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Episode Guide

  • Mick Jagger
    Mick Jagger
    Episode 12.31.02
    A rebroadcast of a conversation with Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones, discusses his lifelong love of music, his film
  • 12/30/02
    An Interview With Novelist Michael Crichton About His Life, Technology, And His Latest Book, Prey That Originally Aired On November 26, 2002.||Then, Eric Ripert, Executive Chef At New York Restaurant Le Bernardin, Discusses Life In The Kitchen And His New Cookbook, A Return To Cooking.
  • Nicole Kidman
    Nicole Kidman
    Episode 12.27.02
    Actress Nicole Kidman discusses her personal history, film career, and future roles. She also talks about her critically acclaimed role as Virginia Woolf in the screen adaptation of Michael Cunningham's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel
  • Denzel Washington
    Episode 12.26.02
    Actor Denzel Washington discusses his directorial debut with the film
  • 12/25/02
    A rebroadcast of an hour with director Martin Scorsese and actor Daniel Day-Lewis about their new film,
  • Robin Williams
    Episode 12.24.02
    A rebroadcast of a conversation with comedian and actor Robin Williams about his stand-up comedy tour, recent film roles, and his travels to the Middle East (from December 10, 2002).
  • Tom Hanks
    Episode 12.23.02
    Actor and producer Tom Hanks discusses his most recent role as Detective Carl Hanratty in Steven Spielberg's
  • 12/20/02
    In This Rebroadcast Of A Conversation That Originally Aired On November 11, 2002, Actress Julianne Moore Discusses Her Career And Her Two Most Recent Roles In The Hours And Far From Heaven, Both Of Which Have Received Much Critical Acclaim. Moore Has Been Nominated For Oscars For Her Roles In Both Films.||Then, An Interview With Culinary Television Personality Nigella Lawson About Her New Book, Nigella Bites.moreless
  • 12/19/02
    In this rebroadcast of a conversation from December 3 2002, director Peter Jackson and actors Viggo Mortensen and Elijah Wood discuss the second installment in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "The Two Towers".||Then, an interview with actor Denzel Washington and Derek Luke, the young star he discovered for his directorial debut, Antwone Fisher.moreless
  • 12/18/02
    New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer Discusses His Mission For Consumer Protection And The Reform Of Corporate America. Then, An Interview With Authors Norman Podhoretz And Midge Decter Which Traces Their Journey From Liberalism To Neo-Conservatism.
  • 12/17/02
    John Meacham Of Newsweek, Jonathan Karl Of Cnn And Dana Milbank Of The Washington Post Discuss The Controversy Surrounding Senator Trent Lott'S Comments In Support Of Senator Strom Thurmond, Which Were Interpreted As Advocation Of Racial Segregation. Then, An Interview With Actress And Filmmaker Nia Vardalos About Her Hit Film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Finally, Spy Novelist Alan Furst Talks About His Latest Book, Blood Of Victory.moreless
  • 12/16/02
    An Interview With David Albright, A Former Nuclear Weapons Inspector, About Inspections In Iraq. Then, Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Discusses His Two Most Recent Films, Love Liza And 25Th Hour. Finally, Roger Ebert, Film Critic And Co-Host Of Ebert & Roeper, Talks About The Movies Of 2002.
  • 12/13/02
    Christopher Hitchens Of Vanity Fair, David Rieff Of The New Republic, Harold Hongju Koh Of Yale Law School And Michael Walzer, Editor Of Dissent, Debate The Issue Of Overthrowing Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein. Then, Author Yann Martel Discusses His Booker Prize-Winning Novel, Life Of Pi.
  • 12/12/02
    David Brooks Of The Weekly Standard And Clarence Page Of The Chicago Tribune Discuss The Controversy Surrounding Senator Trent Lott'S Statements Supporting Senator Strom Thurmond, Focusing On President George W. Bush'S Reaction To The Incident. Then, An Interview With Director Baz Luhrmann About Directing La Boheme On Broadway.
  • 12/11/02
    David Sanger, White House Correspondent For The New York Times, And Max Boot, The Olin Senior Fellow At The Council On Foreign Relations, Discuss The Bush Administration'S National Security Policy And The Doctrine Of Pre-Emptive Military Action. Then, An Interview With Cyclist And Sports Illustrated'S Sportsman Of The Year Lance Armstrong, On Winning The 2002 Tour De France And Battling Cancer.moreless
  • Robin Williams
    Episode 12.10.02
    An interview with comedian and actor Robin Williams about his stand-up comedy tour, recent film roles in
  • 12/9/02
    An Interview With Dr. Eric Lander, Director Of The Whitehead Institute'S Genome Center, About The Mouse Genome And Its Relevance To Human Genetics. Then, Writer-Director Rebecca Miller Talks About Her New Film, Personal Velocity. Finally, A Conversation With Sportswriter John Feinstein, On His New Book, The Punch: One Night, Two Lives, And The Fight That Changed Basketball Forever, About A Pivotal Nba Game In 1977.moreless
  • 12/6/02
    Floyd Norris Of The New York Times And Michael Hirsh Of Newsweek Magazine Discuss The Resignation Of Secretary Of The Treasury Paul O'Neill And Economics Adviser Lawrence Lindsey. Then, Former Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright Shares Thoughts On A Pew Research Center Survey About How America Is Viewed By 44 Countries Around The World. Finally, Bill Carter, Television Reporter For The New York Times And Peter Peterson, Chairman Of The Blackstone Group And The Council On Foreign Relations, Remember Roone Arledge, Abc Chairman And Influential Force In Sports And News Television.moreless
  • 12/5/02
    Director Martin Scorsese and actor Daniel Day-Lewis discuss their new film,
  • 12/4/02
    President Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Jessica Mathews Sizes Up The Nuclear Weapons Inspection Team In Iraq So Far. Then, Actors Chris Cooper, Meryl Streep And Nicolas Cage Discuss Their New Movie, Adaptation. Finally, An Interview With Crime Novelist Elmore Leonard On His Latest Book, A Collection Of Short Stories Called When The Women Come Out To Dance.moreless
  • 12/3/02
    Countess Albina Du Boisrouvray, Founder And President Of The Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Discusses The Orphans Of The Aids Epidemic. Then, An Interview With Director Peter Jackson And Actors Viggo Mortensen And Elijah Wood About The Second Installment In The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Two Towers.
  • 12/2/02
    Los Angeles Times Columnist Ronald Brownstein Shares His Thoughts On The Upcoming 2004 Presidential Election. Then, An Interview With Attorney Johnnie Cochran About His New Memoir, A Lawyer'S Life. Finally, A Conversation With Rob Glaser, Founder And Ceo Of Realnetworks, About The Future Of Technology And His Company'S Newest Product, The Helix Universal Server, A Program That Allows Companies To Transmit Audio And Video Files Using Software From Every Major Format.moreless
  • 11/29/02
    An Interview With Designer Bruce Mau On His Career And The World Of Design. Then, Co-Curators Gary Tintrow Of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Louis-Antoine Of The Louvre And Stephane Guegan Of The Musee D'Orsay Discuss Their Exhibition Of 19Th Century French Painter Theodore Chasseriau'S Work, Currently On Display At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.moreless
  • Robert Redford
    Episode 11.28.02
    A rebroadcast of a conversation with actor and filmmaker Robert Redford in which he discusses why acting was a life-saving choice for him, his work for the environment and his effort to give something back to the film industry, which he sees manifested in the Sundance Film Festival (from April 30, 2002).moreless
  • 11/27/02
    New York Times Chief Correspondent Patrick E. Tyler Discusses The Current State Of Us-Saudi Arabia Relations. Then, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel Talks About His Two New Books: The Judges, A Novel, And After Darkness: Reflections On The Holocaust. Finally, An Interview With Three Of The Nine Women Who Contributed To A Book Called War Torn, A Collection Of Reflections On Reporting From Vietnam During The War. They Are Jurate Kazickas, A Former Newspaper Reporter In New York And Washington, Edith Lederer, The Associated Press'S Chief Correspondent To The United Nations, And Laura Palmer, An Independent Television Producer.moreless
  • 11/26/02
    Republican Senator Richard Lugar Of Indiana Discusses Current Foreign Policy And His Future Role As Chairman Of The Foreign Relations Committee. Then, An Interview With Novelist Michael Crichton About His Life, Technology, And His Latest Book, Prey.
