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  • 12/15/05
    A Conversation With Author George Packer And John F. Burns From The New York Times On The Insurgency In Iraq. Then, Author And Former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich On The Future Of American Government.
  • An hour conversation about the life and work of Charles Darwin with James Watson, the 1962 Nobel Prize-winner for discovering the structure of DNA and E.O. Wilson, the two-time Pulitzer prize-winner and professor emeritus at Harvard University.
  • 12/13/05
    First, Senator Joseph Biden (D-De). Then, A Discussion About Earthquake Relief With Anne Mulcahy, Chairman And Ceo Of The Xerox Corporation, And Hank Mckinnell, Chairman & Ceo, Pfizer Inc. Also, Actress Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About Her New Film, The Family Stone. Finally, An Appreciation Of Richard Pryor.
  • 12/12/05
    A conversation about education with Ruth Simmons, President of Brown University about her hopes for meeting the needs of both students and faculty members and her desire to raise awareness of the history of slavery in the U.S.
  • Richard Brodhead Of Duke University
    A conversation with Richard Brodhead, President of Duke University and expert in 19th Century American Literature about the changing goals of the university.
  • Writer/director Stephen Gaghan About "syriana"
    An hour conversation with Stephen Gaghan, writer/director of the film
  • Karen Hughes About Public Diplomacy
    A conversation with Karen Hughes, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of State about rebuilding channels of public diplomacy.
  • 12/8/05
    A conversation about John Lennon, 25 years after his death with Joe Levy, deputy managing editor of
  • 10/24/05
    An hour with author Joan Didion. She discusses the life and death of her husband John Gregory Dunne, and the experience of writing her latest book, The Year of Magical Thinking.
  • 11/16/05
    David Remnick, Editor-in-Chief of The New Yorker, on the history of catastrophe and the future of New Orleans. Also, Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins on evolution, intelligent design, and his book, The Ancestor's Tale.
  • 9/23/05
    Today, Charlie Rose talks with David O'Reilly, the Chairman and CEO of Chevron. Also on the show is actor Viggo Mortensen talking about his new film, A History of Violence.
  • 9/22/05
    Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Amre Moussa Is Now Secretary General Of The League Of Arab Nations. He Discusses The Latest Developments In The Middle East And In Iraq. Also, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General Of The Islamic Conference Talks About The Perceptions Of Islam In The West And The Current State Of Islam.moreless
  • An hour conversation with Palaniappan Chidambaram, Finance Minister of India about the growing Indian economy, energy, outsourcing and India's global role.
  • 9/20/05
    A Conversation With Time Warner Chairman And Ceo, Richard Parsons, About The State Of Media, Entertainment, And The Future Of The Company. Also, Muhammad Yunus, Founder Of The Grameen Bank Which Utilizes Micro-Lending In The Struggle To End Poverty.
  • 9/19/05
    A Look At The World From The Perspective Of Three Foreign Ministers: Ban Ki-Moon Of South Korea, Ahmed Aboul Gheit Of Egypt, And Abdullah Abdullah Of Afghanistan.
  • 9/16/05
    Conversations With Kostas Karamanlis, Prime Minister Of Greece, And Former Archbishop Of Capetown, Desmond Tutu. Then, A Look At Fashion Week With Kate Betts Of Time Magazine And Designers Zac Posen And Alice Roi.
  • 9/15/05
    Today On Charlie Rose We Have Live Coverage Of President Bush'S Primetime Address With Guest Host George Stephanopoulos Of Abc'S News This Week. The Show Also Features South Carolina Representative James Clyburn, Michael Duffy Of Time, Susan Page Of Usa Today, And Republican Strategist Ed Rollins. Then, A Conversation With The President Of Iraq, Jalal Talabani.moreless
  • Author Nadine Gordimer
    Author Nadine Gordimer
    Episode 09.14.05
    A conversation with South African Nobel Prize-winning novelist Nadine Gordimer about her book
  • 9/13/05
    A Conversation With The Emir Of Qatar, Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani About Democracy In The Middle East, The Role Of The United States In The Region, And Recent Changes In His Nation. Also, Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent For Nbc News, Discusses Her New Book, Talking Back...To Presidents, Dictators, And Assorted Scoundrels.moreless
  • Anderson Cooper
    Anderson Cooper
    Episode 09.12.05
    A conversation via New Orleans with CNN's Anderson Cooper about the effects of Hurricane Katrina.
  • A panel discussion about the political fallout from Hurricane Katrina with Richard Stevenson of
  • 9/9/05
    Paul Volcker Talks About His Independent Inquiry Into The United Nations' Oil-For-Food Program. Mark Danner Talks About His Article In The New York Times Magazine On Osama Bin Laden And International Terrorism. Plus, Liev Schreiber Discusses His First Film As A Director, Everything Is Illuminated.
  • 9/8/05
    Charlie Rose Talks About The Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina With Cokie Roberts Of Abc News And Npr And Novelist Richard Ford. Both Have Personal Ties To Affected Communities. Also, Morgan Freeman Talks About His New Film, An Unfinished Life And Is Joined By Michelle Hudgins From The American Red Cross To Talk About His Efforts To Help Those Affected By The Hurricane.moreless
  • 9/7/05
    Former Louisiana Senator John Breaux On The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina And Ed Zander, Chairman And Ceo Of Motorola On The Latest In Communications.
  • 9/6/05
    Today On Charlie Rose, Linda Greenhouse Of The New York Times Talks About The Legacy Of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Then, Charlie Talks About The Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina With Composer/Musician Wynton Marsalis, Us District Court Judge Martin L.C. Feldman, Author Walter Issacson, Nicholas Lemann Of The New Yorker, And Julia Reed Of Vogue.moreless
  • An hour remembrance of Chief Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist with a rebroadcast of a conversation (from March 11, 2004).
  • 9/2/05
    A rebroadcast of an hour with Steve Wynn, Chairman & CEO of Wynn Resorts about the gaming industry and his interest in art (from July 8, 2005).
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with cyclist Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France about his record-breaking career and the triumphs of overcoming cancer (from August 1, 2005).
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with Thomas Friedman, columnist for
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with Garry Trudeau, Pulitzer prize-winning creator of
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with actors Russell Crowe, Paul Giamatti and director Ron Howard about the film
  • 8/26/05
    Conversations With Three Grammy-Winning Musicians: Alicia Keys (Originally Aired January 5, 2005), Kanye West (Originally Aired February 7, 2005), And Jay-Z (Originally Aired October 27, 2005).
  • 8/25/05
    Author Ian Mcewan Talks About His Latest Novel, Saturday (Original Broadcast: March, 30, 2005).||Actor Ralph Fiennes Discusses His Work In The New Film, "The Constant Gardener".
  • A Rebroadcast Of A Conversation With Jane Fonda
    A rebroadcast of a conversation with actress Jane Fonda about her memoir
  • A rebroadcast of a conversation with actress Jessica Lange about her role in the play
  • A rebroadcast of an hour on Doubt, the Pulitzer winner and Tony Award winner for best play. Charlie talks to the playwright John Patrick Shanley and to the cast of this Broadway production (original broadcast dates: March 14, 2005 and April 22, 2005, respectively).
