Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 1

Angels in Vegas

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 1978 on ABC

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  • Angels in Sin City

    Angels in Vegas Part 1 began with the Angels and Bosely settling into their undercover positions. Kelly became a dancer, Kris a singer for Marty Cole, Sabrina an Executive Associate for Mr. Howell, and Bosely a doorman.

    There are several potential suspects, Mr Hanes from the Dunes Hotel, Joey January, Marty Cole, and a unidentifed Driver in a Black Truck.

    Me Howell close friends and acquaintances have been killed, Ms Phillips and Howell close friend.

    The last 5 minutes of this episode Mr Cole is in the Hospital administering a medicine in Mr Howell Close friend's IV. This leaves me thinking why are the suspects killing Mr. Howell's friends and family. It appears that the suspects are trying to attack Mr Howell at the business and emotional level. Can not wait to watch Part 2.
  • A two-hour episode with some well known guest stars as Dean Martin or Dick Sergeant in which the Angels have to solve some murders related to the character of Martin, who plays he owner of Tropicana Casino in Las vegas.

    If the first part of this two-hour episode tells us the facts, in this second part real action starts with boat chases, shootings and the discovery of who is the killer.

    With no many clues and the death of Frank's, the character played by Dean Martin, best friend Sabrina decides to take Frank to the lake and someone shot them. After an exciting boat chase, Sabrina and Kris have the bad guy aboard without knowing, Kris determines that the man who did shot didn't want to hurt Frank but Sabrina so being in love with her, Frank doesn't want her to be hurt and fires the Angels. This is again a series classic, Sabrina in love with the guy. But Charlie's Angels don't quit as easy as Kelly well said and in the end, with another exciting shooting when we see the bravery of Kris and the good aim of Sabrina the case is solved and the Angels go back home. A very good beginning for the third season with an interesting story, a good screenplay and classic moments.