  • 11/25/02
    Richard Murphy, Director Of Middle East Studies At The Council On Foreign Relations And Former Us Ambassador To Saudi Arabia, And Youssef Ibrahim, Senior Fellow At The Council On Foreign Relations And Editor-In-Chief Of Energy Intelligence Group, Discuss The Implications Of Accusations Made About Influential Saudis Providing Money To The Al-Qaeda Network Through Charitable Donations And The Impact Of These Allegations On Us-Saudi Relations. Then, Director Steven Soderbergh And Actor George Clooney Talk About Their New Project, A Remake Of The The Film, Solaris.moreless
  • 11/22/02
    Representative Nancy Pelosi, Recently Voted Democratic Leader In The House Of Representatives, Discusses Her New Position. Then, An Interview With Chairman Of Ferrari And President Of The Ferrari/Maserati Group Luca Cordero Di Montzezemolo About Heading Up The Formula One Championship-Winning Ferrari Racing Team, As Well As The History And Resurgence Of His Company.moreless
  • Bob Woodward
    Episode 11.21.02
    A conversation with Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor of
  • 11/20/02
    Former Deputy Secretary Of State Strobe Talbott, Now President Of The Brookings Institute, Discusses The Nato Summit In Prague. Then, An Interview With Author And Political Satirist Christopher Buckley About His Latest Novel, No Way To Treat A First Lady. Finally, Comedian Bill Maher, Former Host Of The Abc Television Show, Politically Incorrect, Talks About His New Book, When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden: What The Government Should Be Telling Us To Help Fight The War On Terrorism.moreless
  • Al And Tipper Gore
    Episode 11.19.02
    A conversation with former vice president Al Gore and his wife Tipper Gore about their new book on families,
  • 11/18/02
    First, Presidential Historian Robert Dallek Talks About His Forthcoming Biography Of President John F. Kennedy, An Unfinished Life, And Offers New Information About Kennedy'S Physical Health. Then, Tenor Andrea Bocelli And Conductor And New York Philharmonic Director Loren Maazel Discuss Their New Album, Sentimento. Finally, A Segment Remembering Israeli Diplomat, Statesman And Writer Abba Eban, Featuring Excerpts From His Interviews On The Show.moreless
  • Chris Columbus
    Episode 11.15.02
    An interview with director Chris Columbus about his work on the first two
  • Thomas Friedman
    Thomas Friedman
    Episode 11.15.02
    Thomas Friedman
  • Mick Jagger
    Mick Jagger
    Episode 11.14.02
    Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones, discusses his lifelong love of music, his film
  • 11/13/02
    Us Secretary Of The Treasury Paul O'Neill Discusses The Current Economy And His Hope That America Can Return To A 3% Growth Rate Into 2003. Then, Senator John Edwards Of North Carolina Offers His Take On The Subject And What Can Be Done To Control Spending. Finally, Kevin Spacey Talks About His New Website, Triggerstreet.Com, That Acts To Benefit Aspiring Filmmakers And Screenwriters, His Involvement In Politics And His Upcoming Film About Bobby Darin.moreless
  • 11/12/02
    First, Joseph Nye, Dean Of The J.F.K. School Of Government At Harvard University, Offers His Take On Iraq. Then, An Interview With Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., The Former Chairman And Ceo Of Ibm, About His New Book, Who Says Elephants Can'T Dance?, Which Tells The Story Of The Revival Of His Company, Education And His Perception Of The World Of Business.moreless
  • 11/11/02
    Fouad Ajami, Contributing Editor For Us News & World Report, Director Of Middle East Studies At Johns Hopkins University And Consultant For Cbs News, Offers His Take On The Nature Of Iraq'S Radicalism And The Appropriate Us Policy. Then, Actress Julianne Moore Discusses Her Career And Her Two Most Recent Roles In The Hours And Far From Heaven.moreless
  • 11/8/02
    Ambassadors Sir Jeremy Greenstock Of Great Britain And Jean-David Levitte Of France Discuss The Unanimous Resolution Of The United Nations Security Council On Iraq. Then, A Conversation With Nbc News Anchor Tom Brokaw About His Memoir Of Growing Up In South Dakota, A Long Way From Home.
  • 11/7/02
    An Interview With Microsoft Chief Software Architect And Chairman Bill Gates About The Anti-Trust Settlement Reached Between Microsoft And The United States Justice Department, New Products And What'S In Store For The Future. Then, A Look At The Midterm Election With Adam Nagourney Of The New York Times And Ronald Brownstein Of Cnn And The Los Angeles Times.moreless
  • 11/6/02
    First, Charlie Shares His Thoughts On The Controversy Over The Presidential Election. Then, An Interview With Chris Hedges Of The New York Times About The Life Of A War Correspondent, Detailed In His New Book, War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning. Finally, Director Tim Blake Nelson And Actors Harvey Keitel, David Arquette And Mira Sorvino Discuss Their New Movie About The Holocaust, The Grey Zone.moreless
  • 11/5/02
    In A Live Broadcast, David Brooks Of The Weekly Standard, Martha Brant Of Newsweek Magazine, James Carney Of Time Magazine And Richard Cohen Of The Washington Post Discuss The Unfolding Results Of The Mid-Term Election And The Resignation Of Securities And Exchange Commission Harvey Pitt. Then, Edsel Ford, Great Grandson Of Henry Ford And Member Of The Board Of Directors At The Ford Motor Company, Talks About A Ford Century, A New Book That Chronicles The History Of The Company.moreless
  • 11/4/02
    E.J. Dionne, Senior Fellow At The Brookings Institute And Columnist For The Washington Post, Dana Milbank Of The Washington Post, Norman Ornstein, Resident Scholar Of The American Enterprise Institution And Election Analyst For Cbs News, And Richard Berke, A Washington Editor Of The New York Times, Share Their Thoughts On The Impending Mid-Term Elections. Then, Chris Mathews, Host Of Hardball On Msnbc, As Well As The Syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Talks About His New Book, America: Beyond Our Grandest Notions, Which Considers The Innate Cultural Traits That Make Up The American Character. Finally, An Interview With Actress And Singer Carol Channing About Her Autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess.moreless
  • 11/1/02
    A Conversation With Foreign Minister Of Germany Joschka Fischer About The Relationships Between Germany, The United States, Europe And The Rest Of The World At A Crucial Time In The History Of Both Germany And The United States. Then, New Yorker Film Critic Anthony Lane Talks About His New Book, Nobody'S Perfect, A Collection Of His Writings On Film, Books And Other Topics.moreless
  • 10/31/02
    A Conversation With Hans Blix, Chief Un Weapons Inspector And Executive Chairman Of Unmovic, About The Final Security Council Resolution On Iraq. Then, Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi Talks About Her Documentary, Journeys With George, Which Follows George Bush On The Campaign Trail In 2000.
  • 10/30/02
    Former Us Ambassador To Israel Martin Indyk Explores The Implications Of The Collapse Of The Coalition Government Running Israel. Then, An Interview With Actress And Producer Salma Hayek About Her New Movie, Frida. Finally, Writer Jonathan Franzen, Author Of The Nation Book Award-Winning The Corrections, Discusses His New Collection Of Essays, How To Be Alone.moreless
  • 10/29/02
    First, Jeffrey Toobin, Cnn'S Legal Analyst And Writer For The New Yorker, Explains Where The Two Defendants In The Washington, D.C.-Area Sniper Case Might Be Tried. Then, Bill Schneider Of Cnn And Ronald Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times Assess What Could Be The Most Important Of The Upcoming Mid-Term Elections. Finally, Historian Michael Beschloss Talks About His New Book, The Conquerors, In Which He Describes The End Of World War Ii And The Planning For Post-War Germany.moreless
  • 10/28/02
    A Conversation With Leon Aron, Resident Scholar At The American Enterprise Institute And Author Of The Best-Selling Book Yeltsin, And Steven Sestanovich, Senior Fellow In Russian Studies At The Council On Foreign Relations And Professor Of International Diplomacy At Columbia University, About The Tragedy In Russia, Where 118 Hostages Were Killed When A Theater Was Stormed, And The Implications For Chechnya And President Putin. Then, Novelist Scott Turow Discusses His Sixth Book, Reversible Errors, About An Innocent Man Sentenced To Death For A Triple Homicide.moreless
  • 10/25/02
    First, A Conversation With James Sasser, Former Us Ambassador To China And Former Senator From Tennessee, About The Historic Meeting Between President Bush And Chinese President Jiang Zemin In Crawford, Texas. Then, Former Illinois Senator Paul Simon Remembers Senator Paul Wellstone Of Minnesota, Who Died In A Plane Crash On The Campaign Trail, Followed By An Excerpt Of Charlie'S 2001 Interview With Senator Wellstone.moreless
  • 10/24/02
    Martin Weil Of The Washington Post, Mark Miller Of Newsweek, Former Fbi Profiler Clinton R. Van Zandt And Attorney Edward Hayes Discuss The Latest Developments In The Sniper Shootings Around Washington, D.C. Which Have So Far Left Ten Dead And Three Wounded. Early This Morning Two Suspects Were Arrested. Then, A Conversation With Filmmaker Jonathan Demme, Who Was Responsible For The Film Silence Of The Lambs, About His New Film, The Truth About Charlie.moreless
  • 10/22/02
    Martin Weil Of The Washington Post Gives The Latest Update On The Sniper Shootings In Washington D.C. Following Another Shooting Early This Morning. He Weighs In On The Apprehension Of The Shooter And The Likelihood Of Another Attack. Next, Singer And Songwriter Rod Stewart Talks About His New Album, It Had To Be You: The Great American Songbook, Which Includes Many Standards Of American Music. Finally, A Conversation With Actor Samuel L. Jackson About His Career And His Latest Film, Formula 51.moreless
  • 10/21/02
    A Conversation With David Rockefeller On The Occasion Of The Publication Of His Memoirs. Rockefeller Is A Philanthropist And The Former Ceo Of Chase And Tonight He Discusses His Remarkable Life And What Prompted Him To Write It All Down. Also, Author Edmund Morgan On His Latest Book, A New Biography Of Benjamin Franklin.moreless
  • A Conversation About The World Series
    A Conversation About The World Series
  • 10/18/02
    A conversation with British Ambassador to the United Nation Jeremy Greenstock on discussions among the Security Council members regarding punitive measures agaisnt the regime in Iraq and debates about the return of weapons inspectors.
  • Michael Mandelbaum About Iraq And North Korea
    Author Michael Mandelbaum discusses mounting tensions with Iraq over the future of weaspons inspections and the diplomatic impasse with North Korea regarding its suspected nuclear program. Mandelbaum also talks about his new book,
  • 10/17/02
    Conductor and composer Andre Previn and his wife, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, discuss their relationship, their recent marriage and their collaboration on a violin concerto on commission from the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
  • 10/16/02
    First, Dr. Ben Carson Talks About His Personal Battle With Prostate Cancer. Carson, Who Is An Internationally Renowned Doctor And A Specialist In Hemispherectomy, Discusses His Career In Neurosurgery And How He Has Dealt With This Latest Personal Challenge. Then, Tenor Placido Domingo On His Career In Music, His Own Technique And How He Hopes To Progress As A Vocalist.moreless
  • 10/15/02
    Peter Jennings, Anchor And Editor Of World News Tonight For Nearly 20 Years, And Todd Bruce, The Former Editor And Writer, Have Collaborated On A New Book, In Search Of America. It Is A Collection Of Contemporary Stories Of American Life That Illustrates A Common Link To The Values Instilled By The Founding Fathers. The Book Is Coupled With A Six-Part Television Series That Aired This September On Abc.moreless
  • 10/14/02
    Former Fbi Profiler Clinton R. Van Zandt Is On To Talk About The Sniper Shootings Currently Taking Place In Washington D.C. And Shares His Prediction Of A Speedy Arrest. Then, Governor James Mcgreevey Of New Jersey Discusses Education, Literacy And Other Pressing Issues Facing His State. Finally, Singer And Songwriter James Taylor On His New Album, October Road.moreless
  • Rick Wagoner
    Episode 10.11.02
    Rick Wagoner, president and CEO of General Motors, discusses the past success of his company, the challenges posed by a resurgent Japanese auto industry and how GM plans to approach fuel cells and hybrid cars.