  • 8/22/05
    Ralph Cicerone, The President Of The National Academy Of Sciences, Takes A Look At African-American Business Pioneers James Ward And Darwin Davis With Cora Daniels Of Fortune. Then, An Appreciation Of John Johnson, Founder Of Ebony And Jet Magazines With Bet Chairman And Founder Robert Johnson. (Broadcast Date: August 22, 2005)moreless
  • 8/19/05
    An hour conversation with Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense about the history of his career and the situation in Iraq.
  • 8/18/05
    A Look At Time Magazine'S 25 Most Influential Hispanics In America With New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson And Carolina Miranda Of Time. Also, Afl-Cio President John Sweeney, And Filmmaker John Singleton. His New Movie Is Four Brothers.
  • 8/17/05
    A Discussion About Iraq With Robin Wright Of The Washington Post And Fouad Ajami Of Johns Hopkins University. Then, Charlie Rose Talks With Michael Cunningham About His Latest Novel, Specimen Days.
  • 8/16/05
    Jim Dwyer Of The New York Times And Former New York City Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen Talk About The Recently Released Audio From 9/11. Also, Architect David Childs Discusses His Design For The Freedom Tower.
  • 8/15/05
    A Discussion About Iraq'S Constitution With Noah Feldman Of Nyu. Israel'S Withdrawal From Gaza With Dennis Ross, Former Us Special Envoy To The Middle East. Plus, Actress Natasha Richardson On Her New Film, Asylum.
  • 8/12/05
    A Conversation With Daniel Ayalon, Israel'S Ambassador To The United States, On The Continuing Effort To Work Towards Peace. Also, Former Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader, Author Of The Good Fight. Finally, Victor Navasky, Publisher Of The Nation Magazine, Discusses The Legacy And Future Of The Publication.
  • Film Producer Brian Grazer
    Episode 08.11.05
    An hour conversation with film producer Brian Grazer, co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment about his role in producing the most popular films of the last twenty years including
  • 8/10/05
    Martin Sherwin Talks About His Biography Of Robert Oppenheimer And The 60Th Anniversary Of The Bombings Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki. Also, Actress Kate Hudson On Her New Film The Skeleton Key. Chris Terrio Talks About His Film Heights.
  • 8/9/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Cnn'S Anderson Cooper About His Recent Reporting On The Widespread Starvation In Niger. Also, A Discussion About Tiger Woods And The Upcoming Pga Championship With Jaime Diaz Of Golf Digest, David Feherty Of Cbs Sports, And Brandel Chamblee Of The Golf Channel.
  • 8/8/05
    An Appreciation Of Peter Jennings With His Friend Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker; Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News And The Co-Author Of In Search Of America And The Century, Todd Brewster. We'Ll Also Look Back At Peter Jennings' Appearances On The Program.
  • An hour conversation about architecture with Pritzker Prize-winning architects Frank Gehry and Renzo Piano and Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable of "The Wall Street Journal".
  • 8/4/05
    Author Jim Collins talks about going from good to great whether you are a corporation or an individual. Also, architect Santiago Calatrava discusses his latest projects.
  • 8/3/05
    A Report From Baghdad About The Insurgency In Iraq With Edward Wong Of The New York Times. Inventor And Author Ray Kurzweil Talks About Technology And The Quest For Immortality. We Close With Two Discussions About Senator Bill Frist'S Change In Position On The Federal Funding Of Stem Cell Research With Rudolph Jaenisch Of The Whitehead Institute At Mit, And Sheila Jasanoff Of The Jfk School Of Government At Harvard University.moreless
  • 8/2/05
    A Discussion About The Death Of King Fahd And The Future Of Saudi Arabia With Judith Kipper And Rachel Bronson Of The Council On Foreign Relations And Thomas Lippman Of The Middle East Institute. Also, A Conversation With Bill Keller, Executive Editor Of The New York Times.
  • Cyclist Lance Armstrong
    Episode 08.01.05
    An hour with cyclist Lance Armstrong about winning his seventh consecutive Tour de France, his career in cycling, his retirement and what he sees in his future.
  • 7/29/05
    An hour with Kim Clark, outgoing Dean of Harvard Business School about his career, his experiences at Harvard and his future position as President of Brigham Young University Idaho.
  • Charlie Rose (July 28, 2005)
    Episode 07.28.05
    Sinn Fein Chief Negotiator Martin Mcguinness On The Ira'S Announcement That It Will Abandon Its Armed Campaign. From Baghdad, John F. Burns Of The New York Times And An Update On The War. Also, Polo Champion Ignacio Figueras.
  • Charlie Rose (July 27, 2005)
    Episode 07.27.05
    Charlie Rose Talks With Former National Security Advisers, Brent Scowcroft And Samuel Berger. Then, A Discussion About The State Of The Democratic Party With Dan Balz Of The Washington Post And Mark Halperin, Political Director For Abc News. Also, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack Weighs In On The Democrats And Challenges Facing Them In 2006 And 2008.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 26, 2005)
    Episode 07.26.05
    Charlie Talks To Reid Weingarten, Attorney For Bernard Ebbers, Former Ceo Of Worldcom Currently Facing Charges Of Fraud And Conspiracy. Also, Filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai On His New Film, 2046.
  • Charlie Rose (July 25, 2005)
    Episode 07.25.05
    From Paris, Charlie Rose Talks To Olivier Roy Of Paris'S National Center For Scientific Research. His Book Is Called Globalized Islam: The Search For A New Ummah. Also, Clarium Capital Management President Peter Thiel.
  • Charlie Rose (July 22, 2005)
    Episode 07.22.05
    A Discussion About Domestic Security With William Finnegan Of The New Yorker, Raphael Ron, The President Of New Age Security Solutions, And Michael Wermuth, Director Of The Rand Homeland Security Program. Also, Charlie Rose Talks About Chinese Currency With Keith Bradsher Of The New York Times And Steven Englander Of Barclays Capital.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 21, 2005)
    Episode 07.21.05
    An Investigation Into The Cia Leak With Walter Pincus Of The Washington Post. Stephen P. Cohen Of The Israeli Policy Forum And Robert Malley Of The International Crisis Group Discuss The Gaza Withdrawal. Also, A Conversation With Alexei Ratmansky, The Artistic Director Of The Bolshoi Ballet.
  • Charlie Rose (July 20, 2005)
    Episode 07.20.05
    A Discussion About John Roberts And The Future Of The Supreme Court With Burt Neuborne Of Nyu Law School And Samuel Issacharoff Of Columbia Law School. Also, Writer And Actor Antony Sher Talks About Primo Time, His Latest Memoir.
