Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 4

Angels in Chains

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 1976 on ABC

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  • Angels in Prison

    The Angels are assigned to this case when their client Ms. Hunter claims that Elizabeth Hunter went missing while at the prison.

    Sabrina, Kelly, and Jill are arrested for possession of drugs which was planted there by the officer.

    Jill fakes being sick in order to get into the infirmatory to check records. She realized that Elizabeth never checked out.

    The Angels next lead in the case is when Jill finds out from an intoxicated client that Elizabeth attempted escape and before the client passed out he said they most likely killed her. After finding this out, Jill attempts to call the officer working with The Angels on the case, but she finds out the warden and the other prison officials know the Angels know to much.

    The Angels escape from the officers that we're going to kill them and make a get away on foot chained up. Sabrina intelligently deverts the bloodhounds scent by pouring gasoline and having Jill run through the spill. In a potatoe truck they find they drive away and cause the officer's car to explode. The Angels call Charlie and report about the prostitution ring. This episode had a good mix of undercover and detective work, chasing, car exploding, and resolution to the case in hand.
  • My all time favorite episode!!

    This is the best episode of the entire series and probaby the most famous.
  • A young woman asks the Angels to investigate a small town prison where her half-sister was incarcerated on drug charges, and has now mysteriously disappeared.

    After watching this episode, I am almost having trouble putting my opinions of it into words. It's almost worth seeing for catching a then unknown Kim Bassinger in a small guest role as a prisoner. The characters of the sherriff and prison guards are just too silly to be taken seriously. Especially that of the woman who initially process Jill, Sabrina and Kelley when they are brought in. I also had quite a bit of trouble buying the character of the warden. What does help this episode is seeing how the Angels work together to crack the case. Mediocre episode.
  • The Angels are in prison...

    Charlie's Angels was a show that fascinated me when I was younger. Very different from all the other male detective/police shows on at the time.

    This episode has the Angels going to jail - on the hunt for a missing girl. The girls have to experience tough prison officers, manual labour and showering and changing with people watching! Even though they figure out that something corrupt is going on in the prison (the prisoners are used as prostitutes), they are caught by the corrupt police chief. There is a great scene where the girls fight with the corrupt police in the car, escape with the three of them in chains(!), find a truck to get away - and cause the explosion of the following police car! Charlie's Angels was a fantasy show for most viewers - watching the girls get into trouble and finding a way to get out of it...
  • If you only see one episode of Charlie's Angels - this is the one to watch.

    Already a target of women's rights groups of the day (who totally misinterpreted this fine program), this episode caused the most stir, with angry phone calls and letters pouring in after it's first airing. The hot issue focused on a scene where the girls are being processed by a butch prison matron. At one point, after the customary shower, the girls are ordered to open their towels, at which point they are deloused.