Charlie Rose - Season 2004

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Episode Guide

  • 12/31/04
    First, A Conversation With Former Boston Celtics Coach Red Auerbach And Reporter John Feinstein About The Book They Have Co-Written "Let Me Tell You A Story About Basketball, Friendship And Life.".Iithen, A Conversation With William Sahlman Of Harvard Business School About His Experiences Teaching At Harvard.Iithen, A Conversation With Chairman And Owner Of The Boston Red Sox John Henry About Their World Series Victory.moreless
  • 12/30/04
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Is The Composer Of The Hit Musical The Phantom Of The Opera, Which Now Makes Its Debut On Film. The Man Charged With The Adaptation Is Director Joel Schumacher. The Two Of Them Talk To Charlie About Adapting The Tony Award-Winning Musical Into A Golden Globe-Nominated Film. Rolling Stone Editor Jann Wenner And Deputy Managing Editor Joe Levy Talk To Charlie About The 500 Songs Selected By The Magazine As The Greatest Of All Time. Actor Kevin Bacon Is Getting Great Reviews For His Performance In The Woodsman. He'S Joined By His Wife And Co-Star Kyra Sedgwick And The Director Of The Film, Nicole Kassell.moreless
  • 12/28/04
    David O'Reilly Is Chairman And Ceo Of Chevrontexaco Corporation. He Talks To Charlie About Energy Policy, Conservation, And The Challenges Facing Energy Producers. John Zogby Is President And Ceo Of Zogby International, Known For Their Polling On Subjects Like Oil Drilling And Presidential Elections. His Brother James Is President Of The Arab American Institute. In Their First Television Appearance Together, They Talk To Charlie About The Challenges Of Polling In The 2004 Election And The Issues Facing Americans.moreless
  • An hour conversation with actors Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons and director Michael Radford about their film adaptation of William Shakespeare's
  • A holiday rebroadcast of an hour with actor Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis about their third feature film collaboration,
  • 12/23/04
    Author And Journalist Harold Evans Discusses His Book, They Made America, About The Innovators That Helped Make Our Country Great. Then, A Conversation With All Of The 2004 National Book Award Finalists In The Fiction Category. Lily Tuck Won For Her Book, The News From Paraguay. The Other Finalists Are Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, Author Of Madeleine Is Sleeping; Christine Schutt, Author Of Florida; Joan Silber, Author Of Idea Of Heaven: A Ring Of Stories; And Kate Walbert, Author Of Our Kind. Garrison Keillor Talks To Charlie About His Life In Minnesota As Host Of A Prairie Home Companion, Celebrating 30 Years On The Radio.moreless
  • An hour conversation with actor Adam Sandler and director James L. Brooks about their film
  • 12/21/04
    Jeffrey Sachs Is Director Of The Earth Institute At Columbia University And A Special Adviser To Un Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He Talks To Charlie About What Can Be Done To Reduce Global Poverty. Also, The Latest In Artificial Intelligence With Rodney Brooks Of Mit, Eric Horvitz Of Microsoft Research, And Ron Brachman Of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.moreless
  • 12/20/04
    An hour conversation with President of Rockefeller University and Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse about the study of cell evolution and the scientific importance of understanding the primary functioning of the cell.
  • 12/17/04
    Gordon Brown Is Uk Chancellor Of The Exchequer. He Talks To Charlie About Global Poverty, Economics, Iraq, And Transatlantic Relations. Also, Liam Neeson Talks To Charlie About His Critically-Acclaimed Performance As Sex Researcher Alfred Kinsey In The New Film Kinsey.
  • 12/16/04
    Director Martin Scorsese And Actor Cate Blanchett Discuss Their New Film, The Aviator, About Billionaire Aviation Pioneer Howard Hughes. The Film'S Six Golden Globe Nominations Include Nominations For Blanchett And Scorsese. Also, Jim Kelly, Managing Editor Of Time Magazine Talks To Charlie Rose About The Selection Process For The Annual Person Of The Year Issue.moreless
  • 12/15/04
    Actor Matt Damon And Producer Jerry Weintraub Discuss The Sequel To The Ocean'S Eleven Remake, Ocean'S Twelve; Wes Anderson Talks About His New Film Starring Bill Murray, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou; And Javier Bardem Talks About His Performance In The New Film, The Sea Inside, For Which He Has Been Nominated For A Golden Globe For Best Actor.moreless
  • 12/14/04
    An hour conversation with Senator John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth Edwards about the results of the 2004 election, the future of the Democratic Party, their personal relationship and Elizabeth's fight against cancer.
  • 12/13/04
    Ralph Reed Is A Political Strategist, The Founder And President Of Century Strategies. He Served As The Southeast Regional Chairman Of Bush-Cheney '04 And He Is Former Executive Director Of The Christian Coalition. He Talks To Charlie About The Election And About The Future Of Politics In America. Also, A Look At The Indictment Of Augusto Pinochet With Journalist And Author Ariel Dorfman From The Campus Of Duke University. Plus, Soprano Renee Fleming Talks To Charlie About Her Career In Opera And Her First Book, The Inner Voice.moreless
  • 12/10/04
    Deputy Secretary Of State Richard Armitage Speaks To Charlie About American Foreign Policy And The Challenges For The Future. David Van Biema Of Time Magazine And Jon Meacham Of Newsweek Discuss Their Magazines' Cover Stories On The Debates And The Theological Significance Surrounding The Birth Of Jesus Christ.
  • 12/9/04
    An hour conversation with former President Jimmy Carter about his book
  • 12/8/04
    Dr. Richard Axel Discusses His Scientific Work On Sensory Perception That Won Him The Nobel Prize For Medicine In 2004. Then, South African Writer Nadine Gordimer Discusses The New Collection Of Short Stories She Compiled Called Telling Tales.
  • Exxon Mobil Ceo Lee Raymond
    Episode 12.07.04
    An hour conversation with Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Lee Raymond about energy, conservation and American dependency on oil in the Middle East.
  • 12/6/04
    An hour conversation with Iraq's president Ghazi al-Yawar about Iraq's security issues, the United State's presence in Iraq, upcoming elections and the trial of Saddam Hussein.
  • 12/3/04
    A Discussion About The Oil-For-Food Scandal At The United Nations With Warren Hoge Of The New York Times And William Luers, President & Ceo Of The United Nations Association Of The United States Of America. Senator Norm Coleman (R-Mn) Has Called For The Resignation Of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He Shares His Perspective On The United Nations And The Oil-For-Food Scandal. Actor Gael Garcia Bernal Has Given Two Acclaimed Performances In Recent Months. In The Motorcycle Diaries, He Plays A Young Ernesto Che Guevara. In Pedro Almodovar'S Bad Education, He Takes On Multiple Characters, Including Zahara, A Drug-Addicted Transvestite.moreless
  • 12/2/04
    Robin Wright Of The Washington Post Recently Returned From Iran. She Discusses What She Discovered On Her Trip And The Recent Controversy Over Iran'S Nuclear Capabilities. Javad Zarif, Iran'S Ambassador To The United Nations Discusses His Nation'S Recent Negotiations Regarding The Development Of Nuclear Technology. The New York Times Recently Enhanced Its Coverage Of Arts And Culture. Joining Charlie To Talk About These Changes Are Columnist And Associate Editor Frank Rich, Culture Editor Jonathan Landman, And Book Review Editor Sam Tanenhaus.moreless
  • 12/1/04
    Stephen Greenblatt Talks With Charlie About His New Book, Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare. Mary-Louise Parker Is A Tony And Emmy Award-Winning Actress. She'S Currently On Broadway In Reckless. She Talks To Charlie About The Play, Her Career, And Her Personal Life.
  • 11/30/04
    Judith Miller Of The New York Times Talks To Charlie About Journalism And The Confidentiality Of Sources. A Federal Judge Held Her In Contempt Recently For Refusing To Disclose The Identity Of People She Interviewed. She Could Face Up To 18 Months In Jail. Her Attorney Floyd Abrams Joins Her With Attorney Zachary W. Carter And Richard Cohen Of The Washington Post. Al From Is The Founder Of The Democratic Leadership Council. He Talks To Charlie About The State Of The Democratic Party And The Recent Presidential Election.moreless
  • 11/29/04
    Fouad Ajami Of Johns Hopkins University And Shaul Bakhash Of George Mason University Discuss Iran'S Agreement With Great Britain, France, And Germany To Stop The Enrichment Of Uranium. Designer Bruce Mau Is The Creator Of Massive Change, An Exhibition, A Radio Show, And A Book. Massive Change Deals With The Question, Now That We Can Do Anything, What Will We Do? Ettore Sottsass Is Recognized As One Of The World'S Most Influential Designers. He Talks To Charlie About His Work And His Contributions To Design.moreless
  • 11/26/04
    Director Terry George, Actor Don Cheadle, And Former Rwandan Hotel Manager Paul Rusesabagina Discuss The War In Rwanda And Their New Film Hotel Rwanda. Then, Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet And Actor Audrey Tatou Discuss Their New Film, A Very Long Engagement. Charlie Also Discusses The 2000 Election With Writers Mark Danner, Dennis Johnson, And Renata Adler.moreless
  • 11/25/04
    An hour conversation with director Oliver Stone and actors Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell about their movie
  • 11/24/04
    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Talks With Charlie About His Mandate As A Head Of An Investigation Into The United Nations' Oil-For-Food Program For Iraq, As Well As The Recent Decline In The U.S. Dollar. Also, Former Us Ambassador To The Soviet Union Stephen Sestanovich Discusses The Contested Election In Ukraine. Plus, Italian Tenor Andrea Bocelli Talks About His New Albums, Andrea And Il Trovatore.moreless
  • 11/23/04
    An hour conversation with Barack Obama, the newly elected U.S. Senator from Illinois about the 2004 presidential election, the state of the Democratic Party, his own meteoric rise from state Senator to U.S. Senator and his memoir
  • 11/22/04
    Jeremy Greenstock Served As Uk Special Envoy In Iraq And Is The Former Uk Ambassador To The United Nations. He Talks To Charlie About The Current Situation In Iraq And The Rebuilding Process. At 26, Josh Schwartz Became The Youngest Person In Network History To Create And Oversee Production Of A Television Series. The O.C. Is A Hit For Fox As It Returns For Its Second Season To Impressive Reviews And Ratings.moreless
  • 11/19/04
    Today, Charlie Speaks With Pierre Lellouche, President, Nato Parliamentary Assembly And Member Of The French National Assembly; John Hennessy, President Of Stanford University; Carly Fiorina, Chairman & Ceo Of Hewlett-Packard, And Bing Gordon, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Of Electronic Arts.
  • 11/18/04
    A conversation in Paris with
  • An hour panel discussion about convergence in technology from the TechNet summit in Mountain View, California with Terry Semel, Chairman and CEO of Yahoo!, John Chambers, President and CEO of Cisco Systems, Paul Otellini, President and COO of Intel and Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google.
  • 11/16/04
    Steven Weisman Of The New York Times And Fareed Zakaria Of Newsweek Talk To Charlie About The Resignation Of Colin Powell And The President'S Appointment Of Condoleezza Rice To Be The Next Secretary Of State. From Mountain View, California, A Discussion About The Future Of The Internet With Bill Joy, Co-Founder Of Sun Microsystems; John Doerr, Partner At Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield And Byers; And Jeff Taylor, Chief Monster At Monster.Com.moreless
  • Dr. Nathan Myhrvold
    Episode 11.15.04
    An hour conversation with Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, the former chief technology officer at Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures, his company dedicated to investment in innovation and invention. He also discusses his experiences with Stephen Hawking, the threat of bioterrorism and the future of technology.