  • Charlie Rose (July 19, 2005)
    Episode 07.19.05
    A Live Discussion About President Bush'S Announcement Of His Supreme Court Nominee With Laurence Tribe Of Harvard Law School, Former Solicitor General Charles Fried, Ralph Neas, President & Ceo Of People For The American Way, Tom Fitton, President Of Judicial Watch, And Former Attorney General William Barr. Also, A Discussion With Larry Kramer, Author Of The Tragedy Of Today'S Gays.moreless
  • A conversation with
  • Charlie Rose (July 15, 2005)
    Episode 07.15.05
    Actor Vince Vaughn Talks About His Role In The New Film Wedding Crashers. Also, Stanley Crouch, Author Of The Artificial White Man, And Christopher Hitchens, Author Of Thomas Jefferson: Author Of America, Discuss Their Latest Books.
  • Charlie Rose (July 14, 2005)
    Episode 07.14.05
    A Discussion About The Ongoing Investigation Of The London Bombings With Emyr Jones Parry, Uk Ambassador To The United Nations. Also, A Conversation About Chinese Investment In American Business With Allan Sloan Of Newsweek, Elizabeth Economy Of The Council On Foreign Relations, And C. Richard D'Amato, Chairman Of The Us-China Economic And Security Review Commission. Then, Owen Wilson Talks About His Role In The New Film Wedding Crashers.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 13, 2005)
    Episode 07.13.05
    A Conversation With Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Singapore. Also, A Discussion About Torture With Kenneth Roth, Executive Director Of Human Rights Watch, And John Yoo Of The School Of Law At The University Of California At Berkeley.
  • Charlie Rose (July 12, 2005)
    Episode 07.12.05
    The Latest On The London Bombings With Michael Elliott, International Editor Of Time. Then, A Discussion About The Karl Rove Controversy With Terry Moran Of Abc News And Richard Stevenson Of The New York Times. Also, A Discussion About The Rugby Documentary Murderball With Bronze Medalist Mark Zupan And Co-Directors Dana Adam Shapiro And Henry-Alex Rubin.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (July 11, 2005)
    Episode 07.11.05
    Petros Molyviatis, Foreign Minister Of Greece, Talks About Terrorism In Europe And Around The World. Also, A Discussion About Terrorism And Europe With Louise Richardson, Executive Dean Of Radcliffe Institute For Advanced Study At Harvard University, And Martha Raddatz, National Security Correspondent For Abc News. Also, A Conversation About Art With Steve Wynn, Chairman And Ceo Of Wynn Resorts.moreless
  • 7/8/05
    An hour conversation with Steve Wynn, the Chairman & CEO of Wynn Resorts and his wife Elaine about the creation of the "Wynn Las Vegas" and his role in shaping the city's landscape.
  • Charlie Rose (July 7, 2005)
    Episode 07.07.05
    From London, A Report On The Explosions In That City From Rod Nordland Of Newsweek. Also, Bob Woodward Of The Washington Post Gives His Perspective On The Day'S Events From Washington And Talks About His New Book, The Secret Man: The Story Of Watergate'S Deep Throat.
  • Charlie Rose (July 6, 2005)
    Episode 07.06.05
    Steven Levitt And Stephen Dubner Discuss Their Book, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores The Hidden Side Of Everything. Also, A Discussion With Historian And Author Francis Fukuyama Of Johns Hopkins University.
  • Charlie Rose (July 5, 2005)
    Episode 07.05.05
    A Discussion About Iraq With General Jack Keane, Retired Vice Chief Of Staff Of The U.S. Army And Member Of The Defense Policy Review Board. Also, Author Jennet Conant Talks About Her Book, 109 East Palace: Robert Oppenheimer And The Secret City Of Los Alamos.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour discussion with author and historian David McCullough, of
  • Charlie Rose (July 1, 2005)
    Episode 07.01.05
    Discussions About The Retirement Of Sandra Day O'Connor With Attorney David Boies, Jay Sekulow Of The American Center For Law And Justice, Ralph Neas, Ceo Of People For The American Way, And Journalists Charles Lane, Nina Totenberg, And Jeffrey Rosen. Also, An Excerpt From Charlie Rose'S 2002 Conversation With Justice O'Connor.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 30, 2005)
    Episode 06.30.05
    New York City Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff Talks To Charlie Rose About The Latest Freedom Tower Design, The Rebuilding Effort At Ground Zero, And The Campaign To Bring The Olympics To New York In 2012. Also, Producer John Singleton And Director Craig Brewer On The New Film, Hustle And Flow.
  • Charlie Rose (June 29, 2005)
    Episode 06.29.05
    Time Magazine'S Editor-In-Chief Norman Pearlstine On The Magazine'S Decision To Hand Over Documents Revealing Reporter Matt Cooper'S Confidential Source. A Conversation About Poverty And The Upcoming G8 Summit With U2 Singer Bono. Also, A Conversation About The Grand Challenges Of Global Health, An Initiative Of The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, With Dr. Rick Klausner Of The Gates Foundation, Nobel Laureate Dr. Harold Varmus, And Dr. Anthony James Of Uc Irvine.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 28, 2005)
    Episode 06.28.05
    Analysis Of President Bush'S Speech On Iraq With Michael Duffy Of Time, Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post, Richard Haass, President Of The Council On Foreign Relations And Richard Stevenson Of The New York Times. Jon Meacham, Managing Editor Of Newsweek, Guest Hosts And Talks About Billy Graham'S Last Crusade.
  • Charlie Rose (June 27, 2005)
    Episode 06.27.05
    Us Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Discusses The War On Terror And Respect For The Rule Of Law. Then, Abc News Chief White House Correspondent Terry Moran Previews The President'S Tuesday Night Speech. Finally, Nina Totenberg Of Npr Discusses Monday'S Supreme Court Decisions.
  • Charlie Rose (June 24, 2005)
    Episode 06.24.05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Singer/Songwriter Brian Wilson And Filmmaker David Leaf About The Film Beautiful Dreamer Which Documents The 37 Year History Of The Album Smile. Also, Charlie Talks To Pfizer Chairman And Ceo Henry Mckinnell.
  • National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley
    A conversation with National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley about the U.S.' strategy in Iraq and stamping out terrorism in the Middle East.
  • Novelist Philip Caputo
    Episode 06.23.05
    A conversation with Philip Caputo about his novel
  • Charlie Rose (June 22, 2005)
    Episode 06.22.05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Anthony Shadid Of The Washington Post About The Situation In Iraq. Also, A Conversation About The New Documentary Rize With The Filmmaker David Lachappelle And Dancers Tommy Johnson And Christopher Toler. Finally, Co-Creators Denis Leary And Peter Tolan Talk About Their Television Series Rescue Me.
  • Charlie Rose (June 21, 2005)
    Episode 06.21.05
    Senator Joseph Biden Of Delaware Talks To Charlie Rose About The Situation In Iraq. From The Ground In Baghdad, John F. Burns Of The New York Times Gives Us An Update On The Situation. Finally, Doug Liman, Director Of Mr. And Mrs. Smith, In Conversation About The Film.
  • Charlie Rose (June 20, 2005)
    Episode 06.20.05
    An Hour With Walter Mossberg, The Personal Technology Columnist At The Wall Street Journal, Thomas Bleha, Journalist And Author Of Down To The Wire, And Stacy Schiff, Author Of A Great Improvisation; Franklin, France, And The Birth Of America.
