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  • it follows 3 women whove had a bad run in with the law.theyre given a second chance by charlie(the vioce of victor garber)to work for him and uses their skills to fight crime.


    each woman as an ugly past but i love that each woman has a past where each ,have a skill they can use for a case.

    i also like the fact that the show is so diverse.its a nice thing to see.

    the angels are:

    kate(annie llonzeh)was a former cop who turned dirty(shes the black one)

    abby(rachael taylor)was a robberer(shes the white one)

    eve(minka kelly)she stole cars that wasn thers(shes the latina one)


    bosley(ramon rodriguez)was a hacker or something but his the only one that has seen charlie.the angels dont get to see charlie they talk to him through some speakers:)

    i love seeing the angels talk to charlie even tho its chessy i love seeing it.

    now to my review..

    the show isnt like she spies.i keep seeing this alot.she spies is about women who are spies.charlies angels are about women who are detectives not spies.she spies has a comdeic light tone and charlies angels has a dark serious tone to the show.the only thing this 2 shows have in common is the fact its about 3 women with dark pasts who kick some serious if u cant see the differnce between the shows i cant help you.

    any way.

    the acting is pretty good.sure its not great but its believeable.

    the action is really good.the shoot outs are the best but the martial arts can uses some work.

    the story is unique b/c the writers are given us time to know each character first which is nice to see.

    the show is good i dont know why ppl hate it.

    i love the show.

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