Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 3

Angel Come Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 1978 on ABC

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  • Ferrino's RaceCar and Jill chosen as the Driver for the Grand Prix

    This episode incorporated sleuth investigation by the Angels to get to the facts of the case. Also, sentimental parts when Jill's fiance, Steve was killed by the Ferrino RaceCar exploding while he was driving a test run before Jill raced the car.

    Ferrino's plan all the time was to plant explosives in the racecar because his turbo fuel invention was not original and would be a poor investment. He figured that if the explosion happened at the Grand Prix it would look accidental or an outside job. He thought this would give him a chance to start over again.

    It was a treat to see Jill back with her former coworkers and her kid sister Kris. The writers showed the closeness, togetherness, and determination the Angels, Charlie, and Bosely have for Jill.
  • Jill comes home but not interesting things happen. A silly storyline and not an interesting episode.

    Jill comes home and meet her sister, Sabrina, Kelly and Bosley but nothing interesting really happens. The storyline is quite silly with a story about a Formula One car designer who asks Jill to drive his last car, a vehicle which kills Jill's fiance.

    I thought Jill was going to spend more time with the Angels and Bosley but this doesn't happen, so I felt very disappointed about this episode, probably one of the worst of the series I've seen. They could have done a better story to bring Jill back and inlude her in a case, but instead of that they did a boring episode.
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