Charlie's Angels

Season 5 Episode 1

Angel in Hiding

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 1980 on ABC

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  • Julie's Modeling to Private Investigator

    Jody Mills is murdered by a photographer at Eddie's Photography. Eddie Jordan is an elderly man who wears thick prescription glasses. The night Jody was murdered Eddie's lens cover broke and left at the crime scene. Bosely collected this evidence while at the crime location.

    Kris and Kelly go undercover as aspiring models. They use their street smarts and bold approach to get hired by the Woodman Agency. While at a party for Woodman Kris and Kelly discover Julie Rogers and Harry at the party. They discover that some models stay hired at the Woodman Agency while others are left to be recruited by Eddie's Photography.

    While at the Townsend Office, Kris introduces a plan to be the model that does not meet the Woodman expectations in order to lead her down another path of the investigation.

    Julie and Harry are seen together by a drug dealer and his associates. Julie and Harry find out another model has died and head to the beach. While getting out of the car Harry is shot and Julie is crying and holding her dying partner. Bosely, Kris and Kelly are on the scene. I gave this a great rating because the case has multiple leads. It adds to who could it be or who is involved and the motive.
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