  • Charlie Rose (June 17, 2005)
    Episode 06.17.05
    An Update On North Korea With Bob Woodruff Of Abc News, Who Recently Returned From The Country. Then, Arthur Brown, Former Cia East Asia Division Chief.
  • Charlie Rose (June 16, 2005)
    Episode 06.16.05
    Actors Alan Alda And Liev Schreiber Talk About Performing David Mamet'S Glengarry Glen Ross On Broadway. Also, Designer Diane Von Furstenburg Discusses The Book A Jewish Doctor In Auschwitz; The Testimony Of Sima Vaisman, For Which She Wrote The Afterward. Finally, Nba Rookie Of The Year, Emeka Okafor Of The Charlotte Bobcatsmoreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 15, 2005)
    Episode 06.15.05
    Actor Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan discuss the latest installment in the Batman series, Batman Begins. Also, actor Will Ferrell and director Nora Ephron discuss their new film Bewitched.
  • Charlie Rose (June 14, 2005)
    Episode 06.14.05
    Jim Lehrer Is The Executive Editor And Anchor Of The Newshour With Jim Lehrer. He Is Also The Author Of The New Novel, The Franklin Affair. Also, Linda Greenhouse Discusses The Life Of Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Her Book Is Becoming Justice Blackmun.
  • Disney Ceo Michael Eisner
    Episode 06.13.05
    An hour conversation with Michael Eisner, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company about the changes within Disney in recent years and his book
  • Charlie Rose (June 10, 2005)
    Episode 06.10.05
    Karsten Voigt Is The Coordinator For German-American Relations In The German Foreign Office. He Talks To Charlie About The Future Of Europe And Relations With The United States. Also, In Celebration Of His 90Th Birthday On June 12Th, Philanthropist David Rockefeller.
  • 6/9/05
    An hour conversation with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Topics include democracy in America, its promotion in the Middle East and Russia, the nuclear threats posed by North Korea and Iran and the rise of China as a global power.
  • A remembrance of iconic American actress Anne Bancroft in a rebroadcast of an hour conversation in which she discusses her memorable roles in
  • Charlie Rose (June 7, 2005)
    Episode 06.07.05
    Discussions About Improving Public Education With Kevin Johnson, Founder Of St. Hope Corporation, Kim Smith, Co-Founder And Ceo Of New Schools Venture Fund, And Don Shalvey, Co-Founder And Ceo Of Aspire Public Schools.Also, John Markoff Of The New York Times On His New Book, What The Dormouse Said: How The 60S Counterculture Shaped The Personal Computer Industry.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (June 6, 2005)
    Episode 06.06.05
    A Discussion About The Future Of Europe With Jean-Marie Colombani, Editor Of Le Monde, And Walter Wells, Executive Editor Of The International Herald Tribune. Also, Historian And Author Richard Reeves On The "No" Vote In France And The Netherlands. Then, A Conversation About The Revival Of Who'S Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? On Broadway With Playwright Edward Albee And Actors Kathleen Turner And Bill Irwin.moreless
  • 6/3/05
    An hour conversation with the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt about taking the company public, the future of the internet and the crucial need for public accessibility to information.
  • Charlie Rose (June 2, 2005)
    Episode 06.02.05
    A Discussion About China With Ted Fishman, Author Of China, Inc.; How The Rise Of The Next Superpower Challenges America And The World. Also, Ed Colligan, President And Ceo Of Palmone, Talks About The Future Of Smart Phones.
  • An hour conversation about the film
  • Charlie Rose (May 31, 2005)
    Episode 05.31.05
    Former Nixon Speechwriter David Gergen Talks About Mark Felt'S Admission That He Is Deep Throat. Then, John Harris Of The Washington Post Talks About His New Bill Clinton Biography, The Survivor. Finally, Cheryl Howard Crew Discusses Her Novel, In The Face Of Jinn.
  • Author David Mccullough
    Episode 05.30.05
    A conversation with the Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough about his book
  • Charlie Rose (May 27, 2005)
    Episode 05.27.05
    Discussions About Rebuilding Plans In Lower Manhattan With Roland Betts Of The Lower Manhattan Development Council, And Paul Goldberger, Architecture Critic For The New Yorker. Also, Chef Gordon Ramsay Talks About His Work And His Two Television Programs.
  • Charlie Rose (May 26, 2005)
    Episode 05.26.05
    A Discussion About The Effort To Rebuild At Ground Zero With Sheldon Silver, The Speaker Of The New York State Assembly. Also, A Conversation About American Foreign Policy And Relations With Russia With Robert Strauss, The Former Chairman Of The Democratic National Committee And The Former Ambassador To The Soviet Union.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 25, 2005)
    Episode 05.25.05
    A Discussion About Internet Security With John Markoff Of The New York Times And Mark Rasch, Founder Of The Justice Department'S Computer Crime Unit. David Kelley Talks To Charlie Rose About His Tenure As The Us Attorney For The Southern District Of New York. Director Alex Gibney And Writers Peter Elkind And Bethany Mclean Talk About The Documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 24, 2005)
    Episode 05.24.05
    James Wolfensohn Talks About His Tenure As President Of The World Bank. Time Magazine Film Critics Richard Corliss And Richard Schickel Talk About Their List Of The 100 Best Films. The List Ranges Far And Wide, From 8-1/2 To The 400 Blows; From A Hard Day'S Night To Day For Night; From King Kong To The Fly To E.T. Perennial Favorites As Casablanca And Citizen Kane Make The List Along With Surprises Like The Purple Rose Of Cairo And The Singing Detective.moreless
  • 5/23/05
    An hour conversation with
  • A Discussion About "24"
    A Discussion About "24"
    Episode 05.20.05
    A discussion with actors Carlos Bernard, Kim Raver, and Arnold Vosloo of
  • A Conversation With Filmmaker George Lucas, Which Originally Aired September 9, 2004. He Spoke To Charlie Rose In September Of 2004 About The Re-Release Of "Thx-1138", The "Star Wars" Legacy, And The Future Of Lucasfilm.
  • Charlie Rose (May 18, 2005)
    Episode 05.18.05
    Playwright August Wilson Talks About His Play Radio Golf. Also, Steven Roberts, Author Of My Father'S Houses: Memoir Of A Family; And Abraham George, Founder Of The George Foundation And Shanti Bhavan. Dr. George Is The Author Of India Untouched.
  • Charlie Rose (May 17, 2005)
    Episode 05.17.05
    Warren Hoge Of The New York Times And Adam Zagorin Of Time Magazine Discuss George Galloway'S Testimony Before A Senate Subcommittee. Charlie Rose Also Talks To Parliament Member George Galloway About His Testimony, Which Addressed Charges He Profited From Saddam Hussein'S Regime. Also, Alexander Tsiaras, President And Ceo Of Anatomical Travelogue And Author Of The Architecture And Design Of Man And Woman.moreless
  • Author Roger Cohen
    Author Roger Cohen
    Episode 05.16.05
    A conversation with Roger Cohen of
  • 5/16/05
    A conversation with Arianna Huffington about her successful political blogging website
  • Charlie Rose (May 20, 2005)
    Episode 05.15.05
    An hour on the set of 24 with actor and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, co-creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, and actors Carlos Bernard, Kim Raver, and Arnold Vosloo.
