Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 4

Angel on High

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 1978 on ABC

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  • Angel Flying High

    The Angels are assigned a case to help their client find out if William Freeman was his son.

    While investigating potential leads Sabrina is shot at while in New York. Back in Reno, Nevada Kelly and Kris find out more about Bill. Meanwhile, the Angels' client's woman companion have hired hitman to kill the Angels and William. She wanted to remain in control of their client's money and prevent William from inheriting the wealth.

    Angels are able to apprehend the hitman and expose their client's significant other.

    William Freeman never does talk to his father and rather live an independent life free from his past at least for the moment left behind.

    This episode lacked the entertainment and storyline seemed to lead to a disappointing ending.
  • Another bad episode of the series with not a very interesting story.

    The Angels have to discover if an acrobatic pilot is the son of the owner of some enterprises. Someone don't wan them to discover the truth so the Angel's lives are in danger again. For the first time I can say that Kelly acts in an unprofessional way because instead of getting information from the alleged son she falls in love with the guy so it's very normal the man who hire the Angels were impatient. Honestly, I haven't put a lower mark to this episode because of two scenes. When Sabrina defies to a man in New York and when another guy shoots her, this one just because of Kate Jackson's face that was saying "am I really being shot again?". Poor story and a bit boring.
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