  • 10/10/02
    Senator Joseph Biden, The Chairman Of The Foreign Relations Committee Of The Us Senate, Discusses The Threat Posed By Saddam Hussein, The Possibility Of War With Iraq And The Obligations That Americans Will Have To Undertake In The Event Of Such A War. Also, Director Paul Thomas Anderson And Actor Adam Sandler Are On To Talk About Their New Film, Punch Drunk Love.moreless
  • A Conversation About Satellite Telecommunication
    Charles Ergen, the chairman and CEO of Echostar Communications, discusses the merits and future of satellite telecommunication. Ergen makes the case that satellite technology may bridge the growing
  • Richard Perle About Iraq
    Episode 10.09.02
    Richard Perle of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the most prominent voices in the debate about a military strike on Iraq, evaluates the U.S.' strategic options and argues that the use of force need not be America's last resort.
  • 10/8/02
    George Will, syndicated columnist for
  • Michael Moore About "bowling For Columbine"
    Filmmaker Michael Moore on his new film,
  • 10/7/02
    David Brooks, Senior Editor At The Weekly Standard, Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post, Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor At Newsweek, Nick Lemann Of The New Yorker & Michael Elliott Of Time Come Together For A Live Broadcast To Discuss The President'S Latest Speech During Which He Outlined His Policy In Iraq. Earlier Tonight In Cincinnati, Bush Made His Case Against Saddam Hussein And His Regime And How He Plans To Deal With The Threat Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction.moreless
  • Rudy Giuliani
    Episode 1004
    An hour with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He discusses his experience during the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, his career as a political consultant since leaving office and his new book "Leadership", which offers his real-life lessons on leadership in the modern era.
  • Martin Sheen
    Martin Sheen
    Episode 10.03.02
    Actor Martin Sheen discusses his role as President Josiah Bartlet in the critically acclaimed television series
  • Senator John Edwards, Democrat of North Carolina, and Senator Don Nickles, Republican of Oklahoma, discuss the major flashpoints in U.S. foreign policy, especially the challenge of getting Saddam Hussein to comply with UN resolutions demanding weapons inspections. They also address the problem of the lingering Taliban presence in Afghanistan, the importance of long term U.S. involvement in the interest of stability and the need to foster multinational cooperation for any potential intervention.moreless
  • 10/2/02
    The First Segment Of A Two-Part Conversation With Lou Rukeyser, Host Of Lou Rukeyser'S Wall Street, On The Current State Of Wall Street. Then, Actor And Author Christopher Reeve Discusses His New Book, Nothing Is Impossible, Which Deals With The Power Mental Conviction. Finally, The Creator Of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin On The Success Of His Show.moreless
  • Christopher Dodd About Iraq
    Christopher Dodd About Iraq
    Episode 10.01.02
    Senator Christopher Dodd, Democrat from Connecticut, discusses the pending Senate resolution on Iraq, which would call on the President to pursue a multilateral approach to resolving the weapons standoff with Saddam Hussein. Dodd also discusses the potential pitfalls of pursuing a unilateral military strategy against Iraq.
  • Samuel Berger About Iraq
    Episode 10.01.02
    Samuel Berger, former National Security Adviser under Clinton, talks about the need to back any military force against Saddam Hussein with a sense of political legitimacy and support from international allies.
  • 9/30/02
    Author Alice Sebold is on to discuss her latest novel, The Lovely Bones, which tells the story of a 14-year-old girl who is raped and murdered by a serial killer. The book has sold over a million copies and is currently number one on The New York Times' best-seller list. Then, actor James Spader on his new movie, The Secretary, a black comedy about an S&M relationship.moreless
  • Daniel Libeskind
    Episode 0927
    An hour with architect Daniel Libeskind, who was selected by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to be part of a team that will contribute new design ideas for the World Trade Center site. Liebeskind discusses the historical importance of the project and the vision that will guide his own design for the site.moreless
  • Jeremy Greenstock About Iraq
    Jeremy Greenstock About Iraq
    Episode 09.26.02
    Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Great Britain's ambassador to the UN, discusses the latest news in the weapons inspection impasse with Iraq. Greenstock also discusses the importance of obtaining a new UN resolution demanding increased inspections that carries with it the threat of punitive military action from the United States.
  • Richard Lugar About Iraq
    Episode 09.26.02
    Indiana Senator and member of the Foreign Relations Committee Richard Lugar discusses the problem of securing and destroying alleged weapons of mass destruction. He also considers how a democratic government might be installed and supported in Iraq.
  • 9/25/02
    Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns Discusses The Re-Release Of His Emmy And Peabody Award Winning, Nine-Part, Eleven And A Half Hour Documentary Film, The Civil War, And The Launch Of The New Pbs Series Featuring Burns' Work, American Stories. Also, Walter Mossberg Of The Wall Street Journal Talks About His Column Which Delineates New Technology For The Masses. Mossberg Predicts That The Future Of Electronics Is In Small, Hand-Held Devices Rather Than The Personal Computer.moreless
  • 9/24/02
    The Hour Is Dedicated To A Consideration Of Prime Minister Tony Blair And Britain'S Case Against Iraq. First, Time'S Michael Elliott Discusses How The British Were Able To Delineate The Modernization Of Ballistic Missiles, For The Purpose Of Targeting Exactly Any Location In The Middle East Or Europe, By The Iraqis. Also, Arizona Senator John Mccain, Author Of The Book Worth Fighting For, Discusses America'S Failure To Deal With Peace-Keeping And Rebuilding In Afghanistan Following The Invasion.moreless
  • 9/23/02
    A Conversation On The Topic Of The German Elections And The Impact They May Have On German American Relations With The Washington Post'S Jim Hoagland, President Of The German Marshall Fund Craig Kennedy, Newsweek'S Andrew Nagorski, And Hans Decker Of Columbia University. Then, General Wesley Clark, Former Supreme Allied Commander In Europe, Discusses The Waging Of Modern War And Fighting Terrorism.moreless
  • Susan Sarandon
    Episode 09.20.02
    An hour-long conversation with actor Susan Sarandon. She discusses her long career in film, her relationship with partner Tim Robbins, her political activism and her three latest films:
  • 9/19/02
    First, President Of Nbc Entertainment Jeff Zucker Discusses His Outlook For New Television Shows This Season And How He Judges Programs When Selecting Them For Broadcast. Then, Professor At The Carr Center For Human Rights At Harvard And Author Of The Pulitzer Prize Winning Book, A Problem From Hell: America And The Age Of Genocide, Samantha Power. Power Discusses The Challenges She Faced In Writing Her Book And Ultimately Getting It Published And Her Hope That The Book Will Have Some Impact On People'S Complacency When It Comes To Genocide.moreless
  • 9/18/02
    Florida Senator Bob Graham, Chairman Of The Intelligence Committee, Discusses The Release Of A Joint Congressional Committee Report About Intelligence Before 9/11 And Failure To Recognize A Pattern In The Information That May Have Prevented The Attacks. Then, Filmmaker Ron Howard And Astronaut Jim Lovell Discuss The Film Apollo 13 Which Is Being Re-Released In Imax Theatres. Finally, Author Salman Rushdie On His Career And His Latest Work Of Non-Fiction, Step Across This Line, A Collection Of Essays, Speeches And Opinion Pieces From The Last 10 Years.moreless
  • 9/17/02
    Richard Holbrooke, Former Us Ambassador To The United Nations Discusses The Issue Of Iraq, The New Resolution And Whether It Will Guarantee Support From The Un In The Form Of Authorization Of Necessary Means. Then, Actress Goldie Hawn Discusses Her New Film With Susan Sarandon, The Banger Sisters.
