazine Called, Martha From Time Inc. Next, Isaac Mizrahi, Grace Mirabella & Mary Louis Wilson Remember Former Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland. Plus, Uruguay-Born Architect Rafael Vinoly Talks About His Elegant Tokyo International Forum Building. Finally, Art Critic Anthony Haden-Guest Talks About His New Book, True Colors: The Real Life Of The Art World That Looks At The Movers And Shakers In The Art Scene.moreless
  • 2/20/97
    Former Secretaries Of State Henry Kissinger And George P. Shultz Discuss The Death Of Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping. Next, Journalists Kati Marton, Richard Cohen, Lally Weymouth And Frank Rich Discuss The Controversy Over Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright'S Family Heritage. The Group Is Concerned About Albright'S Assertion She Is Unaware Of Her Jewish Roots While The Washington Post Recently Announced That Three Of Her Grandparents Were Killed By Nazis In The Holocaust. Finally, Author Oliver Sacks Looks At An Unusual Pattern Of Illness In Micronesia In His Book, The Island Of The Colorblind.moreless
  • 2/19/97
    National Security Advisor Samuel Berger Talks To Charlie About How The U. S. Relationship To China Will Change After Deng Xiaoping'S Death. Next, Former Assistant Secretary Of State Richard Holbrooke Discusses Deng Xiaoping'S Place In Chinese History. Also, Michel Oksenberg Of Stanford University Discusses The Uncertainty Of China'S Future Now That Jiang Zemin Will Be Taking Power. Finally, Former Assistant Secretary Of State Winston Lord Talks To Charlie About Deng Xiaoping'S Mixed Legacy. Lord Suggests That Xiaoping Was Instrumental In Repairing U. S. -China Relations But Could Also Be Politically Repressive.moreless
  • 2/18/97
    Charlie Talks To Gennady Zyuhanov About Boris Yeltsin. Then, Charlie Speaks To Ambassador And Special Middle East Coordinator Dennis Ross About The Middle East Peace Process.
  • 2/17/97
    Charlie Talks To Filmmaker Wes Craven About His New Thriller Called, Scream. Raised In A Devout Baptist Household In Ohio, Craven Talks About Being Taught That Movies Were Tools Of The Devil. Next, Author Patricia Cornwell Discusses Her Book, Hornet'S Nest That Is Part Of A New Series Set In Charlotte, North Carolina. Finally, Actor Jack Palance Talks About His First Book Of Poetry Entitled, The Forest Of Love.moreless
  • 2/14/97
    Filmmaker David Lynch Talks To Charlie About His Upcoming Retrospective At The American Museum Of The Moving Image. He Also Discusses His Latest Film Called, Lost Highway Based On The Book, Night People By Barry Gifford. Actors Nicholas Cage & Dennis Hopper Talk About Their Roles In Lost Highway. Plus, Robert Thurman Of The Tibet House Talks About Its Upcoming Benefit Concert At Carnegie Hall. One Of The Performers Slated To Sing At The Concert, Natalie Merchant, Talks About Human Rights Violations In Tibet.moreless
  • 2/12/97
    Former Editor Of Time Magazine Henry Grunwald Talks About His Obsession With The News. He Also Discusses His Book, One Man'S America: A Journalist'S Search For The Heart Of His Country. Plus, Filmmakers Leon Gast & Taylor Hackford Tell Charlie About Their Film, When We Were Kings That Looks At The Fight Between Muhammad Ali And George Foreman In Zaire.moreless
  • 2/11/97
    Journalists Richard Corliss, David Denby And Janet Maslin Talk To Charlie About This Morning'S Announcement Of The Best Film Nominees. Next, Billy Bob Thornton Talks About His Directorial Debut Called, Sling Blade, A Film Which Is Receiving Much Critical Acclaim. Finally, Actor Richard Attenborough Tells Charlie About His Experience Performing As An Idealistic Billionaire In The Steven Spielberg Film, Jurassic Park. Also, Attenborough His Role In A Film Based On A Work By Ernest Hemingway Called In Love And War.moreless
  • 2/10/97
    Attorney Marcus Garby Talks To Charlie About The Social Implications Of O. J. Simpson'S Compensatory Damage Verdict. Next, John Huey Of Fortune Magazine Talks To Charlie About The Magazine'S Most Admired Corporations List. Then, Former Senator Bill Bradley Talks About The President'S State Of The Union Address As Well As His Own Memoir Entitled, Time Present, Time Past. Finally, Cadet Adam Ake From The U. S. Military Academy, Tali Farimah Farhadian From Yale University, Kerry Francis, From Georgetown University And Benjamin Jealous From Columbia University Talk About Being Rhodes Scholars.moreless
