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Episode Guide

  • 9/5/10
    Charlie Rose has an hour-long discussion with singer, songwriter and actor Bjork. Famed for such albums as Debut, Post and Homogenic, and her award-winning performance in the 2000 film, Dancer in the Dark, Bjork is known for her distinct voice and inventive music. Her latest album is Vespertine.
  • Charlie Rose (May 7, 2001)
    Episode 05.07.05
    Tennis Pro Andre Agassi is on for the hour. Agassi is the top-ranked men's tennis player in the world and just won his seventh Grand Slam victory this January in Australia. He talks about his childhood love of the game, the obstacles he has faced as an athlete, his marriage to Brooke Shields and his outlook for the future of his career.moreless
  • 12/31/01
    Charlie Rose spends an hour in this rebroadcast of an interview that originally aired on June 21, 2001, with lead singer and song writer of the band U2, Bono. They discuss the group's overwhelming success since their inception in the late 1970s, their most recent sold-out tour, and Grammy-award winning album, All That You Can't Leave Behind. Bono also talks with Charlie about his concern for society and his dedication to philanthropy.moreless
  • 12/28/01
    Charlie Rose Talks To Director Ron Howard About His Most Recent Film, A Beautiful Mind, Based Upon The Life Of Mathematician John Nash. Next An Interview With Filmmaker And Oscar Nominee Frank Darabont, Whose Newest Film The Majestic, Stars Jim Carrey As A Blacklisted Hollywood Screenwriter In The 1950S.
  • 12/27/01
    In This Conversation From November 21, 2001, Author And National Book Award Winner, Jonathan Franzen Talks To Charlie Rose About The Success Of His Novel, The Corrections.||Next, Charlie Talks To Author And National Book Award Nominee For Fiction, Jennifer Egan, About Her Writing Career And Most Recent Novel "Look At Me".moreless
  • 12/26/01
    A Discussion On The Upcoming Movie I Am Sam, With Lead Actor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Who Plays A Type-A Custody Lawyer. The Conversation Continues With Pfeiffer'S Co-Star, Sean Penn, About His Role In The Movie As A Mentally Challenged Single Parent Fighting For Custody Of His Soon To Be 8-Year-Old Daughter, And The Challenges That The Part Presented The Acclaimed Actor.moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with author Vernon Jordan about his memoir
  • 12/24/01
    A rebroadcast of an hour panel discussion in honor of Christmas Eve about the life and meaning of Jesus in the new millennium. Guests include: author of
  • 12/21/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Hank Greenburg, Head And Ceo Of The Largest U.S. Insurer, American International Group. Next, There'S A Discussion With Actor Billy Crudup, On His Latest Romance Film, Charlotte Grey. Finally, Investor And Former Hedge Fund Manager Michael Steinhardt Discusses His Success With The Stock Market, And His Book No Bull.moreless
  • 12/20/01
    Charlie Rose Talks To Princeton Professor Emeritus, And Author Of The Book What Went Wrong?, Bernard Lewis, About The War In Iraq. Next, Charlie Has A Discussion With Klaus Schwab, Founder And President Of The World Economic Forum, On Its Transfer To New York City. Finally, Pga Master Professional, Michael Hebron, Discusses His 15-Year Long Golf Career.moreless
  • 12/19/01
    An Interview With Ahmed Rashid; An Interview With Tony Kushner; An Interview With Jesse Norman
  • Actor Jim Carrey
    Episode 12.18.01
    An hour conversation with stand-up comedian turned actor Jim Carrey about his movie
  • 12/17/01
    Charlie Rose Talks To Former Secretary Of State And U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations Madeleine Albright About The Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat, And The Middle East. Next, There Is A Discussion With Architectural Partners Robert Venturi And Denise Scott Brown, About The Reappearance Of Modernism In Architecture.
  • Richard Serra
    Episode 1214
    An hour conversation with sculptor Richard Serra about his exhibition at The Gagosian Gallery in New York City, his use of synthetic materials in art and his career in film.
  • 12/13/01
    A Conversation With Fouad Ajami & Fawaz Gerges; An Interview With Bradley Graham; An Interview With Garrison Keillor
  • 12/12/01
    An hour conversation with Tim Russert on his 10th anniversary as host of the Sunday morning national news show
  • 12/11/01
    An hour conversation with Arthur O. Sulzberger, Chairman of the board and publisher of
  • 12/10/01
    An hour conversation with Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corp, in celebration of his 70th birthday. He discusses his childhood in Australia, his acquisitions of magazines and news channels and his growing family and media empire.
  • 12/7/01
    A Conversation With David Martin; An Interview With Mike Lupica; A Conversation With Caroline Alexander & George Butler
  • A Conversation About Afghanistan With Mark Malloch Brown
    A conversation with Mark Malloch Brown, the U.N. Development Program Administrator, about the administration of the program in Afghanistan and the developments in the war.
  • A look with Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan's ambassador in Washington, about the country's stance on terrorism and its disputes over Kashmir.
  • 12/5/01
    Guest Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker Magazine Provides An Analysis Of Gerald Levin'S Decision To Retire As The Ceo Of Aol Time Warner. Next, Palestinian Authority Ambassador To The United States Hassan Abdel Rahman Talks About The Future For Yasser Arafat. Finally, Charlie Rose Talks With Actor Sissy Spacek About Her Performance In The New Film, In The Bedroom.moreless
  • 12/4/01
    Former Prime Minister Of Israel, Ehud Barak, Discusses The Crisis In The Middle East. Then, Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Talks About His Book Christmas In Plains, Which Recounts His Annual Return To Plains, Georgia For Christmas. He Also Discusses Negotiating For Peace In The Middle East During His Presidency
  • 12/3/01
    An hour conversation with actor and producer Tom Cruise and filmmaker Cameron Crowe about their movie
  • David Hockney - 2001
    Episode 1130
    A conversation with artist David Hockney about the use of optics in artwork chronicled in his book "Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters".
  • 11/29/01
    A Discussion On The Latest War Developments With Author Of Taliban And Correspondent For The Far Eastern Economic Review Ahmed Rashid And Pentagon Correspondent For Cbs News David Martin. Next, Kenneth Dam, The Deputy Secretary Of Treasury, Talks About The Effort To Stop The Flow Of Money To Terrorist Organizations. Finally, Lynne Sherr Of Abc News, Talks About Her Book, America The Beautiful.moreless
  • 11/28/01
    A Discussion On Politics And Writing That Begins With New York Times Columnist And Author Of Let A Simile Be Your Umbrella, William Safire. Next, Rose Talks With The Peruvian Author Mario Vargas Llosa About His Political Novel, The Feast Of The Goat.
  • 11/27/01
    A conversation with Steve Case, Chairmen of AOL Time Warner, about his merger of the two media companies and the impact of 9/11 on the future of the company.
