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  • If you can't get enough of the latest crop of impossibly beautiful people doing impossible action scenes in impossible plots, then this is for you. If you have some shred of taste, move along... move along... nothing to see here...


    I remember the original series - when it was 'original'. Even the movies were forgivable because they were so over the top - the format worked for the big screen. Back onto the small screen and in this era, well, it all seems just a little hard to swallow.

    Let's just find three gorgeous women (with a dark secret each....ooooh, that's intrigueing. Not.) Of course, being beautiful means they are excellent as private investigators for Charlie Townsend, because no one would ever notice them or remember them...duh. The writing is lame, the plots are tedious, and the lines are purile. Each show is another opportunity to show the women dressed in something sexy and revealing, hair coiffed to within an inch of it's life, chance to pout, almost a chance to act (but not quite, whoa there, not so much acting put out your chest more), and a bad guy who is unstoppable - until he comes up against our sassy gals.

    Interesting to see the Bosley character remade as a young attractive guy (why ruin the set, make them all impossibly beautiful), and the first episode when we pan across to see him - and pan over a guy similar to the original series Bosley is actually the highlight of the show. The only bit of wit that wasn't overly forced or poorly scripted.

    The series had it's day when it was first made. This revamp doesn't add to it in anyway, doesn't make the old show it's own, doesn't do anything but reheat the old pot by tarting up the looks of it all - and unless you're a voyeur with no sense of storyline, that gloss loses it's sheen in about the third episode.

    Okay, I'm being polite. It lost it in the first, but I gave it a chance to improve...

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