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  • LOL! I have never seen a show this bad. Or a set of "ladies" this ghetto! This is really a turn away from the glamor of the originals to a more rap video version of the three. Serious lack of class.


    The whole point of Charlies Angels is glamor. To show that makes people want to watch because the ladies are fascinating. So what did they do? they cast the most boring actresses imaginable, and gave them the most boring backgrounds imaginable. Sure I expect cliche, but not 100 percent. The first show deals with child trafficking. Which is sort of like alligators in the suers. Until I actually see someone go to jail for the crime of child trafficking, I am not going to believe it too much. Why would anyone want a 16 year old American brat? For sex? Given the economy of South America it will take a long time to get your money back trying to sell that kid. Maybe she can sew sweatshirts between clients. Ok...Thats not so important. The fight scenes are no exaggeration the very worst I have ever seen. Abby, the "catburglar" is so clumsy looking its hard to believe she can stand up unaided. I cringe when they show her climbing over a railing as if it were a grand feat. I could do it better!

    Then we have the corrupt cop. She is some sort of Foxy Brown knock off. She is actually not bad looking. But really doesn't look right dressed up. In jeans an a leather jacket, she looks fine, in a dress she looks like a truck driver. And no one wants to see Charlies Angels in jeans unless they are amazing jeans. Here we have a rather typical crop of low rise skinnies. She may be the least terrible one of the bunch, but thats not saying much.

    Then we have Minka Kelly. UGH! She is so useless I don't know where to start. She can't act. She is not beautiful other then a sort of porno pretty girl sort of way. No one would remember her face a minute after you saw it.

    So we have no charm. No plot, and weirder yet; The message is seriously messed up. These women did some awful things. They killed innocent people, and they are genuinely OK with it. In Minka Kelly's characters words they just had to deal with what cards they were dealt. Since when is it OK to steal other peoples property and then kill whoever gets in your way no matter WHAT cards you were dealt???? Disgusting. The original Angels were women who were trained and not given the chance to utilize their skills. They wanted to help people. These girls had the opportunity to help, but instead helped themselves, and now are getting a second chance for no good reason. Its certainly not because they learned their lesson, or because they want justice. They want some PC BS most of the time, but they are really too immature and spoiled to even know where people might be coming from. The only people they seem to be able to relate to are little girls. No surprise there.

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