Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 22

Angels in Waiting

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 1979 on ABC

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  • Angels Trying to Find Bosely Before it is to Late

    Bosely initially was playing a game with the Angels, but really he is in danger. Wellman and his sister are seeking revenge against Bosely who testified against their brother who murdered his wife.

    This episode did not involve an actual case which was disappointing. The only action is when Bosely jumps out of the car and is being chased by Wellman. Bosely is about to get shot, but the Angels were their to save him.

    I can not help to feel sorry for Bosely because Wellman's sister was out for revenge instead of being interested in a relationship with Bosely.

    At the end of the episode Charlie arranged a vacation to the Bahamas for Bosely and the Angels put their arm around Bosely and tell him not to worry about the office work that they would take care of it. This left me feeling good because it shows how much they care about Bosely.
  • Bosley becomes involved in a revenge shooting...

    This episode - unlike most - is based on Bosley. He tells the girls that he can be unpredictable and leaves clues behind to prove it. In the meantime he meets a woman, goes out to lunch with her, gets shot at, gets drugged and abducted, and finds out the woman and her brother are linked to case he worked on in the past - where he put their brother in prison. This guy was then released and died - and the siblings feel vengeful. Unfortunately most of the story sounds too complicated and unbelievable and watching Bosley in most scenes doesn't look very realistic either. If Bosley had simply been abducted and was able to leave clues behind for the angels to get to him - it would have achieved the main idea of the story!
  • Not an Angel is in danger but Bosley. Interesting plot.

    How many times one of the Angels has been kidnapped or someone has tried to kill her? Not an Angel is in danger this time but Bosley, so this episode is a twist to a series classic.

    It's interesting to see how Bos is a bit angry because he feels the Angels are doing the field work whil he has to do other things such as the accounts. Well, this is true although it happened more in the first season than in the two followings.

    I like the story about the game Bosley and the Angels play but it's really a pity how Bos' plans fall through, even his possible relationship with that nice lady he was with.

    Thanks Sabrina guesses the riddle and discover where did Bosley call from. The Angels are not lucky in love, so is not Bosley. Interesting plot.
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