Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 12

Angels Belong in Heaven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 1978 on ABC

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  • Kelly is the Target for her Girlfriend's Fiance

    The episode had a few slow moments during the investigation. The Angels knew one of them was the main target. Initially, they conducted working on the case in close proximity of each other. Then they realized it would be better to separate to found out who definetly was the target.

    Kelly's girlfriend is the center of all this, but the Angels are not aware of this at the time.

    As the Angels realize Kelly is the target they hurry over to her house.

    The last five minutes of the episode Kelly shoots the hitman in the shoulder and he goes through her window and Bosely, cuts off Kelly's girlfriend's fiance in the car to apprehend him.

    In conclusion, the fiance did not want Kelly's Girlfriend mention her husband to be because of his past and current embezzlement activities. He was going to marry Kelly's girlfriend for her money and embezzle her inheritance. I would have liked the girlfriend's part to be more involved in the script. It may have added more suspense to the plot.
  • Someone wants to kill one of the Angels, but who is the target? A very interesting plot.

    Someone wants to kill one of the Angels, but who is the target? The Angels and Bosley have to ivestigate the strange call a man Charlie knew made to their office and his murder. The one who killed the man wants to kill and Angel too.

    We don't know who the target is until half the episode when there's a twist and we discover that everything is related to Sally, and old friend of Kelly who is visiting her. Kelly is the target not knowing why although everything is very well explained in the end. A very interesting plot and a good episode to watch.