Charlie's Angels

Season 4 Episode 10

Angels on Campus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 1979 on ABC

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  • Tiffany's Sorority

    I like this episode because the White Slavery suspect Ms Kay was not obvious until almost to the end of the episode. Also, Tiffany became a target for kidnap. She managed to untie her hands and apprehend Ms Kay along with Prof. Fairgate. The Angels and Bosely are right behind her to capture Fairgate and his associates. It was an exciting conclusion.
  • Tiffany Learns A Lesson

    Two Coed from Tiffany Sorority have disappeared and the Angels go looking for them. A Professor is the obvious suspect, and is in fact behind the kidnappings. He's going to sell the Coeds but needs one more, and despite Kris' making herself a target he decides he wants Tiffany instead. The Sorority House Mother Mrs. Kay sets Tiffany for a chloroforming, but when she comes too she gets herself loose, and very nearly takes down the kidnappers until one gets the drop of her. Fortunately the Angels decided at that moment to check out the Professor's place and find Tiffany and the Coeds.