Charlie's Angels

Season 5 Episode 2

Angel in Hiding, Pt. 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 1980 on ABC

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  • Julie becomes an Angel

    This episode did a great job in introducing Julie to the Angels and eventually having her join the team.

    This episode began with Kris falling out the Woodman Agency and eventually landing a job at Eddie's Photography.

    While Julie, Kelly and Bosely are following and eventually apprehending Jimmy and Steve for possession and distributing narcotics, Kris comes face to face with Jody Mills murderer, Mr Jordan from Cinnicinati Textile Industries. Mr Jordan is immediately recognized by Kris and also she discovers the broken lens case piece. Kris confronts Mr Jordan and he tried to attack her, but Kris shoots him in the stomach. The police are called and Jordan is arrested.

    The case would not be complete without Kelly, Bosely, and Kris exposing Woodman Agency for who they really were and the unfortunate models that are controlled by them and their clients such as Mr Jordan.

    At the end of the episode Julie is offered a position at Townsend Agency as a Private Investigator. Tanya Roberts character Julie adds street smarts and an ability to work as a team player.
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