  • 11/12/04
    Nato Secretary General Jaap De Hoop Scheffer Talks To Charlie About The Role Of Nato In The World Today. Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-Ny) And John Schwartz Of The New York Times Discuss Possible Voting Irregularities During The 2004 Presidential Election. Oxford University'S Timothy Garton Ash Is An Expert In Transatlantic Relations. He Is The Author Of Free World: America, Europe, And The Surprising Future Of The West.moreless
  • 11/11/04
    Mike Wallace Of 60 Minutes Talks About His Experiences With Yasser Arafat, Whom He Interviewed At Least Five Times Over The Years. Then, New York Times Columnist Thomas L. Friedman Talks About The Possibility That Arafat May Do More For Peace In Death Than He Did In Life. Said Arikat, Washington Bureau Chief Of Al-Quds, Talks About The Life And Death Of Yasser Arafat From His Perspective. Also, Bill O'Reilly, Host Of The O'Reilly Factor On Fox News Channel, Talks About His New Book, The O'Reilly Factor For Kids, His Role In The Media, The Recent Accusations Against Him, And How The Internet Has Changed America.moreless
  • An hour discussion with actor Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis about their third feature film collaboration,
  • Mtv Correspondent Gideo Yago
    Mtv Correspondent Gideo Yago
    Episode 11.08.04
    A conversation with MTV News correspondent Gideon Yago about the importance of educating young people in the U.S. about politics.
  • A conversation with Michael Gordon, chief military correspondent for
  • 11/5/04
    A Discussion About Yasser Arafat'S Health And The Implications For The Future Of The Middle East. Guests Are Martin Indyk, Former U.S. Ambassador To Israel, Rashid Khalidi Of Columbia University, And Robert Malley Of International Crisis Group, Who Also Served As Special Assistant To President Clinton For Arab-Israeli Affairs. Also, Playwright Michael Frayn Talks About His Play, Democracy, Which Opens November 18 On Broadway.moreless
  • 11/4/04
    David Sanger Of The New York Times Talks About President Bush'S Post-Election Press Conference And Plans For A Second Term. Kenneth Pollack, Author Of The Persian Puzzle, Talks About The Relationship Between Iran And The United States And The Implications For A Post-War Iraq. Also, Edward Wong Of The New York Times Reports From Baghdad On The Possibility Of An Assault On Fallujah And The Stats Of Us Operations In Iraq And Journalist William Langewiesche Discusses His Atlantic Monthly Article About The Situation In Iraq, Welcome To The Green Zone.moreless
  • 11/3/04
    Post-Election Analysis With Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News, Jon Meacham, Managing Editor Of Newsweek, And Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor Of Newsweek. Also, A Foreign Policy Discussion With Thomas Pickering, Former Us Ambassador To The United Nations And Former Secretary Of State For Political Affairs.
  • 11/2/04
    On The Night Of The Election, Charlie And His Guests Discuss The Challenges And Questions Awaiting The Next President. His Guests Are Bill Moyers, Anchor Of Now With Bill Moyers; David Halberstam, Author And Journalist; Meena Bose, Associate Professor Of Political Science At The United States Military Academy At West Point; Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger; Joe Klein Of Time Magazine; And Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn (D).moreless
  • 11/1/04
    On The Eve Of The Election With Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News, And Adam Nagourney, National Political Correspondent For The New York Times. Also, Ralph Reed, Southeast Regional Chairman, Bush-Cheney '04, And Harold Ickes, Former Deputy Chief Of Staff For Bill Clinton, Discuss The Prospects For Their Candidates And The Get Out The Vote Effort. Plus, Economists Paul Krugman Of The New York Times And Robert Barro Of Businessweek Discuss The Economy.moreless
  • 10/29/04
    David Remnick, Editor Of The New Yorker, And Adam Gopnick, A Staff Writer For The New Yorker, Discuss The Magazine'S Decision To Endorse John Kerry For President, The Magazine'S First Endorsement Of A Presidential Candidate In Its 80-Year History. They Also Discuss The Life And Work Of Photographer Richard Avedon And His Photo-Documentary Democracy. Then, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor Of The Nation, And Two Staff Writers For The Magazine, Jonathan Schell, Peace And Disarmament Correspondent And Katha Pollitt, Columnist, Discuss The Magazine'S Endorsement Of John Kerry. Then, Frank Rich Of The New York Times And Fran Lebowitz Of Vanity Fair Discuss Politics In America.moreless
  • 10/27/04
    A Discussion Of The Upcoming 2004 Presidential Election With The Editorial Board Of The Wall Street Journal, Including, Editor Paul Gigot, Deputy Editorial Page Director, Daniel Henninger, Columnist Dorothy Rabinowitz, And Editorial Board Member, Susan Lee. Then, Rap Impresario Jay-Z Discusses His Life, Career And New Film, Fade To Black.
  • 10/26/04
    Ken Mehlman, Campaign Manager For President Bush, Discusses The State Of The Race With Just One Week To Go Until The Election. Then, Tad Devine, A Senior Adviser To The Kerry Campaign, Discusses The Democratic Perspective On The Race In Its Closing Days. Then, James Naughtie, Lead Anchor Of Bbc Radio'S Today Show And One Of The Leading Commentators On British Politics Discusses His New Book Entitled The Accidental American: Tony Blair And The Presidency. He Discusses Prime Minister'S Tony Blair'S Strong Support Of The Bush Administration Through The Iraq War.moreless
  • An hour conversation with attorney David Boies about his most famous cases including Bush vs. Gore, the U.S. vs. Microsoft and the New York Yankees. He also discusses his memoir
  • 10/23/04
    An interview with best-selling author Scott Turow about the death penalty and his book, Ultimate Punishment. Then, actor Robert Downey Jr. discusses his role in the film, The Singing Detective, and his personal life. Finally, Emmy-winning actor and comedian Eddie Izzard talks about his HBO special, Dress to Kill.
  • 10/22/04
    The Chief Military Correspondent For The New York Times, Michael Gordon, Discusses His Three-Part Series On The War In Iraq Called Catastrophic Success, Which Will Form The Basis Of A Forthcoming Book. He Argues That The Planning For The War Did Not Foresee The Possibility Of An Insurgency. Then, Richard Levin, The President Of Yale University, Discusses The State Of Higher Education, Educational Exchange With China And Yale'S Role In Educating America'S Leadership.moreless
  • 10/21/04
    A Discussion Of The Film I Heart Huckabees With Two Of Its Stars, Lily Tomlin And Dustin Hoffman, And Its Director, David O. Russell. The Conversation Ranges From The Physical To The Metaphysical, Touching Upon The Very Nature Of Existence. Then, British Comedian Ricky Gervais Discusses His Hit Sitcom On The Bbc, The Office.moreless
  • 10/20/04
    Ron Suskind, A Pulitzer Prize Journalist And A Former Senior National Affair Reporter For The Wall Street Journal, Discusses The Crucial Role Religion Is Playing In The 2004 Presidential Campaign. He Is The Author Of The Recent Article In The New York Times Magazine Titled Faith, Certainty And The Presidency Of George W. Bush. Speaks To The Issue. Then, An Interview With Tom Ford, The Former Head Of Gucci, Discusses His Celebrated Career In Fashion, His Last Women'S Line For Gucci And His New Book, A Retrospective Of His Work.moreless
  • In honor of the opening of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, a rebroadcast of a conversation with guest host Anderson Cooper of CNN, legendary jazz musician Wynton Marsalis, and filmmaker Ken Burns about the acclaimed PBS documentary
  • 10/18/04
    A Discussion Of The Upcoming 2004 Presidential Election With Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News. He Argues That President Bush Has A Slight Advantage Going Into The Election Because Of His Strong Standing On National Security And The Break Down Of The Electoral College. Then, Gilles Kepel, Chairman Of Middle East Studies At The Institute Of Political Studies Discusses The Political Situation In Iraq And The State Of Islamic Fundamentalism. Then, Khaled Abou El Fadl, An Expert On Islamic Law At Ucla, Discusses The Origins And Spread Of Radical Islam.moreless
  • 10/15/04
    A Remembrance Of The Life Of Christopher Reeve With A Look Back At His Appearances On The Program. Reeve Reflects On His Life And Career And How He Found A New Sense Of Purpose Following His Paralysis. Then, A Remembrance Of The Acclaimed Photographer Richard Avedon Through A Montage Of His Past Appearances. In Them, Avedon Talks About His Career In Fashion Photography, His Work For Vogue And The New Yorker And His Artistic Sensibility And Inspirations.moreless
  • 10/14/04
    Richard Florida, Author Of The Rise Of The Creative Class And Thomas Stewart, Editor Of The Harvard Business Review, Discuss The Creativity Crisis In America. They Argue That Creative Growth Drives Economic Growth And That The U.S. Is Falling Behind As Other Countries Make Efforts To Hold On To Their Homegrown Talent. Then, A Look At The Film Going Upriver: The Long War Of John Kerry With Filmmaker, George Butler. Then, A Look At The Social Networking Phenomenon With The Founder Of Friendster, Jonathan Abrams.moreless
  • An hour live discussion about the third 2004 presidential debate with former Senator George Mitchell, Karen Hughes, adviser to the Bush campaign, Mike McCurry, a senior adviser to the Kerry-Edwards campaign, Charles Black, a Republican strategist, David Gergen, a former presidential adviser, Karen Tumulty of
  • 10/12/04
    A Panel On The Film Stage Beauty With The Stars Of The Film, Billy Crudup And Claire Danes, And The Director, Sir Richard Eyre. Then, A Look Back At The Career Of Filmmaker John Cassevetes With His Wife Gena Rowlands, Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich And Actor Ben Gazzara.
  • Cartoonist Garry Trudeau
    Episode 10.11.04
    An hour conversation with cartoonist Garry Trudeau about his film
  • Chris Wallace And Mark Halperin
    A final analysis of the Presidential debate with Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday and Mark Halperin, political director of ABC News.
  • A post- debate conversation via St. Louis with Mary Beth Cahill, campaign manager for the Kerry-Edwards campaign and Ken Mehlman, campaign manager for the Bush-Cheney campaign.