  • Filmmaker Edward Burns
    Filmmaker Edward Burns
    Episode 11.27.01
    A conversation with actor/filmmaker Edward Burns about his movie
  • 11/26/01
    An Interview With Lee Silver; A Conversation With Sam Brownback & Arthur Caplan; An Interview With Evan Thomas; An Interview With Bill Keller
  • 11/23/01
    A Performance By And Discussion With Cellist Yo Yo Ma, Who Talks About His Ongoing Silk Road Project And His Newest Cd, Entitled Classic Yo Yo Ma. Next, Singer And Civil Rights Activist Harry Belafonte Talks About The History Of Black Music. Finally, Charlie Rose Leads A Discussion With The Music Director Of The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim.moreless
  • Music Producer Quincy Jones
    Episode 11.22.01
    An hour conversation with legendary musician, composer, producer and arranger Quincy Jones about his musical career and his feature on the PBS
  • Author Jonathan Franzen
    Episode 11.21.01
    A conversation with author Jonathan Franzen about his best-selling and critically acclaimed book
  • A Conversation About Foreign Policy
    A conversation with James Hoge and Gideon Rose of
  • 11/20/01
    An Interview With Raymond Kelly; An Interview With Edward Said; An Interview With Annie Cohen-Solal
  • 11/19/01
    An Interview With George Mitchell; A Conversation With Ethan & Joel Cohen & Frances Mcdormand; An Interview With Roy Jenkins
  • 11/15/01
    An Interview With Andrew S. Grove; An Interview With Peter L. Bergen; An Interview In Appreciation Of Ernst Gombrich
  • 11/13/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Chief Military Correspondent Of The New York Times, Michael Gordon, About The Dramatic Developments In The War In Afghanistan. Next, Haron Amin, Spokesman For The Northern Alliance In Washington, Gives His Input On The Events In Afghanistan. Finally, A Discussion With Nobel Laureate For Literature V.S. Naipaul About His Writing And Latest Book Half A Life.moreless
  • 11/12/01
    An Interview With Frank Wisner; An Interview With Alejandro Toledo; An Interview With Reeve Lindbergh
  • Mohammad Khatami About Iran
    Episode 11.09.01
    An hour conversation with President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Khatami, in his only American television appearance. He discusses the global repercussions after September 11th, the war against terrorism, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, and Iran's relationship with the United States.
  • 11/8/01
    An Interview With Bill O'Reilly; An Interview With Chris Matthews; An Interview With Lee Bollinger
  • Author Olivier Roy
    Author Olivier Roy
    Episode 11.07.01
    A conversation with Olivier Roy of the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris about his book “The New Central Asia: The Creation of Nations”, which explores the relationship between international politics and Islam.
  • Actor Jeff Bridges
    Episode 11.07.01
    A discussion with actor Jeff Bridges about his film
  • 11/6/01
    An Interview With Christopher Hitchens; A Conversation With Richard Linklater And The Cast Of Tape
  • 11/5/01
    A Conversation With Robert Legvold, Stephen Cohen & Michael Mcfaul; An Interview With John Edgar Wideman; An Interview With Nicholas Wade
  • Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams
    Episode 11.02.01
    A conversation with Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Fein, about the prospects of peace for Northern Ireland and terrorism as a political activity.
  • Actor Kevin Kline
    Actor Kevin Kline
    Episode 11.02.01
    A conversation with actor Kevin Klein about his movie
  • 11/1/01
    David Martin, The Pentagon Correspondent For Cbs News, And Michael Gordon, The Chief Military Reporter For The New York Times, Provide An Update On The Military Effort In Afghanistan, And Agree That The Pentagon'S Ground-War Plan Is Slowing. Next, A Discussion With Author Vernon Jordan About His Life And His Book, Vernon Can Read.moreless
  • 10/31/01
    An Interview With Haynes Johnson; A Conversation With Jay Maisel, Richard Drew, Thomas Hoepker & David Handschuh
  • 10/30/01
    A Conversation With Eric Alterman, Paul Berman & Jonathan Schell; An Interview With Kati Marton
  • 10/29/01
    A Conversation About What Should Happen To Osama Bin Laden If He Is Captured; An Interview With Roger Angell; A Conversation With Michael Wise & Marv Albert
  • 10/26/01
    A Panel Discussion On The Leadership Of President George W. Bush; An Interview With Ehud Barak
  • 10/25/01
    A conversation with Amre Moussa, the Secretary General of the Arab League and former Egyptian foreign minister, about the Arab position on international terrorism and conflicts in the Middle East.
  • 10/24/01
    A Conversation With Shibley Telhami & Akiva Eldar; An Interview With Jack Welch; A Conversation With Fred Kaufman & Xoliswa Vanda
  • 10/23/01
    A Conversation About The Political Future Of Afghanistan, With Ashraf Ghani, Professor Of Anthropology At Johns Hopkins University, And Haron Amin, Spokesman For The Northern Alliance. Next, Former Chairman And Ceo Of General Electric, Jack Welch, Talks About His New Book Jack.
  • 10/22/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman Of The Foreign Relations Committee Of The United States Senate, About The Coalition And Future Foreign Policy Opportunities. Then, Paul Steiger, Vice President And Managing Editor Of The Wall Street Journal, Talks About September 11Th, And Its Effects On The Paper.
  • 10/19/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Frank Wisner, Of The American International Group, And Former U.S. Ambassador To India, About The Political Implications Of The War In Afghanistan. Next, Grammy-Award Winning Singer And Songwriter, Billy Joel, About His Experiences In New York After September 11Th, And His New Classical Cd Fantasies And Delusion.moreless
  • 10/17/01
    A Conversation With Michael Isikoff & Sharon Begley; A Conversation With Michael Sheehan & Barney R. Rubin
  • 10/16/01
    The U.S. Senate'S Only Physician, Senator Bill Frist Of Tennessee, Updates Us On The Anthrax Scare. Author Of Crescent And Star And Journalist For The New York Times, Stephen Kinzer, Talks About The Role That Turkey Plays In The Coalition. Finally, Author Joan Didion Talks About Her New Book, Political Fictions, A Collection Of Essays About The American Political Process.moreless
  • 10/15/01
    A conversation about Saudi Arabia as a key coalition partner with
  • A Conversation About The Anthrax Scare
    A discussion about the Senate's response to the anthrax scare with Democratic Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware and Brian Ross, Chief Investigative Correspondent of ABC News.
  • 10/12/01
    A Conversation With Matthew Maselson & Nicholas Wade; An Interview With Barry R. Mccaffrey; An Interview With Joseph Nye; An Interview With Lally Weymouth
  • 10/11/01
    A Conversation About Military Strategies After 9/11; A Panel Discussion About The Historical Significance Of 9/11
  • A Panel Discussion About The Wanted Terrorists
    A panel discussion about the FBI's announcement of the most wanted terrorists with terrorism expert and analyst Steve Emerson, Evan Thomas, assistant managing editor for
  • 10/9/01
    A Discussion On Al Jazeera, The Satellite Channel That Has Enormous Influence In Central Asia And The Middle East With The Al Jazeera Washington Bureau Chief, Hafez Al-Mirazi, And Elaine Sciolino Of The New York Times. Next, Bob Simon, Correspondent On 60 Minutes, Talks About The Show And The War Against Terrorism. Finally, Washington Reporter Andrew Koch Talks About Jane'S Defense Weekly.moreless
  • 10/8/01
    An Interview With David Martin; A Conversation With Fouad Ajami & Jim Hoagland; A Panel Discussion Of The New York Mayoral Election
  • A Conversation About The Taliban With Ahmed Rashid
    A conversation via Pakistan with Ahmed Rashid, correspondent for the
  • A Conversation About Economic Recovery Following 9/11
    A conversation with Max Baucus, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Chuck Grassley, member of the Senate Finance Committee, about economic recovery after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • 10/4/01
    A conversation with Republican Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee about the threat of bioterrorism.
