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Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 6

Angel Flight

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Kelly & Kris pose as stewardesses to land a jetliner with no pilot. With a killer loose on board and no cockpit crew, Kelly has to land the plane.

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  • Auto Pilot Angel

    This case takes the Angels up into the sky. A flight attendant supervisor keeps getting black roses at work and at home. She hires the Angels to investigate. Kelly and Kris go undercover as student flight attendants. Sabrina meanwhile is monitoring things from the ground. She even gets assess to the FAA traffic controller station in LA.

    The flight attendant supervisor gets a recording from the perpetrator. This recording instructs her to place a pill in the copilot's coffee to heavily sedate him and then instruct the pilot with coordinates to Peru. The plan for the perpetrators was to steal the airplane equipment for money. The elaborate scheme was to get the heat off of the perpetrator and to keep this incident from tracing back to him.

    With the pilot shot and co-pilot heavily sedated Kelly has to land the plan. She does with the help of the air traffic controller pilot.

    This episode was unique because it placed Kelly in having to land the plane and Kris their for support. Sabrina definitely was also their on the ground cheering and giving her support for Kelly.moreless

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    • Charlie: Oh, by the way, Kelly. I've arranged a little surprise for you.
      Kelly: Oh really? Let me guess. A week in Pango Pango.
      Charlie: No. Not quite. I'm giving you flying lessons. What do you think of that?
      Kelly: I think before I answer that, Charlie. You'd better give me that week in Pango Pango. That way my answer will be much less painful to you.

    • FAA Groundsman: You may have to land the plane.
      Kelly: Are you crazy?

    • (Gene Knox walks into the rec room)
      Paula: Whoa. Too bad this ain't a bicycle built for two.
      Gene: Well, if it was, you'd take up most of it.

    • Kelly: Sabrina, that the third heart you've painted on me.
      Sabrina: You take it so seriously!
      Kris: Yeah, but you're winning.
      Sabrina: Yeah, I know. I taught her everything she knows. I always win. (Picking up the cards she won.)

    • Kris: (As she and Kelly come out in their stewardess uniforms) Well, Do you have the same thing in flaming red.
      Angie: With the reading that you got to do by tomorrow morning, your eyes will be flaming red.
      Sabrina: Yeah, well you girls better hit the books. (Sabrina walks over to the couch) I got some reading of my own to do here. (Sabrina sit down and picks up a Movie pic magazine.) I wonder what Burt Reynolds is up to?
      Kelly: From what I hear, anything you ask.

    • Sabrina: (Picking up the phone after she shows Angie how to tape her incoming calls.) Uh, Hi Bosley! Could you say something... that isn't euphonic.
      Bosley: Okay! What do I say. Oops. Sorry.
      Sabrina: Why don't you whisper sweet nothings.
      Bosley: Sweet nothings.
      Sabrina: Silver-tongued devil.
      (Sabrina hangs up the phone)

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