  • 10/7/04
    A Discussion Of The State Of Foreign Policy With Former Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright. Topics Include The Recently Released Duelfer Report, The Political Situation In Iraq And The Strategic Position Of The U.S., Which She Says Is Worse Than In Vietnam. Then, The President Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Also Discusses The Situation In Iraq Which She Says Is Exacerbated By Iraqi Mistrust Of U.S. Intentions.moreless
  • 10/6/04
    A Discussion Of The Duelfer Report On Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq With Former Assistant Secretary Of Defense Richard Perle. Perle Argues That Hussein'S Intentions To Build Nuclear Weapons Were Enough To Justify Military Intervention. Then, A Discussion Of Iraq'S Nuclear Capabilities With William Broad And David Barstow Of The New York Times And Mahdi Obeidi, Who Oversaw The Iraq'S Nuclear Centrifuge Program Under Saddam Hussein.moreless
  • 10/5/04
    A Live Discussion Of The Vice Presidential Debate With Congressman Rahm Emanuel Of Illinois, Mort Zuckerman, Editor In Chief And Publisher Of U.S. News And World Report, Republican Congressman Rob Portman Of Ohio, And Mark Halperin, The Political Director Of Abc News. Then, A Conversation With The Author Christine Orban About Her New Book, The Night My Sister Disappeared.moreless
  • 10/4/04
    Host Of Face The Nation, Bob Schieffer Talks About The 50Th Anniversary Of The Program As Well As His Role As Moderator Of The Upcoming 2004 Vice Presidential Debate. Then, Jon Lee Anderson Of The New Yorker Discusses His New Book The Fall Of Baghdad, Which Follows The War From Its Eve Up Through The Summer Of 2004. Then, Graydon Carter, Editor-In-Chief Of Vanity Fair, Discusses His New Book What We'Ve Lost, A Polemic Against The Policies Of The Bush Administration.moreless
  • 10/1/04
    Actor Paul Bettany Talks With Charlie About His Career And His Work In The New Romantic Comedy, Wimbledon. Filmmaker Mira Nair Talks About Her New Film, Vanity Fair, An Adaptation Of William Makepeace Thackeray'S Classic Novel. Also, Actors Matthew Broderick And Alec Baldwin Talk With Director Jeff Nathanson About Their New Film, The Last Shot.moreless
  • An hour panel discussion following the first debate between President Bush and John Kerry that centered on foreign policy and national security. Panelists include Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor of
  • 9/29/04
    Jon Stewart, Host, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" / Executive Producer, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", 1 Clip from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (Courtesy: Comedy Central), Author,"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizens Guide to Democracy Inaction" [Publisher:Warner Books]/// Mark Halperin, Political Director, ABC News (Via Washington DC), James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthlymoreless
  • An hour conversation with Interior Minister of France Dominique De Villepin about his book
  • 9/27/04
    Howard Dean Discusses His Failed Quest For The Democratic Presidential Nomination And Sizes Up The Race Between Bush And John Kerry. Next, Charlie Speaks With Musician Lenny Kravitz About His Career And New Album Titled Baptism.
  • An hour conversation with Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime Minister of Singapore, about the battle against terrorism, Singapore's relationship with the U.S., the rise of China and India and his relationship with his son, the current Prime Minister of Singapore.
  • 9/23/04
    An hour conversation with Iran’s foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and how the country sees itself in the global community. Kharazzi also discusses the war in Iraq and Iran’s position vis-à-vis Israel and the Middle East.
  • 9/22/04
    A Discussion About Charter Schools With Joel Klein, The Chancellor Of The New York City School System And Darcia Toll, One Of The Founders Of Amistad, A Successful Charter School Which Was The Subject Of A Pbs Documentary. Next, Charlie Speaks With Petros Molyviatas, Foreign Minister Of Greece About Europe And The Battle Against Terrorism. The Program Concludes With The Second Part Of Charlie'S Conversation About Transatlantic Relations With Chris Patten.moreless
  • 9/21/04
    A Discussion With Chris Patten, Commissioner For External Relations At The European Union, About The "Special Relationship" Between The U.S. And Britain. Patten Also Provides Analysis Of President Bush'S Foreign Policy Strategy Following A Speech He Gave At The United Nations Earlier In The Day. Next, A Conversation With India'S Prime Minister Manmohan Singh About The Geo-Political Relationship Between India And The Us And His Thoughts After Speaking With President Bush Earlier In The Week.moreless
  • 9/20/04
    A Debate About Senator John Kerry'S Foreign Policy Vision Following A Major Speech He Made In New York With Richard Holbrooke, Former Ambassador To The U.N. And Richard Falkenrath, Foreign Policy Advisor To The Bush-Cheney Campaign. Then, A Conversation With Ahmed Aboul Gheit, The Foreign Minister Of Egypt. The Program Concludes With Charlie Speaking With Her Highness Sheikha Mouzah Bint Nasser Al-Misnad, The Chairperson Of The Qatar Foundation And The Wife Of The Emir Of Qatar.moreless
  • 9/17/04
    An Analysis Of National Politics With Mark Halperin Of Abc News, Adam Nagourney Of The New York Times. Then, A Discussion About Journalism With New York Magazine'S Editor Adam Moss. Finally, A Look At Fashion Week With Journalist Kate Betts And Designers Diane Von Furstenberg, Andre Leon Talley And Saks Fifth Avenue Executive Ron Frasch.moreless
  • 9/16/04
    A Discussion About The Presidential Election With Ken Mehlman, Campaign Manager For Bush-Cheney '04. Then, Analysis Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict And The Iraqi War With Rashid Khalidi Of Columbia University And Dennis Ross Of The Washington Institute.
  • 9/15/04
    An hour with Founder of Chelsea Piers Roland Betts about his strong Democratic politics and his long friendship with George W. Bush since they met at Yale in 1964. Betts also discusses his work on the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the progress being made at ground zero and his career as a film financier for critically acclaimed films likemoreless
  • 9/14/04
    A Discussion About Iraq With Zbigniew Brzezinski Who Says That The Effort Needs To Be Internationalized And That A Unilateral U.S. Presence In Iraq Is An Increasing Problem. Next, Dr. Eric Kandel And Dr. Gerald Fischbach Discuss The Progress Being Made Toward Understanding How The Human Brain Functions.
  • 9/13/04
    Ken Auletta discusses John Kerry's principal political advisor Bob Shrum and the Kerry campaigns reluctance to respond appropriately to Republican attacks against Kerry's integrity. Also, Charlie talks with tennis player Roger Federer about his U.S. Open victory over Lleyton Hewitt.
  • 9/10/04
    An hour conversation with former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin about his book
  • Filmmaker George Lucas
    Episode 09.09.04
    An hour with filmmaker George Lucas about the creative process involved in creating the original
  • 9/8/04
    An Update From Baghdad On The Military Situation In Iraq With Dexter Filkins Of The New York Times Followed By A Discussion With John Chambers, The Ceo Of Cisco Who Says The Next Step In Computer Technology Will Depend On The Progress Of Interconnectivity And The Development Of Network Solutions.
  • 9/7/04
    A Discussion About Chechen Terrorism And The Recent Attack At A Russian School Killing At Least 338 Children, Parents And Teachers With Michael Mcfaul Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace And Stephen Cohen, Cbs News Consultant And A Professor At Nyu. Then, Well Known Heart Surgeon And Department Chairman Of Thoracic And Cardiovascular Surgery At The Cleveland Clinic- Toby Cosgrove- Discusses Healthy Living And Tips To Maintaining A Strong Heart. Finally, Nick Bollettieri Talks About The U.S. Open And The Recent Dominance Of Roger Federer.moreless
  • 9/6/04
    Charlie Talks With Actors Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins And Director Frank Darabont About The Movie The Shawshank Redemption And Its Enduring Cultural Resonance. Also, Charlie Speaks With Professional Golfer And United States Ryder Cup Captain Hal Sutton.
  • 9/3/04
    A Discussion About Politics With Howard Dean'S Campaign Manager Joe Trippi Who Also Talks About His New Book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, A Description Of The Transformative Influence That The Internet Has On Political Campaigns. Then, Actors John C. Reilly And Diego Luna Discuss The Movie Criminal.
  • An hour live broadcast following day four of the Republican National Convention with analysis of President Bush s acceptance of his party s nomination for reelection. Guests include: Howell Raines, former executive editor of
  • A Discussion About The 2004 Republican National Convention
    An hour live broadcast after day three of the Republican National Convention with R.W. Apple, associate editor of
  • A live broadcast after day two of the Republican National Convention with Ed Rollins, Republican political strategist, Stuart Stevens, strategist for the Bush-Cheney campaign, Don Evans, U.S. Commerce Secretary, Mark Halperin of ABC News and John Harwood of
  • A live broadcast from Madison Square Garden in New York City following day one of the Republican National Convention. Guests include: David Sanger of
  • An hour conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist of
  • 8/26/04
    John Burns, Writer For The New York Times, Speaks About The Iraq Conflict And A Truce Between Shiite Leaders To End Violence In The City Of Najaf. The Program Concludes With An Appreciation Of Susan Thompson Buffett, Wife Of The Investor And Businessman Warren Buffet.
  • 8/25/04
    An Update On The Crisis In Sudan With Samantha Power, Professor At Harvard University, And John Prendergast Of The International Crisis Group. Also A Conversation With Author Larry Diamond About Lessons Of The Iraqi War Thus Far And The Implications Of Iran'S Growing Nuclear Capacity.
  • 8/24/04
    A Conversation With Anderson Cooper, Cnn Anchor, About His Life And Career In Broadcast Journalism. Next, Graham Allison, Professor And Author, Talks About The Threat Of Nuclear Proliferation Detailed In His New Book Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe.
  • 8/23/04
    A Discussion With Adam Nagourney Of The New York Times About The Swift Boat Veterans Attack On John Kerry'S Military Service. Next, An Update On The Iraq Insurgency With John Burns Of The New York Times Who Describes The Continued Insurgent Uprising In Najaf. Finally, William Hambrecht Talks About His Experience As The Co-Manager Of Google'S Initial Public Offering And The Unorthodox Dutch Auction System That Was Used To Determine Each Shares Value.moreless
  • 8/20/04
    Joe Biden Expresses His Views On John Kerry And The Situation He Will Inherit In Iraq And The Wider Region If Elected President. Next, The Filmmaker Robert Greenwald Discusses His Film, Uncovered, About The Bush Administrations Position On Iraq. Finally, James Woolsey, Former Cia Director, And Ray Mcgovern, Former Cia Analyst , Debate The Content Of Uncovered And Come To Different Conclusions As To Whether The U.S. Government Was Justified To Believe That Iraq Was Utilizing Yellow Cake Uranium To Create Weapons Of Mass Destruction.moreless
  • 8/19/04
    A Discussion With James Lipton, Which Originally Aired March 19, 2004, About His Tenure As Executive Producer And Host Of "Inside The Actors Studio".||Next, A Discussion With Jonathan Schwartz, Which Originally Aired June 8, 2004, About His Memoir, All In Good Time.
  • Cyclist Lance Armstrong
    Episode 08.18.04
    An hour conversation with cyclist Lance Armstrong after his record breaking sixth Tour de France victory. Armstrong discusses whether or not he will return to the Tour in 2005, his battle with cancer and why this win was the most satisfying.
  • 8/17/04
    A Discussion With Dennis Ross, Former U.S. Envoy To The Middle East, About The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict And His Book The Missing Peace: The Inside Story Of The Fight For Middle East Peace. Next, Gary Hart, Former U.S. Senator And Advisor To John Kerry'S Presidential Campaign, Talks About Homeland Security And The Need For A Broad Strategy To Keep America Safe.moreless
  • 8/16/04
    An Update With New York Times Writer John Burns On The Escalating Violence In Iraq And The Insurgency In The City Of Najaf. Next, A Conversation With Author William F. Buckley About His Fifty Years At The National Review And A New Book He'S Written Titled Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography.moreless
  • 8/13/04
    A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with actor Brad Pitt about his career and starring role in the movie
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter about the competitive challenges and strategic opportunities faced by individuals, companies and nations. He also discusses the kind of leadership that American companies need in the 21st century (from April 30, 2004).
  • A two-part rebroadcast of conversations with controversial filmmaker Michael Moore about his documentaries
  • A special edition hour rebroadcast of a look back on 150 years of U.S.-Japanese relations with Howard Baker, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Ryozo Kato, Japanese Ambassador to the U.S., Peter Peterson of the Blackstone Group, Masatsugo Nagato of the Mizuho Bank and authors Ian Baruma and John Nathan (from March 31, 2004). They discuss the history of the America's first exposure to Japan and the evolution of the relationship between the two countries.moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with filmmaker Errol Morris and former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara about the documentary
  • A Conversation With Trey Anastasio, Musician And Front Man Of The Band "Phish", Which Originally Aired May 26, 2004, About The Groups Decision To Stop Playing Together.||Also, A Discussion With Jonathan Schwartz, Author Of The Memoir "All In Good Time", Which Originally Aired May 31, 2004.
