Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 5

Angels in Paradise

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2011 on ABC

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  • Just how bad can this get


    Dear God make it stop. I can hardly believe that Drew Barrymore is associated with this load of tosh,The characters are so weak and wooden .Acting skills are minimal to say the least.

    No matter how urgent the situation is they always find time to change clothes, do their hair ,and make up .Come on you women out there how long in the real world does it take you to change outfits and do hair.In my experience waiting for the good lady ,blooming hours .Any way in this episode as with the first episode we have some one in the water soaking wet, and yet within a few minutes of getting on to the boat,yes the hair is bone dry. Like the plot .The continuity people must be blind or just plain useless.

    For some of comments i have read about how good the characters are being developed ,I think you must be watching reruns of the original series. This show is made for the under 5,s who enjoy playing dress up .Time this was killed off and they could become real Angels in that garbage pile where they put all failed efforts of puerile rubbish . Enough is enough .Should have been dropped after the pilot..

  • It was ok...


    I think if given a chance this show may pick up. The first episode was good, in my opinion, then it kind of laxed a bit. It is a challenge to start strong and it doesn't mean if it didn't start strong, it cannot pick up and eventually be a good show. I think there's potential here. The story is picking up, there is more seriousness and depth now as the characters are built up. Like for this episode, the past of Abbie was the focus. Her father introduced and the disappointments and heartaches discussed.

    I think the producer of the show should consider another season but should hire better writers and directors. I like the actors, I think they're ok.

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