Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 1

Angels in Paradise

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

As soon as the Angels welcome Jill's younger sister Kris to the team, the welcome party is cut short when Charlie is kidnapped. The trio must travel to Hawaii to save Charlie from the wicked Leilani Sako who threatens to kill Charlie unless the Angels smuggle her husband out of jail.moreless

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  • Angels in pursuit to Rescue Charlie

    Part I begins with a new Angel Kris Munroe. Her fist case with Sabrina a Kelly take them to Hawaii where Charlie has been kidnapped in the attempt for LiLani to get her husband out of jail. But before the exchange is made Charlie is taken by Mr Blue, a competitor of Lilani. They want Lilani's husband and the Angels want Charlie. At the end of Part I episode the Angel's get a message that a man's body washed up on shore with Charlie's wallet/Identification. I give this a high rating because of the location it takes place Hawaii, Angels delicate but smart approach to getting Charlie back safe.moreless
  • Goodbye to Jill, hello to Kris. The series changed with this episode because a new angel appears. Kris Munroe takes her sister's place and, the plots became more interesting.

    Charlie gets kidnapped and the angels have to go to Hawai to save him. Kris' first case in the Townsend agency complicates when someone kidnapp Charlie from his original kidnappers. Sabrina, as always, has a plan and the three angels discover who has Charlie and they go to save him. Cheryl Ladd showed to the world what she could do as a Charlie Angel and Kate Jackson shinned again. She was really brilliant trying to dance in front of the mirror, pretending to be crazy for Mr. Blue when she arrives to his boat, and pretending again that she passed to the bad side talking on the phone with Mr. Blue. A good episode.moreless
  • Kelly and Sabrina welcome a new angel, Kris, Jill's younger sister, just in time to aid in the biggest case of the angels' career: the kidnapping of Charlie. The angels and Bosley head to the shores of Hawaii to rescure their unseen boss.moreless

    Cheryl Ladd makes an outstanding addition to the series by not only replacing Farah Fawcett-Majors, but surpassing her angel attributes with spunk, humor, and drop-dead good looks. She's the gorgeous, "girl next door type" that most assuredly left all the neighborhood boys all hot and bothered! The production values are top notch in this Hawaiian adventure that is fast paced and has lots of action scenes. But, the real payoff in this two-part caper takes place in the final sequence when the angels rescue Charlie as Sabrina pretends to flirt with the gangster boss. For me, "Charlie's Angels" always hit high marks when it didn't shy away from its number one objective: showcasing some prime time cheesecake. Kris and Kelly deliver a double knockout when they emerge from the water in their glistening wet, string bikinis! When it came to the cheesecake, Kate Jackson was always the prude, not once submitting to skimpy wardrobe choices. Jacqyln Smith was more of a team player when it came to baring some skin. Cheryl Ladd proves she's a true angel of the highest order by modeling not one but two bikini choices in this two parter. In fact, throughout the series Ms. Ladd always seemed happy to oblige her viewers by filling out a two-piece on numerous occasions making her my favorite angel!moreless

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    • Kris: I can't believe it. Charlie's been kidnapped and I haven't even seen him yet.
      Kelly: So, what else is new.

    • Kona: (After Kelly tells her where she's staying) Ooh, you're living high, sister. You in the business?
      Kelly: No.
      Kona: Big shame, girl. Could get rich.
      Kelly: Money ain't no big thing, sister.

    • Kris: You're absolutely sure Sammy Tellford is inside there?
      Nude Beach Gate Guard: Yes, Ma'am.
      Kris: And he won't come out and talk to me?
      Nude Beach Gate Guard: Not 'til sundown.
      Kris: But I can go in, right?
      Nude Beach Gate Guard: Yes, Ma'am.
      Kris: As long as I comply with the sign?
      Nude Beach Gate Guard: That's it. No exceptions.
      Kris:(Reading the sign that says KANIHA PRIVATE BEACH - NUDE BATHERS ONLY) Jill, where are you when I need you?

  • NOTES (5)

    • "Angels in Paradise" originally aired as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is usually split into a 2-part episode with some footage removed. The edited syndication version of this episode appears on the 2004 DVD release of Charlie's Angels: Season 2.

    • Charlie's Angels remains on Wednesday night, but moves from 10pm to 9pm EST.

    • Cheryl Ladd previously co-starred with Kate Jackson in the November 13, 1972 episode of The Rookies called "The Good Die Young", then in the 1973 movie Satan's School for Girls & then again in the February 19, 1973 episode of The Rookies called "The Wheel of Fortune".

    • Several factors worked to alleviate Ladd's anxiety over her introduction to the show. First, Kris would be a rookie who was prone to mistakes, which would make her an underdog for whom viewers would likely root. Second, to ease the transition from Fawcett to Ladd, the series shot an episode, "Circus of Terror" in L.A. before embarking on the elaborate, 14-day "Paradise" shoot in Hawaii. Third, David Doyle took Ladd under his wing. "I would not have survived the show without David," said Ladd. "Right away he got me laughing and made me feel like part of the group."

    • Many of the locations and production facilities used for this episode were the same as those used in Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980), and later used by another cult favourite, Magnum, PI (1980-1988).