Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 13

Angels in the Stretch

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 20, 1978 on ABC

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  • Preditions Race

    The Angels are assigned to this case because their client's father was murdered. She stated her father knew each horse that raced and before his death he wrote on a piece of paper the marking of Predition.

    The Angels are able to discover that the stableman made a switch with a twin of Predition. The horse that would win the race.

    Kris and Bosely are able to track down the real Predition and return him to the race track without the suspects knowing it.

    The suspects bet a lot of money of Predition. The horse loss the race and the Angels and two additional detectives were their to apprehend the stableman and the crooked gamblers.

    I love the way Bosely and Kris made the switch and then the Angels were ready to apprehend the criminals right after the race.
  • The Angels go undercover to discover why the murder of a man is related to a horse. Interesting.

    The Angels go undercover to discover why the murder of a man is related to a horse. Sabrina, who if not, plays a jockey, Kelly a journalist, nothing strange either, and Kris and Bosley a couple who want to buy a horse.

    Before he did, the murdered man wrote a clue about a horse and soon the Angels discover that the horse that was running was not the one supposed to and all because some people wanted to earn a lot of money with bets.

    If the Angels covers are classic, there are some classic scenes in the episode as well, for example, someone trying to kill Sabrina... twice. Interesting episode.
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