  • Charlie Rose (May 13, 2005)
    Episode 05.13.05
    Les Gelb, President Emeritus Of The Council On Foreign Relations Talks About His Recent Trip To Iraq. Poker Champion Chris Ferguson Talks About The Recent Fascination With The Game. Finally, An Appreciation Of Former White House Counsel For Presidents Carter And Clinton, Lloyd Cutler, Who Died Sunday.
  • Jp Morgan Ceo Bill Harrison
    Episode 05.12.05
    As part of the series of conversations from Harvard Business School, an hour conversation with William B. HarrisonJr., Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase. He discusses what he has learned from leadership and his brilliant career.
  • Charlie Rose (May 11, 2005)
    Episode 05.11.05
    Former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant talks about his career in music and his new album, Mighty Rearranger. Also, Billy Crudup discusses his Tony-nominated performance in The Pillowman.
  • Charlie Rose (May 10, 2005)
    Episode 05.10.05
    Former Uk Ambassador To The United Nations Sir Jeremy Greenstock, And A Conversation About Health And Disease Prevention With Dr. Mehmet Oz And Dr. Michael Roizen. Their Book Is You: The Owner'S Manual.
  • Charlie Rose (May 9, 2005)
    Episode 05.09.05
    A Conversation About President Bush'S Trip To Russia With Michael Mcfaul Of The Hoover Institution And Stephen Sestanovich, Former Us Ambassador To Russia. Also, A Discussion About Global Poverty With Jeffrey Sachs Of The Earth Institute At Columbia University. Sachs Is The Author Of The End Of Poverty. Gossip Columnist Liz Smith Talks About Her New Book, Dishing: Great Dish - And Dishes - From America'S Most Beloved Gossip Columnist.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (May 6, 2005)
    Episode 05.06.05
    A Discussion About The Uk Elections With Nicholas Wapshott Of The Times Of London; Philip Stephens, A Tony Blair Biographer And Associate Editor Of The Financial Times; And Alan Cowell Of The New York Times. Also, Filmmaker Ridley Scott Talks About His New Film, Kingdom Of Heaven.
  • Charlie Rose (May 5, 2005)
    Episode 05.05.05
    Charlie Talks To Mohamed Elbaradei, Director General Of The International Atomic Energy Agency; And Floyd Abrams, Author Of Speaking Freely: Trials Of The First Amendment.
  • Charlie Rose (May 4, 2005)
    Episode 05.04.05
    Charlie Talks To Kamal Kharrazi, Foreign Minister Of Iran. Also, A Conversation About Oil With Nancy Birdsall, President Of The Center For Global Development, And Arvind Subramanian, Division Chief Of The International Monetary Fund.
  • Charlie Rose (May 3, 2005)
    Episode 05.03.05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Rami Khouri, Editor-At-Large For The Newspaper The Daily Star. Also, South African Actor Arnold Vosloo Talks About His Role As Terrorist Habib Marwan In The Television Series 24.
  • Charlie Rose (May 2, 2005)
    Episode 05.02.05
    Charlie Rose Talks To David Sanger, White House Correspondent For The New York Times About Nuclear Proliferation. Sanger Discusses The Nuclear Standoff With Iran And The Country'S Strategies For Pursuing A Nuclear Program. Also, A Discussion With Actor Don Cheadle About His New Film, Crash, Which Documents Racial Hostilities In Present Day L.A.moreless
  • 4/29/05
    First, Guest Host Roger Cohen Of The "New York Times" Interviews Laurent Fabius, Deputy Leader Of The French Socialist Party, About His Position On A Potential European Constitution.Iithen, Charlie Interviews Elliot Greenbaum For The First Time About His Debut Film "Assisted Living".Iifinally, Charlie Has A Conversation With Author Leonie Frieda About Her New Book "Catherine De Medici: Renaissance Queen Of France.moreless
  • 4/28/05
    Live Coverage Of President Bush'S Press Conference With Guest Host Ron Insana, Anchor Of Cnbc'S Street Signs, Norman Ornstein Of The American Enterprise Institute, David Sanger Of The New York Times, And Terry Moran, Abc News Chief White House Correspondent. Also, Sharon Waxman, Author Of Rebels On The Backlot.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas L. Friedman of
  • 4/26/05
    An hour conversation with Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe-winning director Mike Nichols about his Broadway play
  • 4/25/05
    Dexter Filkins of The New York Times talks about the insurgency in Iraq and the recent changes in that country. Actresses Maggie Smith and Judi Dench join Charlie Rose to talk about their friendship, a life in acting, and their new film together, Ladies in Lavender.
  • 4/22/05
    The Cast Of The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play, Doubt: Cherry Jones, Brian O'Byrne, Adriane Lenox, And Heather Goldenhersh. Also, Basketball Legends Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving, And Bill Russell.
  • 4/21/05
    Tonight, Filmmaker Sydney Pollack Talks About His Forty Years In Film And His Latest Project, The Interpreter. Also, Mitchell Baker, President Of The Mozilla Foundation, Talks About Open-Source Software And The Future Of The Internet.
  • 4/19/05
    A Conversation With Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete Of St. Joseph'S Seminary About The Election Of Pope Benedict Xvi. Also, Actor Amitabh Bachchan Talks About His Career In Film And The State Of The Indian Film Industry.
  • 4/18/05
    Charlie Rose Talks With French Finance Minister Thierry Breton. Then, He Talks With John Major, Former Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom.
  • 4/15/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Actress Jessica Lange, Who Is Starring On Broadway In The Glass Menagerie. Also, Stanford University President John Hennessy.
  • 4/14/05
    Former Us Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger Talks About Current Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice And Our Standing In The World. Also, A Conversation About Hurlyburly With The Playwright David Rabe And Actor Ethan Hawke.
  • 4/13/05
    An hour conversation with former Republican Senator of Kansas Bob Dole about his lifetime of public service and his memoir
  • 4/12/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Political Strategist And Author James Carville. Also, From The Boston Symphony Orchestra And The Metropolitan Opera, Music Director James Levine.
  • 4/11/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Ashraf Qazi, The United Nations Special Representative To Iraq About The Future Of The Country And The Role Of The United Nations. Then, Blogger Juan Cole Of The University Of Michigan Talks With Charlie About Iraq And The Middle East. Also, Actress Lauren Bacall Reflects On Her Life And Her New Memoir, By Myself, And Then Some.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 8, 2005)
    Episode 04.08.05
    A Discussion About The Funeral Of Pope John Paul Ii With Bill Blakemore Of Abc News, Alessio Vinci, Cnn Rome Bureau Chief, Father Walter Modrys Of St. Ignatius Loyola Church, New York, And Father Joseph Koterski Of Fordham University. Also, A Discussion About The State Of Middle East Peace And The Direction Of Israel With Vice Prime Minister Of Israel.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (April 7, 2005)
    Episode 04.07.05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Jane Fonda About Her Life And Career. Also, Former New York Times Executive Editor Joseph Lelyveld On His New Memoir, Omaha Blues: A Memory Loop.