  • 2/7/97
    Former Senator Sam Nunn Talks To Charlie About The Possibility Of Atomic Weapons In Russia. Then, Director Milos Formann Talks About His Controversial Film, The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Which Is About Porn Mogul Larry Flynt. Finally, Verdi Soprano Aprille Millo Speaks About Her Opera Family And Her Current Role As Amelia In Un Ballo In Maschera At The Met.moreless
  • 2/6/97
    Director Of The Office Of Nat'L Drug Control Policy, General Barry Mccaffrey, Talks About The Debate Over Drug Legalization And Medicinal Marijuana. Next, Former Assistant Secretary Of State Richard Holbrooke Remembers U. S. Ambassador To France, Pamela Harrison. Plus, A Conversation With Nba Hall Of Famer Julius Erving About A New Pbs Documentary That Looks At The Nba. Finally, Filmmaker Louis Massiah Talks About His New Documentary, W. E. B. Du Bois: A Biography In Four Voices That Looks At The Life Of Naacp Founder W. E. B. Dubois.moreless
  • Katharine Graham
    Episode 02.05.97
    An interview with
  • 2/4/97
    Charlie Talks To Journalists Todd Purdum, Dan Goodgame, David Remnick, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Bret Schundler And Michael Sandel About President Clinton'S State Of The Union Address. The Group Covers Topic Such As Nato, Bosnia And The Internet. Plus, Dominick Dunne Of Vanity Fair Magazine Talks About The Verdict In O. J. Simpson'S Civil Trial.moreless
  • 1/31/97
    Charlie Talks To Former Lapd Detectives Philip Vannatter And Tom Lange About The Investigation In The O. J. Simpson Case. Also, Jim Lehrer Talks About His Television Show, The News Hour With Jim Lehrer As Well As His New Book, White Widow.
  • 1/30/97
    Charlie Talks To Samuel Huntington Of Harvard University About An Article Published In The Journal Of Foreign Affairs, The Clash Of Civilizations That Looks At World Powers After The Cold War. Next, Charlie Speaks With John Cleese About His New Film, Fierce Creatures That Co-Stars Jamie Lee Curtis. Finally, Lauren Bacall Talks About Her Life In Hollywood And Her Current Collaboration With Barbara Streisand Called, The Mirror Has Two Faces.moreless
  • 1/29/97
    Desmond Howard Of The Green Bay Packers Talks To Charlie About Winning Mvp At The Superbowl. Plus, Former Senator Alan Simpson Talks About Politics And Journalism. Also, He Tells Charlie About His Book, Right In The Old Gazoo.
  • 1/28/97
    Dan Abrams Of Court Tv Talks To Charlie About The Final Closing Rebuttals In The O. J. Simpson Civil Case. Then, Contributors Dave Barry, Carl Hiaasen And Elmore Leonard Talk About Their Humorous Crime Novel, Naked Came The Manatee. Finally, Actress Jacqueline Bassett Talks About Her Distinguished Film Career And A New Project, La Ceremonie.moreless
  • 1/27/97
    David Bar-Illan, A Former Concert Pianist, Now An Adviser To Prime Minister Netanyahu Talks To Charlie About The Peace Process In Israel. Next, Author Peter Applebome, Journalist Howell Raines & Humorist Roy Blount Discuss The Impact Of The Southern United States On U. S. Society And Culture. Finally, Jazz Vocalist And Music Critic Jimmy Scott Talks About His Interest In Gospel Music And His New Release Entitled, Heaven.moreless
  • 1/24/97
    Journalists Frank Deform & Mike Lupica Discuss The Super Bowl And The Outlook For The Green Bay Packers. Next, One Of Bill Clinton'S Favorite Evangelical Preachers, Tony Campolo, Talks About Politics And Religion. Plus, Director Terry George And Actor Helen Mirren Talk About Their Film, Some Mother'S Son That Looks At Imprisoned Ira Members Who Launched A Hunger Strike In 1981.moreless
  • Liam Neeson
    Episode 01.22.97
    A conversation with actor Liam Neeson about his role in the films
  • 1/21/97
    Harvard University Minister Peter Gomes Talks About His New Book Called, The Good Book That Looks At The History Of The Bible. Then, Actress Juliette Binoche Discusses Her Film, The English Patient That Is Nominated For Several Academy Awards.