  • 9/16/02
    An hour dedicated to French politics and culture. First, French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin, on his relationship with Colin Powell and the Bush Administration, the fight against terrorism and nuclear proliferation, and the multilateral effort to work towards a safer world. Then, actress Catherine Deneuve discusses her remarkable career in film and her new movie, Eight Women, an old-fashioned whodunit with a stunning ensemble of talented French actresses.moreless
  • 9/13/02
    In Commemoration Of The September 11Th Attacks One Year Later, A Focus On Rebuilding. Charlie Talks To A Panel Of Architects, Including Peter Eisenman, Charles Gwathmey, Frederic Schwartz, Steven Holl And Rafael Vinloy, And Architecture Critic For The New York Times, Herbert Muschamp, About The Reconstruction Of Lower Manhattan. They Share Their Thoughts On This Daunting Project And What They Hope To See Constructed At Ground Zero.moreless
  • 9/12/02
    A Consideration Of The President'S Speech To The United Nations, Along With A Look At Secretary-General Kofi Annan'S Speech, With Cnn'S John King, Foreign Minister From Egypt Ahmed Maher, And Foreign Minister From Greece, George Papandreou. They Weigh The Benefits Of Resolute Action Against The Ramifications Of Unilateral Force And What Is Ultimately The Best Course Of Action.moreless
  • Thomas Friedman
    Episode 09.11.02
    An hour conversation with
  • 9/10/02
    Scott Pelley Of 60 Minutes Ii Discusses His Exclusive Interview With President Bush And Elements Of The President That Were Revealed To Him Through It. Then, William Langewiesche, National Correspondent For The Atlantic Monthly, Is The Author Of American Ground. The Book Presents The Remarkable Story Of What Happened At Ground Zero After 9/11 And What It Says About The Character Of The American People.moreless
  • 9/9/02
    A panel discussion with a group of New York City firefighters who participated in the rescue efforts on 9/11. Lee Ielpi, Robert Higgins, James Efthimiades and Dennis Smith, all current or retired New York City firefighters, talk about their loss of colleagues and friends during the 9/11 attacks and the significance and meaning of being part of New York City Fire Department.moreless
  • 9/6/02
    Filmmaker Helen Whitney and President of the 9/11 Widows and Victims Family Association Marian Fontana talk about the question of faith and religion in the wake of the World Trade Center Tragedy. They weigh the inexplicable horror of the September 11 attacks against the overwhelming outpouring of love and compassion that followed in their wake.moreless
  • Moby
    Episode 09.06.02
    Singer and songwriter Moby discusses the prescience of his album,
  • 9/5/02
    In Light Of America'S Potentially Imminent Conflict In Iraq, A Look At Another Nation That Has Recently Been At War With That Country, Iran. Javad Zarif, Iran'S Permanent Representative To The Un, Talks About His Country'S Wariness Of The Hussein Regime And Iran'S Commitment To Flush Out Terrorists. Then, Four Editors Share Their Thoughts On 9/11 Leading Up To The One Year Anniversary Of The Attacks. Time'S Jim Kelly, The New Yorker'S David Remnick, Newsweek'S Mark Whitaker & New York'S Caroline Miller On 9/11, Iraq And The Near Future In America.moreless
  • 9/4/02
    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Of California Was Present At An Important Meeting Between The President And Leaders Of Congress Regarding The Situation In Iraq And She Shares Her Thoughts And Impressions. Then, A Look At The Us Open In Tennis With Cbs'S Dick Enberg And Espn'S Cliff Drysdale. Finally, Paul Auster Discusses His Latest Novel, The Book Of Illusions.moreless
  • 9/3/02
    A Conversation With Andrew M. Cuomo On Why He Chose To Drop Out Of The Race For The Democratic Nomination For Governor In New York. Cuomo Cites His Dedication Unity Among People And Communities And His Reluctance Win A Pyrrhic Victory. Then, Chairman And Ceo Of General Electric, Currently The Largest Corporation In The World, Jeffrey Immelt Defends His Company And The Way He Has Managed It Over The Years.moreless
  • 9/2/02
    Two Filmmakers Who Are Behind Some Of The Year'S Most Successful And Profound Entertainment.||First, An Interview From December 28, 2002, With Director Ron Howard Discusses His Work On The Best Picture Academy Award Nominated A Beautiful Mind. Howard Talks About The Incredible Story That Drives The Film And How He Came To Be Interested In The Life Of Schizophrenic Mathematician John Nash.||Then, An Interview That Aired On Ferbruary 22, 2002, With Peter Jackson On His Epic Film, The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, Which Has Already Grossed $800 Million At The Box Office.moreless
  • 8/30/02
    A rebroadcast of an interview from May 21, 2002, with Kurt Masur, music director of the New York Philharmonic, about his time with the orchestra and getting ready to step down from his post.||Then, in a rebroadcast of a conversation that aired on April 29, 2002, Beverly Sills, opera star and chairman of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, talks about her career and stepping down from her post.moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with sculptor Richard Serra about his exhibition at The Gagosian Gallery in New York City, his use of synthetic materials in art and his prolific career in both film and art (from December 14, 2001).
  • 8/28/02
    A rebroadcast of an interview that originally aired on February 15, 2002, with actress Dame Judi Dench, about her recent Oscar-nominated role as author Iris Murdoch in the film Iris, and her lengthy career on screen and stage.||Then, in a rebroadcast of an interview frim March 1, 2002, Oscar-nominated actress Dame Maggie Smith talks about her career and recent Oscar-nominated role in Robert Altman's film, Gosford Park.moreless
  • 8/27/02
    First, a rebroadcast of an interview from November 7, 2001, with actor Jeff Bridges about his recent role in the movie K-PAX and his film career.||Then, in this rebroadcast of a conversation that aired on June 7, 2002, actor Alan Rickman talks about his leading role in the Tony-nominated revival of Noel Coward's Private Lives on Broadway and his career on stage and screen.moreless
  • Renzo Piano - 2002
    Episode 0412
    An hour with Italian architect Renzo Piano about his plans for the headquarters of "The New York Times", his first building in New York City. He also discusses his projects that won him the prestigious Pritzker Prize including the Pompidou Centre in Paris and Kansai International Airport.
  • 8/23/02
    First, An Interview With Jim Lehrer, Novelist And Host Of Public Television'S The Newshour, About His Latest Novel, No Certain Rest. Then, Scientist And Author Stephen Wolfram Talks About His Book, A New Kind Of Science And Changing The Way We View The World. Finally, Actor Paul Rudd And Director Jesse Peretz Discuss Their New Film, The Chateau.moreless
  • 8/22/02
    First, Kurt Eichenwald Of The New York Times, John Coffee, Professor Of Law At Columbia University, And Robert Mintz, Former Federal Prosecutor And Current Partner With Mccarter & English, Discuss The Guilty Plea Of Former Enron Finance Executive Michael Kopper To Charges Of Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud And Money Laundering. Then, Henry Siegman Of The Council On Foreign Relations Talks About The Israel-Palestine Conflict. Finally, Tennis Pro James Blake Talks About His Rise On The Tennis Circuit.moreless
  • 8/21/02
    Comedian-Actor Robin Williams And Director Mark Romanek Discuss Their New Film, One Hour Photo. Then, A Conversation With Governor Of Pennsylvania Mark Schweiker About Overseeing A 77-Hour Operation To Rescue Nine Miners Trapped In Pennsylvania'S Flooded Quecreek Mine.
  • 8/20/02
    Former Secretary Of State Dr. Henry Kissinger Shares His Thoughts On The Debate About Iraq. Then, Actors Stanley Tucci And Edie Falco Discuss Co-Starring In Frankie And Johnny On Broadway.
  • 8/19/02
    A conversation with Bonnie Fuller, former editor of
  • 8/16/02
    An Interview With Actor Vin Diesel About The Film Business And His Latest Movie, Xxx. Then, We Remember Rock-And-Roll Legend Elvis Presley With Elvis-Historian Ernst Jorgensen Of Rca Records, Anthony Decurtis Of Rolling Stone Magazine And Sam Phillips, Who Founded Of Sun Records And Discovered Elvis In 1953.
  • 8/15/02
    Director Of The Us Office Of Management And Budget Director Mitchell Daniels Explains Economic Policy Under The Bush Administration. Then, Bob Costas Of Nbc Sports Talks About The Possibility Of A Baseball Strike.
  • 8/14/02
    First, An Interview With Alanna Heiss, Executive Director Of P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center On Her Career, P.S. 1'S Affiliation With Moma And The Center'S Impact On The World Of Contemporary Art. Then, New York Photographer Patrick Mcmullan Talks About Why He Got Involved In The World Of Celebrity Photography.
  • A conversation with Dennis Ross, Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and Fouad Ajami, contributing editor to
  • 8/12/02
    Brian Ross, Correspondent For Abc News, Updates Us On The Investigation Into The Anthrax Attacks Of 2001. Then, Former Assistant Secretary Of Defense Lawrence Korb Responds To The New York Times Report That Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Is Considering Ways To Broadly Expand The Role Of American Special Operations Forces In The Global Campaign Against Terrorism, Including Possibly Sending Us Forces To Countries Where The Us Is Not At War. Finally, Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker Elaborates On An Investigative Story Entitled How Al-Qaeda Slipped Away, Published In The Most Recent Issue Of The Magazine.moreless
  • 8/9/02
    Representative Jim Greenwood Of Pennsylvania, Constance Hays Of The New York Times, Charles Gasparino Of The Wall Street Journal And John Coffee, Jr. Of Columbia University Law School Discuss The Congressional Probe Of Martha Stewart After She Sold Almost 4,000 Shares Of Imclone Company'S Stock Before Its Value Plummeted Following News That The Fda Would Not Review Its New Cancer Drug. Then, Jon Stewart, Host Of Comedy Central'S The Daily Show, Talks About Current Events And Inspiration For The Show.moreless
  • 8/8/02
    Ron Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times And Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek And Nbc Discuss Presidential And Congressional Politics. Then, An Interview With Author Garry Wills About Religions, The Catholic Church And His New Book, Why I Am A Catholic.
  • 8/7/02
    Youssef Ibrahim Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Martin Indyk, Former Us Ambassador To Israel And Director Of The Saban Center At The Brookings Institute, And Saeb Erekat, Chief Negotiator Of The Palestinian Authority, Question The Bush Administration'S Middle East Policy. Then, Peter Galbraith, Professor At The National Defense University And Former Us Ambassador To Croatia, Argues That The Kurds Want Federation In Iraq. Finally, Parisian Designer Philippe Starck Discusses Designing For Target.moreless
  • 8/6/02
    Part one of a conversation with Howell Raines, executive editor of
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with and performance by rock icon Bruce Springsteen.
