Charlie's Angels

Season 5 Episode 10

Angel on the Line

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 1981 on ABC

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  • Hotline Angels

    Throughout the episode Kelly was the victim being harassed and threatened at the club and even at home.

    The writers had the viewers focus on two suspects at the club. However, alias Margo was the main suspect. A female impersonator at Hotline Club and hypotist.

    Kelly, was been followed the whole time by Margo, but she had no idea. This case made Kelly nervous and violated personally.

    Kelly, reported back to Margo and Margo said she saw the suspects car in the back of the club. Kelly's defenses are temporarily down and Margo pulls out a knife. Both of them struggle for control. Bosely, Kris, and Julie rush to the scene and apprehend Margo.