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  • 2.0
    This show makes me think of two things, after watching the entire thing. First, it seems the "casting couch" is alive and well in Hollywood, and second, I bet Drew Barrymore regrets her name ever being in the credits, and wishes she had remained a silent producer......
  • Bad acting, bad writing leads to bad show.


    I was really looking forward to this show and thought it was going to be good but man was I disappointed. With Minka Kelly back on TV I thought she would be the glue to the show but I was not even impressed with here role or acting in this. The writers did a poor job as thing show was very hard to follow and some of the lines where terrible. When they were supposed to be heartfelt or emotional they were just flat out so bad they were funny.

    I was really wanting this show to do well but I don't think it is going to be around long. I am not even sure I will donate an hour to watch the next episode.

  • Oh Dear


    Well I will be surprised if this show lasts one season. V bad acting. Continuity shocking. Girls pretty. Thats about it. 2nd episode, noticed the dummy falling into the water, climbing outside the house in trainers to walk into the window in heels. For god sake, have someone proof the episodes before airing.

  • Really like this show


    I really hope this update of Charlie's Angels lasts more than one season. The show is actually not trying to do anything more than give us a remake of the original...BUT using updated technology and storylines. They are even using the same show titles as the original (ex: Angels in Chains) The three leads are definitely reminders of the original Angels

    EVE: The orphan who was in trouble/Kelly Garrett

    ABBY: The fun athletic one that cracks jokes/Jill Munroe

    KATE: The more intellectual one/Sabrina Duncan

    I don't see why people are hating this show, it keeps getting better and better every week.

  • LOL! I have never seen a show this bad. Or a set of "ladies" this ghetto! This is really a turn away from the glamor of the originals to a more rap video version of the three. Serious lack of class.


    The whole point of Charlies Angels is glamor. To show that makes people want to watch because the ladies are fascinating. So what did they do? they cast the most boring actresses imaginable, and gave them the most boring backgrounds imaginable. Sure I expect cliche, but not 100 percent. The first show deals with child trafficking. Which is sort of like alligators in the suers. Until I actually see someone go to jail for the crime of child trafficking, I am not going to believe it too much. Why would anyone want a 16 year old American brat? For sex? Given the economy of South America it will take a long time to get your money back trying to sell that kid. Maybe she can sew sweatshirts between clients. Ok...Thats not so important. The fight scenes are no exaggeration the very worst I have ever seen. Abby, the "catburglar" is so clumsy looking its hard to believe she can stand up unaided. I cringe when they show her climbing over a railing as if it were a grand feat. I could do it better!

    Then we have the corrupt cop. She is some sort of Foxy Brown knock off. She is actually not bad looking. But really doesn't look right dressed up. In jeans an a leather jacket, she looks fine, in a dress she looks like a truck driver. And no one wants to see Charlies Angels in jeans unless they are amazing jeans. Here we have a rather typical crop of low rise skinnies. She may be the least terrible one of the bunch, but thats not saying much.

    Then we have Minka Kelly. UGH! She is so useless I don't know where to start. She can't act. She is not beautiful other then a sort of porno pretty girl sort of way. No one would remember her face a minute after you saw it.

    So we have no charm. No plot, and weirder yet; The message is seriously messed up. These women did some awful things. They killed innocent people, and they are genuinely OK with it. In Minka Kelly's characters words they just had to deal with what cards they were dealt. Since when is it OK to steal other peoples property and then kill whoever gets in your way no matter WHAT cards you were dealt???? Disgusting. The original Angels were women who were trained and not given the chance to utilize their skills. They wanted to help people. These girls had the opportunity to help, but instead helped themselves, and now are getting a second chance for no good reason. Its certainly not because they learned their lesson, or because they want justice. They want some PC BS most of the time, but they are really too immature and spoiled to even know where people might be coming from. The only people they seem to be able to relate to are little girls. No surprise there.

  • We're angels not saints


    I really liked this show.

    Drew Barrymore was bringing the angels back to TV. That was all I needed to know.

    This was an update and should not even be compared to the original in any way. There was action. There was humour. And Bosley got to leave the office. The originality in the characters was refreshing. You would have to stick with it for a while to get to know.

    Too bad it will not be allowed to continue.

  • Casting Cancels Angels


    Having Drew Barrymore on the Angels team for me was supberd as I am a huge fan of hers and I thought the storylines were actually not that bad on the show. The reason to why I think the show was really canceled is due to the casting of the new angels. The casting of Bosley however to me I think was pure genius and made him alot more interesting.

    The pilot episode started off really well and delivered a good episode full of action, but as I continue to watch the show I can't help but think the show would've lasted a bit longer if they made a few changes such as:

    1 - Casted different Angels (These girls can't act period!)

    2 - Refference the orginal series and movies to see what happened to the other angels and how they fitted in.

    and finally

    3 - Looked back at the action packed movies and series which was full of intense drama, heartwarming relationships between the angels and light humour. and used this again in the re-make.