  • 10/3/01
    An Interview With The Chairman Of Ubs America, Donald Marron, Who Attended The Meeting That The President Held With New York Government Officials And Business Leaders. Next, Foreign Minister Of Greece, George Papandreou, Talks About His Meeting With Kofi Annan. Finally, Laurence Tribe Of The Harvard Law School, Talks About Our Constitution And Our Future.moreless
  • A conversation about the war against terrorism with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif.
  • Brian Ross Of Abc News
    Brian Ross Of Abc News
    Episode 10.02.01
    A conversation with Brian Ross of ABC News about the ongoing investigation into the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • 10/1/01
    An Interview With John Edwards; An Interview With Sandy Berger; An Interview With James Wolfensohn; An Interview With Meg Whitman
  • 9/28/01
    A Review Of The Investigation Into The September 11Th Attacks, A Conversation On Foreign Policy; A Discussion On The Pbs Documentary, Africa.
  • A conversation with assistant managing editor of
  • 9/26/01
    A Discussion With Sam Nunn, Former Senator From Georgia. A Discussion With Ghida Fakhry, Al Jazeera, And Elaine Sciolino, New York Times. A Conversation With Ravan Farhardi, Afghan Ambassador To The United Nations. An Interview With Author Sebastian Junger.
  • 9/25/01
    A Conversation With Ahmed Rashid; An Interview With Richard Holbrooke; A Conversation About The War On Terrorism; An Interview With David Halberstam
  • 9/24/01
    A Conversation On Military Objectives; A Conversation On Mayor Giuliani; A Conversation On Leadership.
  • A conversation with Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, about the foreign perspective on the President's address to Congress and the threat of global terrorism.
  • A Conversation About The American Response To President Bush's Address To Congress
    A conversation with David Gergen of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and R.W. Apple of
  • 9/20/01
    Charlie Rose Talks To Senators Joseph Biden And Richard Shelby About Their Reaction To President Bush'S Address To Both Houses Of Congress Which Prepared America For War. Former Senate Majority Leader, George Mitchell, And Senator Fred Thompson Also Share Their Thoughts On The Speech And Its Implications. Finally, A Series Of Journalists Give Their Opinions Of The Address.moreless
  • A conversation with Mort Zuckerman, editor-in-chief of the
  • A Conversation About The Military Challenges In The Wake Of 9/11
    A conversation with Bernard Trainor, Senior Fellow of the Council of Foreign Relations, about the military challenges in the wake of 9/11.
  • 9/18/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With The Producer Of 60 Minutes, George Crile, About The Middle East And Osama Bin Laden'S Goals And Colleagues. Next, Milt Bearden, The Former Cia Station Chief In Pakistan, Talks About Pakistan And Afghanistan. Barnett Rubin, From The Center On International Cooperation At Nyu, And Shamshad Ahmad, The U.N. Ambassador To Pakistan, Continue The Conversationmoreless
  • 9/17/01
    In Honor Of The Re-Opening Of The Stock Market After The September 11Th Attacks, Charlie Rose Talks With Henry Paulson Jr., Chairman And Ceo Of Goldman Sachs, And John J. Mack, Ceo Of Credit Suisse First Boston. They Discuss Financial Recovery After The Acts Of Terrorism. Next, Sen. John Mccain Talks About The Preparations For War After The Attacks.moreless
  • A conversation with Rev. Gardner Taylor of the Concord Baptist Church about the human relief effort, grief and trauma in response to 9/11. He also discusses the importance of praying as a way of healing and dealing with the events.
  • Bob Herbert About 9/11
    Bob Herbert About 9/11
    Episode 09.14.01
    A conversation with Bob Herbert of
  • A discussion with former ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism L. Paul Bremmer about the U.S.' response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the role of Osama Bin Laden.
  • Evan Thomas About 9/11
    Evan Thomas About 9/11
    Episode 09.13.01
    A conversation with Assistant Managing Editor of
  • A conversation with Anthony Lewis and Frank Rich of
  • 9/11/01
    An hour live panel discussion about the U.S.' response to the tragic terrorist attacks that took place at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Panelists include: General Wesley Clark from Little Rock, Arkansas, former U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, former National Security Adviser to President Clinton Samuel Berger, General Ephraim Sneh of Israel, Judith Miller ofmoreless
  • 9/10/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Australian Lleyton Hewitt About His Win At The U.S. Open, His First Grand Slam Title. Next, Author David Kaplan, Talks About His New Book The Accidental President And His Newsweek Article, The Secret Vote That Made Bush President. Finally, Primatologist Jane Goodall Talks About Protecting The Chimpanzees.moreless
  • 9/7/01
    Charlie Rose Talks Pete Sampras' Tennis Coach, Paul Annacone, About The U.S. Open And Sampras' Upcoming Match Against Marat Safin. Then, Donald Marron, Former Ceo Of Paine Webber, Talks About Social Security And The Economy. Finally, Jessica Reif Cohen, An Analyst For Merrill Lynch, Talks About The Business Side Of The Entertainment Industry.moreless
  • 9/6/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Dick Enberg Of Cbs Sports, About The Dramatic 2001 U.S. Open Tennis Match Between Andrew Agassi And Pete Sampras, And His Career In Broadcasting. Next, A Conversation With William Ivey, The Outgoing Chairman Of The National Endowment For The Arts. Finally, Singer/Songwriter Lucinda Williams Talks About Her New Album.moreless
  • Bjork - 2001
    Bjork - 2001
    Episode 0905
    An hour conversation with singer, songwriter and actress Bjork about her experimental albums "Debut", "Post" and "Homogenic" and her award-winning performance in the 2000 film "Dancer in the Dark", in which she plays a woman going blind. Bjork also discusses her distinct voice, her inventive music and her album "Vespertine".
  • 9/4/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Thomas Friedman, The Pulitzer-Prize Winning Columnist For The New York Times, About The Durban Conference, The Middle East, Colin Powell, And The Bush Administration. Next, Rick Bragg Of The New York Times, Discusses His New Book Ava'S Man, About His Family And Growing Up In The South. Finally, An Appreciation Of Peter Maasmoreless
  • 9/3/01
    A Conversation With Bill O'Reilly; A Conversation With Dick Cavett
  • 8/31/01
    A Conversation With The Members Of The Dave Matthews Band
  • 8/29/01
    "In this rebroadcast of an interview from September 9, 2000, actress Catherine Deneuve talks about her 40 year career as a cultural icon for her native France and her latest film Dancer in the Dark, which teams her up with controversial director Lars von Trier.||Then, actress Charlotte Rampling talks about her role in the new film Signs and Wonders in a rebroadcast of a conversation from January 25, 2001.||Also, a rebroadcast of an interview from February 22, 2001, with the actress and director Liv Ullman on her relationship with Ingmar Bergman and new film, Faithless."moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour discussion about the documentary
  • 8/27/01
    A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with actor/director Mel Gibson about his first romantic comedy
  • 8/24/01
    Agassi Is The Top-Ranked Men'S Tennis Player In The World And Just Won His Seventh Grand Slam Victory This January In Australia. He Talks About His Childhood Love Of The Game, The Obstacles He Has Faced As An Athlete, His Marriage To Brooke Shields And His Outlook For The Future Of His Career.moreless
  • 8/21/01
    A Conversation With Anthony Hopkins; A Conversation With Sean Penn
  • 8/20/01
    In This Interview From April 24, 2001, Internationally Renowned Wine Critic Robert Parker Invites Charlie To His Home In Maryland For A Conversation About Wine. He Talks About His Bi-Monthly Newsletter, The Wine Advocate, Which Reaches 50,000 Subscribers In 37 Countries, The Powerful Impact His Reviews Have On The Wine Industry And His Most Memorable Bottles.moreless
  • 8/17/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Oscar Award Winning Actor Helen Hunt, About Her Role In The New Woody Allen Film, The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion. Next, Critic And Author, James Wolcott, Discusses His First Book, The Catsitters. Finally, Filmmaker Bud Greenspan Talks About His Film Report Of The Sydney 2000 Olympics.moreless
  • 8/16/01
    The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Currently Displays The Most Comprehensive Collection Of Picasso'S Erotic Works In An Exhibition Titled Picasso Erotique. In Honor Of This Display, Charlie Rose Talks With The Director Of The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, Guy Cogeval, And Jean-Jacques Lebel, The Man Responsible For Bringing The Collection Together.moreless
  • 8/15/01
    An hour conversation with Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central's
  • Historian Stephen Ambrose
    Historian Stephen Ambrose
    Episode 08.14.01
    A conversation with distinguished historian Stephen Ambrose about his book
  • 8/14/01
    A discussion with NBA player Stephon Marbury about joining The Phoenix Suns, his career as a point guard and being named an NBA All-Star.