  • 1/20/97
    A discussion with political strategist Dick Morris, Richard Holbrooke, Assistant Secretary of State, Tom Friedman and R.W. Apple Jr., both of
  • 1/17/97
    Charlie Speaks With Journalists Cokie Roberts, R. W. Apple & Tim Russert About The Clinton Administration On The Eve Of The Inauguration Of Its Second Term. Then, Charlie Discusses The Economy With Investment Banker Felix Rohatyn, Businessman And Publisher Mort Zuckerman, Deputy Secretary Of The Treasury Lawrence Summers, And Richard Darman Who Served In The Reagan Administration And The Bush Administration As Director Of The Office Of Management And Budget.moreless
  • Dick Morris
    Episode 01.16.97
    An interview with political strategist Dick Morris about how helped lead President Clinton to a second victory and about his book,
  • 1/15/97
    Former Prime Minister Shimon Peres On The Future Of The Peace Process In Israel. Then, Secretary Of Commerce Mickey Kantor, On Four More Years Of The Clinton Administration.
  • 1/14/97
    Charlie Speaks With Former Assistant Secretary Of State Richard Holbrooke About Foreign Policy As Bill Clinton Prepares For His Second Term. Plus, Kevin Spacey Talks To Charlie About The Academy Award He Recently Won For His Film The Usual Suspects. Also, Spacey Discusses His First Experience Directing On The Film, Albino Alligator.moreless
  • 1/13/97
    Charlie Speaks With Edward Felsenthal Of The Wall Street Journal And Michael Isikoff Of Newsweek About The Supreme Court'S Decision To Hear The Case Of Paula Jones Vs. President Bill Clinton. Then, Actress Amy Irving Talks About The Beginning Of Her Acting Career As A Nine-Month Old. Also, She Discusses Her Role In The Broadway Production Of Chekhov'S Three Sisters. Finally, Ann Winblad Of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners Talks About How The Tech Industry Is Incorporating The Internet Into Their Products.moreless
  • 1/10/97
    A discussion with Stuart Taylor of
  • 1/9/97
    Charlie Speaks With Director Walter Bobbie And Actors Ann Reinking, Joel Grey And James Naughton About Their Musical, Chicago. The Group Discusses How This Production Differs From Bob Fosse'S Version Of Chicago In 1975.
  • 1/8/97
    Charlie Speaks With Lawrence Tribe Of Harvard Law School And Dr. Howard Grossman About The Supreme Court Case Addressing Physician-Assisted Suicide. Then, Founder Of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem And Daughter Of Larry Flynt, Tonya Flynt Vega Voice Their Opposition To The New Film, The People Vs. Larry Flynt.
  • 1/7/97
    Charlie Speaks With Former Congressional Aide Lawrence O'Donnell, Representatives Charles Schumer And Christopher Shays, Journalist Norm Ornstein And Jim Glassman Of The American Enterprise Institute About Newt Gingrich. The Group Discusses Whether Or Not It Was A Positive Move To Reelect The Speaker. Plus, Screenwriter William Goldman Talks About His Experience Surviving In The Movie Business. Goldman Penned The Scripts For Films Such As All The President'S Men.moreless
  • 1/6/97
    Charlie Spends The Hour With Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The Two Discuss The Middle East Peace Process And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu In Israel. Mubarak Talks About His Support For King Hussein And The Public. He Also Talks About The Complexity Of The City Of Jerusalem Since Yassir Arafat Considers It To Be The Capital Of Palestine While Israelis Say It Is The Capital Of Israel.moreless