Charlie's Angels

ABC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • They Are Not Saints
      While jet skiing, the Angels come across an unconcious man washed up on the beach. He is brought to the hospital, where it's discovered that he has amnesia. They try to determine his identity, but the only clue is a bullet riddled car which went of a bridge, some distance from where he was found. While investigating the car, Eve and the man, who she calls Hugo, are attacked by a Chinese gangster, but he is easily disarmed by Hugo, leaving more questions than answers.moreless
    • Royal Angels
      Episode 7
      The Angels must uncover who is behind the assassination of an African king while protecting his son, Mark, the sole heir to the throne. As Mark struggles to deal with the tremendous responsibility that is suddenly thrust upon him, Ray works alongside Kate to investigate the shooting, which causes her to reconsider their relationship.moreless
    • Black Hat Angels
      Episode 6
      Someone from Bosley's computer hacking past is out to pin a kidnapping on him. It's up to the Angels to find out who's the culprit so that Bosley's identity won't be compromised.
    • 10/20/11
      After a family is kidnapped and the Angels are sent to rescue them, theydiscover there's a bigger plan in the works. At Charlie's urging, Abby reconnects with her father when it appears that he has a connection to this latest case.
    • Angels in Chains
      Episode 4
      When the Angels land in a Cuban prison while trying to crack a kidnapping ring, Bosley partners up with his CIA ex-girlfriend to rescue them.
    • 10/6/11

      The Angels take a case closely tied to Kate's past when an investigative journalist goes missing from a cruise ship. The Angels must gain access to a floating, high-stakes poker game to find clues to the woman's whereabouts.

    • Runway Angels
      Episode 2
      When a young model disappears, the Angles try to crack the case by going undercover in the fashion world, and Kate's ex-fiance, Detective Ray Goodson, is also involved with the case.
    • 9/22/11

      When a mission results in Gloria's death, Charlie persuades Abby and Kate to team up with Gloria's friend, Eve. They don't know it, but Abby, Kate and Eve will always support and look out for each other. Joining the angels is Bosley, a computer hacker, whose skills will help them solve cases.