  • A rebroadcast of a conversation with actors Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick about their roles in Broadway's musical adaptation of
  • 8/10/01
    A Conversation About The Book, The Mind Of The Ceo; An Interview With Ruth Reichl; An Interview With Don Casey
  • A panel discussion following President Bush s announcement to allow limited federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Panelists include: Bill Kristol, editor of
  • 8/8/01
    A Panel Discusses The Supreme Court'S Effort To Ban Therapeutic Cloning; A Synopsis Of The Supreme Court'S Decision In Florida
  • An hour conversation with Nobel Laureate and leading neurobiologist Dr. Eric Kandel about his Nobel-prize winning work with the brain, which has helped us better understand memory and the relationship between biology, psychology and psychiatry. He discusses his childhood in Vienna, his escape from the Nazis, his post at Columbia University and the biological basis of memory.moreless
  • 8/6/01
    A Panel Discusses The Possibility Of More Violence In The Middle East; A Conversation On The New Play Tick, Tick...Boom!.
  • 8/3/01
    Charlie Rose Talks With Filmmaker Brett Ratner, About His Successful Career In The Film Industry And New Movie Rush Hour 2 With Jackie Chan And Chris Tucker. Then, Author Michael Lewis, Talks About His Newest Book, Next.
  • Cyclist Lance Armstrong
    Episode 08.02.01
    An hour conversation with cyclist Lance Armstrong about his third win at the Tour de France. He discusses his distinction as only the second American to win the race three times, his battle with testicular cancer and the focus required to compete at the top levels.
  • 8/1/01
    An Interview With Chris Tucker. A Discussion On Robotic Heart Surgery With Dr. Michael Argenziano And Dr. Craig Smith From Columbia-Presbyterian.
  • Charlie Rose (July 31, 2001)
    Episode 07.31.01
    Pete Peterson, Former Ambassador To Vietnam, Former Pow And Former Congressman, Talks About His Experiences And Shares His Observations About Vietnam. Later, A Conversation With Bill Maher, Host Of The Television Series, Politically Incorrect, A Blend Of A Late-Night Talk Show And A Sunday Morning News Program.
  • Charlie Rose (July 30, 2001)
    Episode 07.30.01
    An Interview With David Remnick; An Interview With Richard Eyre
  • An Hour About Mtv
    Episode 07.27.01
    An hour conversation about the 20-year history of MTV, its cultural phenomenon, its role in the music industry and upcoming plans for the network with Judy McGrath, president of the MTV Group, Tom Freston, chairman and CEO of MTV Networks, Carson Daly, host of MTV's
  • Charlie Rose (July 26, 2001)
    Episode 07.26.01
    An Interview With Daniel Schacter; An Interview With Gail Buckley; A Panel Discussion On Google
  • Charlie Rose (July 25, 2001)
    Episode 07.25.01
    Craig Venter, President Of Celera Genomics, Talks About The Next Developments In The Mapping Of The Human Genome. Later, Jackie Chan, One Of The Biggest Movie Stars In The World, On His Latest Film, Rush Hour 2, A Sequel To His Most Successful U.S. Film To Date, Co-Starring Chris Tucker.
  • Charlie Rose (July 24, 2001)
    Episode 07.24.01
    A Panel Discussion On President Bush'S European Tour; An Interview With Michael Hardt
  • Charlie Rose (July 23, 2001)
    Episode 07.23.01
    An Interview With Danny Hillis; An Interview With Colson Whitehead; An Interview With Herbert Bix
  • Charlie Rose (July 20, 2001)
    Episode 07.20.01
    An Interview With William F. Buckley, Jr.; An Interview With Alan Dershowitz
  • Charlie Rose (July 19, 2001)
    Episode 07.19.01
    Harold Pinter considers this year's Lincoln Center Festival's celebration of his work as a playwright, an actor, a director and a screenwriter. Nine of his twenty-nine plays and eight of his numerous films will be presented during the festival in a series called The Spaces Between the Words. Later, journalist Mitch Albom talks about the continuing success of his 1997 book, Tuesdays with Morrie, which is about his relationship with a dying college professor.moreless
  • Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak
    A conversation with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak about Israel's future and the conflict in the Middle East in his first television appearance about the topic since his defeat last February by Ariel Sharon.
  • Charlie Rose (July 16, 2001)
    Episode 07.16.01
    A Conversation With Senator Paul Wellstone; A Conversation With Will Shortz; A Conversation With Dr. Piero Anversa
  • Frank Gehry - 2001
    Episode 0713
    An hour conversation with architect Frank Gehry about the retrospective of his work at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. He also takes Charlie on a walking tour through the exhibit, during which he discusses his passion for architecture, his different projects including the Bilbao Museum in Spain and his appreciation for architect Frank Lloyd Wright.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion about the talent and career of 20th century architect Mies van der Rohe with Barry Bergdoll, co-organizer of Mies in Berlin at the Museum of Modern Art, Phyllis Lambert, Director of the Canadian Center for Architecture, and Paul Goldberger, architecture critic for
  • Charlie Rose (July 11, 2001)
    Episode 07.11.01
    An Conversation With Felix Dennis; An Interview With Lord Snowdon
  • Charlie Rose (July 10, 2001)
    Episode 07.10.01
    An Interview With Shirley Tilghman; An Interview With Charles Peters; An Interview With Michael Getler
  • Cnn Chairman Walter Isaacson
    Episode 07.09.01
    A conversation with Walter Issacson following the announcement that he will replace Tom Johnson as chairman and CEO of CNN. Isaacson discusses leaving Time Warner after 23 years and his goals for the future of CNN.
  • Ceo Of Aol Barry Schuler
    Ceo Of Aol Barry Schuler
    Episode 07.09.01
    A conversation with the chairman and CEO of AOL Inc. Barry Schuler about helming the world's largest Internet provider and the rise and fall of broadband and high-speed Internet connection.