  • Charlie Rose (April 6, 2005)
    Episode 04.06.05
    A Conversation With Former General Electric Ceo Jack Welch And His Wife Suzy Welch, Former Editor Of The Harvard Business Review. Their New Book Is Winning. Also, A Conversation With Cardinal Avery Dulles On The Life And Death Of His Friend Pope John Paul Ii And The Future Of The Catholic Church.moreless
  • 4/5/05
    An hour conversation with
  • Charlie Rose (April 4, 2005)
    Episode 04.04.05
    A Discussion About The Law With Attorney David Boies. Also, Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy Talks About His Journey Across America, Documented In The Atlantic Monthly.
  • Charlie Rose (April 1, 2005)
    Episode 04.01.05
    A Discussion About The Failing Health And The Legacy Of Pope John Paul Ii With: Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent, Cnn, Christopher Dickey, Newsweek, Chester Gillis, Chair, Of The Dept. Of Theology At Georgetown University, David M. O'Connell, President Of The Catholic University Of America, Francis Fiorenza Of The Harvard Divinity School, And Jon Meacham, Managing Editor At Newsweek.moreless
  • 3/31/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Abc News President David Westin About Recent Changes And Challenges In Network News And The Future Of The Industry. We Also Feature An Appreciation Of Famed Attorney Johnnie Cochran Who Died Tuesday Of A Brain Tumor At The Age Of 67.
  • 3/30/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Author Ian Mcewan About His New Book Saturday. Also, Chef Thomas Keller Talks About His Restaurant, Per Se.
  • 3/29/05
    Philip Short, A Former Correspondent For The Bbc, The Economist And The Times Of London, Discusses His New Biography Of Pol Pot, The Former Cambodian Dictator. Then, Hau Thai-Tang, The Chief Engineer Of The 2005 Ford Mustang, Discusses The Art Of Design And The State Of The American Automotive Industry.
  • 3/28/05
    Charlie Talks With Jan Egeland, The Under-Secretary-General For Humanitarian Affairs At The United Nations, About The Ongoing Relief Efforts Following The December Tsunami.. Also, Actor Clive Owen Discusses His Role In The New Film Sin City.
  • 3/25/05
    Charlie Talks To Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov About Chess And Russian Politics. Then Kishore Mahbubani, Author Of Beyond The Age Of Innocence: Rebuilding Trust Between America And The World. Also, An Appreciation Of Bobby Short.
  • 3/24/05
    A Discussion At The White House With Andrew Card, White House Chief Of Staff. Also, An Appreciation Of George F. Kennan
  • 3/23/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Jonathan Klein, President Of Cnn (Us), About Changes At The Network And The Role Of The Media Today. Also, Saad Eddin Ibrahim Of The American University In Cairo Talks About Democratic Reform In Egypt And Changes In The Middle East.
  • An hour conversation with Academy Award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis and his wife, filmmaker Rebecca Miller about their film
  • 3/21/05
    Tonight, R.W. Apple, Jr., Associate Editor Of The New York Times And Author Of Apple'S America, And An Analysis Of The Schiavo Case With Rep. David Dreier (R-Ca) And Laurence Tribe, Professor Of Constitutional Law At Harvard University.
  • 3/18/05
    Peter Whybrow, M.D., Director Of The Semel Institute For Neuroscience And Human Behavior, Ucla, And Author Of American Mania: When More Is Not Enough. Then, Robert Gottlieb, Author Of George Balanchine: The Ballet Maker; And Terence Ward, Author Of Searching For Hassan.
  • 3/17/05
    A discussion about the Congressional hearings on steroid use in Major League Baseball with writer Mitch Albom of
  • 3/16/05
    A Report On The President'S Press Conference With Elisabeth Bumiller Of The New York Times. Also, Republican Senator Charles Hagel Of Nebraska. Then, A Discussion About Oil And Alternative Energy Sources With Vijay Vaitheeswaran Of The Economist And Author Of Power To The People And Daniel Yergin, Chairman And Co-Founder Of Cambridge Energy Research Associates.moreless
  • 3/15/05
    A Discussion About The Guilty Verdicts In The Bernard Ebbers Trial With Ken Belson Of The New York Times. Also, Sportswriter John Feinstein On The Ncaa Basketball Tournament; Edouard Michelin, Ceo Of Michelin, On His Company'S New York Guide; And Ami Ayalon, Former Director Of Shin Bet, Israel'S Internal Security Service.moreless
  • 3/14/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Playwright John Patrick Shanley About Doubt, His New Play On Broadway. Also, Former Us Attorney General Ramsey Clark On The Case Against Saddam Hussein And His Views On Peace And Justice.
  • 3/11/05
    A Conversation With The Outgoing Chairman Of The Fcc, Michael Powell. Also, Patrick Byrne, Chairman Of The Board Of Overstock.Com.
  • 3/10/05
    Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan, Talks To Charlie Rose About The Challenges Facing Afghanistan And The Role Of The United States In The Process Of Rebuilding. Also, Time Magazine'S Joe Klein On His Exclusive Interview With The President Of Syria, Bashar Assad. Finally, A Discussion With Zana Briski And Ross Kauffman, The Directors Of The Academy Award-Winning Documentary Born Into Brothels.moreless
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with actor Morgan Freeman about his work in Clint Eastwood's
  • Charlie Rose (March 8, 2005)
    Episode 03.08.05
    A Discussion About Bush'S Speech Earlier Today And The Changes In The Middle East With Fouad Ajami Of Johns Hopkins University And Us News And World Report And Roger Cohen, Columnist For The International Herald Tribune. Also, Mahmood Mamdani Of Columbia University Talks About His Book Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, The Cold War, And The Roots Of Terror. Plus, Filmmaker Mike Binder Talks About The Upside Of Anger.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 7, 2005)
    Episode 03.07.05
    A Discussion About The Transatlantic Relationship And The Future Of Europe With Valery Giscard D'Estaing, Former President Of France. Also, Charlie Rose Talks To Actress Joan Allen About Her New Film, The Upside Of Anger.
  • Charlie Rose (March 4, 2005)
    Episode 03.04.05
    A Conversation With Clint Eastwood, Which Originally Aired January 14, 2005, About His Roles As Director, Actor And Composer For The Film "Million Dollar Baby".