  • A rebroadcast of a conversation with Italian actress Sophia Loren about her book
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with actor Peter O'Toole about his memorable film roles in
  • Charlie Rose (July 31, 2002)
    Episode 07.31.02
    Rebroadcasting that originally aired on June 26, 2002, from Aspen, Colorado, tonight's show features an hour long interview with leading businessman and author, Jim Collins. Collins is the author of Built to Last and Good to Great, both of which deal with inner integrity and ambition and what those qualities contribute to successful leaders. Collins was a professor at the Stanford Business School for several years and has since opened his own management research lab in Boulder, Colorado.moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with modern art historian Kirk Varnedoe about his previous position as the chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art. Varnedoe also explains his decision to step down from the position and join the faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University (from February 1, 2002).moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with three-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong about his victories, his plans for future cycling competitions and his book
  • A panel discussion about the controversy surrounding obesity, diet and nutrition in America with guest host Dr. Mehmet Oz, Director of the Columbia University Heart Institute. Guests include: Barbara Howard of the American Heart Association, journalist Gary Taubes and Dr. Dean Ornish. The panel also discusses alternative diets that may ultimately address this crisis.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 25, 2002)
    Episode 07.25.02
    First, A Panel Of Experts On The Science Of Sleep. Director Of The Columbia University Heart Institute Dr. Mehmet Oz, Director Of The Sleep Disorders Center At Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Neil B. Kavey, Medical Director Of The Sleep-Wake Disorder Centerat New York Weill Cornell Medical Center Daniel Wagner & Newsweek'S Barbara Kantrowitz Discuss Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Apnea And Dreams. Then, Chief Art Critic For The New York Times, Michael Kimmelman, Sits Down With Critics And Artists Elizabeth Murray, Mark Stevens; Robert Storr And Peter Schjeldahl To Talk About The Latest News In The Art World.moreless
  • An hour conversation with guest host and filmmaker Wes Anderson and producer Robert Evans about Evans' past, his son, his drug habit, his recent stroke and his project
  • Charlie Rose (July 23, 2002)
    Episode 07.23.02
    Guest Host Andrea Koppel Leads A Three Part Discussion. First, Koppel Talks With Shibley Telhami Of The University Of Maryland And David Makovsky Of The Washington Institute For Near East Policy, About The Hamas Leader Who Was Killed Yesterday In Gaza City By An Israeli Missile And How This Event May Affect The Us-Israeli Relationship. Then, A Conversation About Afghanistan And The Need For New Infrastructure With Barnett Rubin Of The Center For International Cooperation. Finally, The Topic Of Discussion Turns To Iran. Shaul Bakhash Of George Mason University Comments On The Administrations Lack Of Clarity And Consensus In Regard To Its Policy Towards Iran.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 22, 2002)
    Episode 07.22.02
    Guest Host Neil Cavuto Of Fox News Leads A Conversation About The Markets And Worldcom With Matt Winkler Of Bloomberg News, Kathleen Madigan Of Businessweek & Floyd Norris Of The New York Times. Also, Scientist And Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus Hosts A Discussion On Viruses With Dr. Peter Kim Of Merck Research Laboratories And Dr. Eckard Wimmer Of Suny Stony Brook.moreless
  • An hour conversation with guest host and film director Sydney Pollack and actor Harrison Ford about Ford's movie
  • An hour panel discussion with guest host columnist Richard Reeves about the similar challenges faced by George W. Bush faces and Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the aftermath of an attack on the United States. Guests include: historian Arthur Schlesinger, Richard Cohen of
  • Charlie Rose (July 17, 2002)
    Episode 07.17.02
    Ron Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times Speaks With Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek, Chairman Of Evercore Partners Roger Altman, And President Of The Winston Group David Winston About The Bush Administration'S Domestic Policy. Also, Laurie Garrett Of Newsday Hosts A Discussion On The Recent International Aids Conference With Dr. Seth Berkley Of The International Aids Vaccine Initiative And Jeffrey Sachs Of Columbia University. Finally, Jon Frankel Of Cbs News Talks To Three-Time Tour De France Winner, Greg Lemond.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 16, 2002)
    Episode 07.16.02
    Allan Sloan Of Newsweek Guest Hosts A Conversation About Alan Greenspan'S Recent Testimony In The Senate About The State Of The Economy With David Faber Of Cnbc, Floyd Norris Of The New York Times, And Stephen Shepard Of Businessweek. Next, Michael Novacek Of The American Museum Of Natural History Leads A Discussion About The Discovery Of The Oldest Fossil Of A Human Ancestor With Bernard Wood Of George Washington University, Ian Tattersall Of The American Museum Of Natural History, Sharon Begley Of The Wall Street Journal, And Daniel Lieberman Of Harvard University.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion with guest host Richard Holbrooke, Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, about post-9/11 national security threats other than terrorism. Guests include: Zbigniew Brzezinski, professor at Johns Hopkins University and former national security adviser, Leslie Gelb, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Richard Haass, Director of policy planning for the State Department.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 12, 2002)
    Episode 07.12.02
    David Remnick, Editor Of The New Yorker, Guest Hosts. First, A Discussion Of Anti-Semitism Around The World With Authors Ron Rosenbaum, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, And Norman Manea And New York University Professor, Tony Judt. Then, A Conversation About The Recent Corporate Scandals With John Cassidy Of The New Yorker, David Brooks Of The Weekly Standard, Stanley Crouch Of New York Daily News, And Elizabeth Kolbert Of The New Yorker.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 11, 2002)
    Episode 07.11.02
    An Update On The State Of The Stock Market With Edward Yardeni Of Prudential Securities And Byron Wien Of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Guest Hosted By Maria Bartiromo Of Cnbc. Also, Cnn'S Medical Correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, Talks To Dr. Jacques Rossouw Of The Women'S Health Initiative About Hormone Replacement Therapy. Last, A Panel Discussion On Various Women'S Health Issues With Dr. Larry Norton Of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Tara Parker-Pope Of The Wall Street Journal, Phyllis Greenberg Of The Society For Women'S Health Research, Dr. Michelle Warren Of The Center For Menopause, Hormonal Disorders And Women'S Health, And Dr. Sharonne Hayes Of The Mayo Clinic.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 10, 2002)
    Episode 07.10.02
    First, David Ensor Of Cnn Guest Hosts A Discussion On The War On Terrorism And The Iraq Conflict With Graham Fuller, Former Vice-Chairman Of The National Intelligence Council, Milton Bearden, Former Cia Agent, And Robert Baer, Former Cia Agent. Then, Michael Lemonick Of Time Talks About Environmental Policy With The Governor Of California, Gray Davis. Finally, A Roundtable Discussion On The Environment With Journalists Andrew Revkin Of The New York Times, Jeffrey Kluger Of Time, And Fred Guteri Of Newsweek.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 9, 2002)
    Episode 07.09.02
    Journalist Robert Novak Of Cnn Guest Hosts A Conversation About President Bush'S Speech On Corporate Responsibility With Representative Michael Oxley Of Ohio, Richard W. Stevenson Of The New York Times, And Allan Sloan Of Newsweek.||Also, Rebroadcast Of An Interview From February 29, 2000 And Look Back At The Late Filmmaker John Frankenheimer With A Previously Recorded Interview.moreless
  • An hour discussion about the film
  • An hour panel discussion with guest host William F. BuckleyJr. about American values, the role of religion and the Constitution in a special edition Fourth of July Panel. Panelists include: George Gilder, host of
  • Charlie Rose (July 4, 2002)
    Episode 07.04.02
    A Conversation That Originally Aired On May, 28, 2001, With Historian And Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author David Mccullough On His New Biography, John Adams.
  • Charlie Rose (July 3, 2002)
    Episode 07.03.02
    Charles Mcgrath, Editor Of The New York Times Book Review, Sits In For Charlie And Offers A Round-Up Of Summer Books, Aided By Malcolm Jones Of Newsweek, Jerome Kramer, Editor-In-Chief Of Book Magazine, And Robert Hughes Of The Wall Street Journal.||Then, Rebroadcasts Of Charlie'S Interviews With Writers: Reynolds Price, On His Book, Noble Norfleet From June 3, 2002, And Thomas Mcguane On The Cadence Of Grass From May 23, 2002.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 2, 2002)
    Episode 07.02.02
    First, Ken Auletta Sits In For Charlie, To Discuss Jean-Marie Messier'S Resignation From Vivendi Universal, The Media And Communications Company He Helped Build Into The Second Largest In The World, With Peter Bart, Editor-In-Chief Of Variety, Seth Schiesel Of The New York Times, And Nik Deogun, Of The Wall Street Journal.||Then, Janet Maslin Of The New York Times Takes Over As Host, Considering Summer Movies With Film Critics A.O. Scott Of The New York Times, Richard Corliss Of Time Magazine, Owen Gleiberman Of Entertainment Weekly, And Glenn Kenny Of Premiere Magazine.||Finally, A Re-Broadcast Of Charlie'S Interview That Originally Aired On March 13, 2002, With Actor Will Smith About His Career And Being Oscar-Nominated For His Role In The Biopic Ali.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion with guest host Jeffrey Toobin of
  • Charlie Rose (June 28, 2002)
    Episode 06.28.02
    Charlie Rose With Mort Zuckerman; Dennis Ross, Uzi Landau & Hisham Melham; Mike Lupica & Al Leiter
  • A Panel Discussion About Business Ethics In Corporate America With Guest Host Ron Insana
    A conversation about business ethics in corporate America with guest host Ron Insana of CNBC, attorney David Boies of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, former chairman of the SEC Arthur Levitt, professor at Columbia Law School John Coffee Jr. and Pete Peterson, Chairman of The Blackstone Group.
  • A conversation with guest host Ron Insana of CNBC's
  • 6/26/02
    An hour conversation with Jim Collins, finance and management consultant, about his book
  • Charlie Rose (June 25, 2002)
    Episode 06.25.02
    Actor James Garner Reflects On His Long Career In Hollywood. He Also Discusses His New Roles On Television In The Series "First Monday" And "Roughing It", The Latter Based On Mark Twain'S Writings.
  • Charlie Rose (June 24, 2002)
    Episode 06.24.02
    Bob Schieffer Of Cbs News Hosts A Conversation About President Bush'S Recent Speech Concerning The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict With Ehud Barak, The Former Israeli Prime Minister, And Nabil Shaath, The Minister Of Planning For The Palestinian Authority. Also, An Interview With Floyd Kvamme, The Co-Chairman Of The President'S Council Of Advisers On Science And Technology.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 21, 2002)
    Episode 06.21.02
    Dennis Ross, Former Special Us Envoy To The Middle East, And Akiva Eldar, Political Analyst For The Israeli Newspaper Ha'Aretz, Discuss Yasser Arafat'S Statement That He Would Accept A Middle East Peace Plan Put Forward By Former President Clinton. Then, An Interview With Thomas Friedman Of The New York Times About President Bush'S Policy Regarding The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 20, 2002)
    Episode 06.20.02
    The Bourne Identity Star Matt Damon Discusses His Work On The Film And Suggests That It May Be Part Of A Trilogy. Also, A Look Ahead To The Conclusion Of The World Cup With Author David Hirshey, Bill Buford Of The New Yorker, And Professional Soccer Player Tiffeny Milbrett.
  • Charlie Rose (June 18, 2002)
    Episode 06.18.02
    The Minister Of Planning For The Palestinian Authority, Nabil Shaath, Talks About The Importance Of American Intervention In The Middle East Conflict. Also, Susan Jaffe, The Principal Dancer Of The American Ballet Theatre, Discusses Her Work On The Eve Of Her Last Performance In Giselle.