  • 8/5/04
    Remembering Henri Cartier-Bresson, French Photographer And Global Icon, With Richard Avedon Of The New Yorker Followed By A Conversation With Charlie Rose And Bresson From July 6, 2000 From Paris.
  • 8/4/04
    A Discussion About The Life And Cinematic Achievements Of Charlie Chaplin With Film Critic And Author Richard Schickel. His Documentary About Chaplin Is Called Charlie: The Life And Art Of Charles Chaplin. Next, A Conversation With The French Businessman Jean-Lois Beffa, About His Interpretation Of The Political And Economic Gap Between France And The U.S. The Program Concludes With Deirdre Bair Who Discusses Her Biography Of The Pioneering Psychoanalyst Carl Jung.moreless
  • 8/3/04
    A Conversation About The Movie Garden State, With Actor Zach Braff, Who Is Also The Films Writer And Director, And Actors Natalie Portman And Peter Sarsgaard. Next, Restaurateur Sirio Maccioni And Co-Author Peter Elliot Discuss The Book Sirio: The Story Of My Life And Le Cirque.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with Ted Turner, founder of CNN, about his unique achievements in the media world, the building of the Turner Broadcasting System and his passion for philanthropic endeavors, including U.N. reform and land conservation (from July 23, 2004).
  • Charlie Rose (July 30, 2004)
    Episode 07.30.04
    Charlie Is Joined By Actor Denzel Washington And Director Jonathan Demme To Discuss Their Film The Manchurian Candidate, An Updated Remake Of The 1962 Political Thriller That Starred Frank Sinatra. The Three Discuss How The Movie'S Context Is Different Post-Dessert Storm, And How It Serves As A Cautionary Tale. Then, Charlie Talks To Actor Jefferson Mays, Director Moises Kaufman And Broadway Playwright Doug Wright From The Play I Am My Own Wife.moreless
  • An hour live conversation from Boston at the Democratic National Convention, where Senator John Kerry was nominated for the 2004 presidential election. The broadcast features several prominent guests and their reactions to Kerry’s acceptance speech including former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Lawrence O’Donnell, a writer and former assistant to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Mitchell Gold, a delegate from North Carolina.moreless
  • Mark Halperin
    Episode 07.28.04
    A conversation with ABC News’ Mark Halperin about the general mood of the convention.
  • Four Discussions About Day Three Of The 2004 Democratic National Convention: A Conversation With Mark Mellman
    Four conversations on day three of the Democratic National Convention following Senator John Edward’s vice presidential acceptance speech. A conversation with Mark Mellman, a pollster for Senator John Kerry, about how Kerry must use the convention as an opportunity to connect with the people.
  • An hour panel discussion via Boston from day two at the Democratic National Convention which included speeches by Senators Edward Kennedy and senate candidate Barack Obama. Guests include: Charlie Cook, Editor of
  • Charlie Rose (July 26, 2004)
    Episode 07.26.04
    The Democratic National Convention Kicks Off In Boston. Charlie Talks With Karen Tumulty And Michael Duffy, Of Time Magazine, To Outline The Task Ahead For Senator John Kerry. Then, Senator Robert Byrd Discusses Kerry, President George W. Bush, And His Book, Losing America: Confronting A Reckless And Arrogant Presidency.
  • Cnn Founder Ted Turner
    Episode 07.23.04
    An hour conversation with CNN founder Ted Turner about the creation of cable news, nuclear proliferation, renewable energy sources, sports, the presidential election and war. Turner recounts tales and anecdotes from his life as a media mogul and his large role as a philanthropist.
  • Charlie Rose (July 22, 2004)
    Episode 07.22.04
    A Discussion Of The Findings Of The 9/11 Commission With Dan Bartlett, White House Communications Director, And David Sanger, Writer For The New York Times. The Discussion Of The 9/11 Commission Continues With Commission Co-Chairmen, Thomas Kean And Lee Hamilton. Then A Conversation With Jeffrey Gettleman Of The New York Times.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 21, 2004)
    Episode 07.21.04
    Jorge Ramos, Author And Anchor For Noticiero Univision, Stops By To Talk About The Effect That Hispanics Could Have On A Presidential Election. Ramos Also Discusses His Book The Latino Wave. Then, Charlie Talks With Tom Rothman, The Chairman Of Fox Filmed Entertainment And The Man Responsible For Film Projects Like The Day After Tomorrow And I, Robot. And Finally, The Show Concludes With A Conversation About The Control That "Big Business" Has On Culture With Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, Author Of The Book Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology And The Law To Lock Down Culture And Control Creativity.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 20, 2004)
    Episode 07.20.04
    A Man Known Only As Anonymous, Who Is Said To Be A Senior Official In The National Security Apparatus, Talks With Charlie About His Book Imperial Hubris. The Book And The Conversation Chronicle What Anonymous Describes As The Failings And Shortcomings Of The American Government In The Middle East. And Then, Bob Nardelli, The Ceo Of Home Depot, Gives Insight On What It'S Like To Be The Head Of The World'S Largest Home Improvement Retailer.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 19, 2004)
    Episode 07.19.04
    After The Council On Foreign Relations Issued A Taskforce Report On Iran Earlier In The Day, Charlie Talks With A Co-Chair Of The Taskforce, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski Says That There Is A Current Of Change In The Younger Generation Of Iran, One That Is Against The Theocratic Regime. Brzezinski Is Also The Author Of The Choice: Global Domination Or Global Leadership. Then, Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase And Charlie Discuss Romania'S Entrance Into The European Union And The Country'S Involvement In The War In Iraq. And Then, Director Spike Lee Visits To Talk About His Movie She Hate Me.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 16, 2004)
    Episode 07.16.04
    Secretary Of State Colin Powell Joins Charlie From Washington In A Conversation About Sudan, Iraq, China, North Korea, And Aids In Africa. Then, Newsweek'S Charles Gasparino Breaks Down The Martha Stewart Trial.
  • Charlie Rose (July 15, 2004)
    Episode 07.15.04
    Charlie Talks About The Effects Of A Rising Deficit On Social Security And Medicare With Pete Peterson, Who Is The Author Of Running On Empty. And Then, There Is A Conversation On Public Relations With Howard Rubenstein, Of Rubenstein Associates. Rubenstein Has Worked In Public Relations For More Than 50 Years.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 14, 2004)
    Episode 07.14.04
    Charlie And Thomas Frank, The Author Of The Book What'S The Matter With Kansas?, Have A Conversation About Voters Who Gravitate Toward Cultural And Value-Based Issues. Then, Actor Brian Cox Talks About His Movie The Bourne Supremacy.
  • Charlie Rose (July 13, 2004)
    Episode 07.13.04
    A Discussion Of Al Qaeda'S Global Terrorist Network With Rohan Gunaratha Of The Institute For Defense And Strategic Studies In Singapore. His New Book Is Called Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network Of Terror. Also, A Discussion Of Summer Movies With Owen Gleiberman Of Entertainment Weekly, Glenn Kenny Of Premiere Magazine And Richard Corliss Of Time.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 12, 2004)
    Episode 07.12.04
    Charlie Has A Conversation About President Putin, Russia And The Imprisoned Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky With The Financial Times' Managing Editor, Lionel Barber, Nyu Professor Stephen Cohen, And Ian Bremmer, The Director Of Eurasia Group And A Senior Fellow At The World Policy Institute. Then, Co-Founders Of Moveon.Org, Wes Boyd And Joan Blades Talk About The Web Sites Fundraising Abilities, Political Leanings, And Ambitions.moreless
  • An hour conversation with the Chairman and CEO of the Publicis Groupe, Maurice Levy, in Paris. He discusses his childhood in Morocco, his achievement of
  • Charlie Rose (July 8, 2004)
    Episode 07.08.04
    While Charlie Is Traveling On Assignment, Maria Bartiromo, Of Cnbc, Fills In As Guest Host. Bartiromo Talks With Allan Sloan, Of Newsweek, And Kurt Eichenwald, Of The New York Times, About Ken Lay'S Indictment. Lay, A Former Chairman And Ceo Of Enron, Plead Not Guilty To 11 Criminal Charges Earlier In The Day. Also, A Recently Taped Interview Between Charlie And Farah Pahlavi, The Widow Of The Former Shah Of Iran.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 7, 2004)
    Episode 07.07.04
    Ronald Brownstein, Of The Los Angeles Times, Sits In For Charlie, Who Is Traveling On Assignment. Brownstein Has A Lively Discussion On The Kerry-Edwards Ticket With Senior Advisor To The Bush-Cheney Campaign Matthew Dowd; Pollster For The Kerry Campaign Mark Mellman; Ron Fournier, Of The Associated Press; And From The Washington Post, Dan Balz. Then, Charlie Interviews Actor And Comedian Will Ferrell About His Movie Anchorman.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 6, 2004)
    Episode 07.06.04
    Charlie Discusses The Selection Of John Edwards As John Kerry'S Running Mate With Mark Halperin, Of Abc News, Karen Tumulty, Of Time Magazine, And Adam Nagourney, Of The New York Times. Then, The Show Airs The Second Part Of A Two-Part Conversation With Michael Moore, The Director Of Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore Talks About His Film And What He Hopes To Instill In Audiences. The First Part Of The Conversation Is Available In The Episode That Aired On July 1.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 5, 2004)
    Episode 07.05.04
    In Honor Of The 4Th Of July, Charlie Takes A Look At Some Of America'S Founding Fathers By Talking To Their Biographers: Walter Isaacson, Author Of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life; David Mccullough, Author Of John Adams; And Joe Ellis, Author Of Founding Brothers: A Revolutionary Generation, A Book That Examines The Lives Of John Adams, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, And George Washington.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 2, 2004)
    Episode 07.02.04
    Charlie Reflects On The Life And Works Of Marlon Brando With The Actor'S Friend, Admirer, And Fellow Actor Sean Penn. Then, Two Critics - Richard Schickel Of Time Magazine, And A.O. Scott From The New York Times - Stop By To Analyze Brando'S Craft And Praise His Skill.
  • Charlie Rose (July 1, 2004)
    Episode 07.01.04
    Charlie Talks With Jon Lee Anderson, Of The New Yorker, Via Satellite From Baghdad About Saddam Hussein'S Dramatic Appearance In An Iraqi Court. Then, Judith Kipper, Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Gives Charlie Her Impressions Of What Happened In The Courtroom. And Then, Filmmaker Michael Moore Begins A Conversation With Charlie About Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore'S Talk Is The First Of A Two-Part Segment, Which Concludes On July 6.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 30, 2004)
    Episode 06.30.04
    Charlie Talks With Christiane Amanpour About The Continuing Insurgency In Iraq. Then, Charlie Talks With Gavin Newsom, Mayor Of San Francisco, And His Wife, Reporter And Former Prosecutor Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom About Political Trends In America And Life Together In The Spotlight. Charlie Concludes The Evening With Filmmaker Stanley Nelson And A Discussion About His Film A Place Of Our Own.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 29, 2004)
    Episode 06.29.04
    Charlie Begins The Evening With A Discussion By Phone With John Burns From Baghdad About Iraq And The New Interim Government. Then, Charlie Holds A Conversation With Dexter Filkins Via Satellite On The Same Topic. Finally, Charlie Finishes The Discussion About The Interim Government With Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 28, 2004)
    Episode 06.28.04
    Charlie Opens The Broadcast Covering The Passing Of Sovereignty In Iraq Via Satellite With Jeffrey Gettleman Of The New York Times. Then, Charlie And Robin Wright Analyze What The Bush Engagement In Iraq Has Meant To The White House'S Foreign Policy. The Show Concludes With Enron, And A Discussion With Kurt Eichenwald Of The New York Times Who Had An Exclusive Interview With Ken Lay.moreless
  • 6/25/04
    An hour conversation with Lakhdar Brahimi, U.N. special envoy to Iraq, about his help in shaping the interim government, the escalating insurgency and violence in the country and his fears about the future of the Iraqi people.
