Charlie Rose - Season 1998

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Episode Guide

  • 12/31/98
    First, A Conversation With Actor Holly Hunter About Her Film "Living Out Loud," And Recent Career In New York Theater.||Then, A Discussion With Joan Allen About Her Role In "Pleasantville" And Its Social Implications.||Finally, A Conversation With Actor Ally Sheedy About Her Film "High Art".
  • A Rebroadcast Of An Hour With British Playwright Tom Stoppard
    A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with British playwright Tom Stoppard about his screenplay for the film
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with British playwright Tom Stoppard about his screenplay for the film
  • 12/29/98
    First, Annette Bening Discusses The Political Implications Of Her Film The Siege And The Repercussions It Had In The Arab-American Community. She Also Talks About Juggling Her Career And Motherhood. Finally, Bening'S Husband Warren Beatty Discusses His New Film Bulworth And His Political Involvement And Liberal Activism.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with musician Bruce Springsteen about his retrospective CD
  • Tibor Kalman
    Episode 12.24.98
    An hour conversation with Tibor Kalman about his role in the fashion world, his interior design firm M & Company, his involvement with the Museum of Modern Art and MTV, his Hungarian background and his book
  • 12/23/98
    First, Dr. James Watson Discusses His Scientific Breakthrough With Francis Crick Concerning The Structure Of The Dna Molecule, The Human Genome Project, His Nobel Prize, And His Recent Work With The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Then, Helena Bonham Carter Discusses Her New Film, Theory Of Flight, For Which She Researched Lou Gehrig'S Disease. She Also Talks About Her Work With Kenneth Branagh, And Her Upcoming Film Fight Club. Finally, Carleton Fiorina, Whom Forbes Magazine Declared "The Most Powerful Woman In American Business," Discusses Her Role On Wall Street, Her Work With At&T And Lucent Technologies, And Her Take On The Current American Economy.moreless
  • 12/22/98
    First, Dr. Edward Said Of Columbia University Talks About What He Sees As The Imperialist Policies Of The United States In The Middle East, Especially With Regards To The 1998 Iraq War, And Vocalizes His Stance Against Israel. Then, Hisham Melhem And Raghida Dergham Talk About Covering The Iraq War From The Perspective Of Middle Eastern Journalists At Their Respective Publications El-Safir And Al-Hayat, U.S. Policies And Sanctions Towards Iraq, And The Future Of U.S.-Arab Relations. Finally, Wealthy Entrepreneur And Philanthropist George Soros Talks About His Company Soros Fund Management, His Charities, His New Book The Crisis Of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered.moreless
  • 12/17/98
    First, Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger Discusses The American And British Attacks On Iraq, The American Military And Strategy, And The Clinton Impeachment. Then, Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Ct) Talks About The U.S. Bombings Of Iraq, The Pentagon'S Statements, And The Impeachment Of President Clinton. Then, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Uk Ambassador To The United Nations, Discusses The Debates Within The Security Council Over The Uk Involvement In Iraq And The Military And Diplomatic Aims Of The Involvement. Finally, Nora Ephron Discusses Her New Movie You'Ve Got Mail And Its Incorporation Of The New Medium Of The Internet In Terms Of Romantic Communication.moreless
  • 12/16/98
    First, Sen. Robert Torricelli And Richard Murphy Discuss The Bombing Of Iraq By American And British Forces That Commenced This Evening. Richard Murphy Of The Council On Foreign Relations Discusses The Aims Of The Attack, The Choice To Begin Immediately Preceding The Holy Month Of Ramadan, The United Nations' Stance. Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-Nj) Says That The U.S. Must Support The Sanctions Approved By The United Nations And That The Attack Enhances The United States' Security. Then, Johanna Mcgeary, Time Magazine'S Senior Correpondent, Calls From Baghdad To Discuss The Specifics Of The Military Actions Taking Place And The Reality Of The Situation On The Ground. Then, Fouad Ajami, An Analyst For U.S. News And World Report, Discusses Clinton'S Aims Behind The Attacks, The Decision To Attack Before Ramadan, The U.N. Report By Richard Butler, And The Dissatisfaction And Disillusionment Of The Arab World. Finally, Grigory Yavlinsky, President Of The Main Liberal Party, The Yabloko Party, In Russia, Discusses His Candidacy For The Russian Presidency, His Criticism Of Boris Yeltsin, And His Agenda Of Reform.moreless
  • 12/15/98
    First, Greg Craig, White House Special Counsel, Discusses The Impeachment Process Of President Clinton, His Recent Visit To The Middle East, The Legal Problems And Implications Of The Lewinsky Affair, And The Views Of Republicans With Regards To Clinton'S Impeachment. Finally, Sumner Redstone, Chairman And Ceo Of Viacom, Talks About His Major Cable-Network Corporation And Media Conglomerate, His Merger With Paramount, And His Entertainment Successes And Sub-Companies Disney, Mtv, Etc.moreless
  • 12/14/98
    Tom Brokaw, Anchor Of Nbc Nightly News And Author Of The Greatest Generation, Discusses His New Book, His Visit To Normandy That Made Him Decided To Write The Book, The History And Impact Of Wwii And The Great Depression, The Clinton Impeachment, And His Personal Life.
  • 12/11/98
    First, A Conversation With David Remnick, Editor Of The New Yorker And Pulitzer Prize Winner. He Discusses His Biography Of Muhammad Ali, "King Of The World", And What He Learned About The Boxer'S Involvement With The Nation Of Islam, Malcolm X, And Parkinson'S Disease (From October 28, 1998).||Then, A Conversation With Author A. Scott Berg About The Nine Years Spent Researching Charles Lindbergh For His Biography (From September 25, 1998).||Finally, A Discussion With Author Ron Chernow About His Biography Of John D. Rockefeller, "Titan", And The Businessman'S Contributions To The History Of American Industry, His Problems With Muckrakers, And The Influence Of Standard Oil (From June 2, 1998).moreless
  • 12/10/98
    First, Richard Butler, Of The United Nations Special Commission On Iraq, Discusses The Possibility Of Iraq Having Nuclear And Biological Weapons, The Alleged Interference Of Iraqis With Un Attempts To Investigate The Presence Of These Weapons, And His Report To The Un Security Council On The Topic. Then, Judith Jamison, Renowned Dancer And Arts Director Of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Discusses Her Relationship With Alvin Ailey, The Progression Of Modern American Dance, And The 40Th Anniversary Of Her Company. Finally, Bertram Fields, Entertainment Lawyer, Discusses His New Book, Royal Blood, In Which He Uses Modern Legal Techniques And Information To Review The Case Of The Murder Of The Two Princes In Shakespeare'S Richard Iii. He Further Discusses The Controversy Over Shakespeare'S Authorship And His Own Hollywood Career.moreless
  • 12/9/98
    First, Screenwriter William Goldman Talks About The Success Of His Films Like "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid" And "The Princess Bride" And Offers His Perspective On The Declining Movie Industry (From January 7, 1997).||Then, Robert Towne, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter, Discusses His New Film That He Has Directed, "Without Limits," That Tells The Story Of Track Star Steve Prefontaine (From September 22, 1998).||Finally, Richard Lagravenese, The Screenwriter Of Films Such As "The Bridges Of Madison County" And "The Horse Whisperer," Discusses The New Movie He Has Directed, "Living Out Loud," That Stars Holly Hunter (From November 6, 1998).moreless
  • 12/8/98
    First, A Conversation With Harold Bloom, Renowned Literary Critic And Professor At Yale University. He Discusses His New Book "Shakespeare: The Invention Of The Human" That Was Nominated For A National Book Award (From November 2, 1998).||Then, A Discussion With Actor Kenneth Branagh About His New Adaptation Of Hamlet, For Which He Wrote The Screenplay And Stars. He Talks About Staging The Film, Choosing The Actors, Other Great Hamlets Of The Past, And The Benefits Of Putting The Play On The Big Screen (From December 23, 1996).||Finally, A Discussion With Playwright Tom Stoppard.moreless
  • 12/7/98
    First, Ronald Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times Discusses The Possibility That The House Judiciary Committee Will Put The Vote Of Clinton'S Impeachment To The Full House Of Representatives. He Discusses The Partisan Politics Of The Issue, Especially The Power Struggle Of Republicans. Then, Natan Sharansky, Israel'S Minister Of Industry And Trade, Discusses His Internment In Soviet Prison Camps, His Founding Of The Immigrant Party In Israel, His Involvement With Bibi Netanyahu, The Struggle With Palestine, And The Peace Process. Finally, Alice Mcdermott, Winner Of The National Book Award, Discusses Her New Novel Charming Billy, Her Surprise Victory Over Authors Tom Wolfe And Robert Stone, And The Characters And Writing Process Behind Her New Book.moreless
  • 12/4/98
    First, Holly Hunter Discusses Her Film Living Out Loud And Recent Career In New York Theater. Then, Hollywood Producer Sir David Puttnam Of Chariots Of Fire And The Midnight Express Discusses His New Book, Movies And Money, And His Career As A Producer And Head Of Columbia Pictures. Finally, Journalist Juan Williams Discusses His New Book Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary, The Difficulties He Had In Researching The Book, And Marshall'S Views On Civil Rights And Prominent African-American Figures.moreless
  • 12/3/98
    An hour conversation with British playwright Tom Stoppard about his screenplay for the film
  • 12/2/98
    First, Shimon Peres, Former Prime Minister Of Israel, Discusses His New Book For The Future Of Israel, Israeli Politics, The Situation With Palestine, Ehud Barak, And Bibi Netanyahu. Then, Kurt Andersen, Writer For The New Yorker, Discusses The Profile Of Tom Hanks That Received Enormous Attention, Especially For Hanks' Comment That He Wished He Had Not Donated Money To The Clinton Defense Fund. He Discusses The Overlap Between Politics And Entertainment. Finally, Judy Collins, Singer, Actress, And Activist, Discusses Her New Book, Singing Lessons, Which Is Her Second Memoir And Deals With The Suicide Of Her Son.moreless
  • David Rockefeller
    Episode 12.01.98
    An hour conversation with David Rockefeller, grandson of John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, about his grandfather's legacy, his family history, projects like Colonial Williamsburg and the scope and influence of his family's name and estate. He also discusses his philanthropic projects and his views on the global economy.
  • 11/30/98
    First, Sergei Kiriyenko, Former Prime Minister Of Russia, Speaks About The Ailing Boris Yeltsin, Who Brought Him To Power And Also Caused His Downfall, The Economic State Of Russia, And The Distribution Of Power In The Country. Then, The Actors Bill Paxton And Billy Bob Thornton Discuss Their New Movie A Simple Plan, About Two Brothers Who Find Several Million Dollars In A Small Midwestern Town. Finally, Jerry Sloan, The Coach Of The Basketball Team The Utah Jazz, Discusses His Career And That Of His Team.moreless
  • 11/27/98
    First, Alan Dershowitz, Professor At Harvard Law School, Discusses His New Book Sexual Mccarthyism, Which Provides His Legal Opinions On The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair And The Subsequent "Witch Hunt," Which He Views As Prime Example Of The Fact That Sex Is Often Deeply Linked To Power Struggles. Then, Andre Previn, Conductor, Composer, And Pianist, Discusses His International Successful Career And His Debut Opera, A Version Of A Streetcar Named Desire, In Which Renee Fleming Stars. Finally, Mark Canton, Former Chairman Of Columbia-Tristar Pictures, Discusses His Three-Year Production Deal With Warner Bros. And The New Film He Is Producing, Jack Frost.moreless
  • 11/26/98
    An hour conversation with William Rehnquist, chief justice of the Supreme Court, about his book
  • 11/25/98
    First, Michael Caine, Brenda Blethyn, And Jane Horrocks Discuss Their Acclaimed New Movie Little Voice, Based On The 1992 Play, The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice, About The Unusual Talents Of A Young English Girl. Then, Anne Heche Discusses Her Role In The Gus Van Sant Remake Of Alfred Hitchcock'S Classic Horror Film, Psycho. She Elaborates On The Style Of The Remake And The Changes That Were Made To The Original. Finally, Sandra Bernhard Discusses Her New One-Woman Broadway Show, I'M Still Here, Dammit!, And Her New Book, May I Kiss You On The Lips, Miss Sandra?moreless
  • 11/24/98
    First, John Hume, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate And Leader Of The Social Democratic And Labor Party In Ireland. He Discusses His Efforts To Reconcile Conflicted Factions In Ireland And His Success At Getting The Irish Republican Army To Engage In Peace Talks. Then, Ossie Davis And Ruby Dee Discuss Their Long-Lasting Marriage And Their Collaborations On Projects Such As A Raisin In The Sun In 1959 And Do The Right Thing In 1989. They Also Discuss Their Commitment To Civil Rights And Activism And Their New Book, With Ossie And Ruby.moreless
  • 11/23/98
    First, Peter Jennings And Todd Brewster Discuss Their Co-Written New Book, The Century, Which Developed Out Of A History Channel Special On American History In The 20Th Century And Describes Various Important Events Of The Past 100 Years. Then, Harold Evans, The Editorial Director Of The New York Daily News, Who Canvassed 40 States Upon Moving To America From England In 1956, Discusses His New Book, The America Century, Which Chronicles American History Between 1889 And 1989. Finally, Judith Crichton Discusses Her Book, America 1900, The Turning Point, And Her Former Role As Executive Producer Of The Pbs Series American Experience.moreless
  • 11/20/98
    Bruce Springsteen discusses his new retrospective CD, Tracks, the political context of his songs, his liberal activism and message, his songwriting process, the E Street Band and how his background and life events have shaped his art and songs. He sings Born in the USA at the close of the show.moreless
  • 11/19/98
    First, Norman Ornstein Of The American Enterprise Institute And Harold Evans Of The Daily News Discusses The Testimony And Investigation Of Kenneth Starr Before The House Judiciary Committee And Whether Starr'S Tactics Were Legitimate. Then, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Talks About His Recent Film Armageddon And His New Film Enemy Of The State, Which Stars Will Smith And Gene Hackman. Then, Dennis Quaid Discusses His Role In The New Film Savior, Which Involves An American Mercenary Fighting In Bosnia. Finally, A Memorial For Alan Pakula, Who Died In A Car Accident, And Is Known For Directing Films Like All The President'S Men And Sophie'S Choice.moreless
  • 11/18/98
    First, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Uk Ambassador To The United Nations, Discusses The Debates Within The Security Council Over The U.S. And Uk Involvement In Iraq And The Military And Diplomatic Aims Of The Involvement. Then, Nizar Hamdoon, Iraqi Ambassador To The United Nations, Discusses The Investigation Into Iraqi Weapons, U.S. Policy Towards Iraq, And Saddam Hussein. Finally, C. Michael Armstrong, Ceo And Chairman Of At&T, Discusses The Phone Industry, His Position As An Outsider Infiltrating The Company, And The Future Of Communications.moreless
  • 11/17/98
    First, Frank Rich, Columnist For The New York Times, Discusses His New Book Hot Seat And His Approach To Being A Critic. Finally, Frank Rich, The Prominent Jazz Pianist, Discusses How He Has Tried To Bring Jazz Back To Some Of Its Earlier Forms.
