Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 3

Angels on Ice

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When the stars of an ice show disappear days before opening night, the Angels are brought in to locate their whereabouts and nab the kidnappers.

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  • Arabian Assassins on Ice

    The Angels are hired to help find two leading ice skaters. The Angels do not have long because the assassins are moving in one by one. A security guard is kidnapped and also the repairman. Each are replaced by the assassin's hired help.

    Sabrina is able to gather clues and license plate from Mason, a street person who has been watching the blue limo outside the ice skating stadium.

    The Angels know now their dealing with an international suspects. Part 1 was exciting, Sabrina coming face to face with a suspect while searching Helena's room. Also, Sabrina attempting to chase the vehicle, but instead was mistaken as a delinquent person. But still the Angels were able to gather clues.moreless

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    • Kelly: Shall we hit the ice for a little practice?
      Kris: Just my luck. Jill skates like a pro and I get this assignment and all the bruises.

    • Sabrina: Well, Look. You're never going to believe this but I don't have it with me. (Referring to her driver's license.) You see, I left it in the room, (Turning and pointing back at Helene's room.) when I took my gun out of my purse to.. to shoot at the gorilla who was driving the limousine.
      Skinny Cop: The gorilla... driving the limousine?
      Sabrina: Well, I mean, no it really wasn't a gorilla. I mean, a gorilla can't drive... even if he did have his license. It was a person in a gorilla mask.
      2nd Cop: Have you been drinking, ma'am?

    • Iggy: Being human is a terminal illness. We all deserve what we get when we deserve it.

    • Kelly: Jo Jo you're dynamite! (Climbing off his motorcycle and handing him the helmet)
      Jo Jo: Hey, you know I always did want to play cops and robbers and be the good guy for a change. I assume that they are the bad guys?
      Kelly: Definitely! (Handing him some money)
      Jo Jo: Hey, look here. You need any help from a brother? If it gets me off, I won't even charge you.
      Kelly: Thanks, the next move's mine.
      Jo Jo: Okay, but don't be bad-mouthing me when I'm gone, you understand?
      Kelly: Anybody asks me about Jo Jo, he's the best. (Heading inside Haji-Baba's)
      Jo Jo: Hey, you got potential, sister. Take care of yourself.

  • NOTES (2)

    • "Angels on Ice" originally aired as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is usually split into a 2-part episode with some footage removed. The edited syndication version of this episode appears on the 2004 DVD release of Charlie's Angels: Season 2.

    • Opening credit scenes:
      Charlie: Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy. Two in Los Angeles... (Sabrina shooting at the range and Kelly flipping a guy)....the other in San Francisco. (Kris maneuvering through cones) And they were each assigned very hazardous duties. (Sabrina giving a parking ticket, Kelly at the school crosswalk and Kris at the operation board) But I took them all away from that (Sabrina and Kelly come out of the Police Department and Kris comes in from the left and joins them) and now they work for me. My name is Charlie.
      Kate Jackson; middle shadow with walkie-talkie with five scenes; driving stock car in Hellride, taking sip of drink at office bar in Angels in Paradise Pt 1, running around car & crouching in swamp in Pilot and laughing on beach in Angels in Paradise Pt 1.
      Jaclyn Smith; left shadow in karate stance, moved from 3rd position to 2nd, Running from her car in Angels on Wheels, flipping her hair on a motorcycle in The Pilot, camera getting taken away from her in The Killing Kind, turning around and putting on sun hat in Night of the Strangler and elbowing someone in Consenting Adults.
      Cheryl Ladd; right shadow with gun has 5 scenes, moved from 3rd position to 2nd. Running down hill in The Sammy Davis Jr. Kidnap Caper, magic act in Magic Fire, on boat pushing hair back in Angels In Paradise pt 2, knife being thrown in Circus of Terror and sitting in jacuzzi in Angels in Springtime.
      David Doyle; has 2 scenes: handing a present to Sabrina from Hellride and in golf cart in Winning is For Losers.


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