  • Charlie Rose (June 24, 2004)
    Episode 06.24.04
    A Discussion About The Tragedy In Sudan, What Should Be Done And Why It Hasn'T Been Done With Nicholas Kristof Of The New York Times, Gerald Marone, Director Of Emergency Response For The International Rescue Committee, And Dennis Caillaux, Secretary-General For Care International. Then, Charlie Concludes With Bernard-Henri Levy, Author And Philosopher About His Book War, Evil And The End Of History, In Which He Talks About The Five Forgotten Wars, Including Sudan.moreless
  • Bill Clinton
    Episode 06.23.04
    An hour conversation with former President Bill Clinton about his memoir
  • Charlie Rose (June 22, 2004)
    Episode 06.22.04
    Charlie Opens The Broadcast With A Discussion On A Remarkable And Successful Education Experiment Taking Place In Harlem With Geoffrey Canada. Then, Charlie Takes A Look At The Anti-Semitism Conference Held At The United Nations With Edward Mortimer, Advisor To The U.N. Secretary-General, Abraham Foxman, National Director Of The Anti-Defamation League, Swami Adiswaranda, Spiritual Leader, And Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize Laureate. The Broadcast Concludes With Dr. Jerome Groupman About His Book The Anatomy Of Hope: How People Prevail In The Face Of Illness.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 21, 2004)
    Episode 06.21.04
    Charlie Begins The Broadcast With Mike Duffy And A Discussion About President Clinton'S Book My Life. Then, Charlie Talks With The Finance Minister Of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu About Security And The Ongoing Violence In The Region. Charlie Concludes The Broadcast With Kevin Kline, Irwin Winkler And Ashley Judd An Their New Movie About Cole Porter, De-Lovely.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 18, 2004)
    Episode 06.18.04
    Charlie Opens The Broadcast Talking With Brian Ross From Abc News About The Beheading Of An American In Saudi Arabia And The Killing Of The Man Who Said He Was Responsible. Then, Charlie Talks With A Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim And Al-Jazeera Correspondent Hassan Ibrahim About The Documentary Control Room.
  • Charlie Rose (June 17, 2004)
    Episode 06.17.04
    Martin Wolf Of The Financial Times Opens The Broadcast Talking About Iraq And The Future. Then, Charlie Talks With Edgar Bronfman About His 75Th Birthday, Retirement, The Family Business And Israel. Finally, Charlie Speaks With Robert Thurman About Buddhism And His Book Infinite Life: Seven Virtues For Living Well.
  • Charlie Rose (June 16, 2004)
    Episode 06.16.04
    Charlie Opens This Hour Talking With Richard Ben-Veniste, A Member Of The 9/11 Commission About The Work Of The Commission. Then, Charlie Closes The Hour With Tom Stewart, Editor Of The Harvard Business Review About Revolutionary Ideas For Business.
  • Charlie Rose (June 15, 2004)
    Episode 06.15.04
    Tom Oliphant, Mark Halperin And David Halbfinger Join Charlie For A Political Roundtable Discussion To Look At John Kerry'S Possibilities For Vice President And To Take The Temperature Of The Campaign. Then, David Remnick, Benedikt Taschen, George Lois, Howard Bingham Come On To Talk About Muhammad Ali, His Life And The Imprint He Has Left On Us Culture.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 14, 2004)
    Episode 06.14.04
    Music Producer Phil Ramone, Musician Marcus Roberts, Time Editor Christopher John Farley And Rolling Stone Editor Anthony Decurtis Open The Show For A Discussion In Appreciation Of Ray Charles. Then, Charlie Talks With Alfonso Cuaron About The Process Of Film Making And His Direction Of Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 11, 2004)
    Episode 06.11.04
    Charlie Speaks With Brian Mulroney, The Former Prime Minister Of Canada, About The U.S.-Canadian Alliance, Canada'S View Of American Foreign Policy And His Outlook On Issues Of Trade And Globalization. Then, Charlie Sits Down With Michael Deaver, The Former Deputy Chief Of Staff Discusses His Work In The Reagan White House And The Life And Legacy Of President Reagan.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 10, 2004)
    Episode 06.10.04
    An Hour Long Appreciation Of President Ronald Reagan That Begins With His Former Chief Of Staff, Kenneth Duberstein. Then, An Interview With Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss About Reagan'S Life And Grand Personality. Charlie Concludes The Appreciation By Talking With Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham About Reagan'S Legacy.
  • 6/9/04
    An hour with William F. Buckley, Jr., the founder of
  • 6/8/04
    An hour-long special tribute to the life and legacy of former President Ronald Regan with excerpts of conversations with guests who knew him. Guests include: Michael Deaver, George Shultz, James Baker, David Gergen, Warren Beatty, Peter Robinson, Lou Cannon, Edmund Morris, Tom Clancy, Condoleezza Rice, Mikhail Gorbachev, Rudy Giuliani and Tom Brokaw.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 7, 2004)
    Episode 06.07.04
    Charlie Opens This Hour Long Appreciation Of President Ronald Reagan With The President'S Secretary Of State, George Schultz. They Talk About Both Reagan'S Personal Life As Well As His Decisions In The White House. Charlie Is Then Joined By Edmund Morris, Author Of Dutch, Martin Anderson, Domestic Policy Adviser For Ronald Reagan And Ed Rollins, Gop Political Strategist To Continue The Discussion Of Regan'S Political Skill And Legacy.moreless
  • 6/4/04
    An hour conversation with Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and author of
  • Charlie Rose (June 3, 2004)
    Episode 06.03.04
    Fareed Zakaria Guest Hosts The First Two Segments Of The Show While Charlie Is In Europe Covering The 60Th Anniversary Of D-Day. David Sanger Of The New York Times Is The Guest For The First Segment On To Discuss The Resignation Of George Tenet. Fareed Is Then Joined By Senator Chuck Hagel And Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger To Continue The Conversation. Charlie Closes The Show Talking About Healthcare, Architecture And Business With Richard Saul Wurman, Author Of Understanding Healthcare.moreless
  • 6/2/04
    An hour conversation with Thomas Friedman of
  • Charlie Rose (June 1, 2004)
    Episode 06.01.04
    Former U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Talks With Charlie About The Foreign Policy Position Of Presidential Candidate John Kerry. Charlie And The Ambassador Talk About Leadership, Voter Trends And What The Future Could Hold For American Foreign Policy. Then, Author Craig Unger Talks About His Book House Of Bush, House Of Saud.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 31, 2004)
    Episode 05.31.04
    First, Author Simon Sebag Montefiore Talks About His Book, Stalin: The Court Of The Red Tsar. Then, The Second Half Of A Conversation With Trey Anastasio Of Phish. The Hour Concludes With Michael Lewis, Author Of Moneyball, And A Talk About Baseball.
  • Playwright Tony Kushner
    Episode 05.28.04
    An hour conversation with playwright Tony Kushner about three of his most renowned plays:
  • 5/27/04
    An hour conversation with the Secretary of homeland security, Tom Ridge, about Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller's announcement of terrorists' plans to attack the United States in coming months.
  • Charlie Rose (May 26, 2004)
    Episode 05.26.04
    First, The Lead Singer Of Phish, Trey Anastasio, Who Recently Announced That The Group Would Be Disbanding After The Current Tour. He Talks About The Band'S Legacy And What The Future Holds For The Members Of Phish. Also, A Discussion On Iraq, America And The Future With Harvard Professor Stanley Hoffman.moreless
  • An hour conversation with retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni and author Tom Clancy about their book
  • Charlie Rose (May 24, 2004)
    Episode 05.24.04
    Broadcasting Live, A Talk About The Major Prime-Time Address At The Us Army War College Given By President George Bush, Which Leads Up To The Transition Of Power In Iraq. Dan Senor, Cpa Spokesman, Is Joined By Ron Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times, Fareed Zakaria Of Newsweek International, Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss, Chancellor Of The Exchequer Gordon Brown, And Us Treasury Secretary John Snow.moreless
  • Author Bob Woodward
    Episode 05.21.04
    An hour with journalist Bob Woodward about his book
  • Charlie Rose (May 20, 2004)
    Episode 05.20.04
    The Broadcast Opens With A Conversation About The Make-Up Of The Universe With Robert Kirshner Of Harvard University, Author Of The Extravagant Universe. Then, Charlie Sits Down With Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker And Author Joe Treaster To Discuss Treaster'S Book On Volcker, The Making Of A Financial Legend. Also, Performance Artist Laurie Anderson.moreless
  • 5/19/04
    An hour conversation in a series from the Harvard Business School with CEO and chairman of Goldman Sachs Hank Paulson about the role of leadership and management, the defining moments of his career and his advise for students interested in finance.
  • Charlie Rose (May 18, 2004)
    Episode 05.18.04
    A Conversation With Former Minister And Presidential Candidate Of Mexico Jorge Castaneda About The Future Of Mexico And His Campaign. Then, Charlie Talks With Former Ambassador And President Of Tel Aviv University Itmar Rabinovich About Israeli-Palestinian Relations. Finally, The Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber On His New Book About Design And Decorating.
  • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2004)
    Episode 05.17.04
    Seymour Hersh Of The New Yorker Talks About Politics And The Magazine. Then, Charlie Talks With Joe Califano, Chairman Of The National Center On Addiction And Substance Abuse At Columbia University, About His Life And Working With Robert Mcnamara, Lyndon Johnson And Jimmy Carter.
  • Charlie Rose (May 14, 2004)
    Episode 05.14.04
    First, Charlie Talks With Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News And David Sanger, White House Correspondent Of The New York Times, About The Political Consequences Of The War In Iraq. Next, Charlie Talks About The Long-Term Impact On American Foreign Policy And Whether The Us Should Withdraw From Iraq With Jeffrey Sachs Of Columbia University And Walter Russell Mead Of The Council On Foreign Relations. Finally, A Conversation About The Economy With Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker And The Journalist That Has Written A Book About Him, Joseph Treaster.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 13, 2004)
    Episode 05.13.04
    Brad Pitt Discusses His Focus On Diverse Characters, His Tendencies To Seek Interesting Projects, His New Movie Troy And What The Future Holds For Him. Then, A Conversation About The Explosion Of Independent Film In The 90S With Author Of Down And Dirty Pictures, Peter Biskind.