  • Comedian Garry Shandling
    Episode 11.16.98
    An hour conversation with comedian Garry Shandling about his role in
  • 11/13/98
    First, Annette Bening Discusses The Political Implications Of Her Film The Siege And The Repercussions It Had In The Arab-American Community. She Also Talks About Juggling Her Career And Motherhood. Finally, Ed Zwick, Director Of The Movie The Siege, Which Also Stars Denzel Washington, Discusses The Social And Political Implications Of The Film, Which Deals With Terrorism And Islamic Fundamentalism, In Light Of Current Affairs.moreless
  • 11/12/98
    First, Prolific American Author Tom Wolfe Discusses His New Book, A Man In Full, Which Was Nominated For A National Book Award Before It Was Even Published. Then, Kenneth Branagh Discusses His New Adaptation Of Hamlet, For Which He Wrote The Screenplay And In Which He Plays The Title Role. He Discusses Other Great Hamlets Of The Past And The Benefits Of Putting Such A Classic Play On The Big Screen.moreless
  • 11/11/98
    First, Madeleine Albright, The Secretary Of State, Discusses The Current Tensions Between Iraq And The Political Community Of The World In Light Of The Possibility That Hussein Is Harboring Weapons. She Describes The United States' Options In Dealing With A Potential Conflict. Then, James Chace Discusses His New Book, Acheson, About Dean Acheson, The Powerful American Political Figure And Diplomat Known For His Policy-Forming Work After Wwii And During The Cold War.moreless
  • 11/10/98
    First, Robert Macneil, Successful Journalist In Broadcast News Who Had Been On The Macneil-Lehrer News Hour, Discusses His Decision To Write Books And His Third Novel, Breaking News. Then, Leonard Slatkin, The Music Director Of The National Symphony Orchestra, Discusses His Career As A Renowned Conductor And Weighs In On American Music And Music Education. Finally, Jerry Weintraub Discusses His Career In The Entertainment Industry As A Promoter And Agent In Addition To Producer.moreless
  • 11/9/98
    First, Ken Burns And Lynn Novick Discuss Their New Pbs Documentary About The Great 20Th Century Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Then, Andrew Sullivan, Former Editor Of The New Republic, Discusses His Latest Book, Love Undetectable, A Memoir In The Form Of Three Essays. Finally, Phil Collins Discusses His New Greatest Hits Cd, Hits, And His Long Music Career, Which Included Six Grammy Awards.moreless
  • 11/6/98
    First, Novelist John Updike Discusses His New Book, Bech At Bay, His Latest Installment In The Henry Bech Series Of Novels He Began 16 Years Prior. Then, Richard Lagravenese, The Screenwriter Of Films Such As The Bridges Of Madison County And The Horse Whisperer, Discusses The New Movie He Has Directed, Living Out Loud, Which Stars Holly Hunter, And His Work On The Film Beloved. Finally, Martin Garbus, Renowned First Amendment Lawyer, Discusses His New Book, Tough Talk: How I Fought For Writers, Comics, Bigots, And The American Way, And Recounts Some Of His Well-Known Cases.moreless
  • 11/5/98
    First, Steve Case, The Founder And Ceo Of American Online (Aol), Discusses The Future Of His Company And The Internet, Its Beginnings, And What He Sees As The Global Village Emerging Because Of Advances In Communications. Then, Diane Von Furstenberg, Famous Fashion Designer, Discusses Her Life, Her Success In Fashion, And Her New Book, Diane'S Signature. Then, Actor Harvey Keitel Discusses The Time He Spent In The Marine Corps, Which He Joined When He Was Seventeen, And The Influence The Period Had On His Career.moreless
  • 11/4/98
    First, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-Ny) Discusses The Current Political Climate And His New Book, Secrecy, About The History Of Secrecy In The United States Government. Finally, James Barksdale, The President And Ceo Of Netscape, Discusses The Anti-Trust Trial Against Microsoft And His Visions For This Future Of The Internet And Electronic Communications.moreless
  • 11/2/98
    First, Charles Cook, A Political Analyst And The Author Of The Cook Political Report And Affiliate Of The National Journal, Discusses The Congressional Elections And Predicts That Democrats Will Not Win Back The House. Then, Felix Rohatyn, The U.S. Ambassador To France, Discusses The French Opinion Of Americans And The Relationship Between The U.S. And France. Finally, Harold Bloom, Renowned Literary Critic And Professor At Yale University, Discusses His New Book On William Shakespeare, Shakespeare The Invention Of The Human, Which Was Nominated For A National Book Award, And Examines The Plays Of The Author From A Critical Point Of View. He Says That Shakespeare Has Invented The Highest Number Of Memorable Characters Of All Authors And Discusses The Opinions Of Other Critics.moreless
  • 10/30/98
    Edward Norton, Actor, "American History X"; "Everyone Says I Love You" / Hunter S. Thompson, Author, "The Rum Diary"
  • 10/29/98
    An hour conversation with talks show host Oprah Winfrey about her role in the movie adaptation of Toni Morrison's
  • 10/28/98
    First, C. Vann Woodward, Arthur Schlesinger, And Sean Wilentz, Eminent Historians At Prestigious Universities, Discuss Their Efforts To Fight Against The Possible Impeachment Of Bill Clinton By Submitting A Petition Of More Than 400 Historians And Calling Upon The American People To Disregard The Ad Campaigns Against The President Funded By Republicans. Then, Anne Rice Discusses Her Newest Installment In The Vampire Chronicles, The Vampire Armand, And The Process She Uses To Write Her Many Supernatural Novels. Finally, David Remnick, Editor Of The New Yorker And Pulitzer Prize Winner, Discusses His Biography Of Muhammad Ali, King Of The World, And The Information He Learned About The Boxer'S Involvement With The Nation Of Islam, Malcolm X, And Struggle With Parkinson'S Disease.moreless
  • 10/27/98
    First, Dennis Ross, Special Middle East Coordinator And Ambassador, Discusses The Palestine-Israel Conflict, The Wye Peace Accord, The Future Of The Middle East. Then, Ambassador And U.S. Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke Discusses The Nato Involvement In The Balkans, The U.N. Decision That Milosevic Had Met The Deadline For Pulling Troops Out Of Kosovo, And The Future Of U.S. Relations With The Region. Finally, Joan Allen Discusses Her Role In The Blockbuster Film Pleasantville And The Social Implications Of That Movie.moreless
  • Director Jonathan Demme
    Episode 10.26.98
    A conversation with director Jonathan Demme about his film
  • 10/23/98
    First, Danny Glover Discusses His Role As Paul D In The New Film Adaptation Of Toni Morrison'S Beloved, Which Stars Oprah Winfrey, In Addition To His Other Successes Of The Past Year. Pete Hamill Discusses His New Book About The Recently Deceased Frank Sinatra, Why Sinatra Matters, Described As Part-Memoir And Part-Biography.moreless
  • Sports Announcer Bob Costas
    Episode 10.22.98
    An hour conversation from Busch Stadium in St. Louis with Bob Costas, NBC Sports announcer, about the end of the incredible 1997-98 baseball season, the home-run record race between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire and the history of the game.
  • 10/21/98
    First, Fouad Ajami, An Analyst For U.S. News And World Report, Discusses The Wye Peace Accord, The Possible Progress Towards Resolution In The Middle East, And U.S. Foreign Policy Towards The Israel-Palestine Conflict. Then, Jeff Daniels Discusses His Role In The Movie Pleasantville And The Implications For Society In The Movie. Finally, Fashion Designer Hubert De Givenchy Discusses The New Book That Was Written About Him, Givenchy Style, And The Influences That Led To His Signature Style.moreless
  • 10/20/98
    First, David Maraniss Discusses His Biography Of Bill Clinton, First In His Class, And His New Book, The Clinton Enigma, Which Dissects Clinton'S Speech In Which He Admitted To An Affair With Monica Lewinsky. Then, Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (D-Ny) Discusses His New Book, Values Of The Game, In Which He Relates The Lessons He Learned While He Was In The Nba In His Post-College Years. He Says He Is Reluctant To Run For President. Finally, Italian Actor Roberto Benigni Discusses His New Film, Life Is Beautiful, Which Won The Grand Jury Prize At Cannes And Involves A Comedic Tale Set During The Holocaust.moreless
  • John Leighton About Van Gogh
    Episode 10.19.98
    An hour conversation with art historian and Van Gogh museum director John Leighton about the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. He takes Charlie on a tour of the National Art Gallery in Washington and discusses Van Gogh's famous paintings, their cultural significance and their artistic legacy and importance.
  • An hour conversation with former President George H.W. Bush and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft. They discuss the legacy of their administration, its effects over the past ten years and the historical and political trends that have emerged since the Clinton Administration came to power.
  • 10/15/98
    First, Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Special Envoy, Discusses The Deal He Negotiated To Stop A Serbian Offensive In Kosovo And Puts It In The Perspective Of The Dayton Peace Agreement. Then, James Lehrer, Of The Newshour With Jim Lehrer On Pbs, Discusses His New Book, Purple Dots, A Novel About Politics. Finally, Orlando Bagwell Discusses His New Pbs Documentary, Africans In America, About The History Of Slavery And Racism In The United States.moreless
  • 10/14/98
    First, Rahm Emanuel, Senior Adviser To President Bill Clinton, Discusses His Impending Departure From The Position Of Adviser And Speaks Of His Experiences With The President And The Contemporary Lewinsky Affair. Finally, Elizabeth Dole Discusses Her Cabinet Positions Under Ronald Reagan And George Bush, Her Presidency Of The American Red Cross, And Her Husband Bob'S Campaign For The Presidency. She Also Speaks Of Her Conservative Views For American Society.moreless
  • 10/13/98
    First, Dr. Robert Furchgott Of Suny Brooklyn Discusses The Nobel Prize In Medicine That He Won For His Research Into The Role Of Nitric Oxide In The Regulation Of Blood Pressure, And Also Speaks Of New Developments In Treating Heart Disease, Shock, And Impotence. Then, The New Yorker'S Seymour Hersh Discusses His Report On The Motives Of The Clinton Administration Behind The Bombings Of Sudan And Afghanistan. Then, Lowell "Bud" Paxson, Ceo Of Paxson Communications, Discusses His New Television Network, The Seventh In America, In Addition To His New Book, Threading The Needle, About His Experience In The Television Industry. Finally, Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg Talks About His New Book, Winning With Integrity, And Discusses Negotiations In Professional Sports And The Nature Of The Industry.moreless
  • 10/12/98
    First, Peter Mandelson, The British Secretary Of State For Trade And Industry, Discusses His Influential Role In Tony Blair'S New Labor Party And The Current Economic And Political State Of The World. Finally, Oliver Platt Discusses His Latest Role In The Movie The Impostors With Stanley Tucci In Addition To His Work In Films From The Same Year Including Bulworth And Simon Birch.moreless
  • 10/9/98
    A Discussion With Renowned Tenor Placido Domingo About His Career, Childhood, His Fame, And His Role As Don Jose In The Metropolitan Opera'S Production Of "Carmen".
  • 10/8/98
    First, Daniel Boorstin, Former Librarian Of Congress, Discusses His New Book, The Seekers, The Third Installment In A Trilogy On The History Of Western Thought. Then, Stanley Tucci Discusses His New Movie, The 1930'S-Style Comedy, The Impostors, Which He Wrote And Directed. In Addition, Three Of Its Stars, Lili Taylor, Steve Buscemi, And Campbell Scott Talk About The Movie. Finally, Paul Anka Discusses His New Album, A Body Of Work, In Addition To The Details Of His Very Long And Prolific Career.moreless
  • 10/7/98
    First, David Trimble, Former Minister Of The Northern Ireland Assembly, And Seamus Mallon, Deputy First Minister Of The Northern Ireland Assembly, Discuss The Possibility Of Peace In Ireland And The Persistent Problem Of Political Violence. Then, Sparky Anderson Discusses His Career As A Major-League Baseball Manager And His New Book, They Call Me Sparky. Finally, Violinist And Conductor Pinchas Zukerman Discusses His Position As Music Director Of The National Art Center Orchestra In Canada And Involvement With The English Chamber Orchestra.moreless
  • 10/6/98
    First, R.W. Apple, Correspondent For The New York Times, Discusses The Decision Of The House Judiciary Committee To Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against President Clinton And The Partisan Politics Behind The Action. Then, John Harris, The White House Correspondent From The Washington Post, Discusses The Current Issues Affecting U.S. Foreign Policy, Especially The Crisis In The Balkans And Iraq. Finally, Henry Schacht, Former Ceo Of Lucent Technologies, Discusses Current Developments In Telecommunications, U.S. Industry, And The State Of The Global Economy.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion with guest host Walter Isaacson, managing editor of
  • 10/2/98
    First, Shelby Steele Discusses His New Book, A Dream Deferred, Which Addresses Issues Of Race In America, And Reopen His Controversial Discussion Of Affirmative Action. Then, Billy Crudup Discusses His Status As A "Promising Young Actor" And His New Role On Broadway In A New Reworking Of Oedipus. Finally, Frances Mcdormand And Billy Crudup Discuss Their New Play, Oedipus, And Its Reworking Of Previous Versions Of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex In Addition To Their Approach To Acting On Stage And In Films.moreless
  • 10/1/98
    First, Richard Butler, Of The United Nations Special Commission On Iraq, Discusses The Possibility Of Iraq Having Nuclear And Biological Weapons And The Inspection Underway To Find Out Whether They Do And The Cooperation Of The U.N. With The Israeli Government. Then, In An Interview Set In An Art Museum, Michael Kimmelman, Chief Art Critic For The New York Times, Discusses His New Book Portraits, Talking With Artists At The Met, The Modern, The Louvre, And Elsewhere, In Which He Interviews Prominent Modern Artists About Their Influences. Finally, Alice Walker Discusses Her New Book, By The Light Of My Father'S Smile, Which Deals With Issues Of Paternal Care For Daughters And The Development Of Female Sexuality.moreless
  • 9/30/98
    First, Amre Moussa, The Foreign Minister Of Egypt, Discusses The Palestine-Israel Conflict, The Possibility Of A Peace Accord Between Prime Ministers Arafat And Netanyahu Through The Aid Of President Clinton, And The "Unsatisfactory" Way He View Palestinians Have Been Treated In The Peace Process. Finally, Boris Nemstov, Former Aide To Boris Yeltsin And First Deputy Prime Minister, Discusses His Decision To Resign Once Yevgeny Primakov Was Confirmed Prime Minister, And Gives His Opinions On The Political And Economic Crises In Russia And The Possibility Of Reform.moreless
  • 8/2/10
    First, Byron Wien, investment strategist at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, discusses the decision of the Federal Reserve Bank to lower interest rates for the first time in three years and the impact of the move on the U.S. economy.Then, Bill Richardson, Secretary of Energy, uses his insight from his career as a congressman and a U.N. ambassador to size up the current state of U.S. foreign policy and predict that the U.N. will take stronger actions against Saddam Hussein.Finally, Steve Martin, actor and comedian, discusses his new book of humorous essays from The New Yorker, Pure Drivel, and his varied career.moreless
