Charlie's Angels

Season 3 Episode 15

Counterfeit Angels

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 1979 on ABC

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  • Angels to stop the Imposters

    I thought this episode was entertaining with the look alike Angels and the imposter who sounded like Charlie.

    It was funny to see Sabrina role play herself. Especially with her chewing gum and then running out of it so Bosely could make the switch from the imposters to the real Angels

    The Angels assume their positions and have the executive open the safe and then open the back door where the criminals are apprehended after quick thinking and distraction of the security guards. The Angels did some quick shooting to have all the parties surrender their guns.
  • good episode but quick ending!

    what happens to the two fake security guards though at the end??
  • Hilarious. This is the best word to define this great episode.

    Hilarious. This is the best word to define this great episode.

    Three girls pretend to be the Angels and steal money and jewels. The police thinks that the real Angels are committing the rbberies so the real Sabrina, Kelly and Kris have to look into who are the counterfeit Angels. It's funny to see three actresess pretending to be the main characters of the show. I have to say the girl who pretends to be Sabrina did a very good job portraying the character. She's hurt when the fake Angels were running away from a robbery and the real Sabrina gets inside the gang pretending to be the fake's Sabrina's sister. And I have to say it's hilarious the exageration she put on the character. Well written, with a lot of irony and really funny. A must seen and without a doubt, one of the best episodes from the third season.