  • Charlie Rose (May 12, 2004)
    Episode 05.12.04
    First, A Conversation With Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi About Human Rights In The Arab World, Iraq And The Impact The War Is Having Across The Region. Then, Charlie Talks With New Yorker Magazine Writer Adam Gopnick About His Friend, The Late Art Historian Kirk Varnedoe, And About Americans Living In Paris.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 11, 2004)
    Episode 05.11.04
    The First Half Of The Broadcast Deals With The Prison Abuse Hearings At The Senate Armed Services Committee With Senator Evan Bayh Of Indiana, Journalists Michael Duffy And Johanna Mcgeary Of Time Magazine, And William Kristol Of The Weekly Standard. The Second Half Of The Show, Features Caetano Veloso, One Of Brazil'S Most Admired And Accomplished Singer/Songwriters. His Rise To Fame Was Closely Tied To His Country'S Political And Social Evolution. Conversation Will Focus On This And His Professional Accomplishments.moreless
  • Nbc Anchor Tim Russert
    Episode 05.10.04
    An hour conversation with NBC news anchor and host of
  • Charlie Rose (May 7, 2004)
    Episode 05.07.04
    The Hour Considers The Recent Testimony Of Secretary Don Rumsfeld Before The Senate And House Armed Service Committee. Charlie Talks To David Martin Of Cbs News, Michael Duffy Of Time Magazine, Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter, Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel, And Senator Evan Bayh Of Indiana. They Share Their Thoughts On The Testimony And The Possibility Of Rumsfeld'S Resignation.moreless
  • 5/6/04
    An hour conversation with Lee Raymond, chairman of Exxon Mobil, about the environment, his successful career, the future of Exxon Mobil, OPEC and the problem of dependency on Middle Eastern oil.
  • Charlie Rose (May 5, 2004)
    Episode 05.05.04
    The First Half Of The Broadcast Is Dedicated To The Controversy Over The Pictures Taken At Abu Ghraib. Charlie Talks First To Senator John Rockefeller Of West Virginia And Then Hisham Melhem, Journalist For As Safir In Lebanon, About The Arab Reaction. The Evening Closes With A Discussion About A New Film Called The Agronomist, With Its Director Jonathan Demme, And The Subject Of The Film, Haitian Journalist Jean Dominique'S Widow, Michele Montas.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 4, 2004)
    Episode 05.04.04
    A Conversation With The Finance Minister Of Iraq, Kamil Al-Gailani, On The State Of Reconstruction In Iraq. Then, Charlie Turns To Ambassador Wilson To Talk About His New Book, The Politics Of Truth, The Exposure Of His Wife As A Cia Operative, And The Role Of Citizens, The Press And Institutional Checks And Balances With Respect To Executive Accountability.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 3, 2004)
    Episode 05.03.04
    The Hour Is Dedicated To The Implications Of The Abu Ghraib Photographs In America And The Middle East. Seymour Hersh Of The New Yorker, Mary Mapes, A Producer From 60 Minutes, Bernard Haykel, Professor Of Middle Eastern Studies At Nyu, And Robert Baer, Former Cia Member. Also, A Conversation With Cokie Roberts, Author Of The Founding Mothers, Which Shares Stories Of The Women Who Influenced The Founding Fathers. Then, A Conversation On Transatlantic Relations With French Mp And Former President Of Nato, Pierre Lellouche.moreless
  • The first part in a series of conversations from the Harvard Business School about management and leadership, beginning with an hour conversation with Professor Michael Porter about corporate and economic productivity, competition and the role of government in the business world.
  • 4/29/04
    The Hour Is Dedicated To An Investigation Of Cancer And Obesity In America. The Broadcast Opens With A Talk About The War On Cancer With Clinton Leaf, Executive Editor Of Fortune, Andrew Grove, Chairman Of Intel, Harold Varmus, President And Ceo Of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, And Andrew Von Eschenbach, Director Of The National Cancer Center. Then, Charlie Turns To Louis Aronne Of Cornell University And Rudolph Leibel Of Columbia University And Talks About The Myths And Realities Of Obesity.moreless
  • 4/28/04
    The Broadcast Opens With A Conversation About The War On Terror With Michael Ignatieff, Director Of The Carr Center Of Human Rights Policy And Author Of The Lesser Evil. Then, Charlie Talks With Dave Chapelle About His Career In Comedy. Finally, Italian Mezzo-Soprano Cecilia Bartoli On Composers Salieri And Mozart.
  • 4/27/04
    First, New York Times Correspondent John Burns Reports From Baghdad On The Deteriorating Situation In Fallujah. Then, Charlie Talks With Distinguished Princeton Historian And Expert On Islam And The Middle East, Bernard Lewis, About The Situation In Iraq. Finally, Tina Fey And Lorne Michaels Of Saturday Night Live On Their New Movie, Mean Girls, Which Stars Lindsay Lohan.moreless
  • An hour conversation with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Saud al-Faisal. He discusses the Madrassah schools in Saudi Arabia, democracy, the Bush administration's stance on Iraq, the impact of the Iraqi war on the region, the fight against terrorism and the Middle East peace process.
  • 4/23/04
    The Foreign Minister Of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, Talks About His Region Of The World And The American Commitment In Iraq. Then, Charlie Talks With Director Tony Scott And Actor Denzel Washington About Their New Movie Man On Fire, About A Kidnapping In Mexico City.
  • Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino
    Episode 04.22.04
    An hour conversation with director Quentin Tarantino about his film
  • 4/21/04
    An hour conversation with George Shackleford, chair of the exhibition
  • 4/20/04
    An hour conversation with author and journalist Bob Woodward about his controversial book
  • 4/19/04
    The Broadcast Opens With John Burns, Chief Correspondent Of The New York Times, Via Phone From Baghdad And An Update On The Occupation. Then, Charlie Sits Down With Senator John Mccain To Talk About The War, Bob Woodward'S Book And Other Domestic And International Issues.
  • 4/16/04
    First, A Review Of The 9/11 Commission With One Of Its Members, Richard Ben-Veniste. He Discusses The Commission'S Efforts To Provide The Country With An Open Exhibition Of Facts. Then, Charlie Sits Down With Tilda Swinton To Talk About Her New Film Young, Adam, Which Also Stars Ewan Mcgregor.
  • 4/15/04
    The Broadcast Opens With A Consideration Of The Understanding Between President Bush And The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Shibli Telhami Of The University Of Maryland And Yossi Beilin, Former Israeli Minister Of Justice, Join Charlie In The Studio For The Discussion. Then, Charlie Talks With Kate Winslet And Michael Gondry About Their Film, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. The Evening Concludes With Helen Mirren, The Star Of Prime Suspect.moreless
  • 4/14/04
    The Broadcast Begins With A Conversation Recorded In Houston, Texas With The President Of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. He Discusses The Situation In The Middle East And The Withdrawal From Gaza. The Second Half Of The Evening Is Spent With Oliver Stone Talking About His New Film For Hbo, Looking For Fidel.moreless
  • 4/13/04
    This Live Broadcast Was Recorded Following President Bush'S Third Primetime Speech. Joining Charlie From Washington Are Adam Nagourney And David Brooks Of The New York Times, And Ken Duberstein, Former White House Chief Of Staff For President Reagan. From Boston, David Gergen, Editor At Large For Us News And World Report And The Director Of The Center For Public Leadership At Harvard'S J.F.K. School Of Government. In The Studio Are Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor Of Newsweek Magazine And Ron Brownstein, National Political Correspondent For The Los Angeles Times. Then, Charlie Turns To Denis Halliday, Former Head Of The Oil For Food Program, Claudia Rosett Of The Foundation For The Defense Of Democracies, And Edward Mortimer, The Un Secretary General'S Director Of Communications To Talk About The Scandal At The Un.moreless
  • 4/12/04
    The Program Opens With A Consideration Of The President'S Press Conference That Will Be Taking Place The Following Night. Charlie Talks To Ron Brownstein Of The Los Angeles Times And Joe Klein Of Time Magazine. Then, Charlie Talks To Actor And Comedian Chris Rock About Stand-Up And His New Album, Never Scared.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 9, 2004)
    Episode 04.09.04
    A Discussion On Aids And The Impact It Is Having Around The World With The President'S Aids Adviser, Randy Tobias, And Former Ambassador To The United Nations, Richard Holbrooke. Then, Charlie Talks About Jesus And The Impact Of Christianity With Elaine Pagels, A Religious Scholar, Jon Meacham Of Newsweek And David Van Biema Of Time Magazine. Charlie Concludes The Evening Talking To Isabella Rossellini About Acting, Her Legacy, And What The Future Holds For Her.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 8, 2004)
    Episode 04.08.04
    A Discussion Of The 9/11 Commission Hearings And The Testimony Of The National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. The Focus Then Shifts To The Iraq War And The Events That Led Up To It. Charlie Speaks With Former Republican Senator Slade Gorton And Three Journalists That Have Been Covering The Story: David Sanger Of The New York Times, Michael Isikoff Of Newsweek, And Walter Pincus Of The Washington Post. Then, Vanity Fair Reporters Bryan Burrough, David Wise, Evgenia Peretz And David Rose Weigh In On The War.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 7, 2004)
    Episode 04.07.04
    First, An Update On What Is Happening In Iraq With John Burns Of The New York Times Reporting From Baghdad. Then, Charlie Turns To Wynton Marsalis For A Discussion About Jazz. Charlie Concludes The Evening With "Radio'S Gift To Television," Charles Osgood, Celebrating The 25Th Anniversary Of Cbs' Sunday Morning.
  • Charlie Rose (April 6, 2004)
    Episode 04.06.04
    The Broadcast Opens With A Satellite Interview From Iraq With Anthony Shadid Of The Washington Post. Then, Charlie Turns To John Carroll, Editor Of The La Times, For A Conversation About The State Of His Newspaper. The Evening Concludes With British Playwright Tom Stoppard Talking About His Craft And His New Show, Jumpers, On Broadway.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 5, 2004)
    Episode 04.05.04
    The Hour Is Dedicated To A Look At Iraq In Crisis. Charlie First Talks To Senator Joe Biden, The Democrat From Delaware. Then, He Turns To John Burns, The Chief Correspondent For The New York Times, For A Satellite Interview From Baghdad. Last, A Conversation With Leading Military And Security Strategist, Anthony Cordesman.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 2, 2004)
    Episode 04.02.04
    A Look At Fallujah, Iraq And What Is Happening There With John Burns Of The New York Times And Then With Jon Lee Anderson Of The New Yorker Magazine. Then, David Martin Of Cbs News, The National Security Correspondent, Talks About The View From The Pentagon. Also, Charlie Takes A Look At The Judge'S Decision To Declare A Mistrial In The Tyco Case With Andrew Ross Sorkin Of The New York Times. Finally, A Talk With The Rock, Wrestler-Turned-Actor, About His Latest Movie Walking Tall.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 1, 2004)
    Episode 04.01.04
    Two Members Of The 9/11 Commission, John Lehman And Timothy Roemer, On The Anticipated Testimony Of The National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. Then, Charlie Discusses The Pbs Series American Family With Lead Actor Edward James Olmos And Writer/Producer Gregory Nava.
  • 3/31/04
    A special edition of Charlie Rose, looking back on 150 years of U.S.-Japanese relations with Howard Baker, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Ryozo Kato, Japanese Ambassador to the U.S., Peter Peterson of The Blackstone Group, Masatsugo Nagato of the Mizuho Bank and authors Ian Baruma and John Nathan.
  • Bush Advisor Karen Hughes
    Episode 03.30.04
    An hour discussion with Karen Hughes, counselor and close friend to George W. Bush about her book
  • 3/29/04
    Michael Elliot, The Editor At Large For Time Magazine, Talks About Condoleezza Rice'S Appearance On 60 Minutes And Her Apparent Apprehension To Testify Publicly Before The 9/11 Commission. Also, A Conversation About The Genocide In Rwanda Ten Years Later With Greg Barker, Gregory Alex, Samantha Power, Bonaventure Niyibizi.