  • 9/28/98
    First, Robert Bazell, Author Of Her 2, Dr. Larry Norton, Oncologist At Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Lois Kasper Of S.H.A.R.E, Currently Undergoing Treatment For Breast Cancer With Herceptin, And Fran Visco, Chairwoman Of The National Breast Cancer Coalition, Sit Down To Talk About Herceptin As A Treatment For Breast Cancer. Finally, John Edgar Wideman, Known For His Acclaimed Stories Of African-American Life, Discusses His New Book, Two Cities- A Love Story, About His Love Of Philadelphia And Pittsburgh.moreless
  • 9/25/98
    First, Michael Eisner Continues His Discussion Of His Life And Stewardship Of The Walt Disney Company In Addition To His Memoir, Work In Progress. He Speaks About The Future Of Disney, Especially With Regards To The Internet. Then, A. Scott Berg Discusses The Nine Years He Spent Researching Charles Lindbergh For His Biography, Lindbergh, And The Controversy Surrounding The Aviator And His Racism, The Little Known Details Of His Later Life, And The Possible Movie To Be Made Of The Book By Steven Spielberg. Finally, Sidney Sheldon Discusses His Sixteenth Novel, Tell Me Your Dreams, And His Previous Work For Television And Theater.moreless
  • 9/24/98
    First, Benjamin Netanyahu, The Prime Minister Of Israel, Discusses The Peace Process, His Views Of Palestine And Yassir Arafat, And The General State Of His Nation. Then, Michael Eisner Begins His Two-Part Discussion Of The Walt Disney Corporation, His Memoir Work In Progress, And His Early Life And 30-Year Career In The Entertainment Industry.moreless
  • 9/23/98
    First, John Lipsky, Chief Economist At Chase Manhattan Bank, Discusses The Possibility That The Federal Reserve Bank Will Cut Interest Rates In The Subsequent Week And Offers Insight Into What This Means For The U.S. Economy. Then, Stephen King Discusses His Prolific Career, The Lack Of Respect He Gets From Literary Circles, And His New Novel, Bag Of Bones, Which He Calls His "Grown-Up" Novel. Finally, Oscar De La Renta Discusses His Native Dominican Republic, The Impact His Fashions Have Had On Hollywood, And His Business Endeavors.moreless
  • 9/22/98
    First, Laurence Tribe Of Harvard Law School Explains The Procedures Of The Impeachment Process And Relates This Information To The Impeachment Proceedings Against President Clinton. Finally, Robert Towne, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter, Discusses A New Film He Has Directed, Without Limits, Which Tells The Story Of The Track Star Steve Prefontaine. He Discusses The Star Of The Film, Billy Crudup, And The Making Of The Movie.moreless
  • 9/21/98
    First, Laurence Tribe Of Harvard Law School Dissects The Confession Video Speech Of President Clinton And Offers His Insights To The Impeachment Process And Its Legitimacy Under Constitutional Law. Then, Evan Thomas Of Newsweek And Mort Zuckerman Of U.S. News And World Report Offer Their Commentary On The Clinton Video, The Possible Impeachment, And The Politics Behind The Whole Issue. Then, Kathleen Hall Jamieson Of The Annenberg School Of Communication Discusses The Clinton Video And The Way It Was Treated And Spun By The Various Media Outlets That Played And Analyzed It. Finally, The Mayor Of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan, Offers His Opinions About New York City.moreless
  • 9/18/98
    An hour conversation with songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson about his long career in film and music and his colorful biography including his Rhodes scholarship and his battle with drug and alcohol abuse. Kristofferson also discusses his three films
  • 9/17/98
    First, Christopher Patten, The Last British Governor Of Hong Kong, Discusses The Return Of The Territory To China, His Tenure As Governor And The Demands Of Balancing Economic And Political Interests, And His New Book, East And West. Then, Robert Mondavi, Famed Wine Producer, Discusses The Wine Industry And His Winery In Addition To His Memoirs, Harvest Of Joy. Finally, Itamar Rabinovich, Former Israeli Ambassador To The U.S. And Israel'S Chief Negotiator With Syria During Peace Talks From 1992 To 1996, Discusses His New Book The Brink Of Peace And The Current Situation In The Middle East.moreless
  • 9/16/98
    First, William Weld, Former Governor Of Massachusetts And First Republican To Be So, Criticizes The Clinton Administration And Discusses His New Novel, Mackerel By Moonlight. Then, David Remnick, The New Editor Of The New Yorker, Discusses His Prolific Career In Journalism And His Hopes For The Direction Of The New Yorker And Some Major Stories He Wants To Cover. Finally, Roger Cohen Of The New York Times Discusses His Coverage Of The Bosnian War And His New Book On The Subject, Hearts Grown Brutal.moreless
  • 9/15/98
    First, William Bennett, Co-Director Of Empower America, Discusses His New Book, The Death Of Outrage, Which Criticizes Clinton'S "Assault On American Ideals." Then, Conan O'Brien Discusses His Replacement Of David Letterman On Nbc'S Late Night, The Increasing Success Of His Talk Show, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, And His First Prime-Time Television Special. Finally, Howell Raines, Hailing From Alabama And The Editorial Page Editor Of The New York Times, Discusses The Death And Legacy Of Alabama Governor George Wallace.moreless
  • 9/14/98
    First, John Ashcroft, Republican Senator From Missouri, Discusses His Place On The Judiciary Committee, His Opinion That Clinton Should Resign In The Face Of The Lewinsky Affair, And The Possibility That He Will Run For President. Then, Whoopi Goldberg Discusses Her Career And Her New Role As The "Center Square" On The Game Show Hollywood Squares. Then, Ben Stiller Discusses His Roles In Several New Movies, Especially Permanent Midnight, In Which He Plays A Heroin-Addicted Television Writer. Finally, P.J. O'Rourke, Political Satirist And Writer For Publications Like Rolling Stone, Discusses His New Book, Eat The Rich, About The American Economy.moreless
  • 9/11/98
    First, In A Discussion About The Report On The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair That Alleges Impeachment Proceedings Can Be Brought Against Clinton, Lawrence Tribe Of Harvard Law School, William F. Buckley Of The National Review, Rev. Gardner Taylor And Margaret Carlson Of Time Magazine Share Their Thoughts. Then, Rev. J. Philip Wogaman And Rev. James A. Forbes Discuss The Moral Implications Of Clinton'S Deeds And Apologies And Weigh In On His Religious Life. Finally, Bud Collins Of The Boston Globe And Nbc, Cliff Drysdale Of Espn, Tom Gullikson, Tennis Coach, And Pam Shriver, Former Tennis Player And Espn Analyst Discuss The U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.moreless
  • 9/10/98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On The Clinton Confession And Apology And The Direction He Sees The Affair Taking. Then, Robert Torricelli, Democratic Senator From New Jersey, Discusses Clinton'S Confession Speech, Which He Attended, The Starr Report, And More. Finally, Actor Donald Sutherland Discusses His Career And His New Movie, Without Limits, In Which He Plays The Coach Of The Legendary Olympic Runner Steve Prefontaine.moreless
  • 9/9/98
    First, Norman Ornstein Of The American Enterprise Institute Discusses The Kenneth Starr Report And Clinton'S Confession And Apology. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-Ny), Serving On The House Judiciary Committee, Discusses The Starr Report, The Partisan Politics Behind The Affair, And The Possibility Of Impeachment. Then, John Feinstein Of The Washington Post And Ira Berkow Of The New York Times Discuss Mark Mcgwire'S Home-Run Record And The Joy Of Watching The Game. Finally, Christopher Dickey, Son Of Writer And Poet James Dickey And A Writer Himself, Discusses His New Memoir, Summer Of Deliverance, About His Relationship With His Father.moreless
  • 9/8/98
    First, Jack Matlock Of Princeton University, Former Ambassador To The Soviet Union, Stephen Cohen Of Nyu, And Steven Solnick Of Columbia University, Discuss The Political And Economic Crises At Work In Modern Russia, The Legacy Of Boris Yeltsin, And The Implications For America And The Rest Of The World. Finally, Writer Joyce Maynard Discusses Her Memoir, At Home In The World, Which Includes An Account Of Her Peculiar Romantic Relationship With Recluse J.D. Salinger.moreless
  • 9/7/98
    First, Barry Levinson, Veteran Film-Maker, Discusses His Latest Acclaimed Film, Wag The Dog, Which Stars Dustin Hoffman And Robert De Niro. Then, Up And Coming Film-Maker Paul Thomas Anderson Discusses His New Film Boogie Nights And His Status As An Emerging Acclaimed Director.
  • 9/4/98
    First, Frank Deford Of Hbo Sports And Sports Illustrated, Roger Angell Of The New Yorker, And George Will, Writer And Author Of Bunts, Discuss The Renaissance Of American Baseball And The Excitement Of The Home-Run Record Race. The, Famed Catcher Yogi Berra Discusses Modern Baseball, His Legacy, And His New Book, I Really Didn'T Say Everything I Said. Finally, Tim Mccarver, Former Famed Baseball Player And Commentator For Fox, Discusses His New Book, Baseball For Brain Surgeons, About The Intricacies Of His Game.moreless
  • 9/2/98
    First, Andrew Grove, Ceo Of Intel, Discusses His Immigration To The U.S. As A Refugee From The Soviet Union, His Vision Of The Technology Of The Future, And His Status As Time'S Man Of The Year. Then, Eckhard Pfeiffer, Ceo Of Compaq Computer Corp., Discusses His Company'S Recent Acquisition Of Digital Equipment Corporation And The Future Of The Computer Industry. Finally, Halsey Minor, Ceo Of The Cnet Computer Network, Discusses His Company'S Recent Alliance With Nbc And The Future Of Digital Publishing.moreless
  • 9/1/98
    First, Harrison Ford Looks Back On His Long Career And Discusses His Latest Movie, Six Days Seven Nights, In Which He Is Stranded On A Desert Island With Anne Heche. Then, David Duchovny Discusses His Role In The Hit Television Series, The X-Files, In Addition To The New Big-Screen Version Of The Series. Finally, Billy Bob Thornton Discusses His Career And His New Film Armageddon, Which Tells The Story Of A Giant Asteroid About The Hit The Earth.moreless
  • 8/28/98
    First, Michael Stipe Discusses His Long Music Career With R.E.M. And His New Book, Two Times Intro, On The Road With Patti Smith, Which Describes The Time He Spent With A Longtime Idol Of His. Then, Lou Reed Discusses His Solo Career And His Time With The Velvet Underground In Addition To His American Masters Special And His New Solo Album Perfect Night. Finally, Robbie Robertson, Guitarist For Muddy Waters And Bob Dylan Among Others, Discusses His Group The Band And His New Release, Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy.moreless
  • 8/27/98
    First, John Lewis, The Organizer Of The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (Sncc) Discusses His Legacy To The Civil Rights Movement And His Subsequent Political Career As A Congressman From Georgia. Then, Randall Robinson, Founder And President Of Transafrica, Discusses His Organization'S Role In Ending Apartheid In South Africa And Aiding In Haiti As Well As His Civil Rights Work In America And His Political Career And His New Book Defending The Spirit. Finally, Lani Guinier, The First Black Woman To Hold Tenure At Harvard Law School, Discusses Her Legal Career And Civil Rights Legacy And Her New Memoir, Lift Every Voice.moreless
  • 8/26/98
    First, Jimmy Buffett Discusses His 30-Album Career, His New Musical, Don'T Stop The Carnival, Which He Wrote With Author Herman Wouk, And His Memoir, A Pirate Looks At Fifty. Then, John Irving, Prolific Author, Discusses His New Book, A Widow For One Year, About A Woman Looking Back At Her Varied Life. Finally, Acclaimed British Author Martin Amis Discusses His Latest Novel, Night Train, A Thriller About Suicide.moreless
  • 8/24/98
    First, Ed Bradley Of Cbs'S 60 Minutes Discusses The Long-Running Broadcast News Program And His Latest Assignment, A Town Under Siege, About Toxic Waste In A Small Town. Finally, Christiane Amanpour Of Cnn Discusses Her Extensive Coverage Of War Zones Including Bosnia, Somalia, Rwanda, And Iraq.
  • 8/20/98
    First, A Conversation With Charles Krauthammer Of The Washington Post About The Missile Strikes By The Clinton Administration On Terrorist Targets In Afghanistan And Sudan And The Historical Context Of The Event (From November 12, 1997).||Then, A Discussion With Judith Miller Of The New York Times About Osama Bin Laden, The Missile Strikes Of The Clinton Administration, And Her New Book About The Middle East, "God Has 99 Names" (From November 12, 1997).||Finally, A Discussion With Stephen Ambrose About His Role In The Blockbuster Movie, "Saving Private Ryan," About The Normandy Invasion During Wwii (From November 12,1997).moreless
  • 8/19/98
    Tom Friedman, Columnist For The New York Times, Discusses The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair, The Perception Of America To The Greater World, The Global Economy, Globalization, The Middle East, His New Book The Lexus And The Olive Tree, And More.
  • 8/18/98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair And The Prosecution Of The President For Alleged Perjury. Then, A Panel Of Lawrence Tribe Of Harvard Law School, William F. Buckley Of The National Review, Peter Gomes Of Harvard Divinity School, And Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo Debate The Seriousness Of The Clinton Scandal And The Allegations Brought Against Him.moreless
  • 8/13/98
    First, Robin Williams And Matt Damon Discuss The New Film Good Will Hunting, Which Damon Co-Wrote With Friend Ben Affleck. Finally, Warren Beatty Discusses His New Film Bulworth And His Political Involvement And Ideology And Celebrity Activism.
  • 8/12/98
    A Conversation With Actress Kathy Bates About Her 20 Year Career, Her Role In The Blockbuster Film "Titanic" And The Movie "Primary Colors." She Talks About The Movies, Their Relation To The Larger Culture, And The Role Of Women In Hollywood (From March 30, 1998).
  • 8/11/98
    A Conversation With Actor Jeremy Irons About His Roles In The Films "The French Lieutenant'S Woman," "Dead Ringers," An Adaptation Of "Lolita" Starring Dominique Swain, And "Chinese Box," A Historical Film About The Return Of Hong Kong To China From March 25, 1998).
  • 8/10/98
    First, Ehud Barak, Former Chief Of The Israeli Defense Forces And Leader Of The Opposition Israeli Labor Party, Discusses The State Of The Middle East, His Hopes For Israel And The Palestine-Israel Conflict. Then, Writer Neil Labute And Actor Jason Patric Discuss Their New Film, Your Friends And Neighbors, About Sex And Morality In Relationships. Then, Former Cia Operative Charles Mccarry And Spy-Novel Writer Extraordinaire Discusses His Career And His Latest Novel, Lucky Bastard. Finally, Rick Bass, Prolific Writer Of Stories And Essays, Especially About The American West And Wilderness, Discusses His New Book, Where The Sea Used To Be.moreless
  • 8/7/98
    Ted Koppel, Anchor Of Abc'S Nightline Broadcast News Program, Discusses The History Of Nightline, His Journalistic Techniques, Recent American History, And The Clinton Administration.