  • Charlie Rose (July 6, 2001)
    Episode 07.06.01
    On The Eve Of His 95Th Birthday, Architect Philip Johnson Reflects Back On His Career, That Includes The Projects, The Glass House, The Cathedral Of Hope And The Lipstick Building In New York . Then, Jonathan Brown, Curator Of The Exhibit El Greco, Themes And Variations At The Frick Collection, Discusses The Acclaimed Work And Talent Of One Of The Masters Of European Painting, El Grecomoreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 5, 2001)
    Episode 07.05.01
    Author Dominick Dunne Speaks About His New Book Justice: Crime, Trials And Punishments, A Compilation Of His Work In The Courtroom, And His Career Chronicling Several High-Profile Celebrity Trials. Then, Author, Andrew Solomon Speaks Candidly About His Struggle With Depression And His Latest Work, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas Of Depression.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 4, 2001)
    Episode 07.04.01
    An Interview With David Mccullough
  • Charlie Rose (July 3, 2001)
    Episode 07.03.01
    An Interview With Ben Kingsley; An Interview With Elvis Costello And Anne Sofie Van Otter
  • Actor Jude Law
    Episode 07.02.01
    An hour conversation with actor Jude Law about being hand picked by director Steven Spielberg to play Gigolo Joe in the film,
  • Author Rachel Remen About Modern Medicine
    A conversation with Dr. Rachel Remen, founder of Commonwealth Cancer Help Program and author of
  • Cardiologist Dean Ornish
    Episode 06.29.01
    A conversation with cardiologist Dean Ornish, Founder of Preventative Medicine Research and author of
  • 6/28/01
    An hour remembrance of actor Jack Lemmon with rebroadcasts of conversations with him. Lemmon was a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute and the winner of five Golden Globe Awards, an Emmy and two Oscars. He was best known for his work in such memorable films asmoreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 27, 2001)
    Episode 06.27.01
    An Interview With Amazon.Com Ceo Jeff Bezos; A Conversation About Video Games With John Riccitiello
  • An hour conversation with Dr. Eric Lander, director of the Whitehead Institute's Center for Genome Research, about his team's effort to decode DNA and the mapping of the human genome as the compilation of a
  • 6/25/01
    An hour conversation with Lawrence Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, about his upcoming tenure as 27th President of Harvard University. He discusses his goals as President with respect to Harvard's unparalleled financial, physical and intellectual resources, the lessons he learned in his time in Washington and how America should approach its growing deficit.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 22, 2001)
    Episode 06.22.01
    An Interview With Paleontologist Joshua Smith; An Interview With Principal Dancer Angel Corella; An Interview With Curator Elizabeth Barker
  • Bono - 2001
    Episode 0621
    An hour conversation with musician and activist Bono of "U2". He discusses the album "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and the band's performance at Madison Square Garden. He also discusses his role as a major advocate for AIDS and his enthusiasm towards the Bush administration's commitment to pledge $100 million of the year's budget to the Global AIDS Fund.moreless
  • 6/20/01
    An hour with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about his book
  • Charlie Rose (June 18, 2001)
    Episode 06.18.01
    An Interview With Secretary Of The Treasury Paul O'Neill; A Conversation About The State Of The Food Industry
  • An hour conversation with producer Jan Harlan, filmmaker Martin Scorsese and wife Christiane Kubrick about late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's life, body of work and legacy on the occasion of the release of the documentary
  • Charlie Rose (June 14, 2001)
    Episode 06.14.01
    A Discussion Of President Bush'S Forthcoming Trip To Russia; A Conversation With Lorin Maazel
  • An hour conversation with Michael Milken, Chairman of the Milken Institute, Founder of the Milken Family Foundation, and Chairman and Founder of CAP CURE, a group dedicated to prostate cancer research. Milken discusses his interest in cancer research, his outlook for finding a cure and his thoughts on the economy, education and health care.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 12, 2001)
    Episode 06.12.01
    An Interview With Garry Wills; An Interview With Pat Croce; An Interview With Erik Weihenmayer; An Interview With Bob Davis
  • Musician Paul Mccartney
    Episode 06.11.01
    An hour conversation with musician Paul McCartney about his time with
  • Charlie Rose (June 8, 2001)
    Episode 06.08.01
    A Discussion Of Southwest Airlines; A Discussion About The New Exhibit, Freestyle, At The Studio Museum In Harlem; An Interview With Yogi Berra
  • Charlie Rose (June 7, 2001)
    Episode 06.07.01
    A Discussion About The British Elections; An Interview With Charles Osgood; An Interview With Jimmy Breslin
  • Charlie Rose (June 6, 2001)
    Episode 06.06.01
    An Interview With Sumner Redstone; A Discussion About Baseball With George Plimpton, John Updike & Garrison Keillor
  • Cbs News Anchor Dan Rather
    Episode 06.05.01
    An hour conversation with Dan Rather, the host and managing editor of the CBS Evening News, and the face of the network for the last 20 years. He discusses his different positions at
  • Charlie Rose (June 4, 2001)
    Episode 06.04.01
    A Conversation About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; An Interview With Joseph Ellis
  • Charlie Rose (June 1, 2001)
    Episode 06.01.01
    Ben Brantley, Theater Critic For The New York Times, And John Simon, Theater Critic For New York Magazine, Share Their Picks For The 55Th Annual Tony Awards Which Will Be Held This Sunday Night. Then, The Novelist Ariel Dorfman Talks About His New Book, Blake'S Therapy, In Which Dorfman Attempts To Play With The Readers Perception Of Reality.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 31, 2001)
    Episode 05.31.01
    An Interview With Actors Jennifer Jason Leigh & Alan Cumming; A Conversation About The Upcoming Nba Finals; An Interview With Ryszard Kapuscinski
  • Charlie Rose (May 30, 2001)
    Episode 05.30.01
    An Panel On Cancer
  • Charlie Rose (May 29, 2001)
    Episode 05.29.01
    An Interview With Helio Castroneves; An Interview With Michael Deaver; An Interview With Ben Crenshaw
  • Author David Mccullough
    Episode 05.28.01
    An hour conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian David McCullough about his biography of the second President of the United States John Adams. McCullough discusses his investigation into Adams' life and the extent to which the politician and intellectual revealed his political and personal life through letters and other writings.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 25, 2001)
    Episode 05.25.01
    An Conversation About The New Documentary, Startup.Com; A Conservation About The New Museum Of Modern Art
  • Charlie Rose (May 24, 2001)
    Episode 05.24.01
    An Interview With John Edwards And Richard Shelby; A Conversation About Jim Jeffords' Departure From The Republican Party; An Interview With Boris Jordan
  • Charlie Rose (May 23, 2001)
    Episode 05.23.01
    An Interview With George Papandreou; An Interview With Shelly Lazarus; An Interview With Kelsey Grammer
  • Charlie Rose (May 22, 2001)
    Episode 05.22.01
    An Interview With Jeff Greenfield; An Interview With Roger Ailes
  • 5/21/01
    A conversation with former U.S. envoy to the Middle East Dennis Ross about his belief that any attempt to work towards peace must constantly reinforce the importance of Israeli security in order to end Israeli control of the Palestinians.
  • A Conversation About The Middle East Peace Process With George Mitchell
    A conversation with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell about the importance of ending violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis before any serious negotiations can occur.
