Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 25

Angels on the Run

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Judy Landers' sister, Audrey Landers plays Donna in a season 3 episode called Teen Angel.

    • Goof: Notice when Sabrina is driving to Nancy Coleman's, her collar is white but when she gets out, she is actually wearing a lilac jumpsuit.

    • Trivia: There's a sign outside the entrance of the Backwoods Inn that lists "The Lakso Trio" as the entertainers. This is an obvious reference to series writers Ed Lakso and his daughter Laurie Lakso.

  • Quotes

    • Bosley: (As he, Kris and Sabrina get out of the truck dressed as hillbillies) Well, Good Morning. Howdy.
      Nancy: What are you doing with George's truck?
      Kris: Oh well, George sold us the truck. (Bosley walks by eyeing Kelly) We bought the farm, too. We're your new neighbors.

    • Nancy Coleman: Who is this crazy broad. (gesturing to Kelly)
      Larry: Uh. My wife.
      Nancy: Your wife? You told me your wife was dumb and fat.
      Larry: Well, uh, she uh.
      Kelly: Every time he has a lady customer, he tells them that I'm dumb and fat.
      Nancy: How many customers you got, Larry?
      Larry: Well, Nancy, uh.
      Kelly: Dozens. (laughing) I guess he said that he was going to marry you.
      Nancy: How'd you know that?
      Kelly: I know my Larry.

    • Kris: What we need here, you see, is the right dress. (Kelly and Sabrina look at her) There's a direct correlation between a woman' chest and a man's ears.
      Sabrina: I have not heard this theory before.
      Kelly: I haven't either.
      Kris: Well, you see the lower the neckline, the more tone deaf they are.(laughing)
      Kelly: Oh, that is very tacky.
      Sabrina: I should not have asked.

    • Kris: Hey. Wait a minute. You told me you were lead alto in glee club.
      Kelly: Listen, as an alto in glee club, I was fair but as a torch singer in a supper club. No way.
      Sabrina: What is your vocal range?
      Kelly:Poor to awful.

    • Kris: (at the Backwards Inn talking to the bartender) I'm looking for a man.
      Bartender: I'll join a gyn. I'll loose weight. I'll dye my hair. I'll stand on a box. (Kris laughs) What else do you want?
      Kris: Well, I have somebody in particular in mind.
      Bartender: What can he do that I can't do?
      Kris: He disappears.

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