Charlie's Angels

Season 2 Episode 7

Circus of Terror

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 1977 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A series of accidents has the Barzak family circus on the verge of bankruptcy. Though Yanos Barzak's traditional gypsy values compel him to handle the matter himself, his modern-thinking son David secretly hires the Angels to investigate. Sabrina plays a clown, Kris is knife thrower's assistant, while Kelly poses as a motorcycle daredevil, Go-Go Garrett!moreless

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  • Circus Angels

    David Barzak contacts the Angels to investigate dangers incidences that have been going on at David Barzak's father's circus. Sabrina goes undercover as a circus clown, Kelly a motorcyclist, Kris as a knife throwing assistant, Bosely as a circus employee.

    Taroff blames Barzak for Nadia's death so he wants to bankrupt end the circus. Each of the Angels are terrorized, Sabrina a rattlesnake in her bed, Kelly's jumping ramp malfunctions, and Kris and Kelly are almost burned in a tent.

    One day during rehearsal Taroff's and his 2 other associates try to hurt Kris with the knives, but the actual knife thrower is able to warn Bosely and they come to her rescue. Kris deverts the gun from the accompliances hands to save Kelly and Taroff is unable to hurt Sabrina because she resembles Nadia.

    This episodes had me guessing who the perpetrators really were and I like how the Angels and Bosely, worked again as a team and solved another case.moreless
James Darren

James Darren

David Barzak

Guest Star

Charles Tyner

Charles Tyner

Anton Tarloff

Guest Star

Denny Miller

Denny Miller

Helmut Klaus

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • (After a practice knife throw with Helmut)
      Bosley: Wow, you look white as a sheet!
      Kris: He just scared two months off my suntan.

    • David: Anyone ever tell you, that you're too pretty to be a detective?
      Sabrina: Too pretty to be a detective. Yeah, I think somebody did. It was my ex-husband.

    • Tinkle Belle: Hi cutie!
      Bosley: Hello.
      Tinkle Belle: Gotta name?
      Bosley: Bosley! John Bosley.
      Tinkle Belle: "Bosley! John Bosley." Nice ring to it. Married?
      Bosley: Not lately.
      Tinkle Belle: Me neither. Oh I'm Tinkle Belle.
      Bosley: Tinkle Belle.
      Tinkle Belle: Oh, I love the way it sounds when you say it, Bosley! John Bosley.
      Bosley: Uh, look. It's just Bosley! John Bosley.
      Tinkle Belle: That's what I said, Bosley! John Bosley.
      Bosley: Uh huh.
      Tinkle Belle: See you around Big Boy. Don't forget Tinkle Belle.
      Bosley: Say hello to Peter Pan.

    • Yanos: You still want the job! (Referring to the knife throwing act)
      Kris: Well, yeah. I'd like to make one phone call first. I'd like to call my mom. She might be able to collect double indemnity if I come out of this with a split personality.

    • (As Bosley and Kelly pull up)
      Reed: All right lady. Move it.
      Kelly: (Sticking her head out the window) You move it, turkey! We were here first.
      Bosley: Maybe we should, uh, move it.
      Kelly: He thinks he can push me around just because I'm a woman. No way.
      Reed: Look lady. You'd better back off before I break your boyfriends legs.
      Kelly: You think he's afraid of you?
      Bosley: As a matter of fact.
      (Reed gets out of his truck)
      Kelly: What do you think we should do now?
      Bosley: I think you should scream. As a matter of fact, if you don't, I will.

  • NOTES (1)

    • "Circus of Terror" was the first episode of the season filmed with new cast member Cheryl Ladd. It was decided that filming this episode would help break the ice between Jackson & Smith and their new co-star before filming the season premier "Angels in Paradise" on location in Hawaii. Interestingly, the opening scene in the office shows "Sabrina" and "Kelly" playing a board game, subliminally excluding "Kris". Ladd has some nice moments, especially with David Doyle, with the warmth he extended her off-camera clearly showing onscreen as well.