Charlie's Angels

Season 1 Episode 12

Angels on Wheels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 22, 1976 on ABC
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Episode Summary

L.A. Tornadoes roller derby skating champ, Karen Jason, is killed after being forced over the guardrail and into the audience during a rough and tumble race. Charlie's client, Karen's sister Barbara, believes Karen was murdered, despite the police report stating that the death was accidental.
In search of clues, Sabrina poses as a state insurance investigator, Kelly as a pushy writer for a ''Playgirl''-like magazine and Jill, impersonating Barbara, as a member of the roller derby team.

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    Andra Akers

    Andra Akers

    Jessica Farmer

    Guest Star

    Nate Esformes

    Nate Esformes

    Toby Rizzo

    Guest Star

    Kres Mersky

    Kres Mersky

    Betty King

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      • Bad Betty: Okay, sweet cheeks, let's go with the whip. (Reaching her arm back.)
        Jill: Take your best shot.

      • Jill: Just tell Charlie I want a simple funeral. You know, no frills, no fuss and then I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered over Charlie's water bed.

      • Charlie: (As Kelly runs away from her car.) The suitcase Angel! The suitcase. (Kelly runs back to her car, grabs the suitcase and gets a couple feet away as her car blows up)

      • Kelly: (Speaking to Bosley on the phone about Red Loomis) He was one of those muscle-bound types who look like they could lift a ton, but can't spell it.

      • Kelly: Well, I'll call first, muscles. (Walking along side Red Loomis outside of Karen Jason's apartment complex.) So you have time to put on a shirt.

      • Red Loomis: Hey wait a minute. Women's View Magazine-- Isn't that the magazine with the male centerfold in it?
        Kelly: That's us. Hold that pose. (Getting up and walking around looking at Red's body) Oh, boy. What's your name?
        Red: Red Loomis.
        Kelly: You know, Red, I think you'd make a great stud-of-the-month. You make Burt Reynolds look like one of the Seven Dwarfs.
        Red: Forget it. You know, you Gloria Steinem type broads turn me off. Just because a guy's put together right, you think he doesn't have a brain in his head. (Walking over and sitting down) You know, I get real tired of being looked at like nothing but a sex object, you know?

      • Jeremy: (Walking towards the door.) Miss Farmer. You have a college education and I'm stuck on 5-letter word for heavenly creature.
        Miss Farmer: Try "Angel."
        Jeremy: "Angel."

      • (Talking with Sabrina.)
        Jill: I bet that's how Joe Namath feels after 3rd and long.

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      • Kelly: You know, Red, I think you'd make a great stud-of-the-month. You make Burt Reynolds look like one of the Seven Dwarfs.

        This quote refers to the near nude centerfold that Burt Reynolds posed for in the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.
        The Seven Dwarfs refers to the dwarfs who took in Snow White after she left her evil step-mother in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.