  • David Martin Of Cbs News
    David Martin Of Cbs News
    Episode 06.17.02
    A conversation with David Martin, CBS News Pentagon correspondent, about growing tensions between Saddam Hussein and President Bush and the possibility for a preemptive strike.
  • 6/17/02
    A conversation with Mike Wallace of CBS News about some highlights of his long career in broadcast journalism.
  • Charlie Rose (June 14, 2002)
    Episode 06.14.02
    A Dialogue With The Israeli Minister Of Transportation And Former Deputy Defense Minister, Ephraim Sneh, On The Possibility Of Establishing A Palestinian State. Next, Financial Journalist And Founder Of Thestreet.Com James Cramer Talks About His New Book, Confessions Of A Street Addict.
  • Charlie Rose (June 13, 2002)
    Episode 06.13.02
    The United States Secretary Of Energy, Spencer Abraham, Talks About The Prospect Of Energy Independence. Then, A Discussion About The Book Medal Of Honor With Co-Authors Allen Mikaelian And Mike Wallace. Finally, A Remembrance Of Fashion Designer Bill Blass With A Rebroadcasted Interview.
  • Charlie Rose (June 12, 2002)
    Episode 06.12.02
    John Miller Guest Hosts A Conversation About Organized Crime In The United States With Abraham Abramovsky Of Fordham University And Selwyn Raab Of The New York Times. Later, Two Recently Recorded Conversations, First With The Author Jennet Conant About The Tycoon Alfred Lee Loomis, And Then Harry Benson On His Life'S Work As A Photographer.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 11, 2002)
    Episode 06.11.02
    Analysts Michael Tarazi, Adviser To The Palestinian Liberation Organization, And Henry Siegman, Senior Fellow At The Council On Foreign Relations, Discuss President Bush'S Policy Regarding The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Also, An Interview With Former Tennis Star John Mcenroe, On His New Book You Cannot Be Serious.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with three-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong about his victories, his plans for future cycling competitions and his book
  • Charlie Rose (June 7, 2002)
    Episode 06.07.02
    Actor Alan Rickman talks about his performance on the Broadway stage in Noel Coward's comedy, Private Lives. Next, writer and Yale professor Stephen L. Carter shares his new novel, The Emperor of Ocean Park.
  • Charlie Rose (June 6, 2002)
    Episode 06.06.02
    Following President Bush'S Announcement That He Will Create A New Cabinet-Level Agency, The Department Of Homeland Security, Richard Berke Of The New York Times, Jay Carney Of Time, And Nicholas Lemann Of The New Yorker Provide Analysis. Also, A Dialogue With Actor Nicholas Cage, On His Performance In The Film Windtalkers.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 5, 2002)
    Episode 06.05.02
    Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker Talks About His New Profile Featured In His Magazine On Howell Raines Of The New York Times. Then, Author David Halberstam Discusses His New Book On A Group Of Fdny Workers And 9/11, Firehouse. Third, The Ceo And President Of The Motion Picture Association Of America, Jack Valenti, Remembers His Friend Lew Wasserman, The Former Chairman Of Mca.moreless
  • A conversation with Felix Rohatyn, former U.S. ambassador to France, about the regulation of capitalism around the world and U.S.-French relations.
  • Reverend Peter J. Gomes
    Reverend Peter J. Gomes
    Episode 06.04.02
    A conversation with the Reverend Peter J. Gomes of Harvard University about his book
  • Charlie Rose (June 3, 2002)
    Episode 06.03.02
    Fareed Zakaria And Pakistani Ambassador To The United Nations Munir Akram Discuss The Diplomatic Relations Between India And Pakistan. Then, Francis Fukuyama, Author Of "Our Posthuman Future: Consequences Of The Biotechnology Revolution.
  • Charlie Rose (May 31, 2002)
    Episode 05.31.02
    As The Tony Awards Draw Near, Charlie Rose Takes A Look At The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play Topdog/Underdog With Playwright Suzan-Lori Parks. Then, A Discussion About The Goat Or Who Is Sylvia? With Playwright Edward Albee And Actors Mercedes Ruehl And Bill Pullman. Finally, Stars Of The Elephant Man, Billy Crudup And Kate Burton, Talk About Their Performances.moreless
  • Senator Bob Kerrey
    Episode 05.30.02
    An hour conversation with Democratic former Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska about his work as president of the New School University in New York. He discusses his Congressional Medal of Honor for service in Vietnam and his book
  • News Anchor Peter Jennings
    Episode 05.28.02
    An hour conversation with Peter Jennings, anchor of
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with actor Michael J. Fox about his earlier career on TV's
  • Charlie Rose (May 24, 2002)
    Episode 05.24.02
    Caroline Kennedy, President Of The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, Talks About Her Book Profiles In Courage For Our Time And Her Father. Then, The Young Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer Speaks About His Book Everything Is Illuminated. Finally, Musician Elvis Costello On His New Album, When I Was Cruel.
  • A conversation about President Bush's visits to Europe and Russia and its implications with Tony Judt, Director of the Institute for European Studies at New York University, and Michael Elliott, editor-at-large for
  • Comedian And Actor Bernie Mac
    A conversation with comedian Bernie Mac about his starring role in
  • 5/22/02
    An hour conversation with Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava about his designs including the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Bilbao Airport in Spain. He also discusses his efforts to combine technology and art, his signature bridges and his upcoming projects.
  • Charlie Rose (May 21, 2002)
    Episode 05.21.02
    The Conductor And Musical Director Of The New York Philharmonic, Kurt Masur, On His Life And Orchestra. Then, Lynne Cheney, Wife Of Vice President Richard Cheney, Talks About Her Book America: A Patriotic Primer, Meant To Educate Children Through The Use Of The Alphabet And Patriotism.
  • Charlie Rose (May 20, 2002)
    Episode 05.20.02
    The Actor Kiefer Sutherland Previews The Season'S Final Episode Of The Television Show 24, Of Which He Is The Star. Also, Joe Lelyveld, Former Editor Of The New York Times, Looks At The Trial Of Slobodan Milosevic In The Hague. Finally, An Appreciation Of The Late Evolutionary Biologist And Author Stephen Jay Gould, With A Rebroadcasted Interview From 1996.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2002)
    Episode 05.17.02
    An Interview With The Historian Robert Caro, About The Release Of The Third Volume Of His Biography Of Lyndon Johnson, Master Of The Senate. Also, The British Actor Michael Gambon Talks About His Portrayal Of Lyndon Johnson In Hbo'S Path To War.
  • Charlie Rose (May 16, 2002)
    Episode 05.16.02
    David Martin Of Cbs News Talks About The News That President Bush May Have Been Warned Of The September 11Th Terrorist Attacks. Then, Senator Of Florida, Robert Graham, And Senator Of Tennessee, Fred Thompson, Weigh In On The Story. Also, A Conversation With Ron Lauder, President Of The Neue Galerie In New York, About His Museum And Its Art Collection.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 15, 2002)
    Episode 05.15.02
    A Talk About The Bilateral Relationship Between The United States And Russia With Stephen Cohen Of New York University And Michael Elliott Of Time. Also, A Conversation With Michael Armstrong, Chairman And Ceo Of At&T, About His Corporation'S Technologies And Future.
  • 5/14/02
    A conversation about the opera
  • Reporter John Cassidy About The Internet
    A conversation with writer John Cassidy of
  • Charlie Rose (May 13, 2002)
    Episode 05.13.02
    A Discussion Of Former President Jimmy Carter'S Visit To Fidel Castro In Cuba; An Interview With Maxwell Anderson; An Interview With Lawrence Rinder
  • Charlie Rose (May 10, 2002)
    Episode 05.10.02
    An interview with Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico, on his nation's relationship with the United States.Then, the star of the film Spiderman, Tobey Maguire, discusses his performance in the movie.Finally, the curator of the Gerhard Richter exhibit at the MoMA, Robert Storr, discusses the significance of Richter's work.
  • Kamal Kharrazi About Iran
    Episode 05.09.02
    An hour conversation with Kamal Kharrazi, the foreign minister of Iran, about the conflicts with Iraq and Afghanistan and the relationship between Iran and the United States after 9/11.
  • Charlie Rose (May 8, 2002)
    Episode 05.08.02
    Maria Bartiromo Of Cnbc Explains The Recent Success In The Stock Market. Also, Director Adrian Lyne And Actors Richard Gere And Diane Lane Talk About Their Work On The Film Unfaithful. Finally, A Discussion With Sir Richard Branson, Chairman And Ceo Of The Virgin Group, Financial Executive Charles Schwab, And Dr. Sally Shaywitz Of Yale University About Dyslexia.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 7, 2002)
    Episode 05.07.02
    An Interview With King Abdullah Ii, The Ruler Of Jordan, In Which He Talks About Developments In The Middle East Conflict And Condemns Suicide Bombing. Then, Author And Journalist Robert Kaplan Discusses His New Book, Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands A Pagan Ethos.
  • Actor Peter O'toole
    Episode 05.06.02
    An hour conversation with British actor Peter O'Toole about his earlier career, including his roles in
  • Country Singer Loretta Lynn
    Country Singer Loretta Lynn
    Episode 05.03.02
    A conversation with singer/songwriter Loretta Lynn about her career in country music and her book
  • 5/3/02
    A conversation with journalists Robert G. Kaiser and Leonard DownieJr. of
  • A Conversation About The Middle East With Dennis Ross
    A conversation with Dennis Ross, former special envoy to the Middle East, about the peace progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Yasser Arafat's power within the Palestinian Liberation Authority.
  • Playwright Suzan-lori Parks
    Episode 05.02.02
    A conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winner author and playwright Suzan-Lori Parks about her play
  • Charlie Rose (May 1, 2002)
    Episode 05.01.02
    A Panel Discussion On The French Elections; An Interview With Mira Nair; An Interview With James Bellows
  • Filmmaker Robert Redford
    Episode 04.30.02
    An hour conversation with actor, producer, and filmmaker Robert Redford about the 20th anniversary of the Sundance Film Festival. Redford also discusses his memorable roles in such films as
  • 4/29/02
    An interview with the opera singer and resigning chair of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Beverly Sills. She discusses her career and administration of the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York City ballet.
