Charlie's Angels

ABC (ended 2011)





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  • Honestly, I was around for the original Charlie's Angels series. That could be cheesy at times but at least it was entertaining.


    They opened this new version like it's been on tv for years. There was no set up or background given. I understand that we never see Charlie he's just a mysterious voice on the phone but why did he form a crime fighting group of women in the 1st place. We got a brief introduction to the Angels and then one was blown up. Next we meet Minka Kelly the new angel who has a long past with the killed angel. We got HER whole life story & honestly, it wasn't any better than knowing barely anything.

    The criminals were stupid & incompetent. They attack shooting at the angels on a boat, they jump into the water with bullets all around. The criminals figure they shot enough bullets they must be dead & fly off-duh! The crime boss killed the 1st angel & was after the new one because they escaped his human trafficking ring when they were children. Ridiculous! After 20 yrs this guy is holding a grudge against little girls for escaping!

    They really need to give these girls some personality or we won't care about them. They need some credible criminals too. They need to do some work here!

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