  • 8/6/98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On The Testimony Of Monica Lewinsky In Front Of A Grand Jury And Puts It In The Context Of The Whole Clinton-Lewinsky Affair. Then, Richard Butler Of The U.N. Special Commission On Iraq Discusses His Investigation Of Whether Or Not Iraq Has Biological Or Nuclear Weapons And His Forthcoming Report To The Security Council. Finally, Director Nicholas Hynter And Actress Helen Hunt Discuss Their New Version Of Shakespeare'S Twelfth Night, Being Performed At Lincoln Center.moreless
  • 8/5/98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Discusses The Right Of President Clinton To Invoke The 5Th Amendment And Refuse To Testify Against Himself And His Current Status Of Sticking With His Original Denial Of Having Had A Relationship With Monica Lewinsky. Then, Richard Holbrooke Discusses His Role In Negotiating The Dayton Peace Accords That Ended The War In Bosnia, His Experiences In Kosovo, And His New Book To End A War. Then, Robert L. Johnson, Founder And Chairman Of Black Entertainment Television Discusses The Success And Franchising Of His Company And His Plans For Future Expansion. Finally, Shelley Winters, Known For Her Roles In A Place In The Sun And A Diary Of Anne Frank, Discusses Her Career And Her Upcoming Lifetime Achievement Award At The Hollywood Film Festival.moreless
  • 8/4/98
    First, Jim Grant Of Grant'S Interest Rate Observer, Thomas Galvin Of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, And Peter Canelo Of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discuss The Biggest Drop In The Dow-Jones In 1998- The Third Worst In Its History And Analyze Its Significance. The, Tom Clancy Discusses His Prolific Career And His Latest Novel Rainbow Six, Which Continues The Saga Of His Character John Clark. Finally, Bob Guccione Jr., Known For Creating The Music Magazine Spin, Discusses His Decision To Sell The Magazine And His New Project, The Men'S Magazine Gear.moreless
  • 8/3/98
    First, C. Boyden Gray, Former Legal Counsel To President George H.W. Bush, Discusses The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair, The Kenneth Starr Report, And The Testimony And Prosecution Of President Clinton. Then, Billy Corgan, Lead Singer Of The Smashing Pumpkins, Discusses The State Of Rock Music, His Grunge-Era Peers, And His Band'S Latest Album, Adore. Finally, Lou Holtz, Longtime Coach Of Notre Dame'S Fighting Irish, Discusses His Long Successful Career, His Sports Philosophy, And His New Book, Winning Every Day.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 31, 1998)
    Episode 07.31.98
    First, Alan Brinkley, Professor Of History At Columbia University, Frank Rich, Columnist For The New York Times, And David Gergen, Editor At Large Of U.S. News And World Report Discuss The Importance Of The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair And Proceedings To American History, Culture, And Politics. Finally, Director Brian De Palma And Actor Gary Sinise Discuss Their New Movie, Snake Eyes, In Which A Fictional Secretary Of Defense Is Assassinated.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 30, 1998)
    Episode 07.30.98
    First, Jonathan Turley Of George Washington University Discusses His Predictions For The Clinton-Lewinsky Proceedings, Especially If It Turns Out That Clinton Has Been Lying Under Oath. Then, Samuel L. Jackson Discusses His New Film, The Negotiator, About A Chicago Hostage Negotiator Who Is Framed For A Crime. Finally, Trisha Yearwood Discusses He Career And Success In The Country Music Industry And Her Latest Cd, Where Your Road Leads.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 29, 1998)
    Episode 07.29.98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On The Impending Testimony Of President Clinton, His Legal Strategy, And The Investigation Into The Lewinsky Scandal. Then, Kofi Annan, The Secretary General Of The United Nations, Discusses The Priorities Of The United Nations, The Issue Of Iraqi Weapons Inspections, And Other Issues Like The Bosnian War. Finally, Peter Peterson, Chairman Of The Blackstone Group And Former Commerce Secretary Under The Nixon Administration, And Fareed Zakaria, Editor Of Newsweek And Foreign Affairs, Discuss The Recession Of Japan, The Asian Economy, And Japan-U.S. Relations.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 28, 1998)
    Episode 07.28.98
    First, Evan Thomas Of Newsweek And Attorney Bradford Berenson Discuss The Ken Starr Investigation, The Immunity Of Monica Lewinsky, And President Clinton'S Legal Strategy. Then, Charles R. Lee, President And Ceo Of Gte And Ivan Seidenberg, President And Ceo Of Bell Atlantic, Discuss Their Two Companies' Massive Merger And The Future Of The Communications Industry. Finally, Director Adrian Lyne Discusses His New Movie Version Of Nabokov'S Classic Novel Lolita, Starring Jeremy Irons.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 27, 1998)
    Episode 07.27.98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Reports On President Clinton'S Subpoena, Kenneth Starr, And The Impending Testimony Of Monica Lewinsky. Then, Lawrence Tribe Of Harvard Law School Discusses The Legal Strategy Of President Clinton, The Prosecution Efforts Of Kenneth Starr, And The Legal And Historical Precedent Of The Proceedings. Finally, Michael Wolff, Author Of Burn Rate, Kara Swisher, Author Of Aol.Com, How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates, And Steven Johnson, Editor Of Online Magazine Feed, Discuss The History And The Future Of The Internet And Internet-Based Businesses And Projects.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 24, 1998)
    Episode 07.24.98
    First, Gloria Estefan Discusses Her Flight From Cuba, Her Time With The Miami Sound Machine, And Her Career In Latin Music. Then, Gordon Parks Discusses His Career As A Renowned Photographer, His Time At Life Magazine, His Life And Loves, And The Retrospective Of His Work At The Museum Of The City Of New York, Half Past Autumn.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 23, 1998)
    Episode 07.23.98
    First, Elaine Sciolino Of The New York Times And Shaul Bakhash Of George Mason University Discuss The Current State Of Iran, The U.S. Policy Towards The Country, Its Place In The Middle East, And The Possibility Of Missile Testing Or A Nuclear Plan. Then, Irish Secretary Of State Marjorie Mowlam Discusses The Peace Process In Northern Ireland, The Problems With The Ira, And Irish Conflict Overall. Finally, John Lewis, A Congressman From Georgia, Discusses His Early Involvement In Founding The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee And Struggle In The Civil Rights Movement.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 22, 1998)
    Episode 07.22.98
    First, Frank Deford Of Hbo Sports And Sports Illustrated, Roger Angell Of The New Yorker, And George Will, Author Of "Bunts", Discuss The Renaissance Of American Baseball And The Excitement Of The Home-Run Record Race.||Then, Tom Hanks Continues His Two-Part Discussion Of His Recent Successes, Forrest Gump And Philadelphia, And The New Spielberg Movie Saving Private Ryan.||Finally, A Tribute To Alan Shepard, The First American Astronaut Launched Into Space And One Of The Only Men To Step Foot On The Moon (From July 20, 1994).moreless
  • 7/21/98
    An hour conversation with Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City at the start of his second term. He discusses his plans to end modern welfare, historical precedents among New York City mayors and his actions to clean up the urban landscape of New York City.
  • Charlie Rose (July 20, 1998)
    Episode 07.20.98
    First, Donald Rumsfeld, The Former Secretary Of Defense, And Paul Wolfowitz, The Commission Chairman, Discuss The Findings Of Their Independent Commission, Which Concluded That The U.S. Could Be Attacked By Ballistic Missiles With Little To No Warning. Their Report Challenged The More Confident Statistics Of The C.I.A. Then, Tom Hanks Begins A Two-Part Discussion Of His Success In Movies Such As Forrest Gump And Philadelphia And His New Role In The Wwii Spielberg Film, Saving Private Ryan. Finally, John Huey, The Managing Editor Of Fortune Magazine, Discusses His Status As Adweek'S Editor Of The Year And His Attempts To Revise And Revitalize Fortune.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 17, 1998)
    Episode 07.17.98
    First, Julian Robertson, Who Controls The Largest Hedge Fund In The World, Tiger Management Corporation, Discusses The Asian Economy And How The Japanese Economy In Particular Relates To The Rest Of The World. Finally, John Elderfield, The Chief Curator-At-Large Of The Museum Of Modern Art, Discusses The Museum'S Recent Retrospective Of Pierre Bonnard, The French Impressionist And Cubist, And The Painter'S Life And Work.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 16, 1998)
    Episode 07.16.98
    First, Jonathan Turley Of George Washington University Discusses His Predictions For The Clinton-Lewinsky Proceedings, The Legal Strategy Of Kenneth Starr, And The Various Testimonies Of Those Involved In The Matter. Then, Nina Totenberg, Legal Affairs Correspondent Of National Public Radio, Discusses The Specifics Of The Clinton Trial, The Subpoenas Issued By Kenneth Starr, And The Actions Of Chief Justice Rehnquist. Then, Amre Moussa, The Egyptian Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Discusses The Palestine-Israel Conflict, U.S.-Egypt Relations, And The Broader Problems And Situations In The Middle East. Finally, Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D), The Chairman Of The Commission Leading Peace Talks In Ireland, Discusses The Progress Of Their Efforts In Alleviating The Irish Conflict.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 15, 1998)
    Episode 07.15.98
    First, Norman Ornstein Of The American Enterprise Institute Discusses The Current State Of American Politics, The Issue Of Healthcare, And Partisan Conflicts And Issues In General. Then, Harold Evans Of The New York Daily News, David Rosenthal, Publisher For Simon & Schuster, Morgan Entrekin, Publisher Of Grove Press, And Nora Rawlinson, Editor-In-Chief Of Publishers Weekly, Discuss The Current State Of The Publishing Industry, The Media, The Public Decline In Interest For Books, And More. Finally, John Sykes, The President Of Vh-1, Discusses The Channel'S New Programs, Their Relationship With Mtv, Community Outreach, And Other Business-Related Topics.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 14, 1998)
    Episode 07.14.98
    First, John Koskinen, The President Of The President'S Council On Year 2000 Conversion, Discusses The Preparative Efforts To Ready Electronic Systems For Possible Y2K Computer Glitches. Then, Composer And Lyricist William Finn, Director And Choreographer Graciela Daniele, And Star Malcolm Gets Discuss The Lincoln Center Production Of Their Musical, A New Brain, Based On The Composer'S Experiences With Brain Cancer. Finally, Inspired By The Viagra Boom, Gail Sheehy, Author Of The Book Understanding Men'S Passages, Dr. Peter Scardino, Head Of The Prostate Cancer Program At The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. John Rowe, President Of Mt. Sinai Hospital, And John Kita, Writer For Men'S Health Magazine, Discuss Men'S Health And Men'S Aging.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 13, 1998)
    Episode 07.13.98
    First, Michael Armacost, President Of The Brookings Institution And Former Ambassador To Japan, And Michael Bloomberg, Ceo Of Bloomberg Financial Markets, Discuss The Japanese Economy And The Rise Of Asian Business In General, Especially In Light Of The Resignation Of Japanese Pm Ryutaro Hashimoto. Then, Jeffrey Sachs Of The Harvard Institute For International Development Discusses The Asian And Russian Economies And Whether The Imf Should Bolster The Russian Economy. Then, Stephen Cohen Of Princeton University Discusses His Recent Trip To Russia, His Experiences In Russia While The Economy Was Failing, And Analyzes Russia'S Future. Finally, David Hirshey, Executive Editor Of Harpercollins And Soccer Analyst, Discusses France'S World Cup Shutout Of Brazil.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 10, 1998)
    Episode 07.10.98
    First, Tommy Smyth, An Analyst For Espn, And Alexi Lalas, A Star Of The U.S. Soccer Team, Discuss The World Cup Finals, The U.S.'S Disinterest In The World Cup, And Other Stars. Then, Frank Deford Discusses His Cover Story For Sports Illustrated About The Friendship Between Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali And His Close Friend And Prolific Photographer Howard Bingham. Howard Bingham Offers His Personal Perspective On This Element Of His Biography. Finally, Robert Lipsyte, Best-Selling Novelist And Columnist For The New York Times Discusses His New Book, Country Of Illness, Which Uses His Wife'S Death From Cancer And His Own Battle With Cancer To Analyze The U.S. Healthcare System.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 9, 1998)
    Episode 07.09.98
    First, Mort Zuckerman, Editor In Chief Of U.S. News And World Report, Elaina Richardson, Editor Of Elle Magazine, Jeffrey Toobin, Staff Writer At The New Yorker, And Edward Jay Epstein, Also A Writer For The New Yorker, Discuss The Resignation Of Editor In Chief Tina Brown And Comment On Her Motives For Leaving The Magazine, Possible Successors, Financial Difficulties, And The Future Of The New Yorker. Finally, Stanley Kauffmann, The Film Critic For The New Republic For Forty Years, Discusses His Career As A Critic, The History Of Movies, And Modern Films.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 8, 1998)
    Episode 07.08.98
    First, Clinton'S National Security Adviser Samuel Berger Discusses U.S. Foreign Policy And The Foreign Policy Aims Of The Clinton Administration, Especially With Regards To China, Japan, Kosovo, And Russia. Finally, Dr. David Ho, Director Of The Aaron Diamond Research Center, Dr. Fred Valentine Of The Nyu Medical Center, Michael Waldholz, Aids Journalist, And Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director Of The National Institute Of Allergies And Infectious Diseases, Discuss The Recent 12Th World Aids Conference Held In Geneva. They Discuss The Importance Of Research And Help For The Developing World.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 6, 1998)
    Episode 07.06.98
    First, Lawyer Floyd Abrams, Newsweek'S Jonathan Alter, And Producers Of The Documentary April Oliver And Jack Smith Discuss Their Controversial Cnn Documentary, Valley Of Death, Which Alleged The U.S. Used Nerve Gas In Vietnam. They Discuss Abrams' Report That Led Cnn And Time Magazine To Issue A Major Retraction. Maj. Gen. Perry Smith, Former Military Analyst For Cnn, Discusses His Decision To Resign Over The Broadcast Of Valley Of Death And Offers His Take On What Went Wrong With The Documentary.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 3, 1998)
    Episode 07.03.98
    First, Lawrence Summers, Deputy Secretary Of The Treasury, Discusses The Asian Economic Crisis And Analyzes The Markets At The Time Of The Crisis. Then, Ron Rosenbaum Discusses His New Book, Explaining Hitler, And What He Learned About The Life Of The Leader, The Holocaust, And The History Of The World At The Time Of Wwii. Finally, Roy Blount, Jr., Prolific Freelancer, Discusses His New Book, Be Sweet, About Growing Up In Rural Georgia, And Adds Anecdotes From His Long Literary Career.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 2, 1998)
    Episode 07.02.98
    First, Tommy Smyth, An Analyst For Espn, Tab Ramos, American Soccer Star, Jon Frankel Of Abc News, And David Hirshey From Harpercollins Discuss The Events Of The World Cup Being Held In France And The World'S Love Affair With Soccer. Then, Janet Maslin Of The New York Times, Richard Corliss Of Time Magazine, And David Denby Of New York Magazine Discuss The Highs And Lows Of The Summer Season At The Cinema Box Office.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 1, 1998)
    Episode 07.01.98
    First, Linda Greenhouse Of The New York Times Analyzes The Doings Of The Supreme Court During Their Past Session, Which Included Striking Down The Line-Item Veto, Assuring Attorney-Client Privilege Beyond The Grave, And Making Clearer Sexual Harassment Laws. Then, Arthur Golden Discusses His Best-Selling Novel Memoirs Of A Geisha, His Research And Study Of Japanese History, And The Rituals Of Geisha Society. Then, Donna Shirley, The Manager Of The Jet Propulsion Laboratory'S Mars Exploration Program, Discusses The Success Of Mars Pathfinder, The History Of Mars, The Future Of Mars Exploration And Nasa'S Programs. Finally, Maxwell Kennedy, Son Of Robert F. Kennedy, Discusses His Father And His New Book About His Father, Make Gentle The Life Of This World, Which Compiles His Quotations And Speeches.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 30, 1998)
    Episode 06.30.98
    First, Michael Isikoff Of Newsweek Magazine Discusses The Testimony Of Linda Tripp And The Charges Of Perjury And Obstruction Of Justice Against President Clinton. Then, Sylvia Nasar, Author Of A Beautiful Mind, Howard Chua-Eoan, And Dr. Kenneth L. Davis, Chairman Of The Mt. Sinai School Of Medicine, Discuss The Phenomenon Of The Troubled Genius. Finally, Bill Bryson, Known For His Book About English Life, Notes From A Small Island, Discusses His Hiking Trip On The Appalachian Trail And The Book That He Wrote About It, A Walk In The Woods.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 29, 1998)