  • Charlie Rose (March 3, 2005)
    Episode 03.03.05
    A Conversation About Welfare With Jason Deparle, Author Of American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, And A Nation'S Drive To End Welfare. Also, Christine Todd Whitman, Former Epa Administrator And Former Governor Of New Jersey. She'S The Author Of It'S My Party Too: The Battle For The Heart Of The Gop And The Future Of America. Plus, Charlie Talks To David Granger, Editor-In-Chief Of Esquire Magazine.moreless
  • Charlie Rose (March 2, 2005)
    Episode 03.02.05
    As part of our continuing series of conversations from Harvard Business School, we present an hour with Stephen Schwarzman. Mr. Schwarzman is Chairman, CEO, and Co-founder of The Blackstone Group. He's also Chairman of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Charlie Rose (March 1, 2005)
    Episode 03.01.05
    Charlie Rose Interviews Jerry Yang, The Co-Founder, Director, And Chief Yahoo Of Yahoo, Inc. The Multi-Billion Dollar Company, Which Is The World'S Most Popular Web Destination, Is Marking Its 10Th Anniversary. Also, An Appreciation Of Henry Grunwald. The Former Editor Of Time And Former Us Ambassador To Austria Died Saturday At The Age Of 82.moreless
  • 2/28/05
    Charlie Talks To Ken Auletta Of The New Yorker About The Ouster Of Dan Rather From Cbs News And The Controversy That Continues To Surround His Reporting On The President'S National Guard Service. Then, Charlie Talks To Famed Conductor Lorin Maazel On The Occasion Of His 75Th Birthday Which Will See Him Conducting Several Of His Own Compositions With The New York Philharmonic. Then, Actor Juliette Binoche Talks About Her New Film, In My Country, Which Chronicles The Truth And Reconciliation Commission In South Africa.moreless
  • 2/25/05
    A discussion with author Jim Rogers about the global economy and the effect on the United States and the dollar. Mr. Rogers is the author of Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market and the founder of the Rogers International Raw Materials Fund. Also, we remember gonzo journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson who killed himself last Sunday at his home in Colorado. He was 67 years old. Thompson was a guest on this program three times; tonight we'll feature selections from those conversations with an appreciation of Hunter S. Thompson.moreless
  • 2/24/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Three Men Who Have Risen To The Top Of Their Respective Fields: Conductor Kurt Masur On Beethoven, John Sloss On Independent Film, And Jonathan Tisch On The Tourism Industry And New York City.
  • 2/23/05
    A Discussion About President Bush'S Trip To Europe With Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany'S Ambassador To The United States, Jim Hoagland Of The Washington Post, And Terry Moran Of Abc News. Also, A Conversation About Vioxx And The Pharmaceutical Industry With Raymond Gilmartin, Chairman, President, And Ceo Of Merck & Co., Inc.
  • 2/22/05
    A Discussion About The Controversy Surrounding Harvard President Lawrence Summers With David Gergen, Director Of The Center For Public Leadership At The Jfk School Of Government, Harvard University, And Lauren A.E. Schuker, President Of The Harvard Crimson. Also, A Discussion About The Cia Leak Probe With Judith Miller Of The New York Times And Matthew Cooper Of Time. Plus, Charlie Talks To Actor Bruno Ganz And Director Oliver Hirschbiegel From The Oscar-Nominated Film, Downfall.moreless
  • 2/21/05
    An hour conversation with Chairman of Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun about the popularization of jazz music in America and his legendary signings of musicians, including Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.
  • 2/18/05
    An hour remembrance of American playwright Arthur Miller. The recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, Miller created stirring social commentary through his plays including
  • Renzo Piano - 2005
    Episode 0217
    An hour conversation with architect Renzo Piano about his brilliant career and his projects for New York City including a tower for "The New York Times", an extension at the Whitney Museum and a design for Columbia University. He discusses his book "On Tour with Renzo Piano".
  • 2/16/05
    First, A Discussion With Philip Gordon Regarding A Document That Is Called A Compact Between The United States And Europe. The Document Addresses The Principal Issues That Divide Europe And The United States. Then, James Stewart Talks About His New Book, A Controversial Expose About The Walt Disney Company And Its Ceo, Michael Eisner.moreless
  • 2/15/05
    First, Charlie Discusses The Assassination Of The Former Lebanese Prime Minister With Syria'S Ambassador To The U.N., Fayssal Mekdad. The Evening Ends With A Panel On Bloggers And Blogging. Guests Include Andrew Sullivan, Sr. Editor At The New Republic, Joe Trippi, Former Campaign Manager For Howard Dean, Glenn Reynolds, From The University Of Tennessee, And Ana Marie Cox From Wonkette.Com.moreless
  • 2/14/05
    First, A Conversation With The World'S Greatest Wine Critic, Robert Parker. Then, A Look At Sister Rose'S Passion, A Film Nominated For An Oscar In The Category Of Best Short Documentary, With Director Oren Jacoby.
  • 2/11/05
    First, A Conversation With Jeff Immelt, Ceo Of General Electric, The Largest Company, By Market Valuation, In The World. He Talks About Science And Technology, Globalization And Corporate Responsibility. The Evening Ends With A Short Piece Remembering And Appreciating Arthur Miller.
  • 2/10/05
    First, A Brief Conversation With Senator Edward Kennedy. For The Remainder Of The Evening, A Remembrance Of Actor And Playwright Ossie Davis.
  • 2/9/05
    First, An Interview With The Speaker Of The House, Dennis Hastert. Then, An Interview With Photographer And Former Moma Curator John Szarkowski On His New Book Of Images.
  • 2/8/05
    First, A Discussion About The Cease-Fire Agreement Between The Israelis And The Palestinians. The Guests Are Nabil Fahmy, Egyptian Ambassador To The United States, And Natan Sharansky Of Israel. Then, A Conversation About Arrested Development, The Very Smart Television Series With Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Mitchell Hurwitz And Jason Bateman.
  • 2/7/05
    First, An Interview With Kanye West, Who Has The Largest Number Of Grammy Nominations. Continuing With The Grammys, Three Experts Handicap The Races. They Are Jon Pareles, Mimi Valdes And Doug Brod.
  • 2/4/05
    An hour conversation with Academy Award-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio about his portrayal of Howard Hughes in Martin Scorcese's film
  • 2/3/05
    Welcome To The Broadcast. Tonight, David Remnick Of The New Yorker Magazine On The Possibilities For Peace In The Middle East. Then, Thierry Breton, The Ceo Of France Telecom, On The Revolution Sweeping Through The Telephone Business.
  • A Panel Discussion About President Bush'S First State Of The Union Address Of His Second Term. The Speech Focused On Social Security Reform And U.S. Efforts In The Middle East And Iraq. The Panel Includes David Gergen Of The Kennedy School Of Government At Harvard, David Brooks Of "The New York Times", And James Fallows Of "The Atlantic Monthly". Then, A Discussion With David Sanger Of "The New York Times", Michael Duffy Of "Time" Magazine And James Fallows Of "The Atlantic Monthly". Finally, An Analysis Of The President'S Fifth State Of The Union With Mark Halperin, Political Director Of Abc News, And Elisabeth Bumiller Of "The New York Times".moreless
  • 1/31/05
    Analysis Of Sunday'S Election In Iraq With: John F. Burns, Baghdad Bureau Chief For The New York Times; Dan Rather Of Cbs Evening News; Tom Friedman Of The New York Times; Ahmad Chalabi, Co-Founder, Iraqi National Congress; Anderson Cooper, Host Of Cnn'S Anderson Cooper 360; And Michael Ignatieff, Contributing Writer For The New York Times Magazine And Director Of The Carr Center For Human Rights At The Jfk School Of Government At Harvard University.moreless
  • Frank Gehry - 2005
    Episode 0128
    A conversation with architect Frank Gehry in honor of the late postmodernist architect Philip Johnson.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with Sir Paul Nurse, the President of Rockefeller University. In 2001 he received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on the cell cycle of yeast. He discusses cancer, stem cells, genetics, and the future of science and medicine (from December 20, 2004).
