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  • Casting Cancels Angels


    Having Drew Barrymore on the Angels team for me was supberd as I am a huge fan of hers and I thought the storylines were actually not that bad on the show. The reason to why I think the show was really canceled is due to the casting of the new angels. The casting of Bosley however to me I think was pure genius and made him alot more interesting.

    The pilot episode started off really well and delivered a good episode full of action, but as I continue to watch the show I can't help but think the show would've lasted a bit longer if they made a few changes such as:

    1 - Casted different Angels (These girls can't act period!)

    2 - Refference the orginal series and movies to see what happened to the other angels and how they fitted in.

    and finally

    3 - Looked back at the action packed movies and series which was full of intense drama, heartwarming relationships between the angels and light humour. and used this again in the re-make.