  • Charlie Rose (May 18, 2001)
    Episode 05.18.01
    A Conversation About The New Yorker; An Interview With Stanley Tucci; An Interview With Linus Torvalds
  • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2001)
    Episode 05.17.01
    A Conversation About Alzheimer'S; An Interview With Daniel Schorr; An Interview With Ray Flynn
  • Charlie Rose (May 16, 2001)
    Episode 05.16.01
    An Panel On On-Line Education; An Interview With Jeff Zucker
  • An hour panel discussion with the creative team behind the hit television show
  • Charlie Rose (May 14, 2001)
    Episode 05.14.01
    A Discussion About The Election Of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi; An Interview With Edwin Schlossberg; An Interview With Will Ferrell
  • Charlie Rose (May 11, 2001)
    Episode 05.11.01
    An Interview With Mary-Louise Parker; An Interview With Bill Russell
  • Charlie Rose (May 10, 2001)
    Episode 05.10.01
    An Interview With Steve Ballmer; An Interview With David Li
  • An hour conversation from the Fortune Global Forum in Hong Kong with Gerald Levin, CEO of AOL Time Warner, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Computers, Jerry Yang, Chief Yahoo at Yahoo! and Charles Wang, Chairman of Computer Associates International. They discuss the future of technology in Asia and its implications for the Asian economy.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 8, 2001)
    Episode 05.08.01
    A Conversation About Education With Harold Levy; A Discussion About The Life Of Author William Morris
  • Tennis Champion Andre Agassi
    Tennis Champion Andre Agassi
    Episode 05.07.01
    An hour conversation with Tennis pro Andre Agassi about his status as the top-ranked men's tennis player in the world, his seventh Grand Slam victory in Australia and his childhood love of the game. He also discusses the different obstacles he faced as an athlete, his marriage to Brooke Shields and his outlook for the future of his career.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 4, 2001)
    Episode 05.04.01
    A Panel On Stem Cell Research; An Interview With Christopher Reeve
  • Theater Director Peter Brook
    Episode 05.03.01
    A conversation with director Peter Brook about his work on a production of
  • Charlie Rose (May 2, 2001)
    Episode 05.02.01
    A Conversation About The President'S Missile-Defense Proposals With Richard Perle And Leon Fuerth; An Interview With Faisal Husseini
  • Charlie Rose (May 1, 2001)
    Episode 05.01.01
    An Interview With Ehud Olmert; An Interview With Aaron Latham
  • 4/30/01
    An Interview With Shimon Peres; An Interview With Laurent Fabius
  • 4/27/01
    An Interview With Dr. Ron Mckay; An Interview With Uma Thurman; A Conversation About The Fashion And Art Magazine Visionaire
  • 4/26/01
    An Interview With Nathan Lane And Matthew Broderick; An Interview With Scott Boras
  • 4/25/01
    An Interview With Andrew S. Grove; An Interview With John Hockenberry; An Interview With Charlie Leduff
  • An Hour About Wine With Critic Robert Parker
    An hour conversation in a special edition about wine with critic Robert Parker, from his home in Maryland. He discusses his bi-monthly newsletter
  • 4/23/01
    A Conversation With Richard Burke About The First 100 Days Of The Bush Administration; A Panel Of Writers Talks About The Writers' Organization Pen; An Interview With Author Tobias Schneebaum
  • Philippe de Montebello
    Episode 0420
    A discussion with Metropolitan Museum Director Philippe de Montebello and curator of the Metropolitan's department of European Painting Walter Liedtke about an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "Vermeer and the Delft School". The exhibit features 15 of Vermeer's 34 known paintings, as well as 70 paintings by other artists of the Delft school.moreless
  • 4/19/01
    An Interview With Don Henley
  • 4/18/01
    A Conversation With Michael Korda; An Interview With Fernando De Soto; An Interview With Edwin Moses
  • 4/17/01
    An Interview With Jack Welch
  • 4/16/01
    Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker Magazine Talks About His Article, Called The Lost Tycoon, About Media Mogul Ted Turner, Which Suggests That In Light Of Recent Merger Of Time Warner And Aol, His Reign Might Be Over. Later, Actress Renee Zellweger On Her Past Films And Her Latest, In Which She Stars In Title Role: Bridget Jones'S Diary.moreless
  • A Discussion About The Bay Of Pigs
    A panel discussion about the international conference on the 40th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion. Renowned historian and former special adviser to President Kennedy Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archive at George Washington University, and Cuban-American veteran of the invasion and member of the CIA-trained brigade 2506 Alfredo Duran discuss the conference.moreless
  • Juan Hernandez
    Episode 04.13.01
    A conversation with Juan Hernandez, the first Mexican-American cabinet member in the Mexican government and an aide to President Vicente Fox as head of the Office for Mexicans Living Abroad.
  • 4/12/01
    A Conversation With Henry Kissinger; A Conversation With William Kristol; A Conversation With Mark Mckinnon; An Interview With Ray Ozzie
  • 4/11/01
    A Conversation With Michael Dertouzos; A Conversation With The Star And Director Of Series 7; A Conversation With Mark Morris
  • 4/10/01
    Broadway stars Sean Campion & Conleth Hill on
  • Don Zimmer
    Don Zimmer
    Episode 04.10.01
    Baseball legend Don Zimmer talks about his book
  • Charlie Rose (April 9, 2001)
    Episode 04.09.01
    A Conversation With Jim Nantz; A Conversation With Ted Demme About Blow; A Conversation With Gary Giddins
  • Morgan Freeman
    Episode 04.05.01
    A conversation with actor Morgan Freeman about his career in Hollywood and his latest film,
  • Charlie Rose (April 4, 2001)
    Episode 04.04.01
    A Conversation With John Mccain; A Conversation With Benedikt Taschen
  • Charlie Rose (April 3, 2001)
    Episode 04.03.01
    A Discussion About Sino-American Relations; A Conversation With Adam Moss
  • Charlie Rose (April 2, 2001)
    Episode 04.02.01
    A Conversation With The President Of Egypt; A Conversation About Foot-And-Mouth Disease And Mad Cow Disease
  • 3/30/01
    An Interview With Wesley Clark; An Interview With Ted Waitt; An Interview With Jake Steinfeld
  • 3/29/01
    An Interview With Glen Ballard; An Interview With Carson Daly; An Interview With Delbert Mcclinton
  • Richard Bernstein
    Richard Bernstein
    Episode 03.28.01
    Richard Bernstein of
  • 3/28/01
  • 3/27/01
    The Tony Award-Winning Playwright Tom Stoppard Speaks About The Broadway Debut Of His Play About The Poet And Latin Scholar A.E. Housman, The Invention Of Love. Also, Actor Gary Sinise Talks About His Performance In The Broadway Production Of Ken Kesey'S One Flew Over The Cuckoo'S Nest.
  • 3/26/01
    A Conversation With Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi And Barnett Rubin About Recent Events In Afghanistan; An Interview With Sebastian Junger
  • 3/23/01
    A Look At The State Of The Economy And Wall Street With Elizabeth Mackay, Chief Investment Strategist For Bear Stearns, Michael Mandel, Economics Editor At Businessweek, And Ron Insana Of Cnbc. Later, A Series Of Rebroadcasted Interviews With Oscar-Nominated Actors And Directors Including Ed Harris, Steven Soderbergh, Benicio Del Toro, And Laura Linney On The Eve Of The Academy Awards.moreless
  • 3/22/01
    A conversation about the ongoing AIDS crisis in Africa. South African Health Representative to the United Nations Glaudine Mtshali, Global HIV-AIDS Coordinator for the World Bank Debrework Zewdie, former U.S. trade representative Charlene Barshefsky, reporter Tina Rosenberg of
  • 3/21/01
    An Interview With Spencer Abraham; An Interview With Sheila Nevins; Excerpts Of An Interview With Julia Roberts
  • 3/20/01
    An Interview With Ephraim Sneh; An Interview With Agnes Jaoui; An Interview With Edward Albee
  • Michael Eisner
    Episode 03.19.01
    A conversation with chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company Michael Eisner about the state of the economy, his management strategy, and the growing controversy over intellectual property rights.