  • 3/26/04
    Political Analysis Following The Accusations In Richard Clarke'S Book Against All Enemies, Which Claims That The Bush Administration Was Negligent In Its Analysis Of Intelligence Leading Up To 9/11. Mark Halperin, Priscilla Painton, Rich Lowry, Adam Nagourney Discuss The 9/11 Hearings Where George Tenet, Colin Powell, Rich Armitage And Others Testified Before The Commission. Also, A Conversation With Filmmaker Charlie Kaufman About The Movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.moreless
  • 3/25/04
    A Conversation With Rudolph Giuliani, Former Mayor Of New York, About His Experience During 9/11 And His Assessment Of The Current Administrations Handling Of The War On Terror. Also, Gavin Newsom, Newly Inaugurated Mayor Of San Francisco, Talks About His Efforts To Legalize Same Sex Marriage.
  • 3/24/04
    A Discussion About The 9/11 Commission And Richard Clarke'S Critical Testimony Of The Bush Administration With Time Magazine Writers Joe Klein, Jay Carney And Timothy Burger. Next, Richard Perle, Former Assistant Secretary Of State, Responds To Clarke'S 9/11 Commission Testimony By Asserting That The Clinton Administration Was Negligent In Detecting Foreign Terrorist Threats. Finally, John Mcwethy, Correspondent For Abc And Creator Of Rumsfeld'S Rules Of War, Discusses Why Donald Rumsfeld Was A Compelling Figure To Profile.moreless
  • 3/23/04
    A Look At The Crisis In The Middle East With Silvan Halom, Israel'S Foreign Minister, Who Spoke Recently About The Assassination Of Hamas Leader Sheikh Yassin. Also, Atoosa Rubenstein, Editor Of Seventeen Magazine, Speaks About The Publication And Its Readership.
  • 3/22/04
    A Discussion About The Assassination Of Hamas Leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin With Rashid Khalidi, Author And Professor At Columbia University. Next, A Conversation With Richard Clarke, Author Of Against All Enemies, Which Asserts That The Bush Administration Ignored Evidence That Al-Qaeda Was Planning An Attack On The Us
  • 3/19/04
    Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary Of State, And Lawrence Summers, President Of Harvard University, Discuss Their Recommendations For Improving Transatlantic Relations Following The Iraq War. Also, A Conversation With James Lipton, The Executive Producer, Writer And Host Of The Bravo Television Program Inside The Actors Studio.
  • 3/18/04
    A Discussion With Fouad Ajami, Author And Professor, About The Possible Capture Of Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden'S Chief Associate. Next, A Conversation About The Movie Taking Lives, With Three Of The Films Principals, Angelina Jolie, Olivier Martinez, And Ethan Hawke. Finally, The Indigo Girls Talk About Their Musical Career, How They Met, And Their New Album All That We Let In.moreless
  • 3/17/04
    An Update On An Explosion From The Mount Lebanon Hotel In Baghdad With Michael Ware Of Time Magazine, Jeffrey Gettleman Of The New York Times. Then, A Conversation With The Attorney General Of New York, Eliot Spitzer, About Corporate Corruption And Widespread White Collar Crime. Finally, Eric Alterman, Columnist For The Nation Magazine, And Mark Green, Former New York Public Advocate, Talk About Their Critical Account Of President Bush In A New Book, The Book On Bush: How George W. Misleads America.moreless
  • 3/16/04
    A Discussion About The Iraq War After One Year With Terry Mccarthy, La Bureau Chief For Time Magazine, Bob Woodruff, Jim Sciutto And Gary Langer Of Abc News, And Romesh Ratnesar, The World Editor Of Time Magazine. Next, A Conversation With Desmond Tutu About The World'S Underprivileged And His New Book, God Has A Dream, A Vision Of Hope For Our Time.moreless
  • 3/15/04
    A Conversation About The Terrorist Attacks In Spain And The Recent Election Of A New Prime Minister With Brent Sadler, James Graff, Isabel Piquer, Richard Gardner & Yonah Alexander. Then, A Discussion With Eli Broad, Chairman Of Aig Retirement Services Inc. And Founder/Chairman Of Kb Home, On Improving Primary And Secondary Education.moreless
  • 3/12/04
    A Discussion About Transatlantic Relations With Walter Wells, Editor Of The International Herald Tribune, And Jean-Marie Colombani, Editor Of Le Monde. Also, A Conversation With Val Kilmer About His Success As A Hollywood Actor And His Latest Film, Spartan.
  • 3/11/04
    An hour conversation with Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court William Rehnquist about constitutional law and his book
  • 3/10/04
    Alan Dershowitz, Attorney And Harvard Law School Professor, Talks About The Grounds For An Appeal In The Martha Stewart Trial. Stewart Was Convicted Last Week And Dershowitz Comments On What He Believes To Be Her Inevitable Jail Term. Also, The Architect Rem Koolhaas Talks About His Projects Around The World And His Latest Book, Content.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 9, 2004)
    Episode 03.09.04
    A Discussion About The Conflict In Iraq One Year After The Us Led Invasion With Nancy Gibbs And Karen Tumulty Of Time Magazine. They Discuss The State Of The War, The Possibility Of An Exit Strategy And The Contrasting Views Of George W. Bush And John Kerry. Next, Jim Calhoun, University Of Connecticut Men'S Basketball Coach, Talks About His Teams Success And The Special Players He'S Coached Including Current Star Emeka Okafor.moreless
  • Jack And Suzy Welch
    Episode 03.08.04
    An hour with Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, and Suzy Welch, former editor of the Harvard Business Review, about their relationship and collaboration on the book
  • Charlie Rose (March 5, 2004)
    Episode 03.05.04
    A Discussion About The Criminal Conviction Of Martha Stewart With David Boies And Journalists Constance Hays And Simon Crittle. Next, A Conversation With The Author Steve Coll About His New Book Ghost Wars: The Secret History Of The Cia, Afghanistan And Bin Laden From The Soviet Invasion To September 10, 2001. Then, Eric Kolbell, The Author Of What Jesus Meant: Beatitudes And A Meaningful Life, Discusses His Interpretation Of The Beatitudes, A Definitive Portion Of The Sermon On The Mount From The Gospel Of Matthew.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 4, 2004)
    Episode 03.04.04
    A Conversation With Chris Patten, Commissioner For External Affairs At The Eu, About Transatlantic Relations, The Middle East And The Influential Rise Of China. Also, Martin Smith, Producer And Correspondent For The Pbs Program Frontline, Discusses His New Film, Beyond Baghdad, Which Takes A Close Look At The Religious And Ethnic Divisions In Iraq. Finally, Paul Auster Discusses His Latest Novel, Oracle Night.moreless
  • Microsoft Ceo Bill Gates
    Episode 03.03.04
    An hour conversation from the MIT campus with Bill Gates about his tour of colleges in hopes of encouraging young people to go into the computer sciences. He also discusses his hope that Americans will renew their commitment to making advancements in the sciences and his views about growing competition India and China.moreless
  • An hour-long panel discussion about John Kerry s Super Tuesday victory which assured him the Democratic nomination for president. Panelists include Rich Lowry, editor of
  • Charlie Rose (March 1, 2004)
    Episode 03.01.04
    A Discussion About Haiti And The Resignation Of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide With Timothy Carney, Former Us Ambassador To Haiti Under President Bill Clinton, Representative Mark Foley, Jeffrey Sachs, Director Of The Earth Institute At Columbia University And Michelle Montas, Director Of Radio Haiti. Also, General David Patreas, Commander Of The 101St Airborne, Speaks About The Military Situation In Iraq And What Will Be Needed For Continued Security In The Most Violent Regions Of The Country.moreless
  • 2/27/04
    Mikhail Saakashvili, President Of The Republic Of Georgia, Talks About His Education In The United States And The Return To His Homeland As President. He Reflects On His Time In America, His Decision To Return To Georgia And The Challenges That Currently Face His Country. Also, Rolling Stones' Guitarist Ron Wood Talks About His Career In Rock And His Recent Foray Into Painting.moreless
  • 2/26/04
    Interviews With Expatriate Film Directors Sam Mendes And Jonathan Miller. Mendes Discusses His New Project, Gypsy And Miller Talks About Directing Christopher Plummer In King Lear At Lincoln Center.
  • 2/25/04
    Author Christopher Hitchens, Newsweek'S Jon Meacham, The New Yorker'S David Denby And The Christian Science Monitor'S Film Critic, David Sterritt, Discuss Mel Gibson'S Controversial New Film, The Passion Of The Christ. Also, Dan Abrams Of Msnbc, Charles Gasparino Of The Wall Street Journal And Barney Gimbel Of Newsweek On The Latest Developments In The Martha Stewart Trial.moreless
  • 2/24/04
    An Interview With Us Secretary Of The Treasury John Snow About The Future Of The American Economy. Topics Include Trade, Deficit, Employment And Outsourcing. Also, Governor Tom Ridge, Secretary Of Homeland Security, Discusses America'S Level Of Preparation In The Event Of Another Terrorist Attack.
  • 2/23/04
    Joe Klein Of Time Magazine Weighs In On The Race For The Democratic Nomination. Then, Steven Brill, Creator Of Court Tv And The American Lawyer, Shares His Opinion On The World Trade Center Trial And The Martha Stewart Trial. Finally, Jagdish Bhagwati Of The Council On Foreign Relations, Jyoti Thottam Of Time, And Roger Altman, Former Deputy Treasury Secretary, Discuss The New Hot Topic In Economics, Outsourcing.moreless
  • 2/20/04
    Joseph Wilson, Former Deputy Chief At The Us Embassy In Iraq, And John Podesta Of The Center For The American Progress Talk About The New Documentary, Uncovered, Which Deals With The Events And Intelligence Leading Up To The Iraqi War. Then, Bruce Mcewan Of Rockefeller University, Joseph Ledoux, Professor Of Neural Science & Psychology At Nyu, And Dennis Charney, Chief Of The Mood & Anxiety Disorder Program At The National Institute For Mental Health, Weigh In On The Brain. Finally, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue With Senior Editor Diane Smith And Model Veronika Varekova.moreless
  • 2/19/04
    A Discussion Of The Indictment Of Jeffrey Skilling, Former Ceo Of Enron, With Newsweek'S Allan Sloan, Fortune Magazine'S Bethany Mclean And Peter Elkind And The New York Times' Kurt Eichenwald. The Discussion Continues With Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker. Finally, Msnbc'S Dan Abrams On The Martha Stewart Trial.
