Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 22

Angels in Waiting

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 1979 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Notice as Lawrence is writing down Bosley's license plate number, the hand is gloved but when Lawrence hangs up the phone, it isn't.

  • Quotes

    • Bosley: What you're doing doesn't make any sense.
      Kris: Well that just goes to show you.
      Bosley: Which is?
      Kris: We're all not as predictable as you are.

    • Bosley: What are you doing?
      Ellen: We're gonna get to the truth, John.
      Bosley: The truth about what?
      Ellen: About you and Harrison Wellman. One way or another, we're going to get to the truth.

    • (Giving his 2nd clue)
      Bosley: Above the sea, beyond the shore but in need of a boat no more.

    • Sabrina: Bosley. Something serious is going on and I think we better get involved.
      Bosley: Meaning that I cannot handle action in the field.

    • Kelly: Bosley. I think we better forget about our game and come to wherever you are.
      Bosley: Oh, no. A deal is a deal.

    • (After Bosley tells the Angels that he thinks they tried to gaslight him)
      Sabrina: Now wait a minute. You think we would do a thing like that?
      Bosley: I only considered it for a few moments because the shots were... Well, they missed by a safe margin and they were blank.

    • Bosley: You three have been toiling since we last spoke?
      Kelly: Yes, Bosley. Eagerly awaiting your next clue.
      Bosley: You never left the office?
      Kris: We've been here ever since you left. Just like we promised.

    • Ellen: Who are you John Bosley? And why are you carrying a gun?
      Bosley: Because I have a permit.

    • Ellen: What are you doing with a gun?
      Bosley: When somebody shoots at me, I sometimes shoot back.

    • Bosley: Give up, Angels.
      Kris: Oh, come on. We gotta have more than that, Bos. What do you mean.
      Bosley: I'm all but spelling it out for you now.
      Sabrina: Wait a minute. You're at the race track, Bos.
      Bosley: Better luck next time.

    • (Giving his first clue)
      Bosley: The ambiance is equestrian, the route is circular and the mood is festive.

    • Bosley: Look. I'll make you a deal. Now look. I just walk out that door but I will call. I will callyou let's say every two hours and I'll give you clues.
      Kelly: Bosley. This is crazy.
      Bosley: No. No. Just listen to me. I'll call back every two hours. I'll give you clues and if you can figure out by the clues where I am or what I am doing. I will come back here right off and I will do all of this papework all by myself.
      Kelly: All of it.
      Bosley: All of it but that is providing that the three of you stay here and continue to work until the game is over. Now that way, the sooner you win the less work you do.

    • Bosley: Could you find me?
      Kris: Bosley?
      Bosley: I mean am I that comfortably predictable.
      Kris: Are you challenging us in some way?
      Bosley: Yeah. I am challenging you.

    • Bosley: You talk as if all of this (Gesturing to his desk) is my responsibility.
      Kelly: Office matters usually are, Bos.

    • Waiter: Good day, sir.
      Lawrence: I'll just have a cup of espresso, please.
      Waiter: I'm sorry, sir. We don't have espresso.
      Lawrence: Could you manage coffee in a clean cup?

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