  • Jack Welch
    Episode 03.16.01
    An hour-long conversation with Jack Welch, chairman and CEO of General Electric, the largest corporation in the world. Welch discusses the state of the American economy, describes his leadership strategy, and shares his plans for new business endeavors.
  • Bobby Knight
    Episode 03.15.01
    An hour-long conversation with the former basketball coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, Bobby Knight. Knight looks back at his long career as a player and NCAA coach, discusses the circumstances surrounding his departure from Indiana University, and talks about his possible new position as head coach of the Texas Tech basketball team.moreless
  • Edgar Bronfmanjr.
    Episode 03.14.01
    A conversation with Vivendi Universal executive vice chairman Edgar BronfmanJr. The business executive and heir to the Seagram's corporation talks about his first company's acquisition of Universal, the purchase of PolyGram in 1998, and a recent gain by the French media conglomerate Vivendi.
  • 3/13/01
    A Discussion With The Musician Don Henley On The Release Of His Four Solo Album, Inside Job. A Former Member Of The 1970S Group The Eagles, Henley Reflects On His Long Career In The Music Industry And Talks About His Work As An Environmental Activist Trying To Preserve The Woods Around The Historic Walden Pond.moreless
  • 3/12/01
    A Discussion With E.J. Dionne And William Kristol About The Bush V. Gore Case; A Conversation With Marshall Herskovitz And Edward Zwick About The Film Traffic
  • Charlie Rose (March 9, 2001)
    Episode 03.09.01
    Daniel Barenboim, Conductor And Music Director At The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, And Edward W. Said, Author And Scholar Of Columbia University, Speak About Their Unusual Friendship That Bridges Across The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Then, A Conversation With Avery Dulles Of Fordham University, Who Has Recently Been Made A Cardinal Of The Roman Catholic Church.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 8, 2001)
    Episode 03.08.01
    An Interview With Javier Bardem; An Interview With David Gordon Green; An Interview With William Kennard
  • Charlie Rose (March 7, 2001)
    Episode 03.07.01
    The President And Ceo Of Ebay, Meg Whitman, Tells The Story Of Her Company And Plans For Future Growth. Also, The Creator Of The Television Show The Sopranos, David Chase, Shares His Theories Behind Show'S Extraordinary Popularity And Hints At Some Of The Developments To Occur In The Third Season.
  • Charlie Rose (March 6, 2001)
    Episode 03.06.01
    An Interview With Wayne Isom; A Discussion With Steve Roberts And Cokie Roberts About Vice President Cheney'S Hospitalization; An Interview With Chris Carter
  • Dick Cavett
    Episode 03.05.01
    A conversation with comedian Dick Cavett, looking back at his 1970s talk show,
  • Brad Grey
    Brad Grey
    Episode 03.02.01
    An interview with Brad Grey, the CEO of Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, on producing the television series
  • Arthur Levitt
    Episode 03.02.01
    A conversation about investment strategies with the retiring chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Arthur Levitt.
  • Charlie Rose (March 1, 2001)
    Episode 03.01.01
    First, Conversations With The Governor Of Washington Gary Locke And Scientist James Devine Of The United States Geological Survey On The Impact Of The Earthquake In Seattle. Next, Composer James Horner Discusses Writing The Scores For The Films Titanic And Enemy At The Gates. Also, Author Rebecca Walker Talks About Her Memoir, Black, White, And Jewish.moreless
  • 2/28/01
    Journalist Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker Discusses Microsoft'S Appeal Of The Antitrust Court Decision And His Book About The Case, World War 3.0: Microsoft And Its Enemies. Next, Ellen Burstyn Talks About Her Oscar-Nominated Performance In The Film Requiem For A Dream.
  • 2/27/01
    A Discussion With Rich Lowry, James Carney, Gloria Borger And Richard Berke About President Bush'S Speech To Congress; An Interview With Roberta Peters; An Interview With Garry Betty
  • The Members Of The Dave Matthews Band
    A conversation with the members of the Dave Matthews Band. Singer and songwriter Dave Matthews, violinist Boyd Tinsley, saxophonist Leroi Moore, drummer Carter Beauford, and bassist Stefan Lessard share the story of their rise to international fame and introduce their newest record,
  • George Soros
    Episode 02.23.01
    A conversation with George Soros, the international philanthropist and chairman of Soros Fund Management, about his new book,
  • 2/22/01
    Journalists Michael Isikoff Of Newsweek, James Carney Of Time, And Adam Nagourney Of The New York Times Look Into The Expanding Investigation Into Former President Clinton'S Pardons. Also, An Interview With The Actress And Director Liv Ullman On Her Relationship With Ingmar Bergman And New Film, Faithless.
  • 2/21/01
    First, Novelist Alan Furst Discusses His New Espionage Book Set In The Years Leading Up To World War Ii, Kingdom Of Shadows. Next, Espn Commentator Dick Schaap Talks About His Long Career Covering Sports And New Memoir, Flashing Before My Eyes: 50 Years Of Headlines, Datelines And Punchlines.
  • 2/20/01
    First, David Vise Of The Washington Post Explores The Case Of Robert Philip Hanssen, The Third-Ever Fbi Agent Accused Of Spying For Russia. Also, An Interview With Nabil Shaath Of The Palestinian Authority On Secretary Of State Colin Powell And Ongoing Negotiations In The Middle East. Later, A Remembrance Of The Filmmaker Stanley Kramer With Playwright Abby Mann And Author Kate Buford.moreless
  • 2/19/01
    The New President Of The Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, Michael M. Kaiser, Talks About Culture And Artistic Institutions In America. Also, Former Clinton Administration Official Peter Edelman Discusses Welfare Reform And Poverty In The United States. Finally, Filmmaker David Grubin Shares His New Documentary About Abraham Lincoln And His Wife, Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided.moreless
  • William Rehnquist
    Episode 02.16.01
    A conversation with Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist about his book,
  • 2/15/01
    First, A Discussion About The New Unity Government Likely To Assume Power In Israel With Akiva Aldar Of Ha'Aretz, Former Israeli Ambassador To The U.N. Dore Gold, And Palestinian Ambassador To The U.N. Nasser Al-Kidwa. Then, An Interview With Richard Johnson Of The New York Post On Editing The "Page Six" Gossip In His Newspaper.moreless
  • 2/14/01
    A Discussion About The Science And Ethics Of Human Cloning. Arthur Caplan Of The University Of Pennsylvania, Brian Alexander Of Wired Magazine, Cell Biologist Gerald Schatten, And Rudolph Jaenisch Of Mit All Weigh In On The Possibilities Of The Technology.
  • 2/13/01
    Film Critics Richard Corliss Of Time, Owen Gleiberman Of Entertainment Weekly, Janet Maslin Of The New York Times, And David Denby Of The New Yorker All Share Their Opinions Of The Recently-Announced Oscar Nominations. Also, An Interview With The Commissioner Of The Nba, David Stern, About The Future Of Basketball.