    Episode 06.29.98
    First, Michael Oskenberg, A Chinese Scholar At Stanford, Discusses President Clinton'S Visit To China, His Interaction With Chinese President Jiang Zemin, And The State And Future Of Chinese-American Relations. Then, Ross Terrill Of Harvard Discusses The Importance Of Clinton'S Visit, The Possibility Of A "New China," And The Elements Of Communism Still At Work In China. Then, Frank Pellegrino, Owner Of Rao'S Restaurant And Author Of Rao'S Cookbook, Joins Book Contributors And Regular Customers Dick Schaap And Nick Pileggi In Discussing The History Of The Old Italian Restaurant That Has Attracted Famous Customers For Decades. Finally, Joe Queenan Discusses His New Book, Red Lobster, White Trash, Blue Lagoon, Described As A Thorough Investigation Into What He Calls The Abyss Of Pop Culture.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 26, 1998)
    Episode 06.26.98
    First, Walter Mossberg, A Technology Writer At The Wall Street Journal, Discusses Windows 98 And Microsoft'S Success At Combining Windows 95 With An Internet Browser, And The Future Of The Company'S Business Endeavors. Then, Nathan Myhrvold, The Chief Tech Officer At Microsoft, Discusses The New Program Terraserver, Which Involves Satellite Imaging Of The Earth. Then, Halsey Minor, Ceo Of Cnet, The Computer Network, Discusses His Recent Merger With Nbc. Finally, Sherman Alexie, Up-And-Coming American Indian Writer, Discusses His Screenplay For The Movie Smoke Signals, And His Career Writing Poetry, Stories, And Novels.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 25, 1998)
    Episode 06.25.98
    First, In Light Of President Clinton'S Trip To China, A Panel Consisting Of Michel Oskenberg, A Chinese Scholar At Stanford, Lally Weymouth, A Journalist Who Did An Exclusive Interview With Chinese President Jian Zemin, And Winston Lord, Former Ambassador To China, Discuss The Future Of Chinese Economy And Government And The Development Of U.S.-China Relations. Finally, Billy Bob Thornton Discusses His Career And His New Film Armageddon, Which Tells The Story Of A Giant Asteroid About The Hit The Earth.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 24, 1998)
    Episode 06.24.98
    First, John Mccain (R-Az) Discusses The Turmoil He Has Been In Over Legislation Against Tobacco Companies, Affirmative Action, U.S. Foreign Policy, And Other Current Affairs. Then, Helen Fielding Discusses Her New Novel, Bridget Jones' Diary, Which Satirizes The Life Of A Career Woman. Finally, Lavinia Currier Discusses Her New Movie, Passion In The Desert, Based On A Balzac Novella, About A French Soldier Stranded In The Unknown Land Of Africa.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 23, 1998)
    Episode 06.23.98
    First, Sir John Weston Discusses His Decision To Retire From The Position As British Ambassador To The United Nations, Thus Ending His Un Career Of Nearly Forty Years. Finally, Peter Biskind, Author Of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls- How The Sex, Drugs, And Rock And Roll Generation Saved Hollywood, Filmmaker James Toback, Editor Of Variety Magazine Peter Bart, And Daphne Merkin, Film Critic For The New Yorker Discuss The History Of Hollywood In The 1970'S And The Greatness Of Many Films And Directors From That Era.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 22, 1998)
    Episode 06.22.98
    First, Ally Sheedy Discusses Her Role In The Film High Art, Her Fall From Hollywood Grace, And Other Celebrities. Then, Reggie Jackson, Baseball Star, And Michael Milken, President Of Cap Cure, Discuss Baseball And The Cap Cure Challenge, Which Uses Baseball Stars To Raise Money For Cancer Research
  • Charlie Rose (June 19, 1998)
    Episode 06.19.98
    First, Lionel Jospin, Prime Minister Of France, Discusses His First Official Trip To The U.S., French Politics, U.S.-French Relations, And The Future Of International Politics And French Identity. Then, Rafik Hariri, Prime Minister Of Lebanon, Discusses His Meeting Earlier In The Week With President Clinton And Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright, The Palestine-Israel Conflict, And Lebanese-American Relations. Finally, Ehud Barak, Leader Of The Opposition Labor Party In Israel, Discusses The Military Aspects Of The Palestine-Israel Conflict, The Arms Race, And Differences Between Him And His Rival, Benjamin Netanyahu.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 18, 1998)
    Episode 06.18.98
    First, John Mccain (R-Az) Discusses The Senate'S Rejection Of His Tobacco Bill And Various Other Current Political Affair Such As Taxation. Then, David Duchovny Discusses His Role In The Hit Television Series, The X-Files, In Addition To The New Big-Screen Version Of The Series. Finally, Jeff Greenfield Discusses His New Broadcast News Program, Newsstand- Cnn & Time, In Addition To His Time On William F. Buckley'S Program And His Career In General.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 17, 1998)
    Episode 06.17.98
    A Panel Consisting Of: Ted Forstmann, A Businessman Who Is Giving Significant Funds To Help The Educational System, Bernice Gates, A Woman Whose Kids Received Private School Scholarships, Mayor Bret Schundler Of Jersey City, Rev. Floyd Flake, A Former Congressman From Washington, Sandra Feldman, President Of The American Federation Of Teachers, And Jerry Tirozzi, Assistant Secretary Of Education In The Clinton Administration. They Discuss The Current State Of American Education And The Proposed Revisions To The System. Jeff Greenfield, A Broadcaster Who Just Moved From Abc To Cnn, And Steven Brill, Founder Of Various Magazines, Discuss The Latter'S New Magazine, Brill'S Content, In Addition To Current Affairs In Politics.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 16, 1998)
    Episode 06.16.98
    First, Harrison Ford Looks Back On His Long Career And Discusses His Latest Movie, Six Days Seven Nights, In Which He Is Stranded On A Desert Island With Anne Heche. Then, Byron Wien Of Morgan Stanley, Thomas Galvin, Investment Officer For Donaldson, Lufkin & Jeanrette, And Albert Fishlow Of The Council On Foreign Relations Discuss The Implications Of The Dip In The Asian Markets For American Investors And The Stock Market. Finally, John Berendt, Author Of Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, Discusses The Book, Which Was Published Four Years Prior, Its Popularity, Regionalist Writing, And The American South.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 15, 1998)
    Episode 06.15.98
    First, Lawyer Floyd Abrams, Former U.S. Attorney Otto Obermaier, Michael Isikoff Of Newsweek, And Elizabeth Shogren, A White House Correspondent For The Los Angeles Times Discuss The Interview With Kenneth Starr That Appeared In The New Media-Watchdog Magazine Brill'S Content And Weigh In On What The Information In The Interview Means For Bill Clinton, Under Fire By Starr For Alleged Perjury And Obstruction Of Justice. Then, Eckhard Pfeiffer, Ceo Of Compaq Computer Corp., Discusses His Company'S Recent Acquisition Of Digital Equipment Corporation And The Future Of The Computer Industry. Finally, Lord Jeffrey Archer, Best-Selling Novelist, Discusses His Recent Book, The Eleventh Commandment, A Spy Novel.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 12, 1998)
    Episode 06.12.98
    First, William Haseltine, The Ceo Of Human Genome Resources And Nicholas Wade Of The New York Times Discuss Recent Developments In The Study Of Dna And Scientists' Understanding Of Diseases Like Tuberculosis In Light Of This Information. Then, Warren Hoge, London Bureau Chief Of The New York Times, Discusses Tony Blair, Northern Ireland, And Current Affairs In English Life And Politics. Also, Charles Lane, Editor Of The New Republic, Discusses The Accounts Of Fabricated Stories At His Magazine, Especially By Stephen Glass, And The Measures They Plan To Take Against Such Action. Then, The Duke And Duchess Of Norfolk Discuss Their Status As The Only Catholic Dukedom, What It Means To Be A Nobility, And Their Various Philanthropic Endeavors. Finally, Author Bob Adelman And Richard Merkin Of New York Magazine Discuss Their New Collection Of "Outlaw" Comics From The 1930'S And 1950'S, The So-Called Tijuana Bibles Which Pioneered Comic-Style Drawing And Narrative.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 11, 1998)
    Episode 06.11.98
    First, Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Haass Of The Brookings Institution, And Mort Zuckerman Of U.S. News And World Report Discuss Modern China And Its Political And Economic Changes, In Light Of Clinton'S Impending Visit To The Country. Then, Actress Anne Heche Discusses Her New Film, Six Days And Seven Nights, Her Relationship With Ellen Degeneracy, And Her Career And Personal Struggles. Finally, Actor Liam Neeson Discusses His New Role Portraying Oscar Wilde On Broadway In The Judas Kissmoreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 10, 1998)
    Episode 06.10.98
    First, Alexander Rower, Calder'S Grandson, Marla Prather, Curator, And Roger Sherman, Director Of The American Masters Special On The Artist, Use The New National Gallery Of Art Calder Exhibit To Take The Opportunity To Discuss The Live Of The Famous American Sculptor. Also, Calvin Trillin, Prolific Contributor To Time Magazine, The New Yorker, And The Nation, Discusses His 1996 Novel, Messages From My Father, And Talks About His New Book, Father Man, Which Describes His Two Daughters And Discusses Parenting In General.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 9, 1998)
    Episode 06.09.98
    First, Kamal Kharrazi, The Foreign Minister Of Iran, Discusses The Nuclear Ambitions Of India And Pakistan In Addition To The Possibility Of Iran Beginning A Nuclear Program And Current Iranian Politics. Then, Victoria Newhouse, Author Of Towards A New Museum, Architect Frank Gehry, And Architecture Critics Paul Goldberger And Herbert Muschamp Discuss The Direction Of Modern Art Museum Design An Style, Especially With The New Bilbao And Moma Museums.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 8, 1998)
    Episode 06.08.98
    First, Peter Gomes, The Eighth Official Preacher Of Harvard University, Discusses His New Book Sermons, In Which He Compiles His Favorite Sermons And Discusses The Art Of Creating A Perfect Sermon. Then, Whit Stillman Discusses His New Acclaimed Movie The Last Days Of Disco And The Pros And Cons Of Independent Film-Making. Then, Cornel West Of Harvard And Author Of The War Against Parents And Economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett, President Of The National Parenting Association, Discuss The Plight Of Parents In Modern Society. Finally, Burl Cain, The Warden Of The Louisiana State Penitentiary, The Largest Prison In The United States And The Subject Of The Documentary, The Farm, Discusses The Sorrows He Has Witnessed Over The Years And His Ideal Of Prison Reform.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 5, 1998)
    Episode 06.05.98
    First, John Seigenhalter, former aide to RFK, coproducer of the biopic Jack Newfeld, friend Bill Vanden Heuvel, and Michael Knox Beran, the author of The Last Patrician discuss their memories of the life and work of Robert F. Kennedy. Then, Adam Walinsky, speechwriter, Frank Mankiewicz, press secretary, and Peter Edelman, legislative assistant, discuss RFK's campaign and policies. Finally, RFK's children Maxwell Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discuss their father.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 4, 1998)
    Episode 06.04.98
    First, Evander Holyfield, Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of The World, Discusses His Title And His Upcoming Attempt To Defend His Title Against Henry Akinwande. Then, Singer Jimmy Buffett Discusses His Long Career And His New Memoir, A Pirate Looks At Fifty. Finally, Actors Anthony Lapaglia And Allison Janey Join Director Michael Mayer In Discussing Their New Broadway Production Of Arthur Miller'S Play A View From The Bridge.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 3, 1998)
    Episode 06.03.98
    First, Dr. Donald Francis, Aids Pioneer Researcher Of The Company Vaxgen, Discusses The New Fda Approval For Human Testing For A Vaccine Against Aids And Talks About The Disease In General. Then, Richard Price, Known As "The Voice Of The Bronx," Discusses His New Book Freedomland, Set In A Fictional New Jersey Town. Then, David Rockwell Discusses His Field Of Business, The Burgeoning Market "Entertainment Architecture" Which Creates Elaborate Theme-Style Restaurants, Hotels, Zoos, And More. Finally, Singer Jewel Discusses Her New Book Of Poetry, A Night Without Armor, And Reads Some Excerpts Of That Work.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 2, 1998)
    Episode 06.02.98
    First, Alan Dershowitz, Professor At Harvard Law School, Discusses The Removal Of William Ginsburg From The Monica Lewinsky Defense Team. Then, Theater Critics John Simon And John Lahr Discuss The Previous Broadway Season And Their Predictions For The Tony Awards. Then, Alan Cumming Discusses His Role In The Broadway Hit-Revival Cabaret. Finally, Ron Chernow Discusses His New Book, Titan, About The Life Of John D. Rockefeller.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 1, 1998)
    Episode 06.01.98
    First, Stuart Taylor Of The National Journal And Evan Thomas Of Newsweek Criticize Kenneth Starr And The Politics Behind The Clinton-Lewinsky Proceedings. Then, Natasha Richardson Discusses Her Role In The Hit Broadway Revival Of Cabaret. Finally, Natalie Merchant Discusses Her Solo Career, And New Cd Ophelia, And Singing For 10,000 Maniacs, And Performs A Song.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 29, 1998)
    Episode 05.29.98
    First, An Interview With Barry Goldwater From The Previous Decade In Memoriam Of The Conservative Politician. Then, Conservative Writer David Frum Discusses The Historical And Political Significance Of Barry Goldwater, Especially With Regards To Fusing Conservatism And The Republican Party. Finally, Author Reynolds Price Discusses His New Book, Roxanna Slade, And His Experiences With A Form Of Spinal Cancer.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 28, 1998)
    Episode 05.28.98
    First, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Former U. S. Ambassador To India, Offers Insights Into The Reasons Why Pakistan And India Are In An Arms Race Based On His Personal Knowledge Of The Region. Then, Bill Richardson, U. S. Ambassador To The U. N. , Discusses The U. S'S Policy Towards The Nuclear Tests. Then, Nicholas Platt, Former Ambassador To Pakistan, Provides Information About The Nuclear Tests And Their Context. Then, Anti-Nuclear Weapon Administrator Henry Sokolski Discusses The U. S'S Opposition To The Tests And The Tension They Cause With The World. Then, Reporter Jeffrey Toobin Discusses The Clinton-Lewinsky Proceedings, The Work Of Ken Starr, And The Public'S Ignorance Regarding Many Of The Specifics Of The Trial. Finally, Curtis Wilke Discusses The Book, Arkansas Mischief, Which He Co-Authored With James Mcdougal, Which Describes Their Investigation Into The Clintons' Earlier Years, Which Led To Uncovering More Information About President Clinton And Developing Into The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair Trials.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 27, 1998)
    Episode 05.27.98
    First, Ed Weiler, Director Of Nasa'S Origin Program, Michael Lemonick, Author Of Other Worlds, And Neil Tyson, The Director Of The Hayden Planetarium Discuss The Possibility Of Life On Other Planets And Nasa'S New Program Which Is Probing That Question. Then, Ted Waitt, Ceo And Founder Of Gateway Discusses A New Pc Purchasing Tool, Yourware, And The Microsoft Anti-Trust Lawsuit. Finally, Author James Kaplan Discusses His New Work Two Guys From Verona, Which Tells The Story Of Isolation In New Jersey Suburbia.moreless
  • 5/26/98
    An hour conversation with Richard Holbrooke, former Assistant Secretary of State and Bosnia Peace Negotiator, about the mistakes and successes in Bosnia, The Dayton Accords and his book that chronicles it all:
  • An hour panel discussion with art critic Robert Hughes, film director Rob Reiner, Norm Pearlstine, editor-in-chief of
  • Charlie Rose (May 22, 1998)
    Episode 05.22.98
    First, Paul Wolfowitz, Former U. S. Ambassador To Indonesia And David Malpass, Chief International Economist At Bear Stearns & Co. , Discuss Economics And Politics In Indonesia. Then, Karyn Rachtman, Executive Producer At Interscope Records, Pras, Recording Artist, And Canibus, Recording Artist, Discuss Hip-Hop And Its Ability To Convey Important Messages To The Masses. Finally, Alan Pakula, Director, William Styron, Author, And Robert Boorstin, Senior Advisor To The Secretary Of Treasury, Discuss Living With Mental Illness, Depression And Its Implications If It Is Unacknowledged.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 21, 1998)
    Episode 05.21.98
    First, David Remnick, Editor Of The New Yorker, Discusses And Profiles Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Then, Sandra Bullock, Actress And Producer, And Forest Whitaker, African-American Director And Actor, Discuss Their New Film, Hope Floats.