  • 2/18/04
    Ron Brownstein Of The La Times And Mark Halperin Of Abc News Share Thoughts On The Democratic Primaries After Wisconsin. Then, Jai Rodriguez, Ted Allen, Carson Kressley, Thom Filicia And Kyan Douglas Discuss The Success Of Their Show, Queer Eye For The Stright Guy. Finally, Filmmaker Denys Arcand And His New Project, The Barbarian Invasions.moreless
  • 2/17/04
    Warren Hoge, Un Correspondent For The New York Times, Talks About The Un'S Role In Iraq. Then, Dr. Valentin Fuster Of Mount Sinai, Christine Gorman Of Time Magazine And Dr. Peter Libby Of Brigham & Women'S Hospital Discuss Chronic Inflammation And Its Link To A Number Of Diseases. Finally, Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen On His Book, The Innovator'S Solution.moreless
  • 2/16/04
    Philip Stevens, Associate Editor At The Financial Times, Discusses His New Biography Of Tony Blair Which Deals With The Events Leading Up To The War. Then, Zaid Asali Of The American Task Force On Palestine And Itamar Marcus, Director Of Palestinian Media Watch, On The Impact Of Media And Education On Middle Eastern Violence. Finally, Author Nina Munk Talks About Her New Book On The Aol/Time Warner Merger, Fools Rush In.moreless
  • 2/13/04
    An Interview With Former Producer At Cbs News And Cnn, Richard Cohen, And His Wife Meredith Vieira Of The View And Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. They Discuss Cohen'S Struggle With Ms, Colon Cancer And His Memoir, Blindsided. Also, A Conversation With Kevin Klose, Ceo Of Npr, On The Future Of The Network.moreless
  • 2/12/04
    Reporting From Seoul, Korea, Dr. Rudolph Jaenisch Of Mit And Dr. Harold Varmus, President Of Sloan Memorial Cancer Center, Discuss Therapeutic Cloning. Then, General Wesley Clark On His Decision To Leave The Race For The Democratic Nomination And His Expected Endorsement Of Senator John Kerry. Finally, Chairman Of The Republican National Convention Ed Gillespie Shares His Thoughts On The Forthcoming Presidential Race.moreless
  • 2/11/04
    David Sanger Of The New York Times And Former Us Senator Sam Nunn Discuss Bush'S New Proposals For Nuclear Non-Proliferation. Then, A Conversation With Johnnie Roberts Of Newsweek Magazine About Comcast'S Proposed Take Over Of The Disney Corporation. Finally, Josh The Dog, Best In Show At The Westminster Dog Show With His Handler Michelle Ostermiller And David Frei Of The Westminster Kennel Club.moreless
  • 2/10/04
    Doug Jehl, New York Times Correspondent From Washington, Discusses Baghdad Terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi And A Recently Discovered Document Containing A Plea To Terrorists, Asking Them To Join The Fight Against Coalition Forces In Iraq. Then, Actress Drew Barrymore Talks About Her New Film With Adam Sandler, 50 First Dates. Finally, Filmmaker And Director Bernardo Bertolucci Talks About His New Film, The Dreamers.moreless
  • 2/9/04
    White House Correspondent Dana Milbank Of The Washington Post, White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett, Mark Halperin Of Abc News And Nacy Gibbs Of Time Reflect On President Bush'S Interview With Tim Russert On Meet The Press And The President'S Recent Time Cover Story. Then Timothy Burger Of Time Magazine Speaks About The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden. Finally, An Interview With Mike And Bob Bryan - Identical Twins And America'S No. 1 Tennis Doubles Team.moreless
  • Filmmaker Peter Jackson
    Episode 02.06.04
    An hour conversation with Peter Jackson, director of the
  • 2/5/04
    A Discussion On The Quality Of American Intelligence With Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former Security Adviser To President Carter, And Reuel Marc Gerecht, Former Cia Middle East Specialist. Then, Elizabeth Edwards, Wife Of Senator John Edwards, Speaks About Her Husband And His Bid For The Democratic Nomination.
  • 2/4/04
    An hour conversation with Claude Bebear, former CEO of French insurance company AXA and one of the most influential private citizens in France. He discusses the relationship between France and the United States, the current state of Europe, capitalism and other forces shaping the 21st century.
  • An hour-long panel discussion about the Democratic primaries. Panelists include Democratic Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina, Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, Democratic Congressman Harold Ford of Tennessee, and journalists Karen Tumulty of
  • 2/2/04
    An Interview With Dana Milbank Of The Washington Post And David Sanger Of The New York Times Regarding Bush'S Decision To Appoint A Commission To Look Into American Intelligence. Then, Mircea Geoana, Foreign Minister Of Romania, Discusses The State Of The Country After The Cold War And Romania'S Relationship With The European Union. Finally, Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava On His Work At The World Trade Center.moreless
  • 1/30/04
    First, A Look Into The Latest Developments In The Martha Stewart Trial With The Wall Street Journal'S Kara Scannel And Cnn'S Jeffrey Toobin. They Look Specifically At Challenges Facing The Prosecution. Also, Peter King Of Sports Illustrated Compares The New England Patriots And The Carolina Panthers Who Go Head To Head This Sunday At The Super Bowl. Finally, The Bbc In The Aftermath Of The Hutton Inquiry.moreless
  • 1/29/04
    John Harwood Of The Wall Street Journal And Richard Wolffe Of Newsweek Give The Latest On The Race For The Democratic Nomination And Senator James Clyburn'S Recent Endorsement Of John Kerry. Also, Four Musicians From The 60'S And 70'S Who Continue To Make Music Today: Wilson Pickett, Sam Moore; Mary Wilson And Carla Thomas. They Discuss Their Careers And The Challenges Of The New Music Industry.moreless
  • 1/28/04
    Walter Pincus Of The Washington Post, Michael Isikoff Of Newsweek And Michael O'Hanlon Of The Brookings Institution Discuss The Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq And The Testimony Of David Kay, Former Weapons Inspector In Iraq Who Today Stated That American Intelligence Regarding The Wmd Was "All Wrong." Then, A Conversation With Mark Halperin Of Abc News About The Firing Of Joe Trippi, Howard Dean'S Campaign Manager. Finally, A Continuing Exploration Of America'S Role In The World With Joseph Nye Of The John F. Kennedy School Of Government At Harvard And Author Robert Kagan.moreless
  • 1/27/04
    Democratic Pollster Mark Mellman, The New York Times' David Brooks, Slate'S Michael Kinsley And Time Managing Editor James Kelly Discuss John Kerry'S Victory In The New Hampshire Primary, Howard Dean'S Highly Unexpected Position As Runner-Up, And What Can Be Inferred About The Final Outcome Of The Race. Then, A Look At The Films Nominated For The Best Picture Academy Award With Film Critics David Denby Of The New Yorker, Richard Corliss Of Time And Christy Lemire Of The Associated Press. Finally, A Continuing Conversation About The New Hampshire Primary With Cbs Evening News Anchor, Dan Rather.moreless
  • 1/26/04
    Looking Ahead To The Decisive New Hampshire Primary, A Conversation With Mark Halperin Of Abc News And Adam Nagourney Of The New York Times. Also, Henry Louis Gates Jr. Or Harvard University Discusses His New Book, America Behind The Color Line: Dialogues With African-Americans, Which Will Be Followed By A Documentary Of The Same Name To Be Aired On Pbs. The Book Deals With The New Problems With Race In America, Specifically The Issue Of Economics. Finally, The Military And West Point With David Lipsky Who Has A New Book, Absolutely American, Which Follows One West Point Cadet Class From Their Arrival At School To Their Graduation.moreless
  • 1/23/04
    First, author Gay Talese is on to talk about his new book, The Gay Talese Reader: Portraits and Encounters, a collection some of his most memorable work. Then, series creator Ilene Chaiken and actresses Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier & Mia Kirshner discuss their work on the new Showtime drama, The L Word, which documents the experiences of a group of lesbians.moreless
  • 1/22/04
    First, An Appreciation Of The Work Of Artist Romare Bearden With Exhibition Curator Ruth Fine, Photographer Frank Stewart And Musician Branford Marsalis. Bearden Is One Of America'S Most Renowned African American Artists - Especially For His Photomontages And Collages - And His Work Is Being Celebrated In A Touring Exhibition Organized By The National Gallery Of Art. Also, A Conversation With Japanese Architect And Pritzker Prize Winner Tadao Ando Discusses The Completion Of The Modern Art Museum Of Fort Worth And His Upcoming Projects In The Us.moreless
  • 1/21/04
    Two Young Journalists Discuss Their Work. First, Rhodes Scholar And Author Of The New Book, After Jihad: America And The Struggle For Islamic Democracy, Noah Feldman. Next, Professor Of Us Foreign Policy At The Carr Center At Harvard University And Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize For Her Book, A Problem From Hell: America And The Age Of Genocide, Samantha Power.moreless
  • An hour-long panel discussion about President Bush's State of the Union Address, which discussed Afghanistan, Iraq, the war on terror and the economy. Panelists include Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, former Republican Governor William Weld of Massachusetts, managing editor of
  • An hour-long panel discussion about the Iowa caucus and its ramifications on the race for the Democratic nomination. Panelists include Democratic Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina, Bruce Reed, former chief domestic policy advisor for Clinton and current president of the Democratic Leadership Council, Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for
  • 1/16/04
    Mark Halperin Of Abc News And Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek Discuss The Iowa Caucuses. Then, Director Robert Altman And Actress Neve Campbell On Their New Project, The Company, A Film That Takes A Unique Look At The Dance World. Finally, Filmmakers Orlando Bagwell And Noland Walker Give New Insight Into The Life Of Martin Luther King Jr In Their Film, Citizen King.moreless
  • 1/15/04
    A Conversation With Two Critics Of The Bush Administration. First, Financier And Philanthropist George Soros On His Book, "The Bubble Of American Supremacy", And Why Americans Must Reject The Bush Agenda.||Then, An Interview That Originally Aired January 14, 2003, In Which Filmmaker Michael Moore Discusses The Immorality Of The Current Administration And His Latest Book, "Dude, Where'S My Country?"moreless
  • 1/14/04
    Al Sharpton, Candidate For The 2004 Democratic Presidential Nomination, Talks About His Campaign, African American Voters And The State Of The Democratic Party. Then, Barnett Rubin, Director Of Studies At The Nyu Center On International Cooperation, Frank Wisner, Former Us Ambassador To India And Egypt, And Kathy Gannon, Associated Press Bureau Chief For Pakistan And Afghanistan, Discuss Pakistan And America'S Policy Towards The Musharraf Administration. Finally, Filmmaker Michael Moore Weighs In On Current Politics.moreless
  • 1/13/04
    Al Franken, Comedian, Author Of Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Talks About His Recent Uso Tour During Which He Entertained Troops In Iraq, Afghanistan And Kuwait; Also, He Discusses His Involvement With Central Air, The Forthcoming Liberal Radio Network. Also, The New Yorker'S Film Critic David Denby On His New Book, American Sucker, An Account Of His Misadventures On Wall Street.moreless
  • 1/12/04
    An hour-long panel discussion about human sexuality with Dr. Alan Altman of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh from the Department of Urology at Columbia University, Jeff Kluger of
  • 1/9/04
    Actors Sean Astin, Elijah Wood And Andy Serkis On The Third Installment In The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Return Of The King. Also, Alec Baldwin On His Critically Acclaimed Role In The New Movie, The Cooler.
  • 1/8/04
    Former Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright Discusses The Clinton Administration, Foreign Policy With Respect To The Candidates For The Democratic Nomination, The State Of The Democratic Party And The Current Administration. Also, Filmmaker Patty Jenkins And Actress Charlize Theron Talk About Their New Film, Monster.
  • An hour conversation with Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Ronald Reagan, and David Frum, former Special Assistant to the President, about their book
  • 1/6/04
    A conversation with Fay Vincent, former commissioner of Major League Baseball, and Tom Verducci, senior writer at Sports Illustrated, about Pete Rose’s admission that he gambled on baseball.
  • Fayssal Mekdad About Syria
    Fayssal Mekdad About Syria
    Episode 01.06.04
    A conversation with the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, Fayssal Mekdad, about Syria's relationship to Iraq, its ongoing role in Lebanon and Syrian-American relations.
  • 1/5/04
    Edward Weiler, Associate Administrator At Nasa, And Dan Mccleese, Chief Scientist On The Mars Program At The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Discuss The Successful Landing Of The Rover, Spirit, And Its Forthcoming Investigation Of Mars. Also, Mark Halperin Of Abc News, Jonathan Alter Of Newsweek And Mark Singer Of The New Yorker, Weigh In On Howard Dean'S Campaign For The Democratic Nomination.moreless
  • 1/2/04
    An hour-long conversation with Alan
  • Writer Peter Robinson
    Episode 01.01.04
    A conversation with Peter Robinson, author of
  • Author Peter Balakian
    Author Peter Balakian
    Episode 01.01.04
    A conversation with Colgate professor Peter Balakian, author of