  • 2/12/01
    A Discussion About The Mapping Of The Human Genome; An Interview With Nicholas Wade; An Interview With Ron Haviv
  • 2/9/01
    Primatologist Jane Goodall Talks About Her Legendary Work Studying Chimpanzees And Protecting Animal Welfare. Then, An Interview With Comedian Sid Caesar Who Commemorates The 50Th Anniversary Of His Television Series, Your Show Of Shows With The Release Of The Sid Caesar Collection, A Compilation Of The Show'S Funniest Moments.
  • 2/8/01
    First, Actor Ed Harris Talks About His New Film Based On The Life Of Artist Jackson Pollock, Pollock, Which Has Taken Him Almost Ten Years To Produce. Later, A Conversation About The World War Ii Mini-Series Haven, The Story Of 1,000 German Refugees Taken In By The U.S. Government, With Actress Natasha Richardson And The Woman She Portrays, Ruth Gruber.moreless
  • 2/7/01
    An Interview With George Shultz; An Interview With Michael Deaver; An Interview With Edmund Morris
  • 2/6/01
    An Interview With Akiva Eldar; A Discussion About The Israeli Elections; An Interview With Garrick Utley
  • 2/5/01
    Thomas Friedman Of The New York Times Looks Ahead To The Israeli Election And Its Potential Implications For The Middle East Process. Also, Jeffrey Goldberg Of The New Yorker Provides Background On The Life Of Ariel Sharon, A Candidate For Israeli Prime Minister. Finally, Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins Discusses His Role In The Film Hannibal, The Sequel To The Silence Of The Lambs.moreless
  • 2/2/01
    Actor Keanu Reeves Discusses His Performances In The Films Sweet November And The Gift And Reflects On The Huge Success Of His 1999 Movie, The Matrix. Later, Former Secretary Of Labor Robert Reich Talks About His Work In The Clinton Administration'S First Term And Book On The New Economy, The Future Of Success.moreless
  • George Mcgovern
    George Mcgovern
    Episode 02.01.01
    Also, former Senator George McGovern speaks about hunger in America and his book,
  • Gary Oldman
    Episode 02.01.01
    A conversation with actor Gary Oldman about his performances in
  • 1/31/01
    A Roundtable Discussion On The Lockerbie Case; An Interview With Warren Christopher
  • 1/30/01
    A panel discussion about the California power crisis with California Representative Bill Jones, John Greenwald of
  • Gregory Hines
    Gregory Hines
    Episode 01.30.01
    An interview with actor and dancer Gregory Hines on his portrayal of vaudeville star Bill Robinson in the movie
  • Dennis Ross
    Episode 01.29.01
    An interview with former Special Middle East Coordinator Dennis Ross on the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Richard Berke
    Richard Berke
    Episode 01.29.01
    National political correspondent for
  • 1/26/01
    Matthew Mcconaughey Discusses His Role Opposite Jennifer Lopez In The Movie The Wedding Planner. Next, The Actor Geoffrey Rush Talks About His Portrayal Of The Marquis De Sade In The Film Quills. Also, An Interview With Actor Willem Dafoe On His Career And Critically-Acclaimed Performance In Shadow Of The Vampire.
  • 1/25/01
    The Former Commissioner Of The Food And Drug Administration, David Kessler, Talks About His Book A Question Of Intent, Which Chronicles His Battle With The Tobacco Industry. Then, Actress Charlotte Rampling Talks About Her Role In The New Film Signs And Wonders. Finally, A Remembrance Of The Late Architect Morris Lapidus With A Rebroadcasted Interview.moreless
  • 1/24/01
    First, An Interview With George Bell, Chairman Of Excite@Home Corporation, On The Changing Landscape Of The Internet. Then, Canadian Author Margaret Atwood Discusses Her New, Booker Prize-Winning Novel, The Blind Assassin, And Her Interests Other Than Writing.
  • 1/23/01
    An Interview With John Edwards; An Interview With Robin Wright Penn; An Interview With Dave Winfield
  • 1/22/01
    A Conversation About Escapees From A Texas Prison; A Discussion About President Bush'S First Week In Office; A Conversation About The Defense Department
  • 1/19/01
    Samuel Berger, The National Security Adviser To President Clinton, Reflects Back On His Eight Years Of Work With The Clinton Administration And Predicts Which Issues Will Be The Most Pressing For The Bush White House. Also, Actors Julian Schnabel And Javier Bardem Discuss Their Work On The Film Before Night Falls, About The Life Of Cuban Poet Reinaldo Arenas.moreless
  • Sean Penn
    Episode 01.18.01
    A conversation with actor and filmmaker Sean Penn about his third directorial project,
  • Ken Auletta
    Episode 01.17.01
    A conversation about the trial of the Microsoft Corporation with Ken Auletta of
  • 1/16/01
    Senator John Breaux Of Louisiana Talks About The Assembly Of President Bush'S Cabinet And The John Ashcroft Confirmation Hearings For Attorney General. Later, Puerto Rican Actor Benicio Del Toro Discusses His Performance In Steven Soderbergh'S Traffic, Sean Penn'S The Pledge, And Guy Ritchie'S Snatch.
  • 1/12/01
    A rebroadcast of a conversation with actor Tom Hanks about his movie
  • A Rebroadcast Of A Conversation With Steve Martin
    A rebroadcast of an hour with actor Steve Martin about his long and prolific career, from writing to stand-up comedy to acting. He discusses his latest project, a comic fable in the form of a novella,
  • 1/10/01
    A Discussion With Photographers Of National Geographic; An Interview With Bruce Weber; An Interview With Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • 1/9/01
    Historian And Former Presidential Adviser Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Talks About His Memoir A Life In The 20Th Century: Volume 1 And Reflects On The Contrast Between The Scientific Progress And The Global Conflicts Of The Past 100 Years. Also, Architect Michael Graves Discusses His Collaboration With The Discount Retailer Target And Most Notable Designs.moreless
  • 1/8/01
    A discussion about the documentary
  • 1/5/01
    National Security Adviser To President Clinton Sandy Berger Provides Updates The White House'S Efforts To Broker A Peace Deal In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Later, Richard Holbrooke, Outgoing U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations, Talks About Issues Facing The Un As He Leaves His Post.
  • 1/4/01
    First, A Conversation About The State Of The American Economy With Stephen Roach Of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., Bob Woodward Of The Washington Post, Byron Wien Of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., And Paul Krugman Of The New York Times. Also, The Author Of Book Business And Former Editorial Director At Random House, Jason Epstein, Discusses The Publishing Business.moreless
  • 1/2/01
    First, Thomas Friedman Of The New York Times Weighs In On The Peace Talks Between President Clinton And Palestinian Prime Minister Yasser Arafat. Also, An Interview With The Palestinian Ambassador To The United Nations, Nasser Al-Kidwa, On The Progress Of The Negotiations. Finally, A Remembrance Of The Actor Jason Robards With The Actress Zoe Caldwell Reading From Eugene O'Neill.moreless
  • Dan Marino - 2001
    Episode 0101
    A conversation with former NFL quarterback Dan Marino about his long career in football.
  • 1/14/00
    Actress Winona Ryder is on to talk about her role in the new film, Girl, Interrupted, which is adapted from Susanna Kaysen's 1993 best-selling memoir. Ryder talks about the effort she put into getting the film made and why she feels that Kaysen's story was a necessary one to tell. Also, Angelina Jolie stars alongside Ryder in Girl, Interrupted. She talks about her recent work in the film The Bone Collector, other roles she has loved and her strong connection to her character Lisa from Girl, Interrupted.moreless