  • An hour conversation with Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman about his role in Clint Eastwood's
  • 1/25/05
    Israel'S Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom Discusses His Participation In The United Nations' Remembrance Of The 60Th Anniversary Of Auschwitz. He Also Discusses The Election Of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas And The Prospects For Peace In The Middle East. And, Israel'S Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak Talks About The Possibility Of Negotiations Between The Israelis And The Palestinians.moreless
  • 1/24/05
    We Begin With An Appreciation Of The Late Johnny Carson With Tom Shales Of The Washington Post And Carson'S Friend Doc Severinsen, The Tonight Show Bandleader For 30 Years. We'Ll Also Look Back As David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Bette Midler, And Calvin Trillin Remembered Mr. Carson Over The Years. We End With Ucla Professor Jared Diamond. He Won The Pulitzer Prize For His Book Guns, Germs, And Steel. His New Book Is Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed.moreless
  • 1/21/05
    Historian Robert Dallek Gives His Impressions Of President Bush'S First Term And Looks Forward And Back Giving Context For His Second Term. Rev. Jim Wallis, Editor Of Sojourners Magazine, Talks About His New Book, God'S Politics: Why The Right Gets It Wrong And The Left Doesn'T Get It. Plus, Newsweek'S Charles Gasparino Talks To Charlie Rose About His New Book, Blood On The Street: The Sensational Inside Story Of How Wall Street Analysts Duped A Generation Of Investors.moreless
  • 1/20/05
    Charlie Rose Talks To Iraq'S Interim President Ghazi Al-Yawar About Sunday'S Election And The Future Of Iraq. Author Malcolm Gladwell Joins Charlie To Discuss His New Book, Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking
  • 1/19/05
    Senator Joseph Biden (D-De), The Ranking Democrat On The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Talks To Charlie Rose About The Committee'S Approval Of Dr. Condoleezza Rice As Secretary Of State. Then, Seymour Hersh, A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer At The New Yorker, Talks About His Recent Article Which States That Iran May Be Next On The Bush Administration'S Agenda In The War Against Terrorism. Then, Richard Perle, The Former Assistant Secretary Of State And Former Chairman Of The Defense Policy Board At The Defense Department, Talks To Charlie About Seymour Hersh'S Piece In The New Yorker And The Bush Administration'S Approach To Foreign Policy In A Second Term.moreless
  • 1/18/05
    Confirmation Hearings Began Today For Condoleezza Rice. She Is Likely To Become The Next Secretary Of State. Charlie Rose Talks To Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger About Dr. Rice, A Second Bush Term, And Global Politics. Assault On Precinct 13 Is A Remake Of The 1976 John Carpenter Film. Oscar-Nominated Actors Ethan Hawke And Laurence Fishburne Join Charlie Rose To Talk About The Action Film And About Acting.moreless
  • King Abdullah Ii Of Jordan
    Episode 01.17.05
    An hour conversation with King Abdullah II in Amman, Jordan. He discusses the Palestinian elections, the upcoming Iraqi elections and his concern over civil war between Sunnis and Shiites.
  • An hour conversation with Academy Award-winning actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood about his life, his career and his film
  • 1/13/05
    An hour conversation with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, Egypt. He discusses his relationship with the Israelis and Palestinians, the relationship between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims, the push for reform in the Arab world and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with George Lucas, filmmaker and founder of Lucasfilm Ltd., about his approach to filmmaking and the status of production on
  • A rebroadcast of an hour with Senator Barack Obama about his Senate race in Illinois in November 2004. Obama discusses the future of the party and the experiences that led him to the Senate (from November 23, 2004).
  • 1/10/05
    A Consideration Of The Palestinian Election With Stephen P. Cohen, National Scholar At The Israel Policy Forum, And Rashid Khalidi Of Columbia University. Also, A Discussion About The Science Of Happiness, Which Is This Week'S Time Cover Story. Joining Charlie Are Claudia Wallis, Editor-At-Large, Time; Martin Seligman, Director Of The Positive Psychology Center At The University Of Pennsylvania; Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Of Claremont Graduate University; And Director Of The Quality Of Life Research Center, And Alan Krueger Of Princeton University.moreless
  • 1/7/05
    Abc News Senior Correspondent Jim Wooten Talks About His Young Friend, Nkosi Johnson, A South African Who Lived With Aids Until His Death At Age 12. Mr. Wooten Has Written A Book About His Relationship With The Boy. It'S Called We Are All The Same. Also, An Appreciation Of Susan Sontag, Who Died At The Age Of 71 Last Week In New York. She Was One Of America'S Leading Public Intellectuals. She Passionately Wrote About Politics, Philosophy, Photography, Illness, And Much More. We Remember Her As We Take A Look At Her Appearances On Charlie Rose Over The Years. Charlie Also Talks To Dr. Ahmed Kamal Aboulmagd Of Cairo University, One Of Egypt'S Best-Known Intellectuals. He Is Also Vice President Of Egypt'S National Council For Human Rights.moreless
  • 1/6/05
    An Interview With Former Head Of The Kennedy School Of Government, Joseph Nye, About His First Novel, The Power Game. He Is Also Years A Former Chairman Of The National Intelligence Council And As An Assistant Secretary Of Defense In The Clinton Administration. He Talks To Charlie About His Book And The Role Of The United States In The Global Arena. Kiefer Sutherland Is The Star Of The Acclaimed Fox Drama 24. He Talks To Charlie About The Challenges Facing His Character, Jack Bauer, In The Fourth Season Of The Show And What It Takes To Create The Program.moreless
  • 1/5/05
    Joining Charlie For Discussions About Escalating Violence In The Middle East And The Upcoming Palestinian Presidential Elections On January 9Th Are Senator Joseph Biden (D-De); Ziad Asali, President Of The American Task Force On Palestine; And Dennis Ross, Former Us Special Envoy To The Middle East. Also, Singer/Songwriter Alicia Keys Talks About Her Life, Her Music, And Her Eight Grammy Nominations.moreless
  • 1/4/05
    David Sanger Of The New York Times Talks To Charlie About The Upcoming Elections In Iraq And The Assassination Of The Governor Of The Baghdad Province. Marc Cherry, The Creator Of Abc'S Hit Desperate Housewives, Talks About His Experience Creating And Selling The Program And Its Status As The Number One Television Show In America. Seth Mnookin Is The Author Of Hard News. It Is A Comprehensive Account Of The 2003 Scandal Involving Jayson Blair And Howell Raines At The New York Times.moreless
  • 1/3/05
    The Latest On The Tsunami Relief Effort With Jan Egeland, Un Under-Secretary For Humanitarian Relief; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Of Tennessee (R); Former Us Ambassador To The Un Richard Holbrooke; And Michael Elliott, International Editor (Asia), Time.