  • 4/26/02
    A Panel Discussion On The United States' Standing In The Arab World; An Interview With John Laurence; An Interview With Jay Chiat
  • 4/25/02
    Chairman Of The Security And Exchange Commission Harvey Pitt Discusses The Enron Scandal And His Plans For Reform At The Sec. Also, Charlie Has A Conversation With Nobel Laureate James D. Watson, Co-Discoverer Of Dna'S Structure, On His New Book Genes, Girls, And Gamow. Third, Comic Writer Calvin Trillin Discusses His Book Tepper Isn'T Going Out.moreless
  • 4/24/02
    Bill Blakemore Of Abc News And David France Of Newsweek Talk About The Meeting Of American Cardinals With The Pope Concerning Catholic Church Sex-Abuse Allegations. Also, Joe Klein Of Time Discusses His New Book On Former President Bill Clinton, The Natural. Then, Singer/Songwriter Ryan Adams Shares His Critically-Acclaimed Album, Gold.
  • A conversation with Robert Redford, Founder, Sundance; Glenn Close, Actor; Stanley Tucci, Filmmaker/Actor; Kimberly Peirce, Filmmaker; Montage of Sundance films
  • 4/22/02
    An Interview With Vanessa Leggett; An Interview With Laura Blumenfeld; An Interview With Jeffrey Bleustein
  • Filmmaker Spike Lee
    Episode 04.19.02
    A conversation with filmmaker Spike Lee about his documentary
  • Director Peter Bogdanovich
    Director Peter Bogdanovich
    Episode 04.19.02
    A conversation with actor/director Peter Bogdanovich about his work as a film critic and his recurring role as a psychiatrist in HBO's
  • 4/18/02
    Charlie Has A Conversation With Middle East Historian Of Princeton University, Bernard Lewis. He Discusses The History Of The Region, His Book, What Went Wrong?, And Contemporary Controversies Including The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
  • 4/17/02
    The Author Of The Paradox Of Power: Why The World'S Only Superpower Can'T Go It Alone And Dean Of The J.F.K. School Of Government At Harvard University, Joseph Nye, Talks About The Conflicts In The Middle East And The Need For Multilateralism In America'S Foreign Policy. Then, Ian Mcewan Discusses His Newest Novel, Atonement, A Love Story During The World War Ii Era.moreless
  • 4/16/02
    A Panel Discussion On The Sex-Abuse Allegations In The Catholic Church; An Interview With Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
  • 4/15/02
    An Assessment Of Secretary Of State Colin Powell'S Recent Visit To The Middle East With Henry Siegman Of The Council On Foreign Relations And Richard Murphy Of The Council On Foreign Relations And Former U.S. Ambassador To Syria. Also, Filmmaker Sydney Pollack Talks About The Fate Of The Movie Industry And His Work As An Actor And Director.moreless
  • Architect Renzo Piano
    Episode 04.12.02
    An hour with Italian architect Renzo Piano about his plans for the headquarters of
  • 4/11/02
    An hour conversation with Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, about his initiatives for New York, his predecessor Rudolph Giuliani, and the beginning of re-development in lower Manhattan.
  • 4/10/02
    Following The News That The President Has Said He Supports Legislation To Ban All Human Cloning, A Conversation With Senator Sam Brownback Of Kansas And Dr. Harold Varmus, President Of The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Also, Ceo Of British Petroleum, Lord John Brown, Talks About The Future Of The Oil Industry.moreless
  • Columnist Thomas Friedman
    Episode 04.09.02
    An hour conversation with columnist Thomas L. Friedman of
  • Actor Michael J. Fox
    Episode 04.08.02
    An hour conversation with actor Michael J. Fox about his earlier career on TV's
  • Ceo Of Cbs Leslie Moonves
    Episode 04.05.02
    An hour conversation with Leslie Moonves, Chairman and CEO of the CBS Corporation, about his plans for the television shows on his networks, the successful re-signing of David Letterman and the challenge of finding a replacement for early morning news anchor Bryant Gumbel.
  • Charlie Rose (April 4, 2002)
    Episode 04.04.02
    An Interview With Ehud Barak; An Interview With Adel Al-Jubeir; An Interview With Charles Krauthammer
  • Charlie Rose (April 3, 2002)
    Episode 04.03.02
    Charlie Hosts A Roundtable Discussion On The Israeli Army'S Expansion Into The West Bank With Fareed Zakaria Of Newsweek, Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post, And Judith Kipper Of The Council On Foreign Relations. Then, Charlie Has A Conversation With Coach Bobby Knight Of The Texas Raiders And Author Of Knight.moreless
  • Peter Lewis About Philanthropy
    A conversation with Peter Lewis, Chairman of the Progressive Corporation, about entrepreneurship, philanthropy and the prospects of changing America's drug laws.
  • 4/2/02
    A conversation with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about the ongoing crisis in the Middle East between the Israeli government and the Palestinian authority.
  • A Discussion About Race In America
    A conversation with Glenn C. Loury of Boston College and author of
  • Martin Indyk About Israel
    Episode 04.01.02
    A conversation via phone with Martin Indyk, the former U.S. ambassador to Israel, about terrorism in the region and the dispute over the occupied territories in Israel.
  • 3/29/02
    Charlie Leads An Examination Of The Recent Israeli Military Operation Meant To Isolate Palestinian Prime Minister Yasser Arafat With Henry Siegman Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Nasser Al-Kidwa, The Palestinian Ambassador To The U.N., And Fouad Ajami Of Cbs News. Then, There Is A Rebroadcasted Interview With Founder And Former Editor Of Slate.Com, Michael Kinsley.moreless
  • 3/28/02
    A conversation with Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel and Hisham Melhem of
  • A panel discussion about the Arab League Summit in Beirut with Henry Siegman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Judith Miller and Michael Gordon of
  • 3/26/02
    Actor James Garner Reflects On His Long Career In Hollywood. He Also Discusses His New Roles On Television In The Series First Monday And Roughing It, The Latter Based On Mark Twain'S Writings.
  • Rem Koolhaas
    Episode 0325
    A conversation with architect Rem Koolhaas about his projects and co-authored books "Project on the City" and "Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping", which examine the influence of shopping habits and globalization on "non-cities" of the world.
  • A Rebroadcast Of A Conversation About The Film "gosford Park"
    A rebroadcast of a discussion with director Robert Altman and screenwriter Julian Fellowes about their murder mystery
  • A rebroadcast of a conversation with filmmaker Peter Jackson about
  • 3/21/02
    Author And Journalist Of The Far East Economic Review Ahmed Rashid Talks About Developments In Afghanistan, Pakistan, And Central Asia. Next, Edward O. Wilson Of Harvard University On His Book, The Future Of Life. Finally, The Story Of Cranes With Conservationist And Writer Peter Matthiessen, From His Book Birds Of Heaven.moreless
  • 3/20/02
    First, Henry Siegman Of The Council On Foreign Relations Analyzes Recent Developments In The Middle East. Then, A Discussion Of The Future Of Television With The Chairman And Ceo Of Gemstar-Tv Guide International, Henry Yuen. Last, An Interview With Former Seinfeld Actress Julia-Louis Dreyfus On Her New Show, Watching Ellie.
  • 3/19/02
    An Interview With King Abdullah Ii Of Jordan. He Shares His Perspective On Developments In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Relations Between Jordan And The United States, And The Un Efforts To Disarm Iraq.
  • 3/18/02
    Dr. David Baltimore, The President Of Caltech University And Nobel Laureate, Talks About Cancer, Hiv, Stem Cells, And Cloning. Also, Venture Capitalist John Doerr Discusses The Economic Recession, Health Care, Education, And The Internet'S Impact On The Economy.
  • William J. Lennoxjr. About The West Point Academy
    A conversation with William J. Lennox Jr., the superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, about September 11th's impact on the West Point Academy.
  • 3/15/02
    A conversation with Andrew Blickhahn, the number one cadet of his class at West Point, about his development from soldier to officer. Blickhahn also discusses West Point's significance as an American institution on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. Blickhahn is later joined by Brigadier General Peter Dawkins who discusses his own experience as a West Point cadet.moreless
  • 3/14/02
    A conversation with the artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater Valery Gergiev and baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky about the opera
  • Actor Will Smith
    Episode 03.13.02
    An hour conversation with actor Will Smith about the physical training and intellectual preparation for his Oscar-nominated performance in the film
  • 3/12/02
    The United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, Discusses Poverty Around The Globe And His Role In Mediating The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict And The Weapons Inspections In Iraq. Also, The President Of The World Bank, James Wolfensohn, Discusses His Work In International Development And Previews An Upcoming Meeting Of World Leaders Regarding Global Poverty.moreless
  • 3/11/02
    An hour conversation with Karl Rove, Senior Adviser to President Bush, about the six-month anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, his relationship with the President and his perspective on the resurgence of patriotism in the nation. Rove also contextualizes President Bush's leadership within American history.
  • 3/8/02
    An hour conversation with French filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet about their footage from the morning of September 11th. Their work developed into a documentary for CBS entitled
  • Charlie Rose (March 7, 2002)
    Episode 03.07.02
    An Interview With Dennis Ross; An Interview With Lewis Libby; A Conversation About The Crucible On Broadway
  • 3/6/02
    A conversation with Michael Gordon of
  • Actress Jennifer Connelly
    Actress Jennifer Connelly
    Episode 03.06.02
    A conversation with actress Jennifer Connelly about her Oscar-nominated performance in Ron Howard's
  • Charlie Rose (March 5, 2002)
    Episode 03.05.02
    Adel Al-Jubeir, Adviser To The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Explains His Government'S Peace Proposal For The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Which Will Be Presented At The Upcoming Arab Summit. Then, Bill Carter Of The New York Times Relays The Story Of David Letterman'S Possible Switch To A Different Network, Abc.
