Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 9

Angels Ahoy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 1978 on ABC

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  • Angels All Aboard

    The Angels are assigned a case because of Ms. Blake's death aboard a ship. Sabrina is undercover as a criminal trying to escape to another country, Kelly is the Activities Coordinator, Kris and Bosely are guests on the cruise liner.

    Definitely, a lot of suspenseful scenes when Kelly is trapped by flames in the boiler room and the Angels and Bosely attempting to identify the criminals, especially during a masquerade party.

    Sabrina, Kris, and Bosely knew time was the essence because Kelly was missing.

    The criminals were attempting to drown Kelly in the pool and make it look like an accident. However, the Angels and Bosely came to the rescue and apprehended the suspects.

    Bosely even found out his date on the ship was a criminal trying to flee the country. She killed four husbands.

    At the end of the episode it was nice to see the Angels console Bosely and take him out to dinner
  • a very funny episode!

    this episode is one of my favorite episodes of the whole series! It is also one of the funniest to me! My favorite part was watching Sabrina in a clown costume! I love the last part where finally cat all the bad guys! I have the dvd version and I enjoy watching this episode from time to time! I love the episodes when they go undercover!
    Sabrina: I guess you got me confused with someone else! Hi!
    Sabrina: How do you know she's working alone? How do you know there's not someone working with her? All in all it was a great episode!
  • A very entertaining episode.

    In the episode that goes before this one, Charlie says to the Angels that they deserve a cruise after having solved a difficult case. Well, I suppose the writer had this episode in mind when he wrote that line in the script.

    This is not the first time that the Angels have to solv a murder in a cruise, in the first season there was an episode called "Angels at Sea" but this is much better than that.

    The Angels go undercover and surprisingly Sabrina undercovers as a criminal, Charlie said they needed someone tough and Kelly, Kris and Bosley looked at her. I particularly love that scene.

    This time is Kelly the Angel who is trying to be killed, and not for once or twice but three times. And everything is solved thanks to a masquerade. By the way, Kate Jackson's clown costume is brilliant.