  • it follows 3 women whove had a bad run in with the law.theyre given a second chance by charlie(the vioce of victor garber)to work for him and uses their skills to fight crime.


    each woman as an ugly past but i love that each woman has a past where each ,have a skill they can use for a case.

    i also like the fact that the show is so diverse.its a nice thing to see.

    the angels are:

    kate(annie llonzeh)was a former cop who turned dirty(shes the black one)

    abby(rachael taylor)was a robberer(shes the white one)

    eve(minka kelly)she stole cars that wasn thers(shes the latina one)


    bosley(ramon rodriguez)was a hacker or something but his the only one that has seen charlie.the angels dont get to see charlie they talk to him through some speakers:)

    i love seeing the angels talk to charlie even tho its chessy i love seeing it.

    now to my review..

    the show isnt like she spies.i keep seeing this alot.she spies is about women who are spies.charlies angels are about women who are detectives not spies.she spies has a comdeic light tone and charlies angels has a dark serious tone to the show.the only thing this 2 shows have in common is the fact its about 3 women with dark pasts who kick some serious if u cant see the differnce between the shows i cant help you.

    any way.

    the acting is pretty good.sure its not great but its believeable.

    the action is really good.the shoot outs are the best but the martial arts can uses some work.

    the story is unique b/c the writers are given us time to know each character first which is nice to see.

    the show is good i dont know why ppl hate it.

    i love the show.

  • angels in action


    The episodes are getting better and more exciting. This time the angels seemed to be in real trouble and the escape wasn't as easy as they thought, it makes the story more believable. There were more actions from the ladies and from Buzly, which was good. The story line was good (the characters are being developed nicely) and the acting was ok but it will be nice to see more fight scenes by the ladies. Good episode

  • If you can't get enough of the latest crop of impossibly beautiful people doing impossible action scenes in impossible plots, then this is for you. If you have some shred of taste, move along... move along... nothing to see here...


    I remember the original series - when it was 'original'. Even the movies were forgivable because they were so over the top - the format worked for the big screen. Back onto the small screen and in this era, well, it all seems just a little hard to swallow.

    Let's just find three gorgeous women (with a dark secret each....ooooh, that's intrigueing. Not.) Of course, being beautiful means they are excellent as private investigators for Charlie Townsend, because no one would ever notice them or remember them...duh. The writing is lame, the plots are tedious, and the lines are purile. Each show is another opportunity to show the women dressed in something sexy and revealing, hair coiffed to within an inch of it's life, chance to pout, almost a chance to act (but not quite, whoa there, not so much acting put out your chest more), and a bad guy who is unstoppable - until he comes up against our sassy gals.

    Interesting to see the Bosley character remade as a young attractive guy (why ruin the set, make them all impossibly beautiful), and the first episode when we pan across to see him - and pan over a guy similar to the original series Bosley is actually the highlight of the show. The only bit of wit that wasn't overly forced or poorly scripted.

    The series had it's day when it was first made. This revamp doesn't add to it in anyway, doesn't make the old show it's own, doesn't do anything but reheat the old pot by tarting up the looks of it all - and unless you're a voyeur with no sense of storyline, that gloss loses it's sheen in about the third episode.

    Okay, I'm being polite. It lost it in the first, but I gave it a chance to improve...

  • Might as well be the seventies version.


    Yes, it might as well be the seventies version...oh, it might be a bit more technically polished than the old version but it's still basically the same old Charlie's Angels with the same old 70's formula scriptwriting and storyline with nothing really unique or new to offer...just another hour of prime time white noise, a clone of God only knows how many formula prime time T.V. crime dramas that have come and gone year after year, decade after decade. I tend to judge shows like this by the amout of time I spend diverted into the kitchen making a snack for myself during the dull and predictable parts and thanks to tonights installment, I think I just gained five pounds.

  • Honestly, I was around for the original Charlie's Angels series. That could be cheesy at times but at least it was entertaining.


    They opened this new version like it's been on tv for years. There was no set up or background given. I understand that we never see Charlie he's just a mysterious voice on the phone but why did he form a crime fighting group of women in the 1st place. We got a brief introduction to the Angels and then one was blown up. Next we meet Minka Kelly the new angel who has a long past with the killed angel. We got HER whole life story & honestly, it wasn't any better than knowing barely anything.

    The criminals were stupid & incompetent. They attack shooting at the angels on a boat, they jump into the water with bullets all around. The criminals figure they shot enough bullets they must be dead & fly off-duh! The crime boss killed the 1st angel & was after the new one because they escaped his human trafficking ring when they were children. Ridiculous! After 20 yrs this guy is holding a grudge against little girls for escaping!

    They really need to give these girls some personality or we won't care about them. They need some credible criminals too. They need to do some work here!

  • Excellent remake and modern spin, on the original tv series. Dont make the mistake of comparing it to the movies with barrymore this is not that nor is it meant to be. Gives off the same great quality as the new hawaii 5 o series. great cast so far.


    Excellent show, added to my weekly tv shopping list.

    Casting is fine too emphasis on fine... lol.

    As with the original series which , yes i'm old enough torememberseeing, it sticks to the theme of a unknown owner with a front man managing the team.

    That voice on the box does seem familiar.. though... i have not looked atthe cast listing to see who it is ... so i'm thinking its Sydney Bristow's Dad from ALias.

    Some of us will know him as that engineer guy on Titantic who said it would never sink.

  • I was hoping to like this. I love Drew Barrymore and hoped that was a good sign.


    It was horrible though. I was ready to turn it off after the credits. The acting and the writing were both bad. It wasn't even good as camp. Maybe if Ms Barrymore had acted in it, she could have risen above the acting. I didn't even like the voice of Charlie. The only saving grace was the hot Bosley but he's not in it enough to watch a whole hour, lol! I'll have to find something else to watch on Thursday nights - or just read my book.