Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 25

Angels on the Run

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 1978 on ABC

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  • Angels and the Stolen Diamonds

    Sue Kantrelle hired the Angels to help find her husband. The Angels come up with leads from witnesses who saw Larry Kantrelle's dump truck in a car accident. The dress store owner witnessed one of the suspects in the Cadillac throw a package in the back of Larry's truck.

    I like the persistent questioning of possible witnesses to get this bit of information.

    Next, the Angels agree to have Kelly go undercover as Larry's wife Sue.

    They go through the invoices for deliveries made for that day.

    Kris, Bosely, and Sabrina go undercover as neighbors to the woman who was delivered gravel for that day.

    The recognized the suspects and drive up and approach the woman and then apprehend the suspects and recover the diamonds.

    I liked the Angels using several undercover disguises to help them solve the case.
  • Hi Larry, you're wife's name is Kelly

    Larry the truck driver is kidnapped because some thugs hid a package in his vehicle but drug him up so much he can't remember where he dumped his load. His wife hires the Angels to find him, but when the thugs try to kidnap her at her apartment they mistake Kelly for her. The wife, who's a waitress moonlighting as a singer, lets Kelly take her place in order to catch the thugs. Unfortunately Bosely is guarding Kelly and he lets himself get knocked out while opening the door for the thugs who persuade Kelly to go with them with a little chloroform. Kelly is introduced to her "husband" who is so drugged up he either doesn't know the difference to think it's an upgrade. Fortunately the Angels track the thugs down in time and Larry is saved and reunited with his wife.
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