  • Charlie Rose (March 4, 2002)
    Episode 03.04.02
    A Dialogue With David Martin Of Cbs News About Operation Anaconda, The Latest And Largest American Military Offensive In Afghanistan. Then, The Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, Talks About The Saudi Peace Initiative And His Own Nation'S Efforts To Control The Conflict Between The Israeli Government And The Palestinian Authority.
  • Actress Maggie Smith
    Episode 03.01.02
    An hour conversation in London with Academy Award-winning British actress Maggie Smith. She discusses her performance in Robert Altman's mystery
  • 2/28/02
    An hour conversation from the 92nd Street Y in New York with Sandra Day O'Connor, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She discusses her ascendance to the nation's highest court, the possibility that she could become Chief Justice and her memoir
  • 2/27/02
    A Discussion About The Saudi Peace Proposal; An Interview With Carleton Fiorina
  • Author William Kennedy
    Author William Kennedy
    Episode 02.26.02
    A conversation with author William Kennedy about his political novel
  • 2/26/02
    A conversation with financial journalists Kurt Eichenwald and Floyd Norris of
  • David Sanger About Terrorism
    Episode 02.25.02
    A conversation with David Sanger of
  • A Remembrance Of Animator Chuck Jones
    A remembrance of animation director Chuck Jones with a previously recorded conversation in which he discussed his work for
  • Filmmaker Peter Jackson
    Episode 02.22.02
    An hour conversation with director Peter Jackson about his work on the hugely successful film
  • 2/21/02
    An Interview With Henry Kissinger; An Interview With Javad Zarif
  • 2/20/02
    A Conversation About American Policy From A British Perspective; An Interview With Kenneth Clarke; An Interview With Damien Hirst
  • 2/19/02
    Pamela Thomas-Graham, President And Ceo Of Cnbc, Talks About Serving A Very Affluent Viewership, The Impact Of 9/11 On Her Network, And Her Ivy League Mystery Novels. Then, French Actress And Singer Jeanne Moreau Discusses Her Performance In Cet Amour-La And Love Of Acting.
  • 2/18/02
    An Interview With Sissy Spacek; An Interview With Halle Berry; An Interview With Renee Zellweger
  • 2/15/02
    A Discussion About Campaign-Finance Reform; An Interview With Judi Dench
  • 2/14/02
    A Discussion About The Enron Scandal; A Discussion About Slobodan Milosevic'S Trial; An Interview With James Sanders; An Interview With Pat Croce
  • 2/13/02
    A Discussion About Regime Change In Iraq; A Conversation About The Westminster Dog Show; A Discussion About The Pursuit Of Happiness
  • 2/12/02
    An Interview With Byron Dorgan; A Discussion About The Enron Scandal; An Interview With John Mccain; An Interview With Terrell Lester
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with legendary musician, composer, producer and arranger Quincy Jones about his musical career and his feature on the PBS
  • Actor Bruce Willis
    Episode 02.08.02
    An hour conversation with actor Bruce Willis about his role in the film
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with Nobel Laureate and leading neurobiologist Dr. Eric Kandel about his Nobel-prize winning work with the brain, which has helped us better understand memory and the relationship between biology, psychology and psychiatry. He discusses his childhood in Vienna, his escape from the Nazis, his post at Columbia University and the biological basis of memory (from April 7, 2001).moreless
  • An hour conversation with Democratic strategists Paul Begala and James Carville about their work on Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign chronicled in their book
  • 2/5/02
    An Interview With Byron Dorgan; An Interview With Floyd Norris; An Interview With Turki Al Faisal Al Saud
  • 2/4/02
    First, The Foreign Minister Of Israel, Shimon Peres, On His Goals Of Instating A Ceasefire And Eventually Recognizing A Palestinian State. Then, The First Part Of An Interview With Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, Saudi Chief Of Intelligence, Who Speaks About His Government, Saudi And American Relations, And Opposition To Saddam Hussein.moreless
  • Art Historian Kirk Varnedoe
    Episode 02.01.02
    An hour conversation with modern art historian Kirk Varnedoe about his previous position as the chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art. Varnedoe also explains his decision to step down from the position and join the faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.
  • A special episode of the show featuring clips from twenty previous interviews on topics associated with the World Economic Forum. The Forum will be held for the first time in Manhattan and brings together thousands of leaders and thinkers from around the globe. Clips include conversations with Bono, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Elie Wiesel and Jane Goodall.moreless
  • 1/29/02
    A Review Of The President'S State Of The Union Address In Washington With Senators Joseph Biden, Chuck Hagel, And Joseph Lieberman.Then, Alan Brinkley Of Columbia University, Tom Oliphant Of The Boston Globe, Michael Kinsley Of Slate.Com, Richard Berke Of The New York Times, And Margaret Carlson Of Time All Provide Analysis Of The Speech.moreless
  • 1/28/02
    Richard Murphy Of The Council On Foreign Relations And Hanan Ashrawi Of The Palestinian Legislative Council Discuss The Future Of Yasser Arafat'S Leadership Of The Palestine Liberation Organization. Then, Former Sec Chairman Arthur Levitt Provides His Perspective On The Enron Scandal. Finally, An Interview With Neurologist Oliver Sacks On The Publication Of His New Memoir, Uncle Tungsten.moreless
  • 1/25/02
    An hour panel discussion about the congressional hearings on the Enron scandal and its implications for those involved with Democratic Representative John Dingell of Michigan, Allan Sloan of
  • 1/24/02
    An Interview With Tina Brown; An Interview With Kate Winslet
  • 1/23/02
    An hour conversation with Michael Ovitz, entertainment industry executive and former president of the Walt Disney Company, about his story of ascendance to the most powerful position in Hollywood, the circumstances surrounding his controversial termination and his plans for the future.
  • 1/22/02
    An hour conversation with Jean-Marie Messier, Chairman and CEO of Vivendi Universal, about the competition between the major entertainment conglomerates and his belief that his company, the world's second largest in the fields of media and communications, will be at the forefront of the digital age.
  • 1/21/02
    First, Kurt Eichenwald Of The New York Times And Allan Sloan Of Newsweek Provide The Latest Updates Of The Enron Scandal. Also, Byron Scott, Head Coach Of The New Jersey Nets, And Jason Kidd, Point Guard For The Team, Discuss The Team'S Surprise Success This Season.
  • 1/18/02
    The Chairman Of The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joseph Biden, Discusses The Conflict In Afghanistan, Having Just Returned From The Region. Also, Iranian Filmmaker Shirin Neshat Shares Her Three New Film Installations: Passage, Possessed, And Pulse. Then, Frances W. Bremer, Author Of The Book Running To Paradise, Explains Her Story Of An Interesting Catholic Priest.moreless
  • 1/17/02
    Nobel Laureate And Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Speaks About His New Book, Conversations With Elie Wiesel. Then, Gossip Columnist Liz Smith Reflects On Her Long Career And Talks About Upcoming A&E Documentary, Gossip Tabloid Tales. Also, Novelist Ved Mehta Talks About His New Book, All For Love, And The Conflict Over The Kashmir Region.moreless
  • Journalist Donatella Lorch
    Episode 01.16.02
    A conversation with journalist Donatella Lorch of
  • Journalist Sebastian Junger
    Journalist Sebastian Junger
    Episode 01.16.02
    A conversation with journalist Sebastian Junger, author of
  • 1/15/02
    An hour conversation with Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill about the Enron scandal, the state of the economy, Bush's proposed stimulus program, and the International Monetary Fund's plans to aid Argentina in its economic crisis.
  • 1/14/02
    An Interview With Ridley Scott; An Interview With Richard Beattie; An Interview With Ken Burns; An Interview With Richard Stolley
  • 1/11/02
    A Dialogue With The Former Prime Minister Of Italy And Current President Of The European Commission, Romano Prodi, On Transatlantic Relations And The Building Of An European Union Defense Force. Also, Oscar-Nominated Actress Cate Blanchett Talks About Her Upcoming Movies Including The Shipping News, The Lord Of The Rings, And Bandits.moreless
  • 1/10/02
    A conversation with director Robert Altman and screenwriter Julian Fellowes about their film
  • Actress Tilda Swinton
    Actress Tilda Swinton
    Episode 01.10.02
    A conversation with actress Tilda Swinton about her performance in
  • 1/9/02
    An hour panel discussion about
  • 1/8/02
    Actress Halle Berry Discusses The Development Of Her Movie Career And Her Critically-Acclaimed Performance In The Film Monster'S Ball. Also, Walter Russell Mead Of The Council On Foreign Relations Talks About His New Book On American Foreign Policy, Special Providence: American Foreign Policy And How It Changed The World.
  • 1/7/02
    A Dialogue With Anna Wintour, Fashion Icon And Editor Of Vogue, On The Retirement Of Designer Yves Saint-Laurent. Also, Edmund Morris Talks About His Biography Of Former President Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Rex. Then, A Conversation About The Late Roy Lichtenstein'S Art In Two New Exhibitions With His Widow, Dorothy, Director Of Moca Bonnie Clearwater, And Artist Jeff Koons.moreless
  • 1/4/02
    Norman Ornstein Of The American Enterprise Institute Analyzes Senator Tom Daschle'S Speech On The Economy And Increasing Deficit. Then, Actress Kristin Scott Thomas Talks About Her Performance In Robert Altman'S Gosford Park. Finally, Professor Of Law At Stanford University Lawrence Lessig Talks About His Creativity And His New Book, The Future Of Ideas.moreless
  • 1/3/02
    A Consideration Of The Possibility Of War Over The Kashmir Region Between India And Pakistan With Frank Wisner, Former Us Ambassador To India, And Nicholas Platt, Former Us Ambassador To Pakistan. Then, A Conversation With Kevin Spacey About His Performance In The Movie The Shipping News, Based On The Book By E. Annie Proulx.moreless
  • 1/2/02
    A remembrance of journalist Richard
  • 1/1/02
    Nobel Laureate Economist Joseph Stiglitz Of Columbia University Discusses His Career And Theory Of Asymmetrical Information. Then, The New First Baseman Of The New York Yankees, Jason Giambi, Speaks About Signing A Seven-Year Agreement With The Team And His World Series Ambitions. Finally, Courtney Ross Holst, Founder Of The Ross School, Discusses Education Reform.moreless