  • Charlie Rose (May 20, 1998)
    Episode 05.20.98
    First, Dr. Dennis Slamon, Director Of The Revlon/Ucla Cancer Center, Dr. Larry Norton, Of New York'S Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, Dr. Lynn Schuchter, Oncologist At The University Of Pennsylvania, Carol Hochberg, Of The Ethics Committee At S. H. A. R. E. Discuss Recent Breakthroughs In Cancer Treatment As Well As New Drugs Which Have Yet To Be Approved. Then, Peter Chernin, President And Coo Of News Corp. Discusses The Movie Titanic As Well As News Corps. Influence And Recent Business Deals Throughout The World.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 19, 1998)
    Episode 05.19.98
    First, Iris Chang, Author Of The Rape Of Nanking, Discusses Her Experience Of Researching The Work, From Hearing About It In Her Childhood To Discovering It For Herself As An Adult. Then, Ben Gazarra, Actor, Discusses His Life And Career As Well As His New Film, Spanish Prisoner. Finally, Robert Pinsky, Poet Laureate, Discusses The Nature And State Of Poetry In Modern Times As Well As Its Future.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 18, 1998)
    Episode 05.18.98
    First, Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General, Jeff Raikes, Group Vice President Of Microsoft, And Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor Of Time, Discuss The Ethics And Motivations Behind The Microsoft Anti-Trust Lawsuit. Then, Cokie Roberts Discusses Her New Book, We Are Our Mothers' Daughters And How It Connects To Her Own Life Experiences As Well As Her Job As News Anchor On Abc'S This Week With Sam Donaldson And Cokie Roberts.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 15, 1998)
    Episode 05.15.98
    First, John Lahr, Author Of Frank Sinatra: The Artist And The Man, Discusses The Death, Accomplishments And Legacy Of Frank Sinatra. Then, Gay Talese, Profiler Of Frank Sinatra, Bill Zehme, Senior Writer At Esquire, Jonathan Schwartz, Radio Host At Wqew-Am, And Steve Wynn, President And Ceo Of Mirage Resorts Discuss Their Personal Experiences With Frank Sinatra And His Life.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 14, 1998)
    Episode 05.14.98
    First, Kevin Arquit, Anti-Trust Attorney, And Charles F. Rule, Anti-Trust Attorney, Discuss The Status And Government Position On The Microsoft Anti-Trust Lawsuit. Then, Richard Branson, Founder And Chairman Of The Virgin Group, Discusses His New Product, Virgin Cola, Future Business Plans, And His Opinion On The Microsoft Anti-Trust Lawsuit. Lastly, William Baker, President And Ceo Of Thirteen/Wnet Discusses The Quality And Current State Of Television.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 13, 1998)
    Episode 05.13.98
    First, Fareed Zakaria, Managing Editor Of Foreign Affairs, Discusses The India-Pakistan Conflict And India'S Testing Of A Nuclear Weapon. Then, Jason Alexander Discusses His Experiences, Life And Dealings With Nbc During Seinfeld. Then, Larry David, Co-Creator Of Seinfeld, Discusses The Behind-The-Scenes Of The Show. Finally, Bill Carter Of The New York Times, Mary Kaye Schilling, Senior Editor At Entertainment Weekly And Steven Reddicliffe, Editor-In-Chief Of Tv Guide, Discuss The Impact And Legacy Of Seinfeld.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 12, 1998)
    Episode 05.12.98
    First, Shimon Peres, Former Prime Minister Of Israel, Discusses The Possibility For Peace In Israel With The Creation Of A Palestinian State. Then, John Irving, Author Of A Widow For One Year Describes The Evolution Of His Writing Process.
  • Charlie Rose (May 11, 1998)
    Episode 05.11.98
    First, George Will, syndicated columnist and author of Bunts, speaks about baseball history and Clinton's presidency. Then, Johnny Depp and Terry Gilliam, director, discuss their new movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and the author the book the film is based on, Hunter S. Thompson. Finally, Wei Jingsheng, Chinese dissident, speaks about the Communist Part and human rights in China.moreless
  • Actor/director Warren Beatty
    Episode 05.08.98
    An hour conversation with actor/director Warren Beatty about his political satire
  • Charlie Rose (May 7, 1998)
    Episode 05.07.98
    First, Edgar Bronfman, President Of The World Jewish Congress, And Richard Murphy, Senior Fellow At The Council On Foreign Relations, Discuss The Peace Process Between The Israel And The Palestinians And The Proposed 13-Percent Withdrawal From The West Bank. Then, Michael Stipe, Lead Singer Of R. E. M. , Discusses The Early Influence Of Patti Smith On Him As Well As His Book, Two Times Intro, On The Road With Patti Smith.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 6, 1998)
    Episode 05.06.98
    First, Romano Prodi, Prime Minister Of Italy, Speaks About The Euro, Iraq And The Presidency Of The New European Central Bank. Then, William Kristol Of The Weekly Standard, Speaks About The Possibility Of Serious Charges Against President Clinton Emerging From Kenneth Starr'S Probe Into His Affair With Monica Lewinsky. Then, Norman Mailer, Author And Pulitzer Prize Winner, Speaks About His Retrospective, The Time Of Our Time And His Inspiration, John Dos Passos. Finally, Jane Alexander, Actress And Former President Of The National Endowment For The Arts, Speaks About Her New Play And Return To Broadway With The Play, Honour.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 5, 1998)
    Episode 05.05.98
    First, John Holaday, Chairman And Ceo Of Entremed, Dr. Joseph Bertino, An Oncologist At The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, And Michael Waldholz, Editor At The Wall Street Journal And Author Of Curing Cancer, Discuss The Strides Made In Cancer Research To Cure Cancer As Well As The Need For Better Funding For Cancer Research. Then, Spike Lee, African-American Filmmaker, Speaks About Denzel Washington And His New Film, He Got Game. Finally, Musician Peter Duchin Talks About Ghost Of Chance, A Memoir About His Life.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 4, 1998)
    Episode 05.04.98
    First, David Halberstam, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author Of The Children, Discusses The Book As Well As His Experiences During The Civil Rights Movement. Then, Daniel Petrocelli, Attorney For The Goldman Family In The O. J. Simpson Trial, Speaks About His Book The Triumph Of Justice And His Disgust Of Simpson And His Feelings During The Trial. Lastly, David Ross, Outgoing Director Of The Whitney Museum Of American Art, Discusses His Controversial Tenure And New Position As The Director Of The San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 1, 1998)
    Episode 05.01.98
    First, Ronald Brownstein Of U. S. News & World Report, Michael Kinsley Of Slate. Com, And Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek Discuss The Presidency Of Bill Clinton Regarding His Critics, The Scandals, Ken Starr, The Economy, Etc. Then, Les Gelb, President Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Discusses Benjamin Netanyahu And The Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process. Finally, Arthur Hertzberg, Author Of Jews: The Essence And Character Of A People, And Martin Gilbert, Author Of Israel: A History, Discuss The 50Th Anniversary Of Israel, Looking Back On Its Inception And Offering A Perspective On Israeli Opinion Of The Palestinians.moreless
  • 4/30/98
    An Hour Panel Discussion About Israel'S 50Th Anniversary With Ehud Barak, Leader Of The Israeli Labor Party, Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger, Columnist Thomas Friedman Of "The New York Times" And Abba Eban, Former Foreign Minister Of Israel.
  • An hour panel discussion about conducting classical music with conductors Kurt Masur, director of the New York Philharmonic, Valery Gergiev of the Kirov Opera and guest conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, and Leonard Slatkin, musical director of the National Symphony Orchestra.
  • Director Mike Nichols
    Episode 04.28.98
    An hour conversation with film director Mike Nichols about directing classics like
  • 4/24/98
    First, Director James Toback Discusses His New Movie, Two Guys And A Girl, Which Stars Robert Downey Jr. And Tells The Story Of A Man Who Must Come To Terms With The Dual Life He Has Been Leading. Then, John Turturro Discusses His Three New Movies, The Coen Brothers' The Big Lebowski, The Spike Lee Film He Got Game, And The Truce, About The Life Of Author Primo Levi. Genius Violinist Yehudi Menuhin Discusses His Eight-Decade Career, The Highlights Of His Musical Moments, And His New School For Young Musicians.moreless
  • 4/23/98
    First, Gerald Posner, Author Of Killing The Dream, James Earl Ray And The Assassination Of Martin Luther King, Jr. , And Clayborne Carson Of Stanford And Director Of The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project, Discuss The Legacy Of Mlk In The Light Of The Death Of James Earl Ray, The Convict Who Confessed To The Murder And Then Recanted His Confession. Then, Jason Alexander, One Of The Key Cast Members Of The Sitcom Seinfeld, Discusses His Role Of George Costanza, His Early Broadway Career, The Business Behind Seinfeld, And The Appeal Of The Show.moreless
  • 4/22/98
    First, Filmmaker Barbara Koppel Discusses Her New Documentary, Wild Man Blues, Which Chronicles The European Tour Of Woody Allen'S Jazz Band And Showcases His Idiosyncrasies And Personal Relationships. Then, Guitarist Robbie Robertson, Known For His Work With Bands Like Muddy Waters And U2, Discusses His New Album, Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy, Which Expresses His Native American Musical Roots. Finally, Steve Allen, Creator Of The Tonight Show, Songwriter, And Author Of Nearly Fifty Books, Discusses His Latest Murder Mystery Novel, Die Laughing, And Offers Some Anecdotes From His Long And Prolific Career.moreless
  • 4/21/98
    Bill Emmott, Gianni Riotta & Sylvie Kauffmann Discuss Foreign Reporting. Then, A Conversation With Lou Reed Of The Velvet Underground. He Talks About A New Album, Magic And Loss, Which Comes In Response To The Near Death Of Two Close Friends From Cancer. Finally, Writer And Director Todd Philips Talks With Charlie About This Year'S Sundance Film Festival.moreless
  • 4/20/98
    First, Lani Guinier, Legal Scholar And American Civil Rights Movement Expert, Discusses Her New Book, Lift Every Voice, Affirmative Action, And Her Hopes For Racial Issues In America. Then, Historian Thomas Cahill Discusses His New Book, The Gifts Of The Jews, Which Describes What He Views As The Dawn Of The Western Mindset In The Form Of The Monotheism And Linear Thinking Of The Ancient Hebrews. Finally, Barbara Goldsmith Discusses Her New Book, Other Powers, Which Attempts To Unearth The American Female Intellectual And Feminist Victoria Woodhull From The Layers Of History.moreless
  • 4/17/98
    First, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French Minister Of Economics, Finance And Industry, Discusses The European Union, The G-7 Summit, The Introduction Of The Euro Currency, And Domestic Issues Affecting France. Then, Screenwriter Wendy Wasserstein And Director Nick Hynter Discuss Their New Movie The Object Of My Affection, Which Was Based On A Novel By Stephen Mccauley And Stars Paul Rudd And Jennifer Aniston. Finally, Peter Bart, Editor Of Variety Magazine, Discusses His Transformation Of The Entertainment Magazine And Recent Developments In Hollywood.moreless
  • 4/16/98
    First, Henry Kissinger, The Former Secretary Of State, Discusses The Death Of The Cambodian Tyrant Pol Pot, The Leader Of The Khmer Rouge Forces Who Was At The Brink Of Being Turned In To The Authorities When He Died. Kissinger Comments On Pol Pot'S Ideologies, His Historical Significance, And The Power And Roots Of Communism, And The Inaction Of The American Government In The Face Of The Disaster. Then, Wynton Marsalis, Renowned Jazz Trumpet Player, Discusses His Latest Cd, Midnight Blues, His Documentary Series Work For Pbs And Npr, His Work As Director Of Jazz At Lincoln Center, And His Pulitzer Prize In Music For His Libretto Blood On The Fields. Finally, Biologist E. O. Wilson Of Harvard Discusses His Work In Pioneering The Fields Of Sociobiology And Biodiversity And His Pulitzer-Prize Winning Science Books. He Argues That There Should Be Fundamental Unity Between All Fields Of Human Knowledge, And The "Scientists Need To Learn Poetry. "moreless
  • 4/15/98
    First, Larry David, Co-Creator Of Seinfeld, Discusses The Behind-The-Scenes Of The Hit Show And Offers Insights Into Why It Was So Successful. He Also Talks About His New Movie Sour Grapes, Which He Wrote And Directed. Then, Baseball Legend Yogi Berra Discusses His Wildly Successful Baseball Career And His New Book Of Quotations, I Really Didn'T Say Everything I Said.moreless
  • 4/13/98
    First, Former U. S. Senator George Mitchell Discusses The Breakthrough In The Northern Ireland Peace Process, Which Had Been Developing For 22 Months. He Speaks Of His Personal Experience Working With Negotiators In Ireland. Then, Pat Buchanan Discusses The Current State Of Conservative Thought In America And The Direction Of Conservative Politics. He Also Speaks Of The Dangers Of Globalization And Free Trade, Which His New Book, The Great Betrayal, Is About. Finally, Ann-Sophie Mutter, Who Was Singled Out As A Violin Prodigy At The Age Of 13, Discusses Her Youthful Career And Her New Endeavor, A Worldwide Beethoven Recital Tour.moreless
  • 4/10/98
    First, Prolific Author Gore Vidal Discusses The Political Themes That His Novels Usually Cover, His Latest Foray Into Fiction In Six Years, The Smithsonian Institution, And Gives His Views On The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, Modern Life, And Humor. Then, Arianna Huffington Discusses Her Latest Book, Greetings From The Lincoln Bedroom, Which She Uses As A Satire Of The Current Socio-Political Climate, Especially With Regards To The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair. Finally, Brian Stokes Mitchell Discusses His Recent Broadway Career, Which Included Hits Like Kiss Of The Spider Woman, And His Current Starring Role In The Musical Ragtime, Which Won Him Rave Reviews.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 9, 1998)
    Episode 04.09.98
    First, Liz Tilberis, Editor-In-Chief Of Harper'S Bazaar, Discusses Her Success At Transforming Her Magazine Into A Renowned Publication, Her Friendship With Princess Diana, And Her Personal Battle With Ovarian Cancer, Which She Describes In Her Book, No Time To Die. Then, Daniel Burstein, Senior Adviser Of The Blackstone Group And Author Of Big Dragon: China'S Future, What It Means For Business, The Global Economy, And The Future, Which Compares Past U. S. -China Relations To What He Expects In The Future. Finally, Gloria Steinem And Harold Holzer Discuss Bella Abzurg In Remembrance. Abzurg Was Known As The First Jewish Woman In Congress And A Vocal Supporter Of Women'S Rights, Civil Rights, And Other Activist Causes.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 8, 1998)
    Episode 04.08.98
    First, Joseph Califano Of The National Center On Addiction And Substance Abuse, Jacob Sullum, Editor At Reason Magazine And Author Of For Your Own Good, Gary Black, Tobacco Analyst For Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. , And Richard Blumenthal, The Attorney General Of Connecticut, Discuss The Surprising Decision By Some Major Tobacco Companies To Forego Settlements Or Negotiations With Congress Over Proposed Restrictive Laws. Then, Ruth Reichl, A Restaurant And Food Critic For The New York Times, Discusses Why And How She Became A Food Writer And Her Memoir, Tender To The Bone.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 7, 1998)
    Episode 04.07.98
    First, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-Ny) Discusses The Future Of Social Security, Taxes, The National Debt, And More. Then, Baseball Commentator Tim Mccarver Discusses His Great Love Of The American Pastime, His Various Jobs As An Announcer And Analyst, And His New Book, Baseball For Brain Surgeons
  • Charlie Rose (April 6, 1998)
    Episode 04.06.98
    First, John Gutfreund, Who Lead A Prior Branch Of The Travelers' Group, And Robert Litan, Director Of Economics At The Brookings Institution, Express Their Surprise That A Large Merger Was Announced Between Financial Service Companies Citigroup And Travelers' Group. They Discuss Why This Merger Was Decided On And What It Might Mean For The Future. Then, Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich Discusses The Republican Hold On The Legislative Branch, The Contract With America, His Fiscal And Political Policies, And His New Book, Lessons Learned The Hard Way, A Personal Report.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 3, 1998)
    Episode 04.03.98
    First, Jim Cramer, President Of Cramer, Berkowitz & Co. , Discusses The Good News That The Dow-Jones Industrial Broke Through The 9,000 Point Mark For The First Time In Three Years. Then, Tom Hanks And Andrew Chaikin, Author Of A Man On The Moon, Discuss The History Of Manned Spaceflight, The Apollo Missions, The Film Apollo 13, And Hanks' New 12-Part Series, From The Earth To The Moon, Which Uses Chaikin'S Book To Chronicle The Missions. Finally, Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Discusses His New Pbs Series In Which Various Performers, Like Ice-Dancers And Filmmakers, Examine Bach'S Six Suites To Yo-Yo Ma'S Accompaniment.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion about the criteria used to determine
  • Charlie Rose (April 1, 1998)
    Episode 04.01.98
    First, Nina Totenberg Of Npr And Jeffrey Rosen Of The New Republic Discuss The Dismissal Of The Lawsuit Paula Jones Was Bringing Against President Clinton While Warning That The Seeds For More Problems Have Already Been Sewn. Then, Robert Wright, The President And Ceo Of Nbc, Discusses The Immense Success Of His Network'S Programs, His Plans For Increasing Profits, And Technological Developments Such As Digital Television.moreless
  • 3/31/98
    First, An Interview With Recording Artist David Bowie Who Discusses The Evolution Of Himself And Popular Culture. Then, A Discussion With David Bowie, Author Matthew Collings, The Editor Of Modern Painters, Karen Wright, And Gallery Owner Bernard Jacobson About Their Joint Independent Art Publishing House, 21.
