Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 11

Angel on My Mind

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 1978 on ABC

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  • Kris's Amnesia and a Witness to a Murder

    I liked this episode not only did it show excellent detective work for Sabrina, Kelly and Bosely, but also made the audience feel how it was for Kris to have amnesia. Throughout the episode Kris was having flashbacks of her childhood and leading up to her companionship with her coworkers.

    As the murderer kept getting closer to knowing Kris's whereabouts the closer Bosely, Kelly, and Sabrina got to saving her from the murderer's gunshots.
  • I think the plot is good but they did a very silly story.

    I think the plot is good but they did a very silly story. Instead of starting with a murder, a robbery or any other thing as usual, the episode starts with Bri, Kelly, Bosley and Kris having lunch in a restaurant. Kris is the first who leaves but in the parking lot she sees a murder and she's hit by the killers car. He can't catch Kris who starts to act in a very strange way so we soon discover she doesn't know neither who she is nor where she is. The rest of the episode the Angels and Bos try to find her and so does the killer, who even helps the Angels, at least that is what they think at first.

    Why is silly? Kris dissapears and when her colleagues go to ask about her to the restaurant her car is there (not to mention that the car appeared before in front of the Angels' office), but when Kris is almost hit by a taxi we can see an orange Pinto in the back, Sabrina's? That's why I think that if Bri, Bos and Kelly went outside the restaurant should have seen Kris' Cobra. Then, the story about the guy who pretends to be helping them is completely stupid. They're detectives and take the word of an unknown man for granted when he was at the same time of the murder in the parking lot? And finally, why the flashbacks? I suppose Kris had more a shock than amnesia but from being a child she passed to remember a good friend on the beach and finally her co-workers (and not her sister). Thanks Bosley was there to shot the baddy. Not a very good one.