  • 3/30/98
    An hour conversation with actress Kathy Bates about her film in Mike Nichols'
  • 3/27/98
    First, An Interview With Assistant Secretary Of State For Public Affairs, James Rubin, Who Discusses Foreign Policy And Reform Of Rogue Nations As It Relates To Volatile Regions Such As The Middle East, Rwanda And Bosnia. Then, An Interview With Filmmaker And Actor Ed Burns Who Discusses His New Film No Looking Back, Which He Considers His Most Autobiographical Film To Date.moreless
  • Cnn's Larry King
    Episode 03.26.98
    An hour conversation with CNN's Larry King, host of
  • British Actor Jeremy Irons
    Episode 03.25.98
    An hour conversation with British actor Jeremy Irons about his film
  • 3/24/98
    First, An Interview With Writer Larry Gelbart About His Memoir, Laughing Matters, As Well As His Fifty-Year Career. Then, An Interview With Author Anne Rice Who Speaks About Her Latest Book, Pandora, Which Returns To The Subject Of Vampires. Finally, An Interview With Filmmaker Richard Linklater About His Newest Film, The Newton Boys, And His Cast.moreless
  • 3/23/98
    First, A Discussion With Stephen Cohen Of Princeton University, And Dimitri Simes, President Of The Nixon Center For Peace And Freedom, Of Boris Yeltsin'S Decision To Fire His Cabinet And The Psychology, Possible Motivations And Consequences Behind The Decision. Then, An Interview With Mountaineer Ed Viesturs And David Breashears, Filmmaker, About The Challenges, Risks And Rewards Of Making An Imax Film About Climbing Mt. Everest.moreless
  • 3/20/98
    First, Adrian Lestler, One Of The Stars Of Primary Colors, The Acclaimed Film Directed By Mike Nichols, Discusses Why The Film Has Been So Successful. Then, Jack Valenti, President And Ceo Of The Motion Picture Association Of America, Talks To Charlie About Rising Prices In The Film Industry And Reflects On 1997 Which Has Been A Record Year For Movie Attendance And Box Office Sales. Also, Filmmaker John Sayles, Who Was Responsible For Apollo 13 And Lone Star, Talks To Charlie About Men With Guns, A Politically Conscious Movie, On A Small Budget In A Foreign Language Without A Star. Finally, Helsinki-Born Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen Discusses His Project, Filmharmonic, Which Brings Together Teams Of Hollywood Directors And Composers To Make Short Films Accompanied By Live Musical Scores.moreless
  • 3/19/98
    First, Actress Juliana Margulies Of The Tv Show E. R. Discusses The Success Of The Medical Drama And Her Two New Films, The Newton Boys, About Retired Successful Bankrobbers, And A Price Above Rubies, About Racial Tensions In A Hasidic Neighborhood. Finally, Paul Johnson Discusses His New Book, A History Of The American People, In Which He, As An Englishman Outsider, Attempts To Describe The Spirit Of America And The Foundation Of Its Values.moreless
  • 3/18/98
    First, Helen Suzman, Who Was Elected To The South African Parliament In 1953, Discusses Her Lone Struggle Against Apartheid In The All-White Parliament And Her Continued Involvement In South African Politics And Lifelong Support Of Human Rights. Then, Broadway Star Patti Lupone, Known For Her Roles In Evita And Les Miserables, Discusses Her New Starring Role In David Mamet'S New Play, The Old Neighborhood And Highlights Of Her Career. Finally, Mary Gordon Discusses Her New Novel Spending In Which A Female Artist Questions The Meaning Of Art And Commerce When She Takes A Male Muse As A Lover.moreless
  • 3/17/98
    First, Peter Fonda Discusses His New Role In The Film, Ulee'S Gold, A Sleeper Hit About Beekeepers Which Won Him A Golden Globe. He Also Talks About His New Book, Don'T Tell Dad, Which He Wrote About Growing Up With His Famous Father Henry Fonda. Then, Curtis Hanson Discusses His Work Directing Hit Movie L. A. Confidential, Which Critics Praised For It'S Old-Hollywood Throwback Style.moreless
  • 3/16/98
    An hour with African-American author Toni Morrison about her book
  • 3/13/98
    First, A Discussion With Martin Mcguinness, Chief Negotiator Of Sinn Fein, And Gerry Adams, President Of Sinn Fein, About The Northern Ireland Peace Process And Efforts By The U.S. And Britain To Assist In The Process, The Ira, And Violence In Northern Ireland.||Then, Rebroadcast Of An Interview With Director James Cameron About The Success, Anxiety, And Process Of Filming "Titanic" (From December 17, 1997).moreless
  • 3/12/98
    First, An Interview With Howard Kurtz Of The Washington Post And Author Of Spin Cycle About Media, Propaganda And The Clinton Administration. Then, An Interview With Actor Patrick Stewart About His Fascination With The Character Ahab In Moby Dick.
  • 3/11/98
    A Discussion With Actor Robert Duvall About His Films, "The Apostle" And "The Gingerbread Man" (From January 29, 1998)
  • Charlie Rose (March 9, 1998)
    Episode 03.09.98
    First, A Conversation With Actress Helena Bonham Carter About Her Newest Film An Adaptation Of Henry James' "Wings Of The Dove" (From November6, 1997).||Then, A Conversation With Gloria Stuart About The Evolution Of Acting Throughout The 20Th Century (From February 26, 1997).||Lastly, A Discussion With Filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson About "Boogie Nights" (From October 30, 1997).moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 6, 1998)
    Episode 03.06.98
    First, A Discussion With Actors Alan Alda, Victor Garber And Alfred Molina About Their New Broadway Play, Art, Which Is About Friendships. Next, A Discussion With Walter Isaacson, Time'S Managing Editor, Norm Pearlstine, Its Editor-In-Chief, And Henry Grunwald, Time'S Former Editor-In-Chief, About The Magazine'S 75Th Anniversary And Significant Events And Figures Which The Magazine Has Covered. Then, An Interview With Esquire'S Editor-In-Chief, David Granger, About Turning Around The Magazine'S Dropping Ad And Circulation Figures. Lastly, A Discussion With Stage Actors Eli Wallach And Anne Jackson About Fifty Years Of Onstage And Offstage Partnership.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 5, 1998)
    Episode 03.05.98
    First, An Interview With Dan Rather, Cbs News Anchor About Fred Friendly And His Life, Integrity, Dedication And Contribution To Journalism. Next, A Memoriam Of Fred Friendly With Ted Koppel, News Anchor For Nightline, Tom Bettag, Executive Producer Of Nightline, And Cynthia Mcfadden, Abc News Correspondent, Which Presents Personal Experiences With Fred Friendly And Highlights His Pioneering Attitude In News Broadcasting. Finally, An Interview With Joel Klein, Assistant U. S. Attorney General, About The Unfair Use Of Power By Microsoft To Monopolize The Industry.moreless
  • 3/4/98
    An hour conversation with Bill Gates, Chairman & CEO of Microsoft, about the anti-trust lawsuit against his company, his testimony before the Senate, his competitors in the field, his plans for future products and his philanthropic endeavors.
  • Charlie Rose (March 2, 1998)
    Episode 03.02.98
    First, Lakhdar Brahimi, United Nations Special Representative, Discusses Kofi Annan'S Trip To Baghdad And Negotiations With Saddam Hussein Regarding Weapons Inspections. Finally, Andrew Grove, Chairman And Ceo Of Intel And Time'S Man Of The Year Discusses The Future Of Micro-Processors And Its Applications.
  • 2/27/98
    First, a conversation with artist Chuck Close. Close's work first caught the eye of the art world in 1968 with his Big Self Portrait. His large scale pieces are characterized in part by their minimalist form and meticulous detail. The artist has just began a retrospective of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in an exhibition titled Chuck Close. Then, Charlie talks with artist Robert Rauschenberg. Tonight, a special broadcast of a conversation that took place in the fall of 1997, when an audience listened in at the Guggenheim's Peter B. Lewis Theater. The conversation is followed by with a walk through Rauschenberg's Guggenheim exhibition, joined by the artist.moreless
  • 2/26/98
    First, John Podhoretz Of The New York Post, Constitutional Lawyer Floyd Abrams And Richard Cohen Of The Washington Post Are On To Discuss The Ongoing Battle Between President Clinton And Independent Council Ken Starr. Most Recently, White House Aide Sid Blumenthal Came To The Grand Jury To Testify About Conversations He May Have Had With Journalists. Then, A Conversation With Actress Gloria Stuart About Her Key Role In The Immensely Popular And Critically Acclaimed Film, Titanic. She Shares Her Experience With Being Part Of Such An Immense Project And Comments On The Changes That Have Occurred In Her Life Following The Release Of The Movie. Finally, Stanley Crouch Of The Daily News Is On To Talk About His New Book, Always In Pursuit.moreless
  • 2/25/98
    Director Joe Mantello, Playwright Jon Robbie Baitz & Actor Nathan Lane Are All Collaborating On The Project Mizlansky/Zilinsky, Or Schmucks. Baitz First Wrote Mizlansky/Zilinsky As A One Act Play In The 1980'S. Now, With The Help Of His Partner, Mantello, And His Friend, Lane, He Has Expanded The Project And Brought It To Broadway As A Two-Act Play. Then, David Strathairn Is On To Talk About His Starring Role In Sam Shepard'S Eyes For Consuela. Strathairn Has Done A Great Deal Of Work In Television And Film But The Quality Of Shepherd'S Play Has Drawn Him Back To Theater. Finally, An Interview With The Much Celebrated, Two-Time Pulitzer-Prize-Winner August Wilson. He Talks To Charlie About The Need For More Black Theater, Problems With Funding In The African American Arts World, And His Remarkable Career As A Playwright.moreless
  • 2/23/98
    Scott Pelley Of Cbs News Joins Charlie For A Conversation On The Secretary-General Of The United Nations, Kofi Annan, Negotiating Access For U. N. Weapons Inspectors In Iraq. The Discussion Of Iraq Continues With Fouad Ajami Of The New Republic And U. S. News & World Report. Ajami Shares His Insights Into Sadam Hussein'S Actions Of Late Finally, Actor/Playwright John Leguizamo Speaks About His Return To Broadway With His Third One-Man Show, Freak, Which Opened To Rave Reviews.moreless
  • 2/20/98
    First, Stanley Fischer, The International Monetary Fund'S Deputy Managing Director, And One Of The World'S Foremost Economists, To Speak About Issues Involved In The Asian Economic Crisis And Where He Thinks It Might Be Going. Also, One Of Britain'S Most Distinguished Actors, John Hurt And One Of America'S Most Popular, Jason Priestley, Talk About Their Collaboration On A New Film, Love And Death On Long Island. Finally, Playwright Mark Ravenhill Talks About His New Controversial Play, Shopping And Fucking, Opening To Sold-Out Audiences At The New York Theater Workshop After A Year Of Sold-Out Shows In London And A World Tour.moreless
  • 2/19/98
    First, Richard Murphy Of The Council On Foreign Relations And James Woolsey, Former Director Of Central Intelligence Share Two Different Perspectives On The Conflict Between The Us And Iraq And Kofi Annan'S Efforts To Achieve A Diplomatic Resolution. Then, Talented Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Speaks About, Despite His Reputation As America'S Bad Boy Of Fashion, Being Hired As The Artistic Director At Louis Vuitton And Currently Designing Their First-Ever Ready-To-Wear Collection. Finally, Writer D. M Thomas Discusses His New Biography Of Influential Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Entitled, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, A Century In His Life.moreless
  • 2/18/98
    Russia'S Ambassador The United Nations, Sergei Lavrov, Outlines His Government'S Position On The Negotiations Between The Secretary-General Of The United Nations, Kofi Annan, And Saddam Hussein Of Iraq. Then, Writer Gay Talese, Bill Zehme Of Esquire, New York Radio Personality Jonathan Schwartz, And Steve Wynn, President And Ceo Of Mirage Resorts And Friend Of Frank Sinatra, Discuss Musician Frank Sinatra, One Of The Most Popular And Influential Singers In Post-War America.moreless
  • 2/17/98
    Paul Wolfowitz, Former Undersecretary Of Defense For Policy During The Persian Gulf War And Sir John Weston, The British Ambassador To The United Nations, Discuss The Escalating Conflict Between The Us And Saddam Hussein. Also, Actor Tom Selleck, Who Has Starred In Movies Including Three Men And A Baby And Broken Trust, Talks About His New Television Show The Closer.moreless
  • 2/16/98
    First Charlie Speaks With Randall Robinson, The Founder And President Of Transafrica, The Organization That Has Been Involved In Talking About And Shaping American Foreign Policy In Africa And The Caribbean. Robinson, Who Was Born And Raised In The Segregated South, Talks About His New Memoir, Defending The Spirit, And Race In America Then, Author Willie Morris, Whose Coverage Of The Third And Last Trial Of Byron De La Beckwith, Led To The 1997 Film Version, Ghosts Of Mississippi, Talks About His New Book, The Ghosts Of Medgar Evers, About His Experiences As A Consultant And The Film, The Ghosts Of Mississippi.moreless
  • Francoise Gilot - 1998
    Episode 0213
    An hour conversation with French artist Francoise Gilot. She discusses her life as an artist during World War II, when she met Pablo Picasso with whom she lived for 10 years and had two children. Gilot also speaks about her influences as a painter, her childhood in France and her upcoming projects.moreless
  • 2/11/98
    First, Scott Pelley Of Cbs News, Speaks About The Investigation Into The Allegations Made Against President Clinton By Monica Lewinsky, And The Importance Of Prime Witness Marcia Lewis, Lewinsky'S Mother. Then, Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Journalist Buzz Bissinger Talks About His New Book About Mayor Ed Rendell Of Philadelphia, A Prayer For The City, For Which He Was Allowed Unlimited Access To Every Aspect Of The Mayor'S Office For His Four-Year Term. Finally, Author Joe Heller, Writer Of The Highly Acclaimed 1961 Book, Catch-22, Speaks About His New Memoir, Now And Then.moreless
  • 2/10/98
    First, Morgan Stanley'S Chief Investment Strategist, Byron Wien, Talks About The Recent Upturn In The Stock Market And His Predictions For The Dow Jones' Future In The Upcoming Year. Then, Janet Maslin Of The New York Times, David Denby Of New York Magazine, Time Magazine'S Richard Corliss, And Graham Fuller Of Interview Magazine Talk About The Recent Announcement Of The Oscar Nominations Of Films Including, Good Will Hunting And The Full Monty. Finally, Anthony Giddens, Director Of The London School Of Economics, Speaks About British Prime Minister Tony Blair'S Alliance With President Clinton And The Us.moreless
  • Actor Jack Lemmon
    Episode 02.09.98
    An hour conversation with actor Jack Lemmon, two-time Academy Award-winner, about his diverse film roles including comedies such as
  • 2/6/98
    Evan Thomas Of Newsweek Magazine, Michael Kinsley Of Slate, Richard Lambert Of The Financial Times And Fran Lebowitz Of Vanity Fair, Discuss Clinton And British Prime Minister Tony Blair'S Joint News Conference, The Heightening Of Tensions In The Persian Guld, And Monica Lewinsky'S Allegations Against The President. Then, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Chief Technology Officer At Microsoft, Shares His Views On Microsoft'S Partial Agreement With The Department Of Justice In The Evolving Anti-Trust Investigation And His Predictions For The Future Of The Company.moreless
  • 2/5/98
    First, Davin Martin Of Cbs News, Talks About President Clinton And Prime Minister Tony Blair Of Great Britain'S Recent Press Conference And Blair'S Support Of The United States Position On The Possibility Of An Air Strike Against Iraq. Then, British Author Martin Amis Is On To Talk About His Latest Novel, A Crime Thriller Called Night Train, A Book Which Includes A Range Of Topics, Including Suicide. Finally, Thomas Hoving One Of The More Controversial Directors At New York'S Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Who Ran The Museum From 1967 To 1977, And Was Credited With Inventing The Concept Of Blockbuster Exhibitions. Hoving Discusses Coming Up With A List Of The 111 Best Works Of Art In Western Civilization For His New Book, Thomas Hoving'S Greatest Works Of Art Of Western Civilization.moreless
  • 2/4/98
    First, Dame Joan Sutherland Speaks About Her New Autobiography, A Prima Donna'S Progress. Sutherland Made Her Debut In Covent Gardens Company In Mozart'S Magic Flute, Has Performed In Great Opera Houses All Over The World And Is Still Known As The Unparalleled Operatic Voice Of The Century. Also, Best-Selling Author Howard Blum, A Former Journalist For The New York Times And A Contributing Editor Of Vanity Fair, Talks About His New Book, The Gold Exodus, Which Recounts The Story Of Two American Adventurers Believe They Discovered The Site Where Moses Received The Ten Commandments In Saudi Arabia. Then, Best-Selling Author James Patterson, Writer Of Kiss The Girls And Jack And Jill, Is On To Talk About His New Mystery Novel Cat & Mouse. Finally, Michael Murphy, Who Wrote Golf In The Kingdom, One Of The Best-Selling Golf Novels Ever Published, About The Beauty And Metaphysical Power Of The Game, Is On To Talk About Its Newly Penned Sequel, The Kingdom Of Shivas Irons.moreless
  • 2/3/98
    First, Business Guru Tom Peters Who Wrote The Highly Successful 1982 Business Management Book, In Search Of Excellence, And Who Has Had A Huge Impact On The Business Trends Of American Industry In The 80'S And 90'S Talks About His New Book, The Circle Of Innovation. Next, Dr. Angela Christiano Of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, Is On To Talk About Being The Lead Researcher On A Team Of New York Geneticists Who Have Recently Discovered The First Human Gene Ever Linked To Hair Loss And What This Scientific Discovery Could Mean For The Future Of Medicine And Hair Loss. Finally, Actor Rupert Everett, Known For Stealing Audience'S Hearts And Julia Roberts' Scenes, As Well As Garnering A Golden Globe Nomination For His Role In The Box-Office Smash My Best Friend'S Wedding, Speaks About His New Film, The Boxer.moreless
  • 2/2/98
    First, Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Columnist Anna Quindlen Talks About Leaving The New York Times To Write Fiction Full-Time. She Has Written Two Successful Novels, Object Lessons, And The Second, One True Thing, About Legacy And Loss, Crisis And The Human Condition And Is On To Support Her Newest Effort, Black And Blue. Then, Actor Gary Oldman, Best Known For Roles In Such Films As Sid And Nancy, Bram Stoker'S Dracula, And Jfk Talks About His Latest Effort Behind The Camera As The Writer, Director And Producer Of Nil By Mouth, The Personal Story About A Working-Class Family In South London. Finally, Scott Elliott, Founder Of The Experimental Theater Company, The New Group, And One Of The Hottest Theater Directors Around, Talks About His Ascent To Fame And His Latest Production Goose-Pimples.moreless
  • 1/30/98
    First, R. W. Apple, Jr. , Of The New York Times Is On To Give An Update And A Perspective On The Allegations Against Facing President Clinton. Last Night, Linda Tripp, The Woman Who Secretly Recorded Conversations With The White House Intern Released Her First Public Statement. She Claims To Have Been Present During A Late Night Phone Conversation Between Monica Lewinsky And The President. Then, A Conversation With Actor Ethan Hawke. His Latest Project Is A Modern Remake Of Charles Dickens' Classic, Great Expectations, In Which He Plays An Artist Obsessed With His Childhood Sweetheart, Played By Gwyneth Paltrow. Finally, Michael Keaton Talks To Charlie About His Role In The New Quentin Tarantino Film, Jackie Brown, And About Playing Homicidal Sociopath In The New Thriller Desperate Measures.moreless
  • 1/29/98
    An Hour With Actor Robert Duvall. Over The Years, Duvall Has Created Some Of The Most Memorable Film Characters, From Major Frank Burns In M*A*S*H And Tom Hagen In The Godfather To Lt. Col. Kilgore In Apocalypse Now And Max Sledge In Tender Mercies. Tonight, He Talks To Charlie About Telling The Story Of A Character He Created In A Film He Produced. In The New Film, The Apostle, Duvall Plays A Pentecostal Preacher From The South Who Puts His Wife'S Lover Into A Coma, Then Flees, In An Effort To Rediscover Himself.moreless
  • 1/28/98
    An hour conversation with Bill Moyers of PBS about the allegations against President Clinton from former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and their implications for the presidency. Moyers also discusses what the excessive coverage of the Clinton scandal says about the state of news media in the U.S.
  • An hour live broadcast from New York City about President Bill Clinton's State of the Union address in which he announced the submission of the first balanced budget in 30 years, his new ideas for protecting social security, increased spending on Medicare and education, and his work to create a nuclear test-ban treaty. Guests include: Ron Brownstein ofmoreless
  • 1/26/98
    After A Weekend Of Silence Following Allegations That He Had An Affair With Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton Emphatically Denied That He Engaged In Any Sexual Relations At The Tail-End Of A Press Conference This Morning. On For Analysis Of The Situation Are Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor-In-Chief Of The Nation Magazine, David Remnick Of The New Yorker Magazine, Evan Thomas, Managing Editor Of Newsweek And Richard Berke, Chief Political Correspondent For The New York Times. Then, Actor Ving Rames Is On To Discuss His Work In The New Hbo Project, Don King, In Which He Plays The Notorious Boxing Promoter Don King. His Performance Has Received Much Critical Acclaim, And Earned Rames A Golden Globe Award. Finally, Norman Augustine, Chairman And Former Ceo Of Lockheed Martin Corporation, Talks To Charlie About His Career And A New Book, Augustine'S Travels.moreless
  • 1/23/98
    First, Al Hunt Of The Wall Street Journal, A Reporter And Columnist For That Newspaper And A Pundit For Cnn'S Capital Gang, Reflects On The Extraordinary Allegations That President Clinton Had An Affair With A Former White House Intern. Then, Author Taylor Branch Is On To Talk About The Latest Installment In His Trilogy About The Civil Rights Movement, Pillar Of Fire. Volume Ii Tells The Story Of America During The Martin Luther King, Jr. Years, Beginning In Birmingham In 1963 And Ending In Selma, Alabama In 1965. Finally, Actor Frank Langella Is Currently Starring In His Own Adaptation Of Cyrano De Bergerac. He Talks To Charlie About The Timelessness Of The Cyrano De Bergerac Story And Why He Felt A Modern Revival Would Resonate With Audiences Today.moreless
  • 1/22/98
    First, A Panel Including Susan Estrich, Friend Of The President And Former Harvard Law Professor, Evan Thomas Of Newsweek And James Fallows Of U. S. News & World Report. They Share Their Thoughts On The Allegations Against The President And His Adviser, Vernon Jordan, That Accuse Them Of Asking Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky To Lie About Her Relationship With President Clinton. Then, Israeli Ambassador To The U. N. Dore Gold And Yossi Beilin, A Member Of The Knesset And A Leader Of The Labor Opposition Are On To Discuss President Clinton'S Ongoing Effort To Facilitate Peace Negotiations Between The Palestinians And The Israelis. President Clinton Me Today With Palestinian Leader Yasir Arafat And Last Tuesday Received Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Finally, Actor Samuel L. Jackson Talks With Charlie About His Busy Career. Jackson Recently Won A Golden Globe Award For His Work As Ordell Robbie In Quentin Tarantino'S Jackie Brown And He Is Now In The Midst Of Filming Barry Levinson'S Sphere And The Star Wars Prequel.moreless
  • 1/21/98
    The Washington Post Reported This Morning That Kenneth Starr, The Independent Counsel, Is Investigating Allegations That President Clinton Suborned Perjury By Encouraging Former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky To Lie Under Oath In A Civil Deposition About Her Relationship With The President. Jim Lehrer Conducted A Previously Scheduled Interview With President Clinton Today In Which He Questioned Clinton About The Allegations And He Talks With Charlie Tonight About His Thoughts On The Scandal. Then, Evan Thomas, The Managing Editor Of Newsweek Magazine, And Ronald Brownstein, A Senior Writer At U. S. News & World Report Discuss The Allegations Facing President Clinton In The Lewinsky Scandal. They Weigh In On Linda Tripp'S Involvement In The Case And Whether Betty Currie, President Clinton'S Personal Assistant, May Have Handled Presents Given To Ms. Lewinsky By The President. Finally, Mort Zuckerman, Editor-In-Chief Of U. S. News & World Report, New Jersey Senator, Robert Torricelli, And Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Journalist Carl Bernstein Talk With Charlie About The Pope'S Historic First Visit To Communist Cuba.moreless
  • 1/20/98
    First, A Conversation With Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Columnist For The New York Times Tom Friedman. He Talks To Charlie About Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat'S Visit With President Clinton. The Two Statesmen Met Separately With The President And Have Had No Direct Interaction. Then, Charlie Talks With The Creative Team Behind The Musical Adaptation Of Ragtime, Writer E. L. Doctorow, Playwright Terrence Mcnally And Director Frank Galati.moreless
  • 1/19/98
    An hour conversation with Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison about her publications
  • 1/16/98
    Charlie Talks To Martin Scorsese For The Hour. Scorsese Began His Career At Nyu Film School, Where He Drew Notice For His Gritty Realism And Inventive Camera Work. His Filmography Features Some Of The Classics Of Contemporary Cinema, Including Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull And Goodfellas. He Has Challenged The Medium With Such Diverse Films As The Last Temptation Of Christ And The Age Of Innocence. Tonight, Scorsese Is On To Discuss His Life, A New Book, A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, And A New Film, Kundun.moreless
  • Richard Meier
    Episode 0115
    An hour conversation with architect Richard Meier about his work for The Getty Center which opened on December 16th, 1997 and took 13 years to construct. Meier discusses coming to the project having already won the Pritzker prize and other international awards for architecture and his experience working on the most daunting and momentous design of his career.moreless
  • 1/14/98
    First, Charlie Is Joined By Wolf Blitzer, Senior Correspondent At The White House For Cnn, For A Conversation With Nizar Hamdoon, Iraq'S Ambassador To The United Nations. Today, The United Nations Security Council Issued A Statement Criticizing Iraq For Its Obstruction Of A U. N. Weapons Inspection Team. This Statement, The Council'S Fourth In A Row To Condemn Iraq, Is Said To Have Been A Unanimous One From All Five Permanent Members. Ambassador Hamdoon Shares His Perspective On What The Future Holds For Iraq'S Relationship With The U. N. Then, A Conversation With Hendrick Smith About A New Documentary On Pbs, Surviving The Bottom Line. The Film Takes A Look At Middle Class Americans Who Have Been Affected By Downsizing And Out-Sourcing.moreless
  • Editor Tina Brown
    Episode 01.13.98
    An hour conversation with the editor of
  • 1/12/98
    An hour conversation about the film
  • 1/9/98
    First, Actor Kevin Spacey. He Is Perhaps Best Known For His Oscar-Winning Performance As Verbal Kent In The 1995 Sleeper Hit The Usual Suspects. Since Then He Has Worked On A Wide Range Of Films Including Seven, A Time To Kill, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil And La Confidential Which Is Receiving Much Critical Acclaim And Has Already Been Nominated For Four Golden Globe Awards. Then, A Conversation With Canadian Filmmaker Atom Egoyan. He Talks To Charlie About His Latest Film, The Sweet Hereafter, Which Is An Adaptation Of The Russell Banks Book About The Effect A Terrible School Bus Accident Has On A Rural Town.moreless
  • 1/8/98
    The Cloning Of An Adult Sheep In Scotland Is Widely Regarded As One Of The Great Events Of 1997. Dolly Has Sparked Much Debate, At The Center Of Which Is The Question Of Human Cloning And Its Scientific And Ethical Implications. New York Times Science Reporter Gina Kolata Is Here To Reflect On The Subject, Drawing From Her New Book, Clone: The Road To Dolly And The Path Ahead. Then, Charlie Talks To Lee Silver, A Molecular Biologist At Princeton University And Author Of Remaking Eden: Cloning And Beyond In A Brave New World, And Dr. Jon Gordon, Researcher And Professor Of Obstetrics And Gynecology And Geriatrics At Mt. Sinai School Of Medicine. They Share Their Thoughts On This Latest Scientific Marvel. Finally, Actor Eli Wallach, Who Is Currently Receiving Rave Reviews In The Off-Broadway Production Of Visiting Mr. Green, Is On To Discuss His 52 Years On The Stage.moreless
  • 1/7/98
    Barry Levinson Made His Directorial Debut In 1982 With The Coming-Of-Age Classic Diner. It Marked The First Of His Baltimore Films, Which Include Tin Men And Avalon. He Has Also Directed Such Critical And Commercial Successes As Rain Man, Good Morning, Vietnam And Bugsy. Tonight, He Is On To Talk About His Latest Project, Wag The Dog, Which Stars Anne Heche, Robert Deniro And Dustin Hoffman And Has A Screenplay Written By David Mamet. The Movie Is About A Washington Spin Doctor Who Distracts The Electorate From A Presidential Sex Scandal By Hiring A Hollywood Producer To Create A Fake War.moreless
  • 1/6/98
    The Hour Is Dedicated To A Conversation With Secretary Of Defense William Cohen. Bill Cohen Came To Washington Having Been Mayor In Bangor, Maine, As A Congressman, Then A Senator, And Was Ultimately Appointed By The President To His Current Position On January 7Th, 1997. He Talks To Charlie About His Position In The Cabinet, The Defense Department'S Efforts To Cut Down And Streamline The Military And The American Government'S Effort To Involve The Country Internationally On All Fronts -- Military, Diplomatic, Social And Economic -- As We Move Towards The 21St Century.moreless
  • 1/5/98
    Last Week, Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Announced That After Nine Seasons, He Was Pulling The Plug On His Highly Successful Nbc Sitcom, Seinfeld. On To Discuss The Loss Of Televisions Best Sitcom Are Bruce Handy Of Time Magazine, Bill Carter Of The New York Times, Mary Kaye Schilling, Senior Editor At Entertainment Weekly And Steve Reddicliffe, Editor-In-Chief Of Tv Guide. Then, Writer George Plimpton In Conversation About Truman Capote. The Topic Is A New Oral Biography, Truman Capote, In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances And Detractors Recall The Turbulent And Very Interesting Career Of The Writer. Finally, In Celebration Of The Life Of Brendan Gill, A Rebroadcast Of An Earlier Interview With The Late New Yorker Writer.moreless
  • 1/2/98
    Paul Simon, one of America's most respected singer/songwriters, Nobel winner for poetry Derek Walcott and Mark Morris, one of the modern dance world's most renowned choreographers, have joined together for the Broadway musical, The Capeman. The show is set in New York and is based on the true story of a 16-year-old boy who killed two other teens in 1959. Simon, Walcott and Morris discuss their work on this unusual new production. Then, a conversation about Anne Frank, a revised stage adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank, with director James Lapine, adapter Wendy Kesselman and stars Linda Lavin and Natalie Portman.moreless
  • Opera Tenor Placido Domingo
    Episode 01.01.98
    An hour conversation with opera tenor Placido Domingo about his impressive career as a distinguished conductor, artistic director and singer. He discusses his roles in over 100 productions and his upcoming appearance